Belgian gifts usually don’t extend beyond the classic Belgium chocolate gifts or beer of course. But in today’s post, I will share 25 unique Belgium gifts to give to people obsessed with Belgium. Or to give to Belgian travelers or Belgians who move abroad and who would love a little piece of home. I am sure you will be able to find the perfect gift for them!

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Belgian Gifts over 30$

#1 DIY Belgium beer gifts

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

I know, I know. I said I would give a list of 25 unique Belgian gifts beyond beer and chocolate. But come on! I had to include something beer-related when talking about Belgium gifts.

Plus, this DIY Belgian golden ale beer brewing kit does go beyond the Belgium beer gifts, because they actually get to make their own golden ale!

And no worries, the kit is enough for one gallon of beer, so I am sure there will be a bit left for you to try as well!

#2 Belgium Beer Gifts Set

Photo courtesy of Belgian Shop

Okay, since I already started with the Belgium beer gifts, I will continue with another not-so-unique gift, a beer gift set.

But the good thing about Belgium beer gifts is that there is so much choice, and it’s (almost) all delicious. Such as this Brugge Tripel.

Though if a Tripel is not what they person you are getting this gift for likes, then check out Belgian Shop for all the other options.

#3 Belgian Waffle Maker

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Whether you are looking for Belgium gifts for locals or for travelers who simply love Belgium, a waffle maker will make both happy!

In fact, a waffle maker will also make non-Belgium lovers happy because you get to make delicious Belgium waffles!

And perhaps if you are nice, they might even make one for you!

#4 Belgian Board Games

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Playing board games from the country you love, or about the country you love is always a fun idea. So get you Belgium loving friend a Belgian themed board game such as Tournay!

The game is about reconstructing the city of Tournay. It’s a strategic game, and if you are really into it, there are even extensions, so you will never get bored!

#5 Belgian Themed Jigsaw Puzzles

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to pass the time while also practicing your problem-solving skills. And now you can even get them to work on their skills while also looking at their favorite country!

There various Belgian themed jigsaw puzzles, such as this one from Bruges. And no worries if the person you are getting this gift for is great with puzzles. The puzzle is available in 1014 pieces as well!

#6 Belgium Gift For Jacques Brel Lovers

Photo courtesy of Red Bubble

If you are looking for the perfect Belgium gifts for people who simply love Belgium music and in particular Jacques Brel, I found it!

Check out this cool Brel shirt, that comes in different sizes and models, so you can pick one that matches their style!

Oh who is Jacques Brel? Well, you probably already guessed it, but he is a famous Belgian singer and musician from the sixties.

Belgian Gifts under 30$

#7 Belgian Chocolate Gifts

Photo courtesy of Belgian Shop

Yes, Belgian chocolate gifts may not be the most unique Belgium gifts you can think of, I’ll admit. But everyone who loves Belgium loves their chocolate too! And that is exactly why this is such a great gift!

Besides this pralines Belgian chocolate gifts, you can find other gift sets on Belgian Shop too.

#8 Geometric Belgium Wall Art

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Are you looking for Belgian gifts for someone who is obsessed with Belgium or a Belgian who moved abroad? Then this cool geometric map of Belgium is the perfect gift to decorate their homes!

The map comes in thirteen different colors, from black to green, you pick whichever matches their home. And no worries if you think this map is a bit too large for their home, it comes in the sizes S, M, and L, so you adjust to their preferences!

#9 Belgium Beer Cap Map

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Did you like the previous Belgium map gift, but are you looking for something even more unique? Or something that matches their interest in beer as well?

Then this Belgium map with holes for beer caps is exactly what you are looking for!

The map looks super cool in their home, plus they get to fill it every time they open a bottle of beer. In other words, you are giving them a legitimate reason to be drinking beer. Because they have to decorate their home.

#10 Belgium themed flask

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This Belgium themed flask is the perfect gift for people who love Belgium (but that’s why you’re on this page, so we can check that box), for people who love their drinks, and for people who are often traveling, hiking, or skiing and love to bring a bit a strong drink to stay warm!

#11 Belgium Beer Guide

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Anyone who is going to visit Belgium any time soon or someone who simply loves Belgium beers, this good beer guide to Belgium beers is probably the best gift you can get them!

It does not only provide them with information about the different types of beers but also about where to taste them. Which breweries, bars, or cities are a must-visit for beer lovers.

And that is exactly what makes this one of the best Belgium beer gifts for someone who is going to visit Belgium soon!

#12 Belgium beer gifts scratch Map

Photo courtesy of A.S. Adventure

Alright, I promise, this is the last of the Belgium beer gift! But I just thought this Belgium beer scratch off map was one of the coolest gifts you can get someone who loves Belgium, traveling, and beer. So I had to include it!

The map displays some of the major breweries and beers in Belgium. So in case, they needed any inspiration on where to go next in Belgium, perhaps this map can help!

#13 The Ugly Belgian Houses book

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Belgium gifts for someone who loves Belgium but moved away? Perhaps this book about Ugly Belgian Houses will help them remember why they decided to move away in the first place.

And if not, this book is still a random and funny selection of the ugliest houses in Belgium, so it will sure make them laugh and enjoy the book.

#14 Belgium themed alcohol dispenser

Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you thought the Ugly Houses book was a random gift, here is another one to add to the list of funny and random Belgian gifts.

An alcohol dispenser in the shape of the famous Manneke Pis statue.

In case you are wondering why a little boy peeing is something typical Belgian. And before you may think that this is acceptable in Belgium, it’s not.

This is a famous statue in Brussels, but now you can get it as an alcohol dispenser, making it one of the best Belgian gifts for alcohol drinkers!.

#15 Belgium Guidebooks

Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet

Of course, this list of Belgian gifts cannot miss a guidebook to visiting Belgium. And Lonely Planets are always great guidebooks. They don’t have one that’s solely about Belgium, so you will get Luxembourg as a bonus in this guidebook.

Guidebooks are always good gifts for people who are going to visit a certain country or who already fell in love with the country because the book will always be able to show them places they haven’t seen before!

Alternatively, you could get someone who is going to move to Belgium this survival guide to customs and etiquette in Belgium, so they will arrive fully prepared!

#16 Belgian City Map Posters

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Do you know which city in Belgium the person you are getting this gift for is from, or which they absolutely loved? Then you can get this cool city map prints wall art!

You can get the maps of:

#17 Belgium Themed travel Mug

Photo courtesy of Redbubble

City map posters are not the most useful Belgium gifts for people who are going to travel. So for them, you may want to get a travel mug in Belgium style, such as this cool red one!

In case you are wandering why it’s red, the nickname for the Belgium soccer team is the Red Devils.

But this travel mug also has the shape of Belgium and a reference to beer on it, can it get any more Belgium than that?

Belgian Gifts under 15$

#18 Belgian Themes Tote bags

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Not all the items on this list make great gift for Belgians who are going to travel, but this tote bag is an exception to that!

Tote Bags are the easiest gift for travelers because they don’t take up much space or weight and they are super useful. And a big plus is the fact that they also save a lot of single-use plastic bags. Which in turn, is something the environment and the sustainable travelers will like!

#19 Belgian Keychain

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Keychains are another one of those super easy gifts for Belgians who are going to travel! Just as the tote bags, they are small and light. Plus they also serve as a small reminder of the place they are from or the place they love!

So check out this cute Belgium Keychain. Or if you are looking for Belgium beer gifts, this cute I beer Belgium keychain might be the better option.

#20 Belgian Cookbooks

Photo courtesy of Firebox

People who love Belgium and miss Belgian food will sure love any Belgian themed cookbooks! You can go for a classic cookbook which includes an overview of many different delicious recipes such as “The Taste of Belgium”. Or a cookbook which also includes the delicious waffles to help with their waffle maker, such as “Belgian Style recipes”.

Or go for a super random Belgian cookbook and get the Brussel Sprouts cookbook. It will show you how to make an unpopular veggie such as sprouts yummy!.

#21 Belgium Map Poster

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This cute Belgium map poster is one of the best Belgium gifts at home. Whether it is for a native Belgian living in Belgium or abroad. This poster makes a cool wall decoration and it reminds them of their lover for Belgium.

#22 Brussel Skyline Poster

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Belgium may not be famous for their enormous skylines, but that doesn’t mean it’s not pretty.

Check out this Brussels skyline poster to decide for yourself!

I think it makes a pretty cool gift for Belgium lovers at their home!

#23 Belgium socks

Photo courtesy of Amazon

I think socks or one of the most underrated gifts for travelers, especially if they reflect a country the person loves! And that is exactly why I included these Belgium inspired socks on this list of Belgium gifts!

Socks are easy to take when traveling, plus tit’s a great subtle way of wearing something from your home country or a country you love, without making it incredibly obvious. Some people enjoy walking around with and I love Brussels hoodie, whereas others prefer subtly items, such as these cute socks.

#24 Brussels Map Whiskey Glasses

Photo courtesy of Etsy

For whiskey lovers and Belgium/Brussels lovers, this is the perfect gift! Glasses with the map of Brussels engraved.

It’s a cool personalized gift for someone who missed Belgium.

#25 Belgium Travel Journal

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for the best Belgium gifts for someone who is going to travel to Belgium soon? Then this travel journal specially made for Belgium is the gift you are looking for!

The journal is a good combination of structured pages for checklists and itineraries and blank pages for travelers to write their own experiences.

In case you do not like the design of this travel journal, check out my list of 25 travel journals. It includes cool personalized journals in all shapes, sizes, colors, and price ranges, so you will surely be able to find one you like!

Save these Belgium gifts for later

These were all 25 Belgian gifts, that went beyond your typical Belgium beer gifts (alright, I admit, I may have included a few Belgium beer gifts, but in my defense, they were pretty cool and unique).

Don’t forget to save this pos for later, so next time you are looking for Belgium gifts for someone’s birthday, you will know straightaway where to look!

25 awesome Belgium gifts