25 Sweet Home Alabama Gifts For People Who Love The Yellowhammer State

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Footbal field of the Alabama Crimson Tide

Are you looking for awesome Alabama gifts for the Alabama fan in your life? Maybe you’re looking for a Christmas gift, a birthday present, or a going-away gift for someone who is off to travel around Alabama. I am sure you will find the perfect gift in this list of 25 Alabama-themed gifts!

And if you are looking for gifts for someone who, just as Lynyrd Skynyrd, calls Alabama his sweet home, I also got you covered. You will find plenty of cute gifts from Alabama.

So this list will cover everything from cute Alabama gifts for her to the University of Alabama gift ideas and more to help you find awesome Alabama Christmas gifts!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Alabama gift ideas by budget.

Save these Alabama gifts for later

Don’t forget to save these state of Alabama gifts for later!

The 25 best Alabama gifts

Alabama gifts for large budgets

#1 Food box: made-in-Alabama gifts

BBQ food from Alabama
Photo courtesy of Gold Belly

If you are looking for food gifts from Alabama, then the food boxes from Gold Belly are perfect, such as the BBQ foods from Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q.

#2 Alabama wine cork map

Map of Alabama with holes for wine corks
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Wine cork maps are the best gifts for Alabama fans who also love wine.

It’s a map in the shape of the place they love the most and they can decorate that map by doing something they also love: drinking wine!

Each finished bottle means another addition to the map, and one step closer to the final Alabama wine cork map!

#3 Alabama beer cap map

Map of Alabama with holes for beer caps
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for the best gifts for Alabama fans who love beer instead of wine?

No worries, they can also combine their two favorite things with this beer cap map.

It has the shape of Alabama, but instead of gaps for wine corks, it has round gaps which are perfect for beer caps!

#4 University of Alabama gifts

Hoodie with Alabama roll tide
Crimson hoodie

If you are looking for gifts for someone who loves sports and more specifically, American football, then Alabama Crimson Tide gifts will surely make them happy, such as this hoodie. But definitely check out Amazon for more cool University of Alabama gifts (and also cheaper gifts, if this hoodie is a bit over your budget).

#5 Alabama cities’ wall art

Birmingham map
Birmingham map

If you are looking for a gift for someone from Birmingham, or someone who loves Birmingham, this map of Birmingham is the perfect gift for them! The map comes in various sizes, so you can adjust it according to your budget.

Other maps of cities in Alabama include Mobile and Huntsville.

#6 Vintage map of Alabama

Vintage map of Alabama
Vintage map of Alabama

Which Alabamians wouldn’t want to decorate their entire home with Alabama signs?

And that’s why I included yet another map of Alabama. This time it’s a cool vintage map of the entire state instead of just a city.

#7 Alabama jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle of the map of Alabama
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is one of the best Alabama gifts for locals who moved out of state and miss home. At least they can do something entertaining while thinking of their favorite place in the world.

The puzzle consists of the map of Alabama and many of the state’s highlights, local animals, and plants.

For more gift ideas, check out these puzzle gifts.

Alabama gifts for the mid-budget

#8 Alabama-themed passport cover

Passport cover with the map of Alabama
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

What says home sweet Alabama better than a passport cover with their home state?

This passport holder is a great Alabama gift idea for a Bamiam who is going to travel soon.

#9 Jewelry gifts for Alabama fans

Photo courtesy of Silver Smith 925

Are you looking for Alabama-themed gifts for women?

Then this super cute necklace with a pendant in the shape of Alabama is perfect!

Also check out Amazon for more Alabama jewelry designs.

#10 Alabama state cutting board

Alabama state cutting board
Alabama state cutting board

Maybe I should have warned you that this list of gifts for Alabama fans would contain a lot of fun map items. So let me just tell you now, this is not going to be the last map gift item!

Personally, I just think maps are cool home décor items, especially if it’s the map of a place you love. And I am sure Alabamians will agree with me when it concerns maps of Alabama.

This is another one of the cute map-inspired gifts from Alabama. However, instead of only being decorative, this map can also be used for meal preparations.

So next time your Alabamian is preparing his or her typical Alabama meal, they will be doing so while using this cool Alabama cutting board!

It includes the main highways, cities, and of course typical Alabama things, such as cotton and dixies.

#11 Alabama monopoly

Alabama monopoly
Alabama monopoly

This is probably one of the best Alabama gift ideas for people who love games and the University of Alabama: Bamapoly!

It’s a fun game for alumni or students, who will surely recognize all streets and stops on the monopoly board.

#12 Alabama picture frame

Photo frame with "Bama"
Photo courtesy of Northland Frames

This Bama picture frame is a great Alabama-themed gift for locals who moved away and who would be really happy with a bit of home! Or as one of the Alabama souvenirs for friends and relatives who live in a different state.

#13 Alabama dirt shirt

Shirt with text "Alabam dirt shirt"
Photo courtesy of Earth Creations US

This dirt shirt is one of the best-made in Alabama gifts I could find.

First, it says Alabama dirt shirt which is a funny reminder of their favorite place on earth. Second, it’s been made from real local Alabama cotton. Last and foremost, its color is derived from real Alabama dirt.

Yes, I am not kidding. If you thought the color of the shirt looked like Alabama soil, it’s because it is Alabama soil.

Alabama dirt has been used to color the cotton!

Can a gift get any more local Alabama than this? I think not.

Of course, if you don’t like the design of the shirt, there is plenty of Alabama-inspired clothing on Etsy you could choose from.

#14 Alabama travel mug

Alabama travel mug
Alabama travel mug

Another practical Alabama gift idea is this Alabama-inspired travel mug.

Travel mugs are super useful for sustainable travelers who would like to minimize their plastic waste. Instead of using disposable cups every time they get a takeaway coffee, they can just use this cool Alabama travel mug!

Oh and if you don’t like the design of this mug, there are plenty of Alabama-themed mugs to choose from at Zazzle.  

#15 Alabama cookbooks

Books to cook real Alabama food
Books to cook real Alabama food

Whether you are looking for gifts for Alabama fans who are from Alabama or who are not, both will enjoy a cookbook with classic Alabamian dishes!

Some of the best cookbooks include:

#16 Alabama travel books

The best Alabama travel books
The best Alabama travel books

Travel books are not just awesome Alabama gifts for travelers to Alabama, but also for local Alabamians, because they will surely show them places of their own state they have never seen. Some of the best Alabama travel books include:

#17 Sustainable Alabama gifts: water bottles

Water bottle with "made in Alabama"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Using refillable water bottles is one of the easiest ways to reduce plastic waste. So if you are looking for practical Alabama gift ideas for environmentalists, this water bottle is the gift!

With the shape of Alabama in typical Alabama words, I can hardly imagine a design that’s more Alabama.

#18 Alabama tote bags

Tote bag with "sweet home Alabama"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags are another example of practical Alabama gift ideas for eco-minded people.

I really liked this Sweet Home Alabama design, but there are over 800 different Alabama designs on Zazzle, so I am sure you will be able to find one you like!

Alabama gifts for small budgets

#19 Keychain: small Alabama gifts

Keychain with map of Alabama and text "i love you more than the miles between us"
Cute keychain

This super sweet keychain is one of the best Alabama gifts to give to someone you care about a lot and who’s leaving the state.  

The keychain is small enough to fit in any luggage, but the simple words: “I love you more than the miles between us” and the Alabama hanger show them how much you care and how the distance will not affect your relationship. It doesn’t need to be given to a lover. You could also give it to a son or daughter who is leaving for travel or college.

#20 Made in Alabama gifts: peanuts

Alabama peanuts
Alabama peanut

Made-in-Alabama gifts are always a good idea for Alabama fans. So check out the Alabama Peanut Company for some locally produced peanuts, such as this roasted peanut bundle or the Bronnie’s Brittle.

#21 Alabama luggage tag

Luggage tag with Alabama
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Alabama-themed luggage tags are also super practical state of Alabama gifts for locals who travel a lot. If their luggage gets lost, this cool tag will help them get their luggage back!

Zazzle has different tag designs. Personally, I like this roll tide one was very typical of Alabama. Though non-football fans might prefer a regular one.

#22 Alabama coloring book

Alabama coloring book
Alabama coloring book

No, this Alabama coloring book is not just a great gift for kids. Coloring has been proven to relax your mind, and more and more adults are finding out how much they love it.

This coloring book takes them through 67 Alabama counties while also calming their minds!

#23 More gifts for Alabama fans’ homes

Poster with the national bird and flower of Alabama
Photo courtesy of Art Print On Top

If you are looking for more home decor gifts for Alabama fans, this poster with the national bird and flower of Alabama is the perfect gift.

Or check out Etsy for more options.

#24 Alabama watercolor map

Map of Alabama poster
Photo courtesy of Art Prints Vicky

Are you looking for more Alabama-themed gifts for the home? Check out this gorgeous Alabama map!

#25 Alabama gifts for travelers: journal

Alabama travel journal
Alabama travel journal

This Alabama travel journal is perfect for people who are going to travel to Alabama! They can keep track of everything they have seen, experienced, tasted, smelled, or whatever during their travels in Alabama.

Besides that, it’s an awesome memory of their trip once they return home.

If you would rather get a general travel journal, check out my list of the 25 best travel journals.

Save these Alabama gifts for later

Did you save these Alabama-themed gifts on Pinterest yet?

25 Alabama gifts for travelers

FAQ about Alabama gift ideas

What products are made in Alabama?

Alabama is famous for its agricultural production of a wide range of products such as poultry, cotton, peanuts, and soybeans.

What are good souvenirs from Alabama?

There are many great Alabama souvenirs, such as locally-grown peanuts, pecan pralines, peanut brittle, clothing made from locally-grown cotton, or sports team merchandise, such as the Crimson Tides.

Final note on the Alabama-themed gifts

Alright, these were all my 25 state of Alabama gifts! Did you find one you liked? Which one was it? Let me know in the comments. Also, if you didn’t find the perfect gift, you are more than welcome to contact me (top right corner) so we can think about the best together! Or check out the editor’s top 3.


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