The 25 Best Chicago Gifts For People Who Love The Windy City

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Are you looking for Chicago gifts for someone who recently moved out of the city? Or do you need unique Christmas gifts from Chicago for relatives? Or perhaps you are just looking for gift ideas for some who is obsessed with The Windy City?

Whatever your reason for coming to this site, you will find 25 awesome Chicago gift ideas on today’s list. From beautiful items for a housewarming party to food-related gifts, there is something for everyone.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts from Chicago by budget.

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The 25 best Chicago gifts

Chicago gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to Chicago

Chicago skyline at night
Photo by Ozzie Stern on Unsplash

There is only one gift that will make every Chicago-lover happy. And that’s a trip to their favorite city!

There is no gift that beats the real experience. So if you have a rather large budget and you’re willing to give the real deal, I would highly recommend gifting a trip to The Windy City.

There are three ways in which you can gift a trip.

First, the most obvious way. You simply head over to Skyscanner and book a flight and accommodation, and you’re done. (Alright, you may also want to find a fun way to gift the actual gift, for example with a beautiful card).

Second, if the recipient already has a flight to Chicago soon, you could also go for a Chicago experience gift.

What do I mean by that?

A Chicago experience gift is just a cool activity the recipient can do in Chicago. For example, a food tour, a brewery tour, or (if you’ve really got a large budget) a private helicopter tour. To find these experiences, check out Viator.

And lastly, if you’re not sure when the recipient will be in Chicago exactly, a gift card may be a safer option. And for that, you would need a Global Experiences Card, the gift card that allows them to book Viator tours around the world (including Chicago).

For more practical gift cards for travelers, check out these travel gift cards.

#2 Chicago transit board game

El The Chicago Transit Adventure game
The Chicago transit adventure

I am a huge game lover myself, which is probably also the reason why I think this is one of the coolest Chicago gifts on this list. Obviously, this is only a great idea if the recipient loves games as much as I do. But if they do, this is your go-to gift.

The aim of the game is to visit the highlights of Chicago while using the transit system.

For more board game ideas, check out these 25 travel-themed board games.

#3 Chicago-themed glasses

Beer glasses with Chicago skyline
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Chicago-themed glasses are cool gifts for a housewarming, or for someone who just can’t get enough of The Windy City. On Uncommon Goods, you can find three different styles of Chicago-themed etched glasses. The beer glasses contain the city’s skyline, and the wine and whiskey glasses contain the map of Chicago.

#4 Skyline bookends

Chicago skyline bookends
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

These bookends in the shape of Chicago’s skyline will make a great and unique gift for bookworms, or for people who own a lot of books (whether they read them or not).

#5 Chicago-themed phone case

Phone case with love Chicago
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need Chicago gifts for a phone addict?

Check out Zazzle to find over 1400 different Chicago-themed phone cases. And if you don’t want to go through all these options, you can also go for this simple white one that perfectly summarizes how Chicago lovers feel “love Chicago”.

#6 Chicago Bears gifts

T-shirt with Bears
Photo courtesy of NFL Shop

If you are looking for Chicago gifts, then you are probably also looking for gifts for a Chicago Bears Fan (basically anyone who loves Chicago, loves the Bears).

So check out the NFL Shop to find all Bears Apparel or go for this long-sleeved shirt.

And for Chicago sports gifts, check out #12 and #25.

#7 Bean necklace

Bean necklace
Bean necklace

The Chicago Cloud Gate (aka the Chicago Bean) is one of the most iconic pieces of art in Chicago.

So if you are looking for cute Chicago gift ideas for her, this bean-shaped necklace is a cool idea. It will remind her of the Cloud Gate from her favorite city.

#8 Chicago skyline LEGO

Chicago skyline LEGO
Chicago skyline LEGO

Who said LEGO is just for kids?

The LEGO Architecture series contains some of the coolest building sets for adults and kids alike.

For example, this set of the Chicago skyline.

If you need Chicago gift ideas for an Architect or someone who still loves LEGO (and who could blame them?), then you should definitely go for this LEGO set.

#9 Chocolate gifts from Chicago

Box of Vosges Haut Chocolate
Box of Vosges Haut Chocolate

Are you looking for gifts from Chicago for a chocolate lover?

Look no further!

Vosges Haut-Chocolat is a famous luxury chocolate maker from Chicago. So if you want to bring a bit of nostalgia, chocolate from their favorite chocolatier is exactly what you need.

This gift box includes nine different mini bars they can try at home. The bars that are included vary with each box. So they could differ from the ones in the photo. Though, for a true chocolate lover, the flavor hardly matters as long as it’s chocolate.

Chicago gifts for mid-budgets

#10 Chicago travel guides

Fodor's Travel Chicago
Fodor’s Travel Chicago

Fodor’s Travel Chicago

Are you looking for Chicago gift ideas for someone who will visit the city soon? Then a travel guide is always a good idea. I know, for people who have seen the city a thousand times, it may not be the best gift, but for them, check out the next guidebook.

Chicago food crawls
Chicago food crawls

Chicago food crawls: Touring the neighborhoods one bite and libation at a time

Are you looking for Chicago gifts for foodies or for people who think they’ve seen it all? Then this guidebook is what you need. It will show them new places to go for food around their favorite city.

Lonely Planet Chicago
Lonely Planet Chicago

Lonely Planet Chicago

The last guidebook on the list is perfect for budget travelers who will visit Chicago soon. With the Lonely Planet in their bag, they can explore the city while staying within their budget.

#11 Breweries scratch-off map

Map of Chicago
Photo courtesy of Folk That TV

I think this is one of the most unique Chicago gift ideas on this list. Especially for people who love beer.

A scratch map that contains over 50 breweries everyone should try in Chicago!

#12 Chicago sports trivia

Chicago sport trivia
Chicago sport trivia

This is another one of the fun Chicago gift ideas for sports lovers. They can test their knowledge of Chicago sports with this game.

Do they know all players of the Chicago Bears? Do they know the best coach the Bulls ever had? And do they remember the last time the White Socks won the World Series?

#13 Chicago-themed passport cover

passport cover with Chicago skyline
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for Chicago gifts for people who travel a lot, then a passport cover in Chicago style is perfect. You can find over 130 different options on Zazzle, or go for this one with the night skyline.

#14 Wall art

Chicago print
Chicago print

For someone who is obsessed with The Windy City, Chicago-themed wall art is always a good idea.

One example is this cute illustrated print of the skyline, but check out Amazon for more options.

#15 Cookbooks for Chicago lovers

Book titled: The iconic Chicago dishes drinks and desserts
The iconic Chicago dishes drinks and desserts

The iconic Chicago dishes, drinks, and desserts

The three cookbooks I selected for you today will make great Chicago food gifts for people who love food from The Windy City. The first one contains the recipes for all of Chicago’s classic meals.

Book titled: The new Chicago diner cookbook
The new Chicago diner cookbook

The new Chicago diner cookbook: Meat-free recipes from America’s veggie diner

The Chicago Diner is the go-to restaurant for vegetarians in Chicago. And with this cookbook, the recipient can finally recreate the restaurant’s delicious meals at home!

Book titled: The great Chicago-style pizza cookbook
The great Chicago-style pizza cookbook

The great Chicago-style pizza cookbook

One of the most iconic (and unhealthy, but hey we all need a cheat meal don’t we?) food from Chicago, is the Chicago-style pizza. And with this cookbook, the recipient can try to make this delicious pizza at home.

#16 Map of Chicago neighborhoods

Map of Chicago
Map of Chicago

This is a unique Chicago gift idea for someone’s home; a map that’s made from the names of Chicago neighborhoods.

It’s a cool idea for a housewarming for someone who either moved to Chicago or who moved away from it.

#17 Travel mug in Chicago-style

Tarvel mug with text: Chicago rules
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This is one of the best Chicago gifts for people who love takeaway coffee; a travel mug in Chicago-style.

The one with “Chicago rules” summarizes in two words what the recipient thinks about his favorite city.

But for more options, head over to Zazzle.

#18 Books about Chicago

Book titled: Building Chicago
Building Chicago

Building Chicago: The architectural masterworks

Chicago is a great city for people who love architecture. And if you need Chicago gifts for someone who seems particularly interested in that aspect of the city, this is the perfect gift.

Book titled: Mysterious Chicago
Mysterious Chicago

Mysterious Chicago: History at its coolest

For history buffs who love The Windy City, this is the book you should buy. It covers forty unsolved mysteries from Chicago starting from the 1800s until the present day.

Book titled: The devil in the white city
The devil in the white city

The devil in the white city by Erik Larson

Even though it’s a non-fiction story, the book read as if it’s a thriller. And I guess the fact that it covers the story of a murderer who actually lived adds to that feeling. It’s about a man named Holmes who lived in the 19th century in Chicago.

#19 Map of Chicago cutting board

Cutting board shaped like Chicago
Cutting board

Here is another cute gift for foodies who love The Windy City! They can cut their food on this Chicago map-shaped bamboo board.

Chicago gifts for small budgets

#20 Chicago-themed luggage tags

Lugagga tag with Chicago skyline
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Just like the passport covers, luggage tags are awesome Chicago gift ideas for frequent travelers. And again, my favorite one shows the city skyline, but you can find nearly 400 different options on Zazzle if you’re done with the skyline of Chicago by now.

#21 Steak seasoning

Chicago steak seasoning
Chicago steak seasoning

This is one of the best Chicago food gifts; a container of Chicago steak seasoning. Chicago’s steak is one of their classic dishes, and this seasoning will help the recipient to recreate it at home.

Despite its name, it also works great with fish and other types of meat.

#22 Chicago transit socks

Colorful socks
Colorful socks

Do you need Chicago gifts for someone who misses Chicago?

These socks with the Chicago transit map will surely comfort them!

#23 Tote bag with Chicago theme

Tote bag with Chicago skyline
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

For those of you who are looking for small Chicago gift ideas, a tote bag is an ideal gift.

It’s small (duh), you can get it with 1200+ different prints, and it’s a sustainable gift.

#24 Chicago photo album

Chicago-themed photo album

This photo album is the coolest way for Chicago lovers to store their favorite photos of their visits to The Windy City.

#25 Gifts for baseball fans

Baseball cap
Photo courtesy of MBL shop

Are you looking for Chicago gift ideas for someone who loves baseball?

Then you should definitely check out the MLB shop to find the best Chicago team’s apparel.

One warning before buying this gift though.

Chicago is home to two great baseball teams; the White Socks and The Cubs, so make sure you find out which team the recipient supports. Trust me, you do not want to gift something from the wrong team.

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The 25 best Chicago gifts

Final note on Chicago gift ideas

If you haven’t decided which gift you should buy yet, have a look at the editor’s top 3, maybe that will help you decide.

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