The 25 Best Bulgarian Gifts For People Obsessed With Bulgaria

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Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria

Are you looking for the best Bulgarian gifts for Christmas? Or do you need unique gift ideas for someone who is obsessed with this beautiful Balkan country? Or perhaps you’re that person who’s obsessed and you just want to find the best Bulgarian souvenirs to bring home to your friends and family.

Whatever your case. You will find 25 awesome Bulgaria gift ideas in today’s post!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Bulgaria gifts by budget.

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25 best Bulgarian gifts

Best Bulgarian gifts for large budgets

#1 Handmade Bulgarian teapot

Ceramic teapot
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This beautiful handmade ceramic teapot is one of the best traditional Bulgarian gifts for someone’s home.

Make sure to tell the receiver that the ceramic pot can not be put on a stove directly. This will cause the pot to expand and eventually break. So make sure they’ll only use it to steam tea by pouring in hot water and tea bags or tea leaves (check out #24 for authentic Bulgarian herbal tea).

#2 Map of Bulgaria

Watercolor map of Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A map is always a good gift for a traveler and a local.

And for someone who loves Bulgaria, a map of Bulgaria will never grow old.

Especially if it’s a beautiful handmade map, such as this watercolor one. Check out gift #18 for another cool map.

#3 Bulgarian bag for the gym freaks

Workout bag
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is definitely one of the most unique gifts from Bulgaria and it’s also one of the coolest for people who love a good workout; a Bulgarian bag.

A Bulgarian bag has nothing to do with fashion, it’s a piece of exercise equipment that was invented in Bulgaria by a Bulgarian (hence the name). The idea came from the way Bulgarian shepherds carry their lambs when wandering with their flock.

Even for non-Bulgaria lovers, this bag is a great tool to build strength, so I’m pretty sure any gym freak will love it.

#4 Bulgarian Kaval flute

A wooden traditional flute fromBulgaria
Photo courtesy of Pamiria Winds

Traditional musical instruments are great gift ideas for people who love music (no, shit Sherlock). And for Bulgaria lovers, it’s even better if you pick a traditional Bulgarian instrument such as the Kaval.

You will typically find the kaval in Balkan countries, it’s a type of flute that was used by shepherds. It’s not so common anymore, but it remains one of the most traditional music gifts from Bulgaria.

#5 Bulgarian language course

Step-by-step Bulgarian language course
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for practical Bulgarian gift ideas for people who love traveling to Bulgaria or who plan to move there, this is a cool option for you; a Bulgarian language course.

The cool thing about the step-by-step book on Amazon is that it teaches Bulgarian language as well as culture. However, if you have a smaller budget or the recipient is someone who prefers to learn from videos, Udemy is a better option.

On Udemy, you can find different online Bulgarian classes, so the receiver can learn at their own pace, but with a virtual teacher.

You may also want to check out the language learner’s gift guide for more ideas.

#6 A trip to Bulgaria

Street art in Bulgaria
Street art in Plovdiv

A trip to Bulgaria is probably the best gift on this list. So if you have a large budget, head over to Skyscanner and book a flight to Sofia (the capital city with the most international flight connections) right away.

Another option is to book a fun tour or activity through Tinggly. Some examples of tours include wine tastings, visits to the Rila Monastery, or street art tours in Sofia and Plovdiv.

And if you’re not sure what tour to book, you always play it safe and buy a Tinggly gift card, that way, you’ll leave it up to the receiver to pick an activity. Or check out these gift cards for travelers.

#7 Bulgarian-themed phone case

Phone case with the flag of Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

For people who are always on their phones, a Bulgarian-themed phone case from Zazzle is a great Bulgarian gift idea. They offer over 200 different designs for iPhones and Samsung phones.

#8 Passport cover

A brown leather passport cover with a Bulgarian design
Photo courtesy of DD Leather Studio

Are you looking for practical Bulgaria gift ideas for locals who travel a lot?

Then check out this beautiful leather passport cover on Etsy!

Best Bulgarian gifts for mid-budgets

#9 Rose oil products

A jar of body lotion made from roses from Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of Walmart

One of the things that Bulgaria is known for, is its rose oil. Bulgaria is the leading country when it comes to rose oil production around the world. And if you’ve tried their products you’ll understand why.

Rose oil is a great skin care product. It’s said to decrease visible wrinkles by reducing their depth. I’m not sure about that, but I love the softness of my skin after using rose oil. So if you are looking for typical Bulgarian souvenirs for someone who loves beauty products, this rose oil body butter is perfect.

#10 Bulgarian wine

Bulgarian wine bottle
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

If there is one thing Bulgaria doesn’t get enough praise for, it’s for its wine. It’s probably one of the most underrated wine countries in the world.

But I’m sure someone who loves Bulgaria also appreciates good Bulgarian wine. And so, if you are looking for traditional gifts from Bulgaria, a bottle of wine is always a good idea.

#11 Books about Bulgaria

A concise history of Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A Concise History of Bulgaria

This is one of the best Bulgarian gifts for history lovers, a book that covers the entire history of the country, but in a concise way ;). It’s part of the concise history series that generally publishes really great history books.

Bai Ganyo: The incredible tales of a modern Bulgarian
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Bai Ganyo: The incredible tales of a modern Bulgarian

This is a classic Bulgarian book. It was written back in 1895 and it follows the funny adventures of a Bulgarian traveling around Europe at the time and returning to his home.

Culture Smart: Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Culture Smart: Bulgaria

The Essential Guide to Customs and Culture in Bulgaria is a fun book for someone who wants to move or study in Bulgaria. Or for someone who is dating a Bulgarian. So they can learn all about the culture of Bulgaria.

#12 Bulgarian-themed travel mug

Travel mug with Sofia skyline
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Is the receiver a big coffee lover?

Then you should definitely check out the Bulgarian-themed travel mugs on Zazzle, so they can keep their coffee warm in style!

For people who love Bulgaria’s capital city, the mug with the colorful skyline of Sofia is a fun idea.

#13 Bulgarian cookbooks

Book titled: The Balkan cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Balkan cookbook: Yugoslavia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Turkey

Sadly, I couldn’t find any good cookbooks for just Bulgarian food. But this one with food from various Balkan countries includes some delicious traditional Bulgarian dishes too!

Book titled:Black sea
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Black Sea: Dispatch and recipes through darkness and light

This is one of the best Bulgarian gifts for people who love cooking, a cookbook with recipes from different countries that are connected to the black sea.

#14 Wall art

Someone holding a poster of Sofia with the church
Photo courtesy of Mappinners

If they can’t travel to Bulgaria, you’ll have to bring Bulgaria to their home. And one way to do that is by gifting this beautiful poster of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia.

I would say that together with the maps, this is one of the best Bulgaria gift ideas for people’s homes.

#15 Bulgaria map pendant

A golden necklace with a pendnt in the shape of the map of Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of Reluum Jewelry

Are you looking for Bulgaria gift ideas for women?

Then this cute pendant in the shape of the map of Bulgaria is just what you need. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry and it’s a map of Bulgaria.

#16 Bulgarian travel guide

Bulgaria travel guide
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Bulgarian gift ideas for someone who will visit the country soon?

Then a travel guide is a good option.

I love Bradt Guides, they are in-depth enough for the interested traveler, but the majority of the guidebooks are filled with practical tips for both budget and luxury travelers. It’s also the most recent travel guide on Bulgaria that’s available.

#17 Jigsaw puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle of the church in Sofia, Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Bulgaria gift ideas for someone who loves jigsaw puzzles?

Then this 1000-piece puzzle of the St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia is perfect.

#18 Beer cap map

Map of Bulgaria with beer caps
Photo courtesy of Lasaris

A beer cap map is one of the most unique Bulgaria gift ideas for people who love beer and Bulgaria.

The receiver can fill the holes with their favorite (Bulgarian) beers and create their own beautiful piece of wall art.

Best Bulgarian gifts for small budgets

#19 Lavender products

Lavender hand and body lotion
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I know that many people associate Lavender with France. But did you know that it’s actually Bulgaria, not France who leads the Lavender market worldwide?

And not by just a little.

They produce about twice as much!

The main reason why France is still the most famous country for lavender is that Bulgaria exports most of its lavender, rather than turning it into any product. This is why you’ll find fewer Bulgarian lavender products around the world.

Luckily, that’s changing now, and if you’re looking for Bulgarian souvenirs nowadays, you can easily find locally Bulgarian lavender beauty products, such as the hand and body lotion I selected.

Another popular use of lavender is as an essential oil, which you can also buy on Amazon.

#20 Bulgarian spices

Bag of Bulgarian spices
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is another awesome Bulgaria gift for foodies; a bag of typical Bulgarian savory, so they can easily turn their home meals into delicious Bulgarian meals.

Savory is often used to flavor soups and stews in Bulgaria, plus it helps to digest certain foods such as legumes and meat.

#21 Travel journal for Bulgaria

Travel journal for Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need Bulgarian gifts for someone who is traveling to Bulgaria soon?

Then you can’t gift something big or heavy. Instead, go for this travel journal that is specifically designed for someone traveling to Bulgaria!

#22 Luggage tag

Luggage tag with cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Just as the passport covers, luggage tags are also great Bulgaria gift ideas for frequent travelers. They will always be able to find their luggage back with these cute tags.

You can find over 70 options on Zazzle, or go for the one with the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

#23 Bulgarian cheese

A piece of white cheese fromBulgaria
Photo courtesy of iGourmet

Are you looking for traditional Bulgarian souvenirs for foodies? Or more specifically, for cheese heads?

Then you can’t go wrong with typical Bulgarian cheese!

#24 Bulgarian herbal tea

A jar with rose heads from Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of CRAFTS n ROSES

Do you need Bulgaria gift ideas for tea lovers?

Then this jar with organic rose buds from Bulgaria is an awesome gift idea. Especially if you pair it with the beautiful handmade teapot (#5).

#25 Tote bags

Tote bag with map of Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags are my favorite sustainable gifts for travelers.


Well first of all because you can find them in any theme you want, such as the Bulgarian-themed tote bags on Zazzle.

But second, because travelers can reuse them over and over again, so they don’t have to use as many plastic bags. And that’s of course great news for the environment.

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25 Bulgaria gift ideas

Final note on Bulgaria gift ideas

Alright, I hope this post helped you to find the best Bulgaria gift ideas. But if you need some more inspiration, check out the editor’s top 3 by budget.


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