The 35 Best Avocado Gifts For Avocado & Guac Lovers

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Half an avocado with a pink background

Are you looking for the best avocado gifts for Christmas or for an avocado lover’s birthday? Then you came to the right place! As a huge avo lover myself (but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love them), I loved putting together this list with fun, practical, and cute avocado-themed gifts. From shirts, shorts, and other clothing to vases and cutters. There is a gift for every avo and guacamole lover!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts for avocado lovers by budget.

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30 avocado gift ideas

Avocado gifts for large budgets

#1 Blanket hoodie with avocado print

Blanket hoodie
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best avocado Christmas gifts for people who are always cold!

A hoodie blanket with a cute avocado print, so they can keep warm and still dream about avos.

#2 Avocado-shaped necklace

A golden necklace with two halves of an avocado
Photo courtesy of Lunak Jewelry

Are you looking for cute avocado gifts for her or for your bestie?

Then these adorable necklaces that are shaped like an avocado are exactly what you need!

It comes in a pair, so you and your friend can both wear half of the avocado.

#3 Handmade avocado earrings

two silver earring studs that look like avocados
Photo courtesy of Henryka Jewellery

Do you want more avocado gifts for her?

Then check out these beautiful avocado earring studs. They are made from nickel-free gold with silver ear pins. Or check out Etsy for other designs.

#4 Sneakers with avocado print

Sneaker with avocado print
Photo courtesy of Urban Gift Store

This is by far the best avocado gift idea for people who love sneakers (and avocados, but that’s the whole point of this post); sneakers with a unique avocado print.

And to make it even better, you can add the recipient’s name for a personalized touch!

#5 Phone cases

Phone case with avocado print
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for unique avocado gift ideas for someone who is obsessed with his or her phone?

Then head over to Zazzle and check out the 1600+ unique avocado-themed phone cases!

They have options for iPhones and Samsung phones, and you can literally find hundreds of different designs.

#6 Avocado tree sprouter set

A DIY avocado pit growing kit
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is a brilliant gift idea for avocado lovers!

With this sprouter set, they can finally grow their favorite food at home. They don’t even need a green thumb because the set makes it super easy to achieve!

It’s simple – prepare a jar of water, put the sprouter in, place the avocado pit inside, and voilà! Now, all they gotta do is wait for their precious tree to grow.

#7 Avocado bowls

Two bowls that are shaped and decorated like avocados
Photo courtesy of Art Crafts World Studio

What more perfect way to serve their favorite dip in style than with these ceramic avocado bowls?

This is a nice gift that every avocado lover should have!

Its unique design makes it not only pleasing to the eye but also enhances every guacamole experience, turning each dip into something more special!

#8 Blouse for men

Blouse with avocado print
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need avocado gifts for men?

Then this blouse with an avocado print is another unique option for you.

Avocado gifts for mid budgets

#9 Pocket notebook for avocado lovers

Avocado notebook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A notebook is always a safe gift choice. Whether it’s for kids, teens, adults, or anyone else, everyone needs a notebook. And if you pick this cute avocado one, I guarantee that your avocado lover will actually use it!

#10 Avocado thermos mug

Avocado-themed thermos jar
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is probably the best gift for avocado lovers and coffee lovers, a thermos mug to keep their coffee warm in avocado style. Because let’s face it, avocado lovers are a bit extra and that’s why we love them so much.

#11 Coin purse

Coin purse that looks like an avocado
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I love this avocado coin purse!

It’s one of the best avocado gift ideas for people who always lose money. They can use this cool avocado to organize their coins!

#12 Avocado-themed shirts

A grey t-shirt with a small avocado on the chest
Photo courtesy of My Glorious Tees

Avocado lovers love everything that has to do with avocados, including clothing!

So check out Etsy to find all cool avocado-themed shirts, or go for this cute grey shirt. Though it’s also available in other colors.

#13 Plant started vase

Avocado plant starter vase
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Every avocado lover has tried to grow their own avocado plant, at least once.

I mean, what’s better than having a tree that produces your favorite fruit!?

But, I’m pretty sure that most avocado lovers will agree with me when I say that growing your own avo tree is pretty dam hard.

So to help them out and grow their personal little money tree (kind of), this plant starter vase is exactly what they need!

Or check out the next gift, if you are worried about the glass vase not arriving in one piece.

#14 Avocado seeder

Photo courtesy of Amazon

The AvoSeeder is another great tool that avocado lovers can use to grow their own trees.

It’s a bit more compact and less fragile than the starter vase. So if you have to travel some distance with the gift, I would recommend buying the AvoSeeder over the vase.

But if you are looking for avocado gifts that also look cool in their homes, I would go for the vase.

#15 Cookbook for avocado lovers

An avocado a day cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Now, I’m pretty sure that the receiver already knows plenty of different ways to use their favorite ingredient. But, you can never have too many avocado recipes!

So this book with over 70 super cool recipes that all involve the avocado is perfect.

How about green curry noodles, tequila, or waffles with avocado?

I know, it sounds quite interesting to me too, but I’m sure it sounds like heaven to an avocado lover.

#16 Guacamole serving tray

Bowl with funny text
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I’m pretty sure that this phrase sounds like music to guacamole lovers’ ears; “It’s five o’guac somewhere”.

So if you are looking for guacamole gifts this serving tray is perfect.

#17 Avocado floaties

A woman laying an floatie shaped like an avocado and with a pit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is probably one of my favorite avocado-themed gifts for people who love pools and the beach; floaties that are shaped like avocados.

The pit is removable so you have a floatie and a beach ball, and they come in a set of two, so you and the recipient can float in avos together!

Check out the next gift for more avocado gift ideas for beach lovers.

#18 Swim trunks with avocados

Swim trunks with avocados
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you know a beach and avocado-loving man?

Then these cool swim trunks with avocado print are the ultimate gift!

#19 Mask made from avocado

Skincare made from avocado
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Avocado lovers knew this long before, avocados are the bomb.

They’re not only delicious and healthy, but they’re also good for your skin!

So if you are looking for avocado novelty gifts for people who love skincare and beauty products, this clay mask that’s made from avocados is perfect.

#20 Candle

A candle that looks like an avocado
Photo courtesy of Willow and Mist Gifts

This realistic-looking avocado candle is quite a unique and fun gift for avocado lovers!

This way, they get to enjoy avocados without eating. Even better when they’re stuffed with all the guac but are still craving more!

Whether it’s lighting up a cozy evening or adding a touch of avocado whimsy to their space, this gift is the perfect way to go.

#21 Avocado tea

A tin of avocado leaf tea
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is the perfect gift for avocado lovers who also enjoy a good cuppa tea. They can combine the two things that they love with this avocado leaf tea!

Did you know that avocado has plenty of health benefits? And we’re not just talking about the fruit itself but its seed and leaves as well (source).

So, this is not only something that your friends will enjoy but is a very thoughtful gift! We’re pretty sure your friends would be delighted knowing that you put much thought into this gift.

#22 Jigsaw puzzle

A box of a jigsaw puzzle of avocados
Photo courtesy of Colie’s Creations Shop

Looking for a gift that’ll stop your avocado-obsessed friends from eating too much avocados? Gift them a moment of fun with the thing that they love the most!

Keep them entertained with this avocado-inspired puzzle. They will surely enjoy putting every piece of it together.

Avocado gifts for small budgets

#23 Funny avocado socks

Six pairs of avocado-themed socks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you know someone who loves cheering up their outfits with fun socks? And does that person also love avocados?

Then you just found the perfect avocado novelty gift; socks!

For women, check out the pair of six different avocado socks. For men, I selected a fun pair that says “If you can read this, bring me avocados” at the bottom.

#24 Avocado smash card game

Avocado Smash card game
Photo courtesy of Amazon

As a huge game lover myself, this was my favorite avocado-themed gift from the list.

Avocado Smash is a fast-paced card game, comparable to Jungle Speed and Halli Galli, where you need quick reflexes to win the game.

#25 Friendship keychain

Keychains with two avocados
Photo courtesy of Cute Paws Gift

Are you looking for cute avocado gifts for your best friend?

Then these keychains with matching avocados are perfect for you. No matter how much distance there is between you and your friend, this keychain will remind him or her of how much you love them.

#26 Passport cover

A passport cover with a print of avocados
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need gifts for avocado lovers who travel a lot (most likely to countries where avocados are produced if they’re true avo-lovers)?

Then check out this avocado-themed passport cover.

#27 Christmas ornament

An avocado-shaped ornament for Christmas
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Looking to add a bit of avo-vibe into your friends’ trees this coming Christmas?

Look no further! Check out this funny avocado Christmas gift– an avocado-shaped ornament (made from hand-blown glass).

With its shimmering details and vivid colors, it certainly is a delightful addition to their holiday décor. Your avocado lover friends would be overjoyed indeed.

#28 Scrunchie

A scrunchie with a print of avocados
Photo courtesy of Scrunchie Life Shop

Whether young girls or adults, this is the perfect avocado gift for her because everyone loves scrunchies.

Not only is it cute but it’s handmade too, making each and every one special and unique.

#29 Tote bag

Tote bag with image of avocados workinf out
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for avocado-themed gifts that work for everyone (men, women, kids, grandparents, and who not), then tote bags are great options.

They are multifunctional, made from recyclable material, and you can find them with over 1800 different avocado designs on Zazzle!

#30 Avocado oil

A bottle of avocado oil
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Besides being a delicious food, avocado is also a great source of oil. So if you are looking for unique avocado gifts that are not actual avocados, a bottle of avocado oil is perfect.

That way, avo lovers can add a bit of their favorite ingredient to every dish.

#31 Avocado container

Container to keep avocados fresh
Photo courtesy of Amazon

As delicious as avocados are, even for avocado lovers a full avocado a day may be a little bit too much. However, storing an avocado usually results in a brown mushy disgusting thing, so avocado lovers are left with two options.

  1. Eat the whole thing
  2. Throw it away

No avocado lover is going to throw away an avocado, so they usually eat too much.

But not anymore with this avocado keeper, which they can use to store half an avo for the next day!

#32 Make-up bag with an avocado

Make-up bag with an avocado
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need cute avocado gifts for her?

Then this make-up bag with a happy avocado is exactly what you need.

#33 Avocado slicer

Avocado slicer
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What’s life as an avocado lover without a proper device to slice your avocado?

That’s right, it’s pointless.

So if you are looking for practical gifts for avocado lovers, this slicer is perfect! They can use it to split, pit, and slice avocados without the regular hassle and mess.

#34 Airpod case shaped like avocados

Airpod case shaped like an avocado
Photo courtesy of Amazon

You may have realized by now that I really love avocado novelty gifts that are shaped like an avocado.

And these super cute AirPods cases are no exception to that.

Obviously, the only requirement for this gift is that the recipient actually owns a pair of AirPods. (Or you can gift those too, but you will need a slightly larger budget for that).

#35 Shoulder bag with an avocado

Avocado-shaped bag
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I think this is one of the cutest avocado gift ideas. Not just for little girls who could use it as a school bag, but for adults who love avocados too!

With this purse, they can always carry a bit of their favorite fruit with them.

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The best avocado gifts

Final note on avocado-themed gifts

Alright, I hope that this list helped you to find the perfect gift for avocado lovers. But if you need a bit more inspiration, check out the editor’s top three gifts.


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