The 25 Best American-Themed Gifts For People Obsessed With The USA

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Are you looking for the best American gifts for Christmas? Or do you need American-themed gifts for thanksgiving? Or do you just want unique gifts for someone who loves the USA? Whatever your case, you will find the 25 best America-themed gifts on this list! From unique map-inspired pieces of wall art to fun games, there is something for everyone!

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25 best American-themed gifts

American gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to the USA

Statue of liberty
Statue of liberty

Let’s start this list with the number one gift for people who love the United States; a trip to the US!

It doesn’t even matter which state you take them to, as long as it’s in the US.

So check out Skyscanner and find a flight to a city the recipient loves.

Or head over to Viator and find out which tours they offer in the US.

And lastly, if you want to play it safe, go for the Global Experiences Gift card. It’s the Viator gift card that allows the recipient to pick a tour themselves.

For more inspiration when it comes to gift cards, check out these 25 gift cards for travelers.

#2 American hot sauces

Set of five different sauces
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for American-themed gifts for someone who loves spicy food?

This is the gift you need.

A set of five American hot sauces. It includes mixes from Georgia, Florida, Texas, Chesapeake Bay, and Virginia.

#3 Mug with color-in map

Mug with US national parks
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is one of the best American-themed gifts for people who love exploring every side of the US.

They can keep track of all the places they have visited on this mug!

So with every coffee, they can have a look at all the destinations they still want to visit.

There are two different options to go for.

One is a mug of the major US national parks, which is a great gift for nature lovers. The other option is a mug with the map of the US and all the states.

Oh and if you thought the colors would just fade away once you put them in the dishwasher. That’s not the case.

The ink will set by placing the mugs in the oven after coloring them. That way, the recipient can always update the mug when they’ve visited a new state or national park.

And for more color-in American gifts check out #10.

#4 USA travel journal

Travel journal for the United states
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for American gifts for someone who will travel to the US soon?

Then this travel journal is the gift you are looking for!

It’s specifically designed for people who are traveling around the US. The journal includes two pages per state with some set questions to facilitate journaling. This is particularly helpful for people who have trouble writing from scratch.

For more general journals, check out these 25 best travel journals.

#5 USA map for wine corks or beer caps

American-themed gifts
USA beer cap map

Are you looking for unique America-themed gifts for people who love maps and drinking?

Then this is the gift you need.

For the beer drinkers, a map of the US with holes for beer caps is perfect. For the wine drinkers, it’s a map with holes for wine corks.

All the recipients have to do is crack open bottles and fill up their maps.

#6 USA-themed board game

American-themed gifts
Ticket to Ride USA

Are you looking for American-themed gifts for board game lovers?

Look no further!

This is the best gift you can get.

Ticket to Ride is a fun game where players have to gain points by building railways across the US map board. I know, my explanation doesn’t make it sound like a fun game, but it’s actually one of my favorite board games.

For more American-themed gifts for game lovers, check out the next gift.

#7 Cornhole

American-themed gifts
Corn hole

Cornhole is one of the most typical American games, and to make this gift even more American, you can now buy cornhole with the American flag on it! So if you were looking for the best patriotic American gifts, this is it.

American gifts for mid budgets

#8 USA national baseball jersey

American-themed gifts
USA jerseys

Sports are big in the US. So if you are looking for American-themed gifts for sports fans, and particularly baseball fans, this USA jersey is perfect!

#9 Books about the US

American-themed gifts
A people’s history of the United States

A people’s history of the United States by Howard Zinn

This is one of the best American gifts for history buffs! It’s a beautiful book about US history from scratch.

For more books about history, check out the next one.

American-themed gifts
How the world is passed

How the world is passed: A reckoning with the history of slavery across Americ

The second book for history buffs is actually a must-read for every American and anyone who wants to understand the role of slavery in the history of the US.

American-themed gifts
The big book of American facts

The big book of American facts: 1000 interesting facts and trivia about the USA

The last book on this list is one of the best American gifts for people who love random facts and trivia. A book with 1000 things they didn’t know about the US.

#10 Tote bag with a color-in USA map

Tote bag with map of US
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

This is one of my favorite American-themed gifts! A tote bag with a map of the United States. But what I love about it, is the fact that you can color in the states you have visited so far.

And I am 100% sure that people who love the US will love this bag too. There’s something about scratching and ticking off places you have visited, which is why most travelers love scratch maps so much.

However, if you would rather go for a different type of tote bag, check out Zazzle where you can find over 15,000 different American-themed tote bags.

#11 USA travel guides

American-themed gifts
50 states 5000 ideas

50 states 5000 ideas

National Geographic’s 50 States 5000 Ideas is one of the best American-themed gifts for people who love getting inspiration for fun things to do in the US. Plus, it’s a beautiful coffee table book.

American-themed gifts
The Rough Guide to the USA

The Rough Guide to the USA

This is one of the best America-themed gifts for people who are traveling to the US soon. (If they don’t have a travel guide yet, of course).

American-themed gifts
Fodor’s best road trips in the USA

Fodor’s best road trips in the USA

The US is the perfect country for road trips, and this book with the 50 best road trips in the USA is perfect for people who love getting inspiration for their next trip!

#12 National parks scratch-off posters

American-themed gifts
National parks scratch poster

Do you need American gifts for someone who loves nature? And who loves exploring US national parks?

Then you just found the perfect gift.

Scratch-off posters with US national parks. I selected three different options you can choose from.

The first one includes 54 national parks and 36 animals to be seen at these parks.

The second one includes 63 different US national parks and has the option to be personalized (a feature, I really like, but you also pay extra for it).

And the last one is a map with stickers, instead of a scratch-off poster.

#13 Something from their favorite city

American-themed gifts
New York City etched glass

People who love the US often have a city they love the most. So a great American gift idea is something related to their favorite city.

One example is this New York City etched glass for people who love NYC.

#14 USA cookbooks

American-themed gifts
United tastes of America

United tastes of America: an atlas of food facts & recipes from every state

Is the recipient a food lover? And does he or she love to cook? Then cookbooks are the best America-themed gifts you can go for. The United Tastes of America is a great cookbook for people who also love to learn random facts.

American-themed gifts

BBQ USA: 425 fiery recipes from all across America

As you probably already guessed, this is one of the best America gifts for people who love barbecues.

American-themed gifts
American cake

American cake: from colonial gingerbread to classic layer, the stories, and recipes behind more than 125 of our best-loved cakes

The last cookbook on this list is the best for people who love baking. It covers the story (and recipes, of course) of 125 popular American cakes.

#15 US landmarks scratch-off poster

American-themed gifts
Top 100 landmarks

Alright, I promise. This is (almost) the last scratch-off or color-in map gift on this list.

But you have to admit, scratching-off and coloring-in is just so much fun, that it always makes a good gift.

And one example of that is this poster with the top 100 USA landmarks. It’s one of the best American gifts for people who love bucket lists!

If you prefer a different design, check out the 75 iconic landmarks scratch-off poster on Uncommon Goods. The idea is the same though, just a different design (and price).

American gifts for small budgets

#16 USA scratch-off poster

American-themed gifts

Í already shared quite a few map-related American gifts, but of course, I also had to include the regular scratch-off map.

It’s probably the most popular map among travelers, so if you are looking for the best America gifts for someone’s home, the scratch-off map of the US is perfect.

You can choose from two options.

The first one on Amazon is the cheapest option and provides a colorful map once all the states have been scratched off. The second option on Uncommon Goods will show beautiful photographs of the states once they’re scratched off.

#17 USA-themed coloring book for adults

American-themed gifts
Yellowstone national park coloring book

For those of you who need American-themed gifts for creative people, this is a great gift idea. A coloring book (for adults) with patterns inspired by National park Yellowstone.

#18 American gifts for her: necklace

American-themed gifts
US map pendant

For those of you who need American gifts for women, this is a great gift idea. It’s a silver pendant of the map of the US with a cute little heart in the middle.

#19 American-themed photo frame

American-themed gifts
USA flag photo frame

Do you need American gifts for someone who just returned from an epic trip? Or for someone who misses the US?

Then this photo frame with the US flag is the perfect gift! They can bring a bit of the US into their homes and put their favorite photo of the states in this frame.

#20 Speaking American book

American-themed gifts
Speaking American

This is one of the funniest American gifts for people who love to learn about different American accents. It will answer their most pruning questions about speaking American. How do different states pronounce certain words, such as “pecan”? And what’s the history behind that?

#21 American-themed wall art

American-themed gifts
National parks posters

Are you looking for American-themed gifts for someone’s home?

Then have a look at all the beautiful American wall-art ideas on Amazon!

Or if you are looking for America gifts for nature lovers, go for the set of 4 posters from US national parks.

#22 Cute American-themed keychain

American-themed gifts

Do you need sweet American-themed gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Then this keychain is the gift you need.

It’s a cute way to show your love to the recipient and the cool thing is that the keychain is available in every US state.

#23 Breweries scratch-off map

American-themed gifts
Beer brewery scratch-off map

I promise this is the last scratch-off map on this list.

But I just thought it was such an awesome gift for people who love beer, that I had to include it!

It’s a scratch-off map that includes 120 different craft beer breweries in the US. And which beer lover wouldn’t want to visit them all?

#24 USA flag socks

American-themed gifts
USA flag socks

Are you looking for small patriotic American-themed gifts?

Then this pair of socks in the style of the American flag is perfect!

For more flag-themed American gifts, check out the next gift.

#25 American flag luggage tags

American-themed gifts

These embroidered luggage tags with the American flags on them are great practical American-themed gifts for travelers.

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25 awesome American-themed gifts

Final not on American-themed gifts

Alright, these were the 25 awesome American-themed gifts for today! If you need some more inspiration check out the editor’s top three or head over to the destination’s page and check out the state-specific gift guides.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 29-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!

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