25 Travel Gifts For Dad – Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Finding awesome travel gifts for dad is always a challenge. In fact, finding gifts for men, in general, is a challenge (or at least for me). On top of that, gifts for dads who travel need to be super practical, fun, small, or simply fun! Not the easiest task you would think. But, whether your dad travels often for work or leisure, I am sure you will find something that works for your dad in today’s guide for the best Father’s Day travel gifts.

Is your dad into whiskey, camping, cycling, or techy stuff? Look no further because you will find gifts for dads who travel in any style!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Father’s Day travel gifts by budget.

The number one gift for dads who travel

You know what, because your father is such a special person, I even included an extra gift tip at the end of this post. This extra tip is actually the number one gift for traveling dads. So why didn’t I include it on the original list? Well, I just didn’t want to state the obvious. But then when I finished the list, I felt like the wasn’t complete, so I added it again.

Not sure if this vague description is giving the idea away or not. So maybe you already know what kind of gift I am talking about, maybe not. Either way, check out #26 to find out!

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Travel gifts for dad for large budgets

#1 Portable Bluetooth speaker

Music speaker
Outdoor LED light speaker

The tiny JBL speaker is a great gift for dads who travel because it will allow them to blast their country, rock, or whatever music in their hotel room (like he does at home). Yet, it barely takes up any space and weight in his luggage.

Plus, it’s much easier than lugging around a giant boombox like it’s the ’80s. So, give dad the gift of convenience and let him jam out to his favorite tunes on the go. Just don’t blame me if he starts busting out some questionable dance moves in public.

#2 Travel shirts

Photo courtesy of Mountain Hardwear

If you are looking for practical Father’s Day travel gifts, a shirt from a great travel brand is always a good idea. Some examples of brands that make awesome clothing for traveling include

#3 Rain jackets

Photo courtesy of The North Face

If you’ve got a few extra bucks to spend a proper rain jacket is a great idea. It’s especially a great Father’s Day gift for outdoorsy dads.

A good rain jacket will make a rainy day bearable as it will keep your dad warm. Whereas a shitty rain jacket will turn any rainy day into a cold and grey day full of swearing and wishing he had a better rain jacket!

So check out those same brands I mentioned earlier when it comes to truly waterproof rain jackets.

#4 Travel gifts for dads who love coffee

Portable espresso maker
Portable espresso maker

Does your dad fuel on coffee?

This portable espresso maker is a great travel gift that your dad will actually take on a trip. Because no coffee-loving dad wants to run out of coffee!

In case this espresso maker is a bit out of your budget, check out my 25 coffee-related travel gifts for more ideas!

#5 Water bottle with filter

LifeStraw water bottle
LifeStraw water bottle

Of course, you want your dad to stay safe and healthy on the road. So why not give a water bottle that includes a filter to take out harmful bacteria, parasites, and other chemicals!?

LifeStraw is a well-known brand when it comes to safe water filters. And what makes this an even greater gift is that one plastic water bottle is saved with every refill. It’s not only safe for your dad but also for the environment. I don’t think I can think of a better travel gift for dads who care about the environment.

#6 Wilderness navigation flask

A thermal bottle
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This wilderness navigation flask is one of the best Father’s Day gifts for dads who love to camp, hike, and be outdoors.

This flask combines everything they need. A compass to navigate, a flask to keep their drinks warm (or cold), a flashlight, a bottle opener, and shot glasses.

#7 WiFi hotspot

GlocalMe hotspot device
GlocalMe hotspot

Does your dad travel for work? Or do you simply want your dad to stay connected?

Then a prepaid mobile hotspot is a perfect gift for him.

In short, a prepaid mobile hotspot is a device that allows him access to wifi wherever he goes. Of course, you do need to buy a data plan for your dad. But what is great about the Mi-Fi is that it is actually a reliable connection (as opposed to using his phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot).

There are quite a few different brands and types of devices. However, GlobalMe has been dubbed one of the best by many travelers.

This is one of the more expensive Father’s Day travel gifts on this list, but it means that you can connect with your dad whenever and wherever he is located, so it definitely worth it.

#8 Travel gifts for cycling dads

Six-pack beer holder for bike
Six-pack beer holder for bike

Are you looking for travel gifts for cycling dads?

You came to the right place. As a Dutchie, I know what people on bicycles need, so I put together a post including the 25 best gifts for people who love cycling.

Among those 25 gifts, is this awesome six-pack holder which is perfect for dads who travel by bike and who love beer.

#9 International chili-tasting box

7 cans with red chili
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

When your dad is not traveling, a gift that takes him across the globe is one of the best gifts. This rare collection of chilies is a great idea for dads who can’t get enough of spicy food!

Check out my chili gift list for more spicy gifts!

#10 Father’s Day gifts for dads who love beer

beer gift set
Photo courtesy of Beer Hunter

If you are looking for Father’s Day travel gifts for beer lovers, a basket of international beers is the perfect gift for your dad!

This one by Beer Hunter includes 12 different beers! Of course, you could also put a basket together yourself, if you know what type of beers your dad loves.

#11 Best dad travel mug

Best dad ever travel mug
Best dad ever travel mug

Travel mugs are great gifts for dads who love coffee or tea and who care about the environment. Because every refill means another plastic cup saved!

When it comes to Father’s Day travel gifts this travel mug is one of the sweetest gifts for kids to give to their father.

#12 Travel prints

New York skyline wall art
New York skyline wall art

I said it before and I will say it again. What is traveling without memories?

So if your dad loves to travel, he will surely have some great photos of his trips. Surprise him by putting together a personalized print of some of his favorite travel photos.

Or find a print of the city or place he loved, such as this New York City skyline wall art.

Travel gifts for dads for mid-budgets

#13 Personalized Father’s Day gifts for dads who travel

Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

Traveling maybe your dad’s favorite thing to do, but there is one thing holding him back from traveling all the time. And that is you, and his other close friends and relatives. Because even the toughest dads miss their children and family when they’re away.

So to ease that pain, a small and sweet personalized gift such as this keyring with a photo and message is perfect.

It doesn’t take up much space or weight, yet it may take off a lot of pain and weight off your dad’s shoulders!

#14 Survival gear and equipment kit

Outdoor kit with gear
Outdoor kit

This survival gear and equipment kit is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who love to camp, or for dads who fix everything. Even when traveling.

The kit includes pretty much everything your dad needs to survive outdoors.

It includes:

  • Multifunction hatchet
  • Snowflake multi-tool
  • Survival wire saws
  • Tactical pen
  • Flashlight
  • Knife
  • Emergency blanket
  • Bottle hanging buckle
  • Whistle
  • Hooks
  • Portable case

#15 Whiskey-related gifts for dads who travel

Photo courtesy of Prezzybox

I don’t know why, but for some reason, many of the Father’s Day travel gifts, and for dads in general, often include alcohol, including this awesome 100 international whiskey scratch map!

It’s great for dads who are always up to trying something new, especially if it includes a drink they love.

If you think a scratch map is a bit too childish for your dad, check out the 24 other whiskey-related gifts because I bet you can find something for your dad in there!

#16 Travel adaptor

Travel adapter
Travel adapter

For techy dads who travel a lot, a decent travel adapter is a must-have.

This one by Ceptics has been voted one of the best by travelers and it’s a rather compact device that works in every region of the world

One side note though. It is not a voltage converter! So make sure you warn your dad about the fact that some devices can’t be used abroad!

#17 Swiss army knife

Travel safe gifts: swiss army knife
Photo courtesy of Swiss Army

Just like the utility bracelet, swiss army knives are the best travel gifts for dads who always fix everything. Even if your dad is not quite the handyman, a swiss army knife will come in handy at any time. It may be to open a bottle of beer or wine or to cut food when camping. You never know when you’ll dad will need it!

The knives come in all sizes and prices, making them the perfect gift for almost anyone.

#18 Gin-related travel gifts for dad

Gin and tonic travel kit
Gin and tonic travel kit

Is your dad a huge gin-lover?

Then this travel-sized gin and tonic cocktail kit is perfect for him! The kit includes everything your dad needs in order to turn a simple gin into a delicious cocktail in a snap. Whether he’s on a long-haul flight, a long layover, or perhaps in his hotel room or campervan, he will always enjoy a decent gin & tonic.

For more gin-related travel gifts, head over to my post about the best gin travel gifts!

#19 Travel journals

Leather journal
Leather journal

I know, I know, travel journals may not be the first item you think of when thinking of travel gifts for dad. But really, travel journals such as this leather one, are perfect Father’s Day gifts. And trust me, your dad will be thankful he wrote down all his travel memories in the journal you gave him when he returns.

Because what is traveling without memories?

Check out my list of 25 travel journals for more inspiration.

#20 Power bank

Portable solar charger
Portable solar charger

Another great gift for techy dads who travel is a solar charger.

It has all the benefits of a portable charger that will allow him to recharge his phone, laptop, headphones, camera, and whatnot, whenever and wherever he is. Plus the benefit of being able to use it without electricity, because he will use the power of the sun.

#21 DIY international food kit

Haggis on a plate
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

DIY food kits are perfect gifts for dads who love cooking. Add a food kit for an international dish and you’ve got the perfect gift for dads who travel and who love cooking!

If you are looking for some inspiration, I put together a list comprising 25 international DIY food kits.

For now, I picked a rather unique one, which makes it all the better as a Father’s Day gift; a DIY Scottish Haggis kit!

Perfect for Scotland, food, and travel-loving dads!

#22 Book gifts for traveling dad

Atlas Obscura book
Atlas Obscura

Obviously, there is an infinite number of travel books that could work for your dad. Atlas Obscura is just one awesome book that takes your dad to the world’s hidden wonders.

But you could also look for guidebooks for a specific destination. Or a guidebook for your dad’s travel style. Or what about a history book, or a cookbook? I am sure you can find a book for your dad too!

Travel gifts for dad for small budgets

#23 Country-specific gifts for traveling dad

Wine cork map of California
Wine cork map of California

A gift that shows that you have taken some time to think and find the perfect gift for your dad will always beat generic gifts. So if you know your dad’s favorite place in the world, try to find a gift that relates to that place.

For example, if your dad loves California and wine, get him this cool wine cork map of California.

But of course, you can find something for every country, state, or city. So check out my destinations page to check if your dad’s favorite destination is in there.

#24 Cable organizer

Cable organizer bag
Cable organizer bag

Alright, this is the last techy gift for dads who travel, I promise. In fact, it’s not even a techy gift. It is just a useful gift for techy dads.

This cable organizer bag saves your dad hours of untangling and looking for the right cable for his devices. 

They come in all shapes and sizes, but I quite liked the simplicity of this one.

#25 Personalized luggage tag

Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

No one wants to lose their luggage, but if your dad does lose his luggage, he will be immensely thankful for that sweet and personalized luggage tag you gave him. As it will (hopefully) make sure his luggage will be returned to the rightful owner!

#26 The best of all travel gifts for dad

Alright, with the risk of stating the obvious I will share my tip for the absolute best gift for dads who travel.

And that is, of course, a trip together with your dad.

Traveling is what he loves most (and you of course), so there is no better gift than a gift that includes traveling and preferably with the person he loves the most.

You can make it as cheap and expensive as you would like.

Maybe go for a day trip somewhere close to home, take him to a foreign restaurant, go for a weekend trip, go and see a sports match abroad. Seriously, anything that involves traveling will work!

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25 Travel gifts for dad

Final note on gifts for traveling dads

Alright, these were the 25 gifts for traveling dad! I hope you found the perfect gift to give your dad an unforgettable Father’s Day! Or check out the editor’s top 3 for more inspiration.