30 Barcelona Gifts That Are Better Than A Postcard!

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La Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Barcelona gift that screams ‘Barça’ louder than a fan at Camp Nou? Whether you’re shopping for a Barcelona-obsessed buddy, a homesick expat, or just treating yourself to a souvenir (because, why not?), we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’re diving into the colorful world of Barcelona-themed gifts that are sure to bring a piece of this vibrant city into any home. From quirky Caga Tió logs to stylish Gaudí-inspired jewelry, we’re unpacking a treasure trove of goodies that’ll make you feel like you’re strolling down Las Ramblas.

So, grab a café con leche and some churros, get comfy, and let’s explore the best gifts that capture the heart and soul of Barcelona.

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30 best gifts for Barcelona lovers

Barcelona gifts for large budgets

#1 Barça Caganer

A figurine of an old man in squat position
Photo courtesy of Caga Tio de Natal

Let’s start this list with a little Catalan humor to sparkle into your holiday season, with the Caganer (or Christmas crapper).

Standing at a proud 10 cm, dressed in a traditional red barretina and scarf, and well, caught in a rather compromising position, this little guy is a quintessential part of Catalan nativity scenes.

The origin of this little pooper in Catalan’s Christmas celebrations is not quite sure, but it’s a classic and fun Christmas gift for anyone who loves Barcelona, or a local who is celebrating Christmas abroad. With this little man, they can bring a little piece of Barcelona’s playful spirit to their holidays.

#2 Espadrille wedge sandals

Espadrille wedges
Viscata espadrille wedges

If you are looking for Barcelona gifts for fashionistas, Viscata’s espadrille wedges are a fabulous option.

They’re an actual piece of Barcelona’s fashion scene. And with their sleek design and breathable materials, they are perfect for strolling anywhere!

For a truly local experience go for wedges from Viscata, an original Barca brand that’s still found in the heart of the city. Their shoes are handmade in Spain, using organic canvas and a natural jute midsole, making them the perfect sustainable and fashionable gift!

#3 Sagrada board game

The box of a board game called Sagrada
Sagrada is a fun strategic board game

Sagrada is a super cool board game and a great gift for anyone who loves Barcelona. In Sagrada, players make stained glass windows like the ones in the famous Sagrada Familia (hence the name).

It’s a mix of strategy and creativity, where players pick colorful dice and fit them into their window template, trying to create the most beautiful design.

#4 Barcelona Football gifts

The box of a LEGO Camp Nou set
Camp Nou Lego set

For people who love soccer, getting an F.C. Barcelona gift is a no-brainer. And one of my favorite F.C. Barcelona gifts is this LEGO set of the Camp Nou stadium!

Imagine building the famous soccer stadium, where Messi and the other legends play, with LEGO bricks. It’s a fun way to feel like they’re part of the excitement and action of a soccer match right at home.

But if the recipient doesn’t have the patience to build with LEGO (or they just don’t enjoy it), check out Amazon for all sorts of F.C. Barcelona-inspired gifts. From jerseys, scarves, books, and posters, there is something for everyone.

#5 Experience gifts

The roof top of Casa Milo in Barcelona
Give a tour around Casa Mila

An experience gift in Barcelona is the best kind of gift for everyone – whether they live there, just moved, or are visiting.

Don’t believe me? Believe in the science that shows why experience gifts are the best.

You could give a cooking class, a private guide around Casa Mila (or other famous buildings in the city), or even a fun adventure. They get to live, feel, and breathe the city in a way tangible gifts can’t match.

My favorite site for booking experience gifts is Tinggly because they allow you to buy an experience gift without booking a date. So that the recipient can pick a time and day which suits them.

#6 Wooden 3D map

A 3d map of Barcelona
Photo courtesy of Different Maps

Maps are my favorite home decor gifts, especially when I can find a map of a place the recipient loves, such as this gorgeous 3D map of Barcelona.

Though don’t worry if the recipient has a different style, you can find over a thousand different maps of Barcelona on Etsy.

#7 Coasters with “Barcelona flower” pattern

Four tiles with a rope
Photo courtesy of Yumilab

The Panot is a special flower tile you see all over Barcelona’s sidewalks. It’s as famous in Barcelona as the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell (okay, almost). This makes these gorgeous panot coasters great housewarming gifts for locals or as a souvenir. So every time you put down your drink, you’ll remember your favorite city’s streets.

#8 Necklace

A golden necklace with a tile pattern pendant
Photo courtesy of Majale Barcelona

Another unique way to give something related to the Panot Barcelona flower is this cute necklace! Wearing it is like carrying a bit of the city’s heart and history close to their heart.

 It’s a subtle yet elegant way to celebrate the recipient’s love for Barcelona.

Though check out Etsy for other gorgeous Barcelona-inspired necklaces too.

#9 Sagrada Familia building set

Sagrada Família Barcelona Building Kit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is a brilliant gift for anyone who loves Barcelona; they can build their own version of their favorite city’s most famous church!

This set has over 10049 pieces, making it a challenging and rewarding project. Just remember, the final church is quite big. So my advice? Double-check if the recipients would like such a big art project in their home (and if they actually have the space for it).

#10 DIY churros kit

The box of DIY churro kit
My Global Grub Churro Kit

A DIY churro kit is a yummy gift for anyone who loves food and Barcelona.

So technically, you can find churros all over Spain, but the best ones I had were in Barcelona! And that’s why I think this DIY kit is an awesome Barcelona-inspired gift (and trust me, any foodie will agree).

This kit lets the recipient make their own churros at home. It’s really fun and easy and it’s a delicious way to remember the great food from Barcelona and have a little Spanish snack adventure right in their kitchen.

#11 Professional photoshoot in Barcelona

A woman taking a photo on a rooftop in Barcelona
Give them a shoot at Casa Mila

This is another epic experience gift in Barcelona. Whether it’s for locals or someone traveling there soon, A Flytographer gift card is an awesome gift either way.

Through Flytographer they get to book pro photographers around the world, including Barcelona. Whether it’s the vibrant streets, the stunning architecture, or the sunny beaches, they’ll get some epic photos of all the cool spots in Barcelona to remember their time in the city.

It’s a fun way to make those Barcelona memories last forever, with stylish, professional photos they’ll treasure

#12 Caga Tio Christmas gift

two shelves with logs that represent Caga Tio
Small Caga Tios

The Caga Tió de Natal is a fantastic Barcelona Christmas gift, especially for families with kids. It’s a fun part of the Catalan Christmas tradition where this cute log “poops” out presents and sweets on Christmas Eve. Throughout December, kids feed the Tió with treats, and on Christmas Eve, they sing songs and hit the log to find gifts hidden under the blanket.

This particular Caga Tió is about 20cm long and comes with a traditional red cloth and barretina (Catalan hat). It’s handmade by artisans in Catalonia, making it a genuine souvenir and piece of the region’s culture.

#13 Catalan language course book

Book cover of 'Complete Catalan Beginner to Intermediate Course: Learn to read, write, speak and understand a new language'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A Catalan language course book is a fantastic gift for people who love Barcelona and want to connect deeper with the city and locals.

Contrary to what some people think, Spanish is not the first language in Barcelona, but Catalan is.

This particular book is great because it takes learners from beginners to confident speakers. The course focuses on real-life situations, like using the phone or chatting about work, so it’s super practical. With helpful tips, easy grammar, useful vocabulary, and tests, it’s a complete package for anyone who wants to feel closer to Barcelona by speaking like the locals!

Barcelona gifts for mid-budget

#14 Gaudi-inspired journal

A journal with a cover inspired by Gaudi mosaic
Photo courtesy of Amazon

When you think of Barcelona, you think of Gaudi! His work is so iconic to Barcelona that no list of Barcelona-themed gifts is complete without his touch.

This beautiful Gaudí-inspired journal is more than a place to write; it’s like carrying a piece of Gaudi’s art around. It’s perfect for anyone who loves Gaudi’s work and the artistic vibe of Barcelona. Every time they use it, they’ll remember the city’s artsy side.

#15 Books about Barcelona

Book cover of 'Barcelona (Cities in World History)'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Barcelona (Cities in World History)

This book is the perfect gift for Barcelona locals and fans who love learning about their city’s history. It tells the story of how Barcelona grew from a small place to a big trading city and then to a cultural spot with unique buildings by Gaudí. It also talks about the city’s tough times and its nickname “The Rose of Fire.”

Book cover of 'Gaudí: The Complete Works'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Gaudí: The Complete Works

Do you need a unique gift for art and Barcelona lovers? Then this book about Antoni Gaudí is perfect. It covers the story of Gaudí’s life, how he went from a glamorous young man to devote his life to building La Sagrada Família. The book shows all of his amazing buildings in Barcelona, it’s basically a tour of his work from their armchair.

Book cover of 'Cathedral of the Sea'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Cathedral of the Sea

The last book is a great gift for any type of Barcelona lover, whether it’s for a local, an expat, or a visitor, “Cathedral of the Sea” works for anyone who enjoys thrilling historical stories. Set in 14th-century Barcelona, the story follows Arnau, who works on the Santa Maria del Mar cathedral.

#16 Traditional pitcher

A glass wine pitcher from Barcelona
My porrón

A traditional Catalan glass wine pitcher (called a Porrón), is Barcelona’s answer to ‘How do we make drinking wine even more fun?’

Whether it’s filled with wine, sangria, or even your fancy cocktails, the Porrón adds a splash of Catalan flair to any gathering. It’s the perfect mix of tradition and practicality, but remember, it’s glass. So handle it with care if you’re planning to bring it home as a souvenir.

#17 Wine from the Barcelona region

A black bottle of wine from Barcelona
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Are you looking for the best Barcelona gifts for wine connoisseurs?

Then a bottle from Montsant, nestled near Barcelona, is a must-gift (especially if you pair it with a porrón).

This hidden gem compared to its famous neighbor, Priorat, crafts wines that are a revelation.

It’s the unique terroir, an ideal blend of mineral-rich soil and perfect climate, giving Montsant wines an extraordinary depth and character, offering a different narrative of Spanish winemaking. Which is great for your wine snob-friend who is looking for a new flavor.

#18 Wall art

Barcelona retro style poster
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Barcelona gift ideas for someone who just moved to the city? Or someone who just moved away?

Then a piece of Barcelona-inspired wall art is the perfect gift to make them feel at home.

Check out Amazon for all sorts of designs, or go for this beautiful poster.

#19 Montbru buffalo cheese

A cheese wrapped in a cloth
Photo courtesy of iGourmet

As a huge cheese lover myself, I always love trying local cheeses. And boy, do I love Spanish and Catalan cheese.

So if you are looking for unique souvenirs from Barcelona to take home for another cheesehead, check out Montbru Sarró de Búfala cheese.

It’s a semi-hard, creamy buffalo milk cheese from the Moianès Plateau, an hour north of Barcelona, by Master Cheesemaker Oriol Antúnez. The cheese is aged in a knotted cheesecloth, giving it a unique shape.

#20 Etched skyline glasses

A pint glass with the skyline of Barcelona etched
Photo courtesy of Urban & Etched

Do you need Barcelona-themed housewarming gifts?

How about a set of glasses with the iconic Barcelona skyline etched?

It’s a unique way to add a touch of Barcelona to their homes. 

#21 Travel guides

A Rick Steves travel guide of Barcelona
Rick Steves Guide

Rick Steves Barcelona

A Rick Steves travel guide to Barcelona is a great gift for someone going there soon. Particularly for first-time visitors, because Rick Steves’ guides will help travelers find their way around Barcelona and learn about fun, less-known spots, as well as the classic highlights.

Book cover of 'Lonely Planet Experience Barcelona'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet Experience Barcelona

The Lonely Planet’s Experience Barcelona guide is perfect for people who have visited Barcelona before. Unlike the Rick Steves guide, which is great for first-timers, this book shows new, exciting experiences to explore the city.

It’s filled with insider tips from locals, making it ideal for those who want to explore beyond the usual sights, offering fresh experiences and secret hangouts.

Book cover of 'National Geographic Walking Barcelona'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

National Geographic Walking Barcelona

The last guidebook is a fun gift for Barcelona residents. Unlike the previous ones, which are great for visitors, this guide is perfect for locals who want to explore their home city more. It has 14 walking routes that show different neighborhoods, from busy markets to quiet gardens.

#22 Park Güell Jigsaw puzzle

A box of a jigsaw puzzle of Park Guell in Barcelona
Awsome 1500-piece jigsaw puzzle

For puzzle lovers or fans of the city, this 1500-piece puzzle of Park Guell is perfect.

It’s not just a puzzle; it’s a journey through one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. And a perfect blend of challenge and a trip down memory lane, offering hours of entertainment while remembering the amazing times they had in Barcelona.

Barcelona gifts for small budgets

#23 Olive oil

A bottle of olive oil from Barcelona
Barcelona olive oil has a unique flavor

Olive oil from Barcelona, or as I like to call it, “liquid gold,” isn’t just your average cooking oil.

This Spanish delight is steeped in a rich tradition, especially in the Barcelona region, where olives are more than just a fruit; they’re a cultural icon.

Thanks to the unique Mediterranean climate and age-old production techniques that locals swear by, it’s a unique blend of fruity, and nutty, with a touch of zesty charm. That will have the recipient drizzling a bit of Barcelona’s liquid gold onto their food. Trust me, their salads (and taste buds) will thank you!

#24 Candle

Soy wax candle with a label that says "Smells Like A Sunset in Barcelona Spain"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need a gift for locals who moved far from Barcelona, and who are missing its charm?

Then this candle is perfect.

It’s a sensory ticket back to those magical sunsets by the Mediterranean. Ideal for locals abroad or anyone longing for the city. It’s a way to bring a piece of Barcelona’s evenings into their homes.

#25 Cookbook

Book cover of 'Catalonia: Spanish Recipes from Barcelona and Beyond'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

“Catalonia” by José Pizarro is a fantastic gift for foodies who love Barcelona and its region.

The book makes cooking Spanish tapas and traditional food easy and fun. With beautiful pictures of Barcelona and Catalonia, it feels like a Spanish holiday from the comfort of their homes. The book also helps with planning meals and choosing drinks to pair with.

#26 Cava

A bottle of cava from Catalonia
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

Besides Montsant’s lovely wines, Cava is another Catalonia’s special.

It’s the perfect Barcelona gift for those who have something to celebrate or those who love exploring different kinds of Spanish wines, especially after trying the rich flavors of Montsant.

#27 Shirts

A cherry red shirt with the skyline of Barcelona
Photo courtesy of Inci Design USA

This is the perfect small Barcelona gift for expats or those who have left the city and need a warm hug from home.

It’s a simple yet heartfelt way to keep the spirit of the city close to their heart, literally! Every time they wear it, they’ll be reminded of the vibrant streets, the colorful culture, and the unforgettable memories made in Barcelona.

#28 Barcelona-themed mugs

A coffee mug with a masaic patterm of Gaudi
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

A Barcelona-themed mug is a perfect little gift for anyone who’s a big fan of Barcelona.

Even when they’re far away, they get to experience a bit of Barcelona with every morning coffee. Each sip brings back memories of the vibrant streets, the awesome food, and all the fun times in Barcelona.

Plus, it’s a cool way to add a bit of Barcelona style to their kitchen or office desk, epeically if you go for a colorful one such as this Gaudi-themed one.

#29 Romesco sauce

A jar of Matiz España Romesco Sauce
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Romesco sauce is a unique Catalan sauce made from nuts, red peppers, and tomatoes, offering a rich and slightly smoky flavor. It’s the iconic flavor of Barcelona, making it a great gift to take home for your foodie friends.

#30 Travel journal

Barcelona Spain Travel Book cover
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need gifts for someone traveling to Barcelona soon?

Then this Barcelona-themed travel journal is perfect!

The  Barcelona theme on the cover will inspire them to explore and capture every moment in the city. Plus it’s a special notebook to jot down all their adventures, from the famous sights they’ll see to the delicious foods they’ll try. Which will turn their journey into a lasting story long after they return home.

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Final notes on Barcelona-inspired gifts

Alright, this was our complete list of Barcelona-themed gifts that are as unique and vibrant as the city itself! Whether it’s for a special someone or a treat for yourself, these gifts are sure to bring a touch of Catalan charm to any occasion.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!