The 35 Best Gifts For Beach Lovers That’ll Bring The Shore To Their Doorstep

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Beach with sunset

Do you have a beach-loving friend or family member who can’t resist the call of the sea? Then check out these 35 cool beach gifts that’ll make their sandy dreams come true! We’ve combed the internet to uncover 35 gifts for beach lovers that they won’t believe exist.

But be warned, as you explore our treasure trove of beach-themed gifts, you might just find yourself daydreaming of sun, ocean, and sandy toes. So, grab your sunscreen and get ready to dive into this fantastic collection of gifts that’ll have your beach lover walking on sunshine!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three beach lover gifts by budget.

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The best beach-themed gifts for beach lovers

Beach-themed gifts for large budgets

#1 Sandproof speakers

A bluetooth speaker from JBL
JBL Bluetooth speaker

A day at the beach is always a good day. But with music, it’s even better!

But with the water and sand all around, most people don’t dare to take their precious speakers to the beach. And that is exactly what makes JBL speakers the best gifts for beach lovers who love music.

All portable speakers by JBL are sand- and waterproof, so they can easily be taken to the beach.

JBL Go is the smallest design and is perfect for people who don’t have much space in their beach bags.

#2 Sandproof beach blanket

Woman laying on a large beach blanket
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Wekapo’s beach blankets are one of the best gifts for beach lovers.

Don’t you just hate it when everything is covered in sand after a beach day? And when you’re wrapping up and packing your towel, it’s still covered in sand, even though you brushed it off?

Well, say goodbye to those annoyances, because the beach blanket by Wekapo is specifically designed for sand to fall off easily.

They come in three different sizes; for 1-3 people, for 1-5 people, and for 1-8 people. So you can have a family day at the beach with just one blanket. And what’s also great about them is that they are incredibly light (14 oz or about 400 grams) and can easily be packed in a beach bag.

#3 Fatboy air lounger

A purple fatboy lounger
Fatboy lounger

Fatboy’s air loungers are great gifts for beach lovers.

In case you have no idea what a Fatboy or an air lounger is, let me explain.

Essentially, it’s a large bag made from nylon material. All you have to do is fill this bag with air (usually by waving it around and “scooping” air), then quickly wrap it up and click it together. And your large air lounger is made.

The best thing is the fact that it’s incredibly small (if it’s uninflated) and lightweight, yet it can be converted to a comfortable sofa in no time.

#4 Beach-themed gifts for her: necklace

A silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of a wave
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need beach-themed gifts for her? Then this cute necklace with an ocean wave pendant is the perfect gift!

For more beach-themed gifts for her, check out #17.

#5 Portable beach umbrella

A portable beach umbrella
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Beach lovers love chilling and sunbathing at the beach. But we all know that too much sun can harm your skin. So if you care about the person you are getting this gift for and you want them to stay safe, then this portable sun umbrella is the perfect beach lover gift for you.

And what’s great about this umbrella is that it’s specifically designed to fit in a suitcase. So beach lovers can take it with them on each beach vacation.

#6 Bikini

A woman wearing a colorful bikini
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What’s a day at the beach without swimwear?

If you are looking for cute beach gifts for her, then a bikini or bathing suit is the perfect gift.

I loved this yellow one from Amazon, but obviously, you should find one that the recipient will love.

If you are looking for beach gifts for him, check out #23.

#7 Foldable chair

A foldable beach chair
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Foldable chairs may not be one of the most unique gifts for beach lovers, but they are one of the most practical.

This chair is not only foldable (so easy to take to the beach) but also convertible into a comfortable lounge.

#8 Beach-themed gifts for the home

Painting of family laying at the beach
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for beach-themed gifts for someone’s home? Then wall art is always a good idea.

You can find all sorts of beach-inspired wall art on Amazon, so check that one out for different options.

If you are looking for beach-themed gifts for a family that loves the beach, go for the personalized beach print from Uncommon Goods. You can customize the number of people on the print, what they wear, and how they look to match the recipient’s family.

#9 Floating sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses from the brand Rheos
Rheos sunglasses

Rheos sunglasses are super practical gifts for beach lovers and water lovers. Their sunglasses are not only fashionable and of high quality, but they are also specifically designed to stay afloat on water. So people who spend a lot of time on or near water don’t have to worry about dropping their sunglasses.

#10 Snorkel gear

A snorkal that covers yoru entire face

Swimming at the beach and basking in the sun is fun but there’s a whole world hidden beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered by your beach-loving friend. And that’s where the snorkeling set swoops in like a beach superhero!

With a snorkel, they can unlock the secret underwater wonderland, with colorful fish, funky coral, and sea critters all around.

This way, they’ll get to see the marvelous underwater world which will undoubtedly make them love the beach and ocean even more!

#11 Portable beach table

A portable and foldable table for the beach
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Going to the beach is never a dull idea. But let’s face it, the whole sand-in-your-sandwich situation can be a real buzzkill.

But guess what?

This portable table is the ultimate game-changing beach gift idea, ensuring your beach enthusiast friend can enjoy snacks and drinks without the sandy surprise!

#12 Portable grill

A portable bbq for the beach
Portable beach bbq

Beach trips wouldn’t be complete without any grilled food.

And with this portable grill, having a beach barbie is easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

It’s lightweight, comes with built-in tray storage, and it’s easy to clean, making it the perfect beach birthday gift idea!

#13 Beach storage pillow

Pillow with storage
Photo courtesy of VOS Floats

This storage pillow is probably one of my favorite gifts for beachgoers.

First of all, pillows are super practical and comfortable to have at the beach. But the inflatable ones blow away on windy days, and other larger ones just take up a lot of space.

But these ones also have a special compartment to store items such as your keys or phone. It’s the perfect way to keep your items from being stolen, from heating in the sun, and from getting covered with sand.

Beach-themed gifts for mid-budget

#14 Water bottles

Stainless steel insulated water bottle with a special storage compartment at the bottom
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This water bottle with a special storage part at the bottom is also one of the best practical beach gifts.

It’s made from stainless steel and has double walls, so whether you add hot or cold water, it stays at that temperature for a long time. And the storage part is large enough for keys, money, or small items, so they don’t have to worry about keeping their belongings safe.

#15 Beach bag with cooler

A ebach bag with a compartment for cooling at the bottom
Beach bag

This beach bag with a cooler at the bottom is one of the most practical gifts for beach lovers who hate carrying bags. From now on they only have to carry one bag.

The cooler part is separated with a zipper and has a special leak-proof design, so the rest of their items are safely stored in the upper part.

#16 Portable safe lock

A portable safe
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for more practical gift ideas for beach lovers?

Then this portable safe for their personal belongings is the gift you need.

It’s made from a strong ABS plastic, that’s very tightly sealed, and waterproof (which is very important at the beach).

There is a 3 digit code that the recipients can choose themselves. And what I liked most about the safe is that it comes with a steel cable, so the recipient can lock it to something fixed such as a fence.

The safe measures 6.2 x 2.5 x 7.5 inches ( 15.75 x 6.35 x 19.05 cm). So it’s small enough to be taken in a beach bag but large enough to fit a wallet, passport, and phone. Unfortunately, cameras probably won’t fit in this safe, unless it’s a very compact one.

#17 Beach-themed earrings

Heart-shaped earrings made with real sand
Photo courtesy of Sage & Sea Salt

Are you looking for unique beach-themed gifts for her?

Then these heart-shaped studs made with sand are the perfect gift.

What makes them truly unique is the fact that are made from real Scottish sand! Though check out Etsy for more sand-inspired jewelry.

#18 Books about beaches

Book cover of the book "bliss"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Bliss beaches

Are you looking for beach-themed gift ideas for someone who loves beautiful photography? Then this book with beautiful photos of blissful beaches is what you need.

Book cover of the book "beaches"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Beaches by Gray Malin

“Beaches” is another beautiful coffee table book for people who love to glance through photographs of beaches.

#19 Beach treasure keeper

A wooden box for keepsakes with the text "I take little pieces of the beach home with me"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Did you know there are more ways of saving fun and enjoyable memories other than taking videos and photographs of it?

And that’s by creating a very own treasure trove!

For example with this cool treasure chest. It will allow your beach-loving friends to keep a piece of their favorite beaches and even display it in their homes for everyone to see.

#20 Beach-themed passport cover

Beach-inspired passport cover
Photo courtesy of Lula Belle Shoppes

Are you looking for beach-themed gift ideas for people who travel frequently? Then a passport cover with a beach theme is perfect!

I quite liked the one with “Beach Please”. But check out Etsy for more options.

#21 Reef-friendly sunscreen

A gift set of beach bum sunscreen
Beach bum gift set

Are you looking for the best beach gifts to keep the recipient safe?

Then this skincare gift set by Sun Bum is perfect. It includes a daily cleanser, sunscreen moisturizer, and a restoring facemask. It’s not only a great gift to protect the recipient’s skin, but Sun Bum’s sunscreens also protect the coral reef.

There are two ingredients (oxybenzone and octinoxate) that are often used in sunscreen. But which actually have a toxic effect on plants, algae, and coral.

So Sun Bum’s sunscreen is produced without these two ingredients to help protect the ocean.

#22 Sand removal bag

Two blue bags from the brand sandscreen

Going to the beach is all fun and games until you discover you brought half the beach home with you.

But you just found the perfect solution for your beach-loving friend; a sand removal bag!

They can simply use it to wipe away that pesky sand, leaving it where it belongs.

#23 Men’s swim shorts

Red swim shorts for men with decoration
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for fun and practical beach gifts for him, swim shorts are perfect.

Again, try to find one the recipient will love. Perhaps he is more into speedos instead of shorts. Or perhaps he prefers less colorful shorts.

Or maybe he just loves the same shorts as I do, in that case, you should definitely go for this one with arrows and bows.

#24 Swimsuit cover-up

A woman wearing a white knitted cover up for the beach
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Beach cover-ups are super practical gifts for the beach lovers in your life. Especially for women (but I’m sure you already guessed that).

It’s a very simple but elegant way for women to cover up their bathing suits if they want to grab a bite somewhere.

#25 Changing poncho

Woman wearing a pink and brown poncho to changes clothes at the beach
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Changing ponchos are another one of those life-changing beach gifts.

Beach bums no longer have to try and change while also holding a towel around their waist, and balancing on one foot.

It’s made from microfiber material so it dries quickly and weighs barely anything. Which makes it easy for beach lovers to bring to the beach.

And what I loved about this specific poncho is the fact that it can also be used as a beach towel. And of course, the cute pink design. But I can imagine that’s not for everyone. Luckily, you can find plenty of changing ponchos on Amazon.

#26 Beach essential oils

A set of 8 esssential oil tubes with beach fragrances
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A trip to the beach is something beach lovers always look forward to.

But of course, there are days when they’re missing the ocean and can’t make the trip.

These fragrance oils create the smell of the ocean and make a great beach-related gift that’ll create the illusion of being at the beach.

#27 Sand toys for kids

Beach toys
Beach toys for kids

Looking for a beach birthday gift idea for your nieces and nephews?

They’ll definitely have a blast with these beach toys! It even comes with a mesh bag so it’s easier to carry and cleaning them up makes it a breeze.

#28 Foldable hat

A summer hat
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This foldable sunhat is one of the best gifts for women who love the beach. Most hats will be ruined if you fold them and put them in your beach bag or suitcase. But this one is specifically designed to get right back into its regular shape, once you take them out of your bags!

#29 Beach wine glass

Plasctic wine cups with a pointy end to stick in sand at the beach
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for beach-related gifts for couples? We’ve got you covered!

These fancy wine glasses are a wonderful gift for romantic dates at the beach. It will surely add a touch of elegance needed to set the mood.

You know what the best part is? It floats too!

Beach-themed gifts for small budgets

#30 Beach cup holder

A set of cup holders for the beach
Beach cup holders

These beach cup holders are super practical gifts for beach lovers who also love a drink (or two). They can keep their cups in these holders, so they are not covered with sand and more importantly, their cups are not as easily tipped over.

#31 Beach games

A set of beach tennis
Beach tennis set

Beach games are definitely one of my favorite gifts for beach lovers. But I guess that’s because I love games.

Two of the most popular beach games include beach tennis and frisbee. They are small and easy to take to the beach, and it’s a fun activity at the beach.

#32 Thoughtful beach sign

A wooden sign with "I love you to the beach and back"
Wooden beach sign

Searching for a housewarming gift for the beach lover in your life?

This “I love you to the beach and back” wood box sign is the perfect gift. It’s a wonderful beach-inspired house decor with a heartwarming sentiment that your friends will love.

#33 Water shoes

Red watershoes
Funky water shoes

Water shoes are also one of the great practical beach gift ideas. They may not be the most exciting or unique gifts. Though, I think these colorful ones definitely add some uniqueness to this gift.

But don’t worry if these are a bit too bright for the recipient, they are available in different colors and prints.

#34 Underwater photography course

A photo of a stingray underwater

This is one of the best gifts for beach lovers who love snorkeling and diving; an online course that teaches them how to capture the mesmerizing underwater world!

From the best camera to the best settings and techniques, this course covers everything. There is even a section on how to capture the best surfing pictures for your surfer friends too!

#35 More beach-themed gifts: luggage tags

Lugagge tag with beach text
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The 8518 different beach-themed luggage tags on Zazzle also make great beach-inspired gifts for people who travel often.

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25 unique beach-themed gifts for beach lovers

Final note on gifts for beach lovers

Alright, if you need some more help choosing the best beach gift ideas, here are my top three for each budget:


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