25 Awesome Austrian Gifts For People Obsessed With Austria

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Old building in Vienna

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If you are looking for the best Austrian gifts for people who love Austria, there is only one gift that will make them truly happy.

That’s right.

A trip to Austria.

But, don’t worry if that’s over your budget, you will find 24 more awesome Austrian gift ideas in today’s post. From traditional gifts from Austria, such as wafers to funny Austria-related gifts, such as shirts. There is something for every Austria lover.

If you don’t have time to read the entire post, here are my personal top three Austria-related gifts by budget.

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The 25 best Austrian gifts

Austrian gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to Austria

Ski slope
Ski resort in Austria

Alright, let’s start this list with the very best gift for people who love Austria; a trip to Austria!

Obviously, you would need a large budget for this gift. But even with a smaller budget, you can gift an awesome trip to Austria.

For example, if you buy the Global Experiences Gift card. This gift card gives the recipient the option to book one of the many Viator tours.

Alternatively, you can head over to Viator and pick a fun activity in Austria and gift that. But you would need to know when the recipient will be traveling to Austria before you can book a date.

And lastly, you can simply book a flight to Austria on Skyscanner.

One tip, make sure you type in “Austria” and not “Australia”. You don’t want the recipient to end up in Sydney instead of Vienna.

#2 Vintage map of Austria

Map of Austria

This map of Austria back in 1900 is one of the best Austrian gift ideas for travelers and history buffs.

#3 Austrian rum

Bottle of Stroh rum
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

Are you looking for Austrian gifts for someone who loves a strong drink? Or for someone who loves rum?

Then you’re lucky that the Austrians have a thing for strong spirits.

One of the popular Austrian spirits is rum, particularly Stroh rum. It’s a spiced rum, that’s often drunk on cold days. It’s available in different percentages of alcohol, but the Stroh 160 is definitely the most popular (and also contains the highest percentage of alcohol).

Fun fact.

Did you know that Stroh 160 is actually branded as Stroh 80 in Europe?

#4 Austria wine map

Map of Austria wine regions

This is one of the best Austrian gifts for people who love wine! A map of all the wine regions in Austria and Hungary.

And for more wine gifts for people who love Austria, head over to gift #12.

#5 Austrian-themed phone case

Phone case with Austria and heart
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Phone cases are the best Austrian gifts for people who are addicted to their phones.

You can find over 1000 different Austria-themed options on Zazzle to keep their precious phone protected in Austrian style!

Austrian gifts for mid budgets

#6 Books about Austria

History of Austria

History of Austria: a captivating guide to Austrian history

Are you looking for fun Austrian gift ideas for people who are interested in history? Then this is the book you need. The Captivating History series provide super detailed and thorough books for people who love to learn more about history.

Culture Smart: Austria

Culture Smart Austria: the essential guide to customs & culture

Do you need Austrian gift ideas for someone who is moving to Austria? Or for someone who wants to learn more about Austrian culture? Then this is the gift you need.

The tobacconist

The tobacconist by Robert Seethaler

If you are looking for Austrian gifts for someone who loves reading novels, then this is a great book for them. It’s about a young man living in Austria during the time of German occupation in the second world war.

#7 Austria-themed travel mug

Travel mug with Vienna skyline
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This is one of the best Austrian gift ideas for people who love coffee. Or tea. Or hot chocolate. Or basically, anyone who wants their warm drink to stay warm.

A travel mug in Austria style.

You can find over 300 different options on Zazzle or go for the one with the Vienna skyline for people who love Vienna.

#8 Gifts from Austria for the sweet tooth


Are you looking for gifts from Austria from someone who loves sweets and chocolate? Then I’ve got two options for you.

One option is the typical Austrian wafers with hazelnut cream in the middle. Manner wafers are originally from Vienna and the company was founded back in 1890! The famous Manner wafers were introduced to the market in 1898. They have been a huge success for more than a century!

The other option is called Mozartkugeln (or Mozart Balls). It’s a delicious ball of chocolate with pistachio, marzipan, and nougat in the middle.

#9 Austrian language book

Speak Austrian

German is the official language of Austria. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s the same as German in Germany.

In Austria, they speak Austrian-German and that comes with its own vocabulary and pronunciation. You will definitely survive with standard German, but better is it to learn Austrian-German. And that’s where this book comes in handy.

It’s the perfect gift for people who want to blend in and learn as much about Austria as possible.

#10 Austrian-themed socks

Sock with winter landscape
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for fun and small Austrian-themed gifts? Then one of the 42 socks on Zazzle is always a good idea.

I quite liked the socks with a typical Austrian winter landscape.

#11 Austrian cookbooks

For the love of Austria

For the love of Austria: my favorite Austrian recipes that shaped my career

Are you looking for more Austrian gift ideas for people who love food and cooking? Then cookbooks are a great idea. And this book by one of Austria’s most famous chefs is perfect.

Austrian hearts

Austrian hearts: a collection of family recipes from oma’s kitchen

I don’t know what it is with grandmothers and food. But for some reason, granny’s food always tastes better than anyone else’s. So this book with traditional recipes from Austrian grandmothers (Oma’s) is one of the best Austrian gift ideas for people who want to try Granny’s cooking at home.

Austrian desserts and pastries

Austrian desserts and pastries: over 100 classic recipes

This is one of the best Austrian gifts for people who love sweets and desserts. This cookbook will teach them how to make a delicious Apfelstrudel of fluffy schaumrollen. And if you are lucky, you might even get to try some of the desserts too!

#12 Austrian wine

Bottle of white wine
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

Austria may not be the first country you think off when it comes to wine. But there are actually quite a number of vineyards in the east of the country. The most common wine is a white made from the Grüner Veltliner grape. Such as the one from Total Wine.

It’s a dry white wine with some hints of pear and citrus.

#13 Austria shirt

Austria ski jumping shirt

Are you looking for gifts from Austria for someone who is into ski jumping?

Then this long sleeve shirt is perfect for them!

#14 Alpine climbs scratch-off map

Map of Alpine mountains
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for Austrian gifts for people who love the Austrian Alps and who love climbing?

Then this is the gift you need!

It’s a scratch-off map that includes 265 peaks above 3000m in the Alps. Obviously, these are the peaks that can only be reached by climbing, which is why this is such a great gift for climbers!

It does include peaks in Switzerland, France, and Italy as well. But since the Alps are such a large part of Austria, I figured it was worth sharing here.

#15 Austrian-themed jigsaw puzzle

Hallstatt puzzle

Do you need Austrian gifts for people who love jigsaw puzzles? Then this 1000-piece puzzle of the picturesque Hallstatt is perfect!

#16 Austrian-related gifts: passport cover

Passport cover with art
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for practical Austrian gift ideas for travelers, then passport covers are always a good idea.

For art lovers, this passport cover with the famous Kiss painting of Gustav Klimt (the most famous Austrian painter) is perfect.

For other covers, check out the 56 different Austrian-themed passport covers on Zazzle.

#17 Austria travel guides

DK Eyewitness Austria

DK Eyewitness Austria

Are you looking for practical gifts from Austria for someone who will travel to Austria soon? Then travel guides are excellent gifts. DK Eyewitness is a beautiful visual guide for all types of travelers.

Lonely Planet Austria

Lonely Planet Austria

If you are looking for Austrian gifts for backpackers or budget travelers, then the Lonely Planet is the best option.

Walking in Austria

Walking in Austria

This is one of the best Austrian gifts for people who love walking. The book includes 101 different hikes throughout the country. From short day hikes to multiple days hut-to-hut tours.

Austrian gifts for small budgets

#18 Kaiserschmarrn pancake mix

Pancake mix

Are you looking for gifts from Austria for someone who loves Austrian food? Or for someone who would love to try and make Austrian dishes at home?

Then this mix to make the typical Austrian Kaiserschmarrn is perfect!

Kaiserschmarrn is an Austrian style of pancakes. Though it’s served in shredded pieces, rather than a whole pancake. It can be eaten as a dessert or lunch and it’s typically served with a plum jam.

Fun fact. Did you know that Kaiserschmarrn got its name from the former Austrian emperor who loves these pancakes? Kaiserschmarrn literally translates to Emperor’s mess.

#19 Austrian-themed luggage tag

Lugagge tag with map of Austria
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This luggage tag with a schnitzel in the shape of the map of Austria was one of my favorite Austria-related gifts for travelers.

Even though I’m a vegetarian myself. A schnitzel is such an Austrian thing, I simply couldn’t leave it off this list.

But, if you are looking for gifts for someone who’s not into schnitzels, you can find over 300 different options on Zazzle.

#20 Austrian-themed wall art

Austria travel poster

Are you looking for Austrian gifts for someone who loves decorating their home in Austrian style? Then Austrian-themed wall art is the perfect gift!

You can find plenty of beautiful options on Amazon. Or go for the set of three vintage travel posters.

#21 Austria travel journal

Austria travel journal

Are you looking for Austrian-themed gifts for someone who is traveling to Austria soon? Then a travel journal in which they can jot down their fun memories of Austria is perfect! And it’s even better if that journal is specifically designed for people who are traveling around Austria, such as this one!

#22 Austrian gifts for her: necklace

Map of Austria pendant

Are you looking for Austria-related gifts for her? Then this necklace in the shape of Austria is perfect.

It’s small, cute, and subtle.

For more Austrian-related jewelry for her, check out the next gift.

#23 More Austrian gifts for her: earrings

Edelweiss earrings

Do you need more Austrian gift ideas for women? How about these cute edelweiss earrings?

Edelweiss is a beautiful and rather rare white flower that’s found in the mountains. It’s a national symbol for various countries, including Austria.

#24 More Austria-related gifts: tote bags

Tote bag with photo of Austria
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With over 700 different Austrian-themed tote bags on Zazzle, I am sure you can find the perfect one for your recipient!

#25 Funny Austrian shirt

Shirt with text "my dirndl is in the wash"
Photo courtesy of oTZI shirts

If you are looking for traditional gifts from Austria, then a dirndl or lederhosen are perfect.

However, it’s quite a challenge to find proper dirndls or lederhosen outside Austria. Because most are made of cheap fabric and are great for dress-up parties, but nothing more.

So that’s why I figured this shirt was a better alternative.

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25 Austrian gifts for people who love Austria

Final notes on gifts from Austria

If you haven’t decided which gift you should buy yet. Perhaps my personal top three Austrian-related gifts by budget might help.

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