The 40+ Best Climbing Gifts For Climbers

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Are you looking for the best gifts for climbers for Christmas? Or do you need rock climbing gifts for someone’s birthday? Whatever your case, you will find over 40 awesome climbing gift ideas in today’s post! From practical gifts for rock climbers and indoor climbers to funny climbing-themed items, such as mugs or bags. There is something for everyone.

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Check out the editor’s top three gifts for climbers by budget:

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the 40+ best climbing gifts for climbers

Rock climbing gifts for large budgets

#1 Climbing trip

2 people climbing
Me in France

One of the best gifts for climbers who love discovering new routes is to take them on a climbing trip.

You can either arrange a trip yourself and find routes online, or you can book one of the many climbing trips through Viator.

The last option is slightly easier. The guide will provide the gear and he or she will take you to the route, so you don’t have to search for it yourself.

#2 Smartwatch

gifts for climbers

A smartwatch is always a good gift for an outdoor enthusiast, including for rock climbers. They can keep track of the height of their climb, how long it took them, how much their heart rate increased, and a lot more. And Garmin is a great brand when it comes to smartwatches and outdoor gadgets.

#3 Climbing-themed coffee mug

Mugs with climbers
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

These mugs are the best gifts for rock climbers who love coffee!

They can think of their favorite outdoor activity while enjoying a cup of coffee.

I selected two fun options.

The first one is a mug with rock climbers scaling an overhang (you can go for the female or male version). And the second option is a mug with a handle in the shape of a climbing crimp. It’s a fun mug for climbers to practice their grip with every coffee (or tea) they drink.

#4 Mountain money clip

gifts for climbers
Money clip with mountains

This money clip is one of the most stylish rock climbing gifts for men and for people who love the mountains.

They can keep their money in place with this minimalistic money and card holder.

#5 Climbing-themed shirt

Shirt with a climber
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

This rock climbing shirt is an awesome climbing gift idea for people who want to express their love for climbing whenever and wherever. It is available in two different colors; navy and pale blue.

#6 USA national park pass

Annual pass of US national parks
Photo courtesy of US Park Pass

This is one of the best gifts for rock climbers who live in the US and who love trying new climbing routes in US National parks. Or for people who are traveling to the US and who are planning to visit different parks (it doesn’t even matter if they are going to climb or hike in those parks).

The pass is valid for a year and allows four adults and one vehicle to enter over 2000 different sites in the US for free.

It’s by far the best gift for nature lovers, hikers, and USA lovers.

#7 Climbing-themed phone case

Phone case with a climber
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for rock climbing gifts for phone addicts, one of the 1000+ phone cases on Zazzle is perfect. And if you don’t feel like browsing through them all, go for this cute colorful one.

#8 Belay device

gifts for climbers
Belay device

Climbing gear is expensive, so all practical climbing accessories are great gifts for rock climbers. One example of such an accessory is a belay device.

A small tool that helps the belayer (the person down the rock securing the person who is climbing) secure someone who is a lot heavier than they are. And even if they are not heavier, it’s an essential tool to climb safely.

#9 Climbing shoes

gifts for climbers
Climbing shoes

This is one of those gifts for climbers which you should always double-check with the recipient.

Do they have climbing shoes already? Do they need new ones? What size shoes are they? Which brand do they prefer?

It’s definitely a very practical gift, but only if you buy the right shoe. La Sportiva is a very popular brand among female climbers, so if you know the shoe size, and if the recipient needs a new pair, it’s a good option to go for.

#10 Harness

Photo courtesy of Arc’teryx

Harnesses are another example of super practical gifts for climbers. One of the best brands when it comes to outdoor and climbing gear is Arc’teryx. So if you are looking for a high-quality and practical gift, a harness from Arc’teryx is the gift you should go for.

#11 Climbing hangboard

gifts for climbers

This is one of the best rock climbing gifts for people who want to get better at climbing. They can practice their grip and improve their strength with this hangboard at home.

#12 Climbing pants

gifts for climbers
Climbing pants

Are you looking for climbing gifts for men?

This pair of stretchy and comfy climbing pants are perfect for men who love being outdoors.

#13 Helmet

gifts for climbers
Black diamond helmet

Helmets are essential items for climbers’ safety. So if you are looking for climbing gifts that say, “I care about you and I want you to stay safe”, then a helmet is the way to go.

Black Diamond is a popular brand when it comes to climbing gear, so with their helmets, you are sure to keep the recipient safe.

#14 Extendable clip stick

gifts for climbers

This is one of the best gifts for rock climbers who sometimes struggle to reach the first bolt.

This stick extends their reach by 12 feet, so they can easily reach the bolt from the ground and climb safely. It’s another great gift if you want to keep the recipient safe.

#15 Backpack

Blue backpack
Photo courtesy of Arc’teryx

Backpacks are super practical gifts for climbers as well as for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. They need something to carry all their heavy climbing gear. And the backpacks by Arc’teryx are very well equipped for that job. I mentioned it before, but Arc’teryx is one of the best outdoor brands for climbers.

#16 Rain jacket

gifts for climbers
Beta rain jacket

Do you want more practical gifts for climbers?

Then a rain jacket is a good idea. You can never predict the weather, especially when climbing in the mountains. So having a good rain jacket as a climber is essential. Again, I picked a rain jacket by Arc’teryx because they offer high-quality products, and it’s available on Amazon

Rock climbing gifts for mid budgets

#17 Climbing-themed water bottle

Water bottle with a climber
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Staying hydrated is very important for climbers (and non-climber as well I guess). And with this climbing-themed water bottle, they can drink water in style.

For more options, check out the 800+ options on Zazzle.

#18 Peak district rock climbs scratch-off map

British scratch map
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for the best gifts for rock climbers who live in The UK? Or for people who love traveling to the Peak District for rock climbing?

Then this scratch-off map with 239 awesome crags in the area is the perfect gift.

For people who love climbing in the Alps, check out the next gift.

#19 Alpine region rock climbs scratch-off map

Maps of the alps
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Did you like the idea of gifting a climbs scratch-off map?

But are looking for gifts for rock climbers who live in Austria, Switzerland, France, or Italy?

Then this map of the 265 major peaks in the Alps is the gift you need.

#20 Gift cards

Columbia gift cards
Photo courtesy of Columbia

Gift cards are the best gifts for climbers if you are not sure what kind of equipment they already have and what they still need. With a gift card, they can just pick something themselves.

I selected two great outdoor brands here; Columbia and Arc’teryx. I’ve already talked about Arc’teryx quite a lot, so by now, you’ll probably know that it’s a great brand for climbing gear. However, it’s also one of the most expensive brands.

Columbia is a slightly cheaper brand. They still offer good products, but not as amazing as Arc’teryx.

For more gift cards for travelers, check out my travel gift card list.

#21 Climbing-themed travel mug

Travel mug with a climber
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The climbing-themed travel mugs are another example of great climbing gifts for coffee lovers!

They can take a coffee to their climbing spot with a climbing-inspired tumbler. There are over 900 different options on Zazzle, so you will surely find one the recipient will love.

#22 Rock climbing travel guides

gifts for climbers
Fifty places to rock climb before you die

Fifty places to rock climb before you die

This is one of the best gifts for rock climbers; a book with the fifty best places to climb around the world!

gifts for climbers
Climbing Rock

Climbing Rock: Vertical explorations across North America

If you need gifts for rock climbers who love North America, this is the book you need!

#23 Arm and finger strengthener

gifts for climbers
Training equipment

This arm and finger training equipment is one of the best gifts for climbers who just started out as well as for experienced climbers.

Finger and arm strength are essential for climbers. They need to be able to pull themselves up using the tiniest grips and for that, having strong fingers and arms is very much needed. And with this trainer, they can easily train at home.

#24 Shoe deodorizer

gifts for climbers
Banana-shaped deodorant

All shoes that are used for sports will start to smell eventually, and climbing shoes are no exception to that. So if you are looking for practical but funny gifts for climbers, these shoe deodorants in the shape of bananas are the gift you need!

#25 Carabiners

gifts for climbers

Carabiners are super practical rock climbing gifts, both for beginners and experienced climbers. Everybody needs them and it can never hurt to have a few spare carabiners.

#26 Lotion by ClimbOn

gifts for climbers
ClimbOn lotion

Climbing can really damage one’s skin, but with this lotion by ClimbOn, the recipient can take care of their skin after an intense day of climbing.

#27 Climbing-themed passport cover

Passport cover with climb
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need climbing gifts for people who travel a lot?

Then a climbing-themed passport cover from Zazzle is the perfect gift!

#28 Fun books for climbers

gifts for climbers
Alone on the wall

Alone on the wall

This book is about Alex Honnold, one of the most famous rock climbers around the world. It’s a beautiful and inspirational book about some of his greatest achievements.

gifts for climbers
9 out of 10 climbers make the same mistakes

9 out of 10 climbers make the same mistakes

This is an interesting book about the science behind the best climbing techniques and practices. It’s a great climbing gift for people who want to improve their climbing game.

gifts for climbers
The rock warrior’s way

The rock warrior’s way: mental training for climbers

Do you want more climbing gifts for someone who would love to improve their skills? This book focuses completely on mental training which is as important as strength training.

#29 Chalk

gifts for climbers
Friction Labs chalk

Chalk is often used by climbers to get a better grip on the crimp or rock. So if you are looking for practical gifts for climbers, chalk is always a good idea.

Friction Labs is a popular brand among climbers, so you can never go wrong with a package of Friction Labs Gorilla Grip.

#30 Belay glasses

gifts for climbers
Belay glasses

This is one of the best climbing gifts for people who want to protect their necks. With these glasses, the belayer no longer has to look up to see the climber, they can simply look straight and save themselves a whole lot of neck pain.

#31 Rock climbing socks

Socks with a climber
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for random gifts for rock climbers?

Then a pair of climbing-themed socks is the gift you are looking for. Check out Zazzle for all options or go for the pair I picked.

#32 Climbing wall art

gifts for climbers
Climbing wall art

Do you need gifts for climbers who can’t climb right now?

Then a climbing-themed piece of wall art to cheer up their home is a fun gift idea. You can find plenty of options on Amazon, or go for the colorful print of a female climber.

Rock climbing gifts for small budgets

#33 Headlamp

gifts for climbers

Headlamps are super practical gifts for climbers who love exploring routes before or after sunrise. With this headlamp, they can make their way up and down safely.

#34 Chalk bag

gifts for climbers
Chalk bag

Do you need more practical gifts for climbers?

Then a chalk bag is perfect. The bag can be worn while the recipient is climbing, so they always have chalk readily available when their hands get sweaty and they need a better grip.

#35 Climbing-themed luggage tag

Luggage tag in climbing theme
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for small and practical rock climbing gifts?

Then one of the nearly 300 different climbing-themed luggage tags on Zazzle is perfect.

#36 Rock climbing logbook

gifts for climbers
Rock climbing logbook

Are you looking for rock climbing gifts for someone who loves logging their climbs?

Then this book is perfect. It contains prompts to help them track their climbs in a structured way.

#37 Phone lanyard

gifts for climbers
Phone lanyard

Rock climbers get to the most beautiful viewpoints. So of course, they also want to snap a shot of those beautiful locations too. And with this lanyard, they no longer have to worry about dropping their phones from a height. They can simply attach it to their neck and take photos without any risk.

#38 Climbing-themed tote bag

Tote bag with carabiners
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for cute and small climbing gift ideas, one of the many climbing-themed tote bags on Zazzle is perfect.

Personally, I liked the one with the “climbers bouquet” of carabiners.

#39 Sport sunglasses

gifts for climbers
Sport sunglasses

Are you looking for more practical climbing gift ideas? Then sunglasses that are specifically designed for sports are perfect.

One example is this polarized sunglasses with UV protection and plastic glasses and frames to resist heavy impact.

#40 Climbing-themed keychain

gifts for climbers
Keychain with compass

If you are looking for sweet gifts for climbers, this motivational keychain is a great gift idea.

It includes a compass and the text “go where you feel most alive”.

#41 Massage ring

gifts for climbers
Massage rings

These massage rings are great gifts for rock climbers of any level. The rings will help them to relax and release the pressure on their fingers after a climb.

#42 Rock climbing gifts for her: necklace

gifts for climbers

Are you looking for rock climbing gifts for women? This cute necklace is a great small and sweet gift for a female climber.

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The best climbing gifts for climbers

Final note on gifts for climbers

If you haven’t decided which gift to buy yet, check out the editor’s top three climbing gift ideas.


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