Don’t Settle For Ordinary: 25 Unique Gifts For Alaskans That Will Change Their Lives

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Landscape in Alaska with a moose
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Are you looking for unique gifts for Alaskans or would like some Alaska-themed gifts for someone going to Alaska soon? Whether it’s for a traveler, a local who moved out of state, or someone moving to the last frontier, you will find 25 awesome Alaska gift ideas on the list!

From Alaska-themed games to cool books about Alaska to beautiful Alaska home decor items, and practical gifts for Alaska trips and cruises, anything for the last frontier lover you will find in this post.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts for Alaskans by budget.

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Alaska gift ideas for large budgets

#1 Alaska wine cork map

Alaska cork map
Alaska cork map

I absolutely love these wine cork maps! And I bet Alaska lovers and wine lovers will agree with me that this map of Alaska with cork holes is the best of both worlds.

A beautiful home decor item that reminds them of Alaska, and a reason to open up a wine bottle!

Check out Uncommon Goods if you prefer a different seller than Amazon.

#2 Alaska beer cap map

Map of Alaska with holes for beer caps

Another one of my favorite gifts for Alaskans (or basically any state or country) is a map with holes for beer caps, such as this one of Alaska!

I think they are the best gifts for people who live in Alaska and who also love beer!

Again, it’s a beautiful addition to the home and a very good reason to open a beer!

#3 Alaska fleece blanket

Alaska fleece blanket
Alaska fleece blanket

Another cool map-inspired gift for someone from Alaska is this fleece blanket of Alaska. It will keep them warm during the cold winter days, ánd remind them of their beloved state.

#4 Puzzles: Alaskan gifts

Puzzle of Alaska
Puzzle of Alaska

If you are looking for the best Alaska gifts for someone who misses Alaska, a puzzle of the place they love the most might be a good idea to keep them occupied, while also thinking about Alaska.

You could opt for the beautiful puzzle of the volcano Mount Iliamna (the one in the photo) or a puzzle with the map of Alaska and its national parks.

#5 Qiviut handknit gifts from Alaska

Photo courtesy of Alaska Natural Fibers

These Alaska local handmade hats may be the more expensive Alaska gift ideas on this list, but that is because it is handmade from the soft underwool of the arctic musk ox (Qiviut).

It’s a super lightweight product that’s about eight times warmer than wool, yet it’s still fine enough to produce beautiful hats and scarves.

#6 Alaska wall art

Wall art of Denali National Park
Wall art of Denali National Park

Alaska is the great land of national parks and wildlife, so a great gift for people from Alaska is a print that shows all that.

There are many different Alaska wall art ideas on Amazon, but I personally really like this set of panels with Denali National Park.

#7 Gifts from Alaska: Ulu knife

Ulu knife
Ulu knife

The Ulu Knife is traditionally only used by women in Alaska. However, I believe they make pretty cool gifts from Alaska for both men and women.

#8 Alaska-themed hoodie

Warm Alaskan hoodie
Warm Alaskan hoodie

Another one of the best gifts from Alaska to keep them warm during the cold days, is an Alaska-themed hoodie.

Alaska gift ideas for mid budgets

#9 Alaska gifts: books about Alaska

The great book of Alaska
The great book of Alaska

The great book of Alaska: The crazy history of Alaska with amazing random facts & trivia.

As the name and title already suggest, this book is perfect for people who are interested in history and fun and random trivia.

Alaska: a photographic excursion book
Alaska: a photographic excursion

Alaska: a photographic excursion

A great book for people who prefer to watch rather than read. And also one of the best gifts for Alaskans who would love a coffee table book that shows their state’s pride.

book titled "81 days below zero"
81 days below zero

81 days below zero by Brian Murphy

The incredible survival story of a world war II pilot in Alaska’s frozen wilderness. A fascinating book for history lovers as well as for anyone who loves a good hero story.

A book titled "Follow me to Alaska"
Follow me to Alaska

Follow me to Alaska by Ann Parker

A true story of a couple’s adventure adjusting from life in a cul-de-sac in El Paso, Texas, to a cabin off-grid in the wilderness of Alaska.

A book titled "Alaska's wilderness medicines"
Alaska’s wilderness medicines

Alaska’s wilderness medicines: Healthful plants of the far North.

This book is perfect for people who are interested in health, specifically, plant medicines.

A book titled "Cabin: An Alaska Wilderness Dream. "
Cabin: An Alaska Wilderness Dream.

Cabin: An Alaska Wilderness Dream.

A book about a young family that builds a cabin and moves to the middle of nowhere in Alaska

A book titled "Alaska: A novel"
Alaska: A novel

Alaska: A novel by James A. Michener

Another great book about Alaska’s history, from long before western occupation to present-day Alaska.

#10 Alaska-themed passport cover

Passport cover with Alaska theme
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for gifts for Alaska fans who are going on a trip soon, this passport cover with an Alaska theme is perfect!

You can find over a hundred different designs on Zazzle.

#11 Flannel shirts

Flannel shirt
Flannel shirt

What is a cooler Alaska-themed gift, than a typical Alaskan shirt?

That’s right nothing!

So head over to Amazon to buy an authentic Alaskan flannel shirt, so the recipient can blend in with the locals.

#12 Alaska gift ideas: cookbooks

Cooking Alaskan cookbook
Cooking Alaskan

Cooking Alaskan

A great general cookbook that includes over 1400 classic Alaskan recipes. It’s the perfect Alaska gift idea for people who want to get started with Alaskan cooking.

The salmon sisters cookbook
The salmon sisters

The salmon sisters: feasting, fishing, and living in Alaska

You can’t think of Alaskan food without also thinking of fish, so if you need a typical Alaskan gift, this cookbook is perfect.

Alaska from scratch cookbook
Alaska from scratch

Alaska from scratch

Another great general Alaskan food cookbook, the book takes you through the entire process, straight from the ocean to your table.  

#13 Alaska-shaped cutting board

Wooden cutting board in the shape of Alaska
Wooden cutting board in the shape of Alaska

This cute cutting board in the shape of Alaska and with cool drawings of typical Alaskan things, such as a moose, and the major national parks and cities, is one of the best Alaska gift ideas for people who love cooking!

It’s a fun gift to pair with a cookbook, so the recipient can prepare an Alaskan meal in complete Alaska style with this chopping and serving board.

#14 Alaska gifts for her: jewelry

Photo courtesy of McLaughlin Creations

If you are looking for subtle and cute Alaska gifts for women, jewelry might be the way to go.

One of my favorite ones was this super cute necklace with the map of Alaska.

#15 Alaska-themed travel mugs

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Travel mugs are super useful gifts for eco-minded people who love coffee. They can still get takeaway coffee without feeling guilty about disposable cups!

So if you are looking for gifts for Alaskans who also care about the environment and who love coffee, Alaska-themed travel mugs are the best gifts!

I quite liked this general one. But you can find lots of different designs on Zazzle.

#16 Gifts for someone going to Alaska: travel guide

Alaska Moon travel guide
Alaska Moon travel guide

Alaska Moon travel guide

The best gifts for someone going to Alaska are, of course, guidebooks about Alaska! If they still need a general travel guide, Moon is an excellent choice.

National Geographic's guide to Alaska's National Parks
National Geographic’s guide to Alaska’s National Parks

National Geographic’s guide to Alaska’s National Parks

With the largest part of Alaska being national parks, having a guidebook that solely focuses on national parks in Alaska will definitely come in handy. Even though it was published in 2005, the information regarding the parks, scenic routes, and the flora and fauna hasn’t changed much since, so it will still be a great guidebook.

The Milepost 2023 travel planner
The Milepost 2023 travel planner

The Milepost Alaska 2023 travel planner

This is the best gift for someone going to Alaska and who is looking for the most up-to-date information. The Milepost is updated and released every yer to provide travelers with the most recent information.

#17 Alaska gift ideas: maps of Alaska

Map of Alaska
Map of Alaska

The best Alaska-themed gifts are things that remind Alaskans of the place they love the most and something that is actually useful or beautiful.

And that is exactly why I think this hand-drawn map of Alaska will be very popular among Alaskans or people who love Alaska.

For more awesome maps of Alaska, check out Etsy.

#18 Photo album: Alaskan gifts for travelers

Alaska photo album
Alaska photo album

If you are looking for the best Alaska gifts for travelers who just returned from a trip to Alaska, this photo album is the perfect gift.

Travelers often slack to make those photo albums, so by giving one, specifically for Alaska, you are forcing them to take action and create a physical memory of that amazing trip!

#19 More Alaska-themed shirts

Alaska shirt with the flag
Alaska shirt

If you are looking for gifts for Alaskans who don’t mind showing off a little bit of that state pride, then check out Amazon to find all sorts of Alaska-themed shirts.

Or go for this shirt with the flag of Alaska.

Alaska gift ideas for small budgets

#20 Alaska keychain

Cute keychain
Cute keychain

One of the sweetest Alaska-themed gifts for someone moving to Alaska is this keychain that says “I love you more than the distance between us” and comes with a map of Alaska.

It’s also a great gift for local Alaskans who are going on a long-term trip, since it’s small and light, so it won’t take up too much space in their bags!

#21 Alaska gifts: coasters

Set of cork coasters in Alaska theme
Set of cork coasters in Alaska theme

Are you looking for unique gifts for Alaskans or someone moving to Alaska?

Then these cork coasters with typical Alaskan wildlife and interesting information about these animals are perfect! Not only will it protect their furniture, but it will also teach them something new about their state and it adds a bit of Last Frontier State pride to their homes.

#22 Homesick candle

Photo courtesy of Hello You Candles

Do you need gifts for Alaskans who miss home?

Whether it’s for your child who went to college, a friend who moved to a different state, or a relative who moved abroad, this homesick candle with a sweet personalized message is everything they need to feel a little better!

#23 DIY Alaska wildflower kit

Photo courtesy of Nature Favors

What are better Alaska-themed gifts than locally produced products, such as this DIY Alaskan wildflower kit?

If they can’t travel to Alaska to see its beautiful nature, they may as well bring a bit of that flora into their home!

This DIY wildflower kit includes seeds, soil, a cute tiny flower pot, and a beautiful Alaska-themed gift box.

#24 Alaska travel journal

Alaska travel journal
Alaska travel journal

This travel journal that focuses solely on Alaska is one of the best Alaskan gifts for someone going to Alaska! They can write about all their Alaskan adventures and plan their trip. And once they get back from Alaska, they have a book filled with memories of Alaska.

For more general travel journal ideas, check out these 25 awesome journals.

#25 Alaska-themed tote bags

Tote bag with Alaska
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags are another example of cute and practical Alaska gift ideas for travelers! If they have something related to Alaska of course. And luckily you can find a large selection of Alaska-themed tote bags on Zazzle.

Personally, I quite liked this simple one.

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Alaska gift ideas

FAQ about gifts for Alaskans

What are some special products made in Alaska?

Alaska is known for producing a range of unique products. These include salmon, ulu knives, birch syrup, native art, qiviut wool, and glacier mud spa products.

What gifts is Alaska known for?

Alaska is known for a variety of gifts that capture the essence of the state’s history and culture, including Ulu knives, gold nuggets, Native art, and qiviut wool items. These unique and handcrafted items make for perfect souvenirs, gifts, and keepsakes for those looking to commemorate their time in Alaska.

What to gift people in Alaska?

When looking for gifts for Alaskans, consider products that represent the state’s pride, such as locally-made crafts which are unique to Alaska and highly valued for their quality and craftsmanship and map-related items.

Final note on these Alaska-themed gifts

Alright, I hope that this post helped you to find the best gifts for someone going to Alaska or for someone who loves Alaska. If you need a bit more help, have a look at the editor’s top 3.


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