The 30 Best California Gift Ideas For People Who Love The Golden State

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Are you looking for the best California gift ideas for a Californian who just moved out of state? Or do you need unique California gifts for a traveler who loves the golden state? Or perhaps you want to find the best local gifts from California to bring home for Christmas.

In all of these cases, you came to the right place!

In today’s post, you will find 30 unique gift ideas for people who are obsessed with the golden state. From fun books to traditional California souvenirs, there is something for everyone.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three California gifts by budget.

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The 30 best California gifts ideas

California gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to California

I will start this list with the very best gift for people who love the golden state; a trip to take them to Katy Perry’s Golden Coast!

Check out Skyscanner to find the best flight deals, or if the receiver already has a flight booked, check out Viator to find fun activities they can do in California.

And lastly, if you have no clue what kind of activities the receiver likes. Or if you just want to play it safe, you can also go for a gift card. In that case, buy the Global Experiences Card which gives the receiver access to all Viator tours.

#2 Beach wall art

Wall art in shape of state map
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If they love the golden state, they must also love the beach.

Did you know that the California coastline is 840 miles long?

That’s 840 miles of beautiful scenery! And for people who want to bring a bit of that California scenery home, this beach-themed wall art in the shape of California is perfect.

#3 States national park annual pass

Annual pass of US national parks
Photo courtesy of USGS

If you are looking for California gift ideas for nature and outdoor lovers, the US National Parks Annual Pass is the perfect gift idea.

The pass gives the receiver (plus their car and up to four passengers) free access to many national parks around the US, including California. And I know what you’re thinking.

“Oh, that must only be the parks nobody ever visits.”

But you’re wrong! It includes over 65 different entrees, including some of the most popular ones such as Yosemite, Death Valley, and Lake Tahoe.

#4 San Francisco city LEGO

San Francisco LEGO
San Francisco LEGO

If you think LEGO is just for kids, you’ve probably never tried the architecture series. Because boy, these kits are actually hard. And also really fun to make (for adults as well as for kids). Especially if they get to build their favorite city, such as San Francisco.

For more San Francisco-themed gifts, check out the next option.

#5 San Francisco skyline bookends

Bookends shaped like San Fransisco skyline
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

The San Francisco skyline with its Golden Gate Bridge is such an iconic view that lends itself perfectly to all sorts of home decorations. This is why you will find quite a few cool San Francisco gifts on this list. I have tried to minimize it, but I just couldn’t leave out these bookends with the skyline of the city.

Even if the receiver is not really into books, I guarantee they will start buying books just to use these beautiful bookends.

#6 California poppy painting kit

California map with poppy flower
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If you are looking for California gift ideas for creative people, then this California poppy painting kit is a fun idea. Especially, if the LEGO kit is a bit too technical for them.

It comes with an explanation of different watercolor painting techniques, and a step-by-step guide, so all they have to do is follow the instructions and they’ll be able t make a beautiful painting in no time.

#7 California food basket

California food basket
California food basket

Did someone say food hampers?

Then this California Delicious cheese basket is exactly what you need. (It works especially well for cheese lovers!)

It includes sausage, cheese, crackers, nuts, mustard, a cheese board, and a cheese knife. Which are all locally sourced of course.

#8 California-themed phone cases

Phone case with California poppy flower
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The 12,000+ phone cases on Zazzle are perfect California-themed gifts for people who are obsessed with the golden state and their phones.

I quite liked the subtle one with the California poppy flower. But really, you can find them for California Universities, sports teams, and basically anything related to California.

Keep in mind that Zazzle only offers cases for iPhones and Samsung phones.

#9 Map of California

California map with wine corks
California map with wine corks

I think maps will never grow out of fashion. Especially not if they’re as unique as the ones I selected for you today!

The first one is a map of California with holes for wine corks, so the receiver can fill it up with their favorite (Californian) wine corks (check out #15 for some wine inspiration)!

The second one is basically the same, except it’s for beer caps. And lastly, you can also go for regular posters with the map of California.

#10 Candles that smell like California

Candles with Southern California
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Did the recipient just move away from California and does he or she miss home?

Then these candles will sure make them feel better. There are two options, a northern and a southern California candle, and they both smell just like home. Which is perfect for someone who just needs a bit of California comfort.

California gifts for mid budgets

#11 California cookbooks

Book titled: California: Living + Eating
California: Living + Eating

California: Living + Eating

If the receiver is someone who loves the California lifestyle, they’ll love this cookbook with recipes as well as lifestyle tips to bring a bit of that golden state feeling to their homes.

Book titled: What's Gaby Cooking
What’s Gaby Cooking

What’s Gaby Cooking: Everyday California Foods

Gaby Dalkin is a famous LA food blogger. For anyone who loves her blog, this book is an obvious gift choice. For anyone who doesn’t know her, this book will make them fall in love with her and her recipes.

Book titled: California vegan
California vegan

California vegan

The last cookbook on this list is my favorite because it shows that you don’t need meat or dairy to make delicious meals.

#12 California-themed travel mug

Travel mug with surf board and Santa Cruz
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

California-themed gifts for coffee lovers are super easy. Just head over to Zazzle and choose from their many California-themed travel mugs.

I already picked one for Santa Cruz and surf lovers, but there are over 4,000 designs to choose from.

#13 California jigsaw puzzle

California jigsaw puzzle
California jigsaw puzzle

Are you looking for unique California gift ideas for puzzle lovers?

Then this 1000-piece cartoon-style puzzle of the golden state is the perfect gift.

#14 California-themed passport cover

Passport cover with California
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

For California lovers who travel a lot, check out Zazzle for California-themed passport covers.

Or go for the cute postcard-themed passport cover in the photo.

#15 Californian wine

Bottle of red wine
Photo courtesy of Drizly

One of the most popular souvenirs and gifts from California is wine.

Did you know that about 80% of all the wine that’s produced in the US is produced in California?

So check out Drizly to find the receiver’s favorite wine brand, and if you’re not sure, a Cabernet Sauvignon by josh Cellars is always welcome.

#16 Poppy seeds

California poppy seeds
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is one of my favorite California gift ideas for people who love nature; seeds to plant California’s state flower at home!

This box contains  30,000 Poppy flower seeds so they can grow a bit of their favorite state in their own backyard.

#17 California uni merchandise

Cal shirt
Cal shirt

Are you looking for California gifts for someone who goes to or used to go to a Californian University? Then merchandise from their uni is a cool option. Even if they don’t go there, UCLA or Cal shirts are always fun gifts from California.

So check out Amazon for all the different options, you can go for clothing, hats, cups, beer coolers, and a lot more.

#18 Books about California

Book titled: California; An American history
California; An American History

California; An American History

An American History is a book series that covers (guess what) the history of different American states. They provide informative, but still easy-to-read books for the history buff in your life.

Book titled: Only in California
Only in California

Only in California: Weird and wonderful facts about the golden state

For the trivia buff, this book with 50 funny and weird facts about California is a good gift idea.

Book titled: Bound for gold
Bound for gold

Bound for gold by William Martin

The last book I’ll recommend is a novel that’s set in California. The book combines two linked storylines, one in the past and one in present-day San Francisco. It tells the story of the mythic river of gold that is said to be hidden in the Golden State.

#19 California shotglasses

California shotglasses
California shotglasses

Do you need gifts from California for someone who loves alcohol?

Then these shot glasses are perfect. They combine two of the most typical California things. The California bear and surfing, because everyone in California seems to be a surfer.

#20 LA map glasses

LA map glasses
LA map glasses

Another example of glasses for people who love the golden state are these whiskey glasses with the map of LA etched on them. They are great for people who love LA and whiskey.

#21 California gifts for sports fans

LA Chargers fan shirt
LA Chargers shirt

Are you looking for gifts from California for people who are really into sports?

Then buy something from their favorite California team.

If they’re into football (American football), then something from the LA Chargers is a great option. For basketball fans, check out the LA Lakers. And lastly, for baseball fans, the SF giants are very popular in the state too.

#22 California travel guides

Fodor's California travel guide
Fodor’s California

Fodor’s California

Fodor’s travel guide is the most recent California travel guide I could find. So it’s perfect for first-time visitors. For California locals or people who have visited the state countless times, check out the next two guides.

California hiking guidebook
California hiking

California hiking: The complete guide to 1,000 of the best hikes in the golden state

Is the receiver a frequent hiker? And do they live in California or are they planning to spend a lot of time there? Then this guide with the 1,000 best hikes in the state is exactly what they need.

52 weekend adventures in Northern California guidebook
52 weekend adventures in Northern California

52 weekend adventures in Northern California

The second travel guide that I would recommend to local Californians is Moon’s 52 weekends. As you probably already guessed, it includes 52 unique weekend adventures in Northern California.

California gifts for small budgets

#23 California state cutting board

Cutting board
Cutting board

This is one of my favorite small California gift ideas for foodies; a bamboo cutting board with the map of California!

They can think of their favorite state each time they prepare food.

#24 California bucket list journal

California bucket list journal
California bucket list journal

I love how this journal is one of the few California gift ideas that could work for first-time visitors, frequent visitors, and locals.

It’s a bucket list and journal combined and contains 50 California natural wonders that visitors and locals should have seen.

#25 California-themed luggage tags

Luggage tag with Southern California cartoon
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With over 2,500 different California-themed luggage tags on Zazzle, I am sure you can find one that the receiver will love. For example, this cartoon-style tag of Southern California.

#26 California coloring book for adults

California coloring book
California coloring book

For creative California lovers, a coloring book of their favorite state is a fun gift idea. And if you think coloring books are just for kids, think again.

Studies have actually shown that they are great for adults too because they have the potential to reduce stress and anxiety!

#27 California-themed tote bags

Tote bag with camper van
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for the best California gift ideas for sustainable travelers, tote bags are a good gift idea.

Check out Zazzle to find over 8,600 different California-themed tote bags. Or buy this Yosemite bag with camper.

#28 Cute keychain

California keychain
California keychain

Are you looking for cute California gift ideas for someone who lives far away? Or for a local who is about to move elsewhere?

Then this keychain is the cutest gift because no matter the distance, you will always be connected.

#29 California map pendant

California map necklace
California map necklace

For more cute California souvenirs, this pendant in the shape of California is perfect!

#30 California poster

California dreaming poster
California dreaming poster

Who doesn’t want some California dreaming at their home?

With this retro tin poster, they can bring a bit of the California vibe into their room.

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The 30 best California gifts ideas

Final note on California gift idea

Alrighty. I hope that you found the perfect gift for your favorite golden state lover, and if not, why don’t have a look at the editor’s top 3?

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