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  • Seasoned traveler with over a decade of solo adventures across the globe, from Europe to Central America, bringing a wealth of practical travel experience to her writing.
  • A master of crafting memorable travel experiences and personalized gift ideas.
  • A strong background in Health Sciences, with a research-driven perspective and a knack for adding humor and lightheartedness to her writing.


As the creative force behind LH Company and The Best Travel Gifts, Lara combines her passion for travel with a unique talent for crafting unforgettable experiences. With a decade of solo adventures spanning continents and a deep understanding of diverse cultures, Lara's writing resonates with readers seeking inspiration, guidance, and heartfelt gift ideas for their own or their loved one's journeys.

Lara doesn't just write about travel; she lives it. Having called ten different countries home, her insights are born of personal experiences and a genuine love for exploring the world. Her journey started in Amsterdam, where she earned a Master of Science degree in Health Sciences from VU University. Along the way, she ventured to Athens, Georgia, for an exchange semester, gaining a minor degree in Sociology from the University of Georgia. Which is helping her understand the cultural nuances of travel that influence gift choices.

Beyond travel, Lara's writing philosophy revolves around adding humor, jokes, and fun facts to engage readers. She believes that a touch of lightheartedness enhances any narrative and gifting occasion, making it more relatable and enjoyable. Her background in research ensures that her fun and random facts are backed by credible sources, offering readers a chance to learn something new with every guide.

When Lara isn't writing, you can find her globe-trotting to new destinations, from bustling cities like New York to serene mountain peaks and quaint villages. She's a passionate reader, delving into various genres, from fiction to history and informative pieces, often with a touch of humor to make the content more digestible. Additionally, she's an avid runner, currently training for her third marathon, and cherishes spending quality time with friends and family.


  • Master of Science in Health Sciences from VU University, Amsterdam
  • Minor degree in Sociology from the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

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With a passion for travel, a knack for storytelling, and a unique blend of humor and knowledge, Lara is your expert guide for crafting travel experiences and finding the perfect gifts. Her deep understanding of travel combined with her diverse cultural experiences, makes her eminently qualified to provide valuable insights into travel gift guides. Join her on her journey to discover the world and add a touch of laughter to your day.

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