The 25 Best Ecuadorian Gifts That Will Wow Any Ecuador Lover

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Are you looking for unique Ecuadorian gifts and souvenirs to take home from a trip or to give to your Ecuadorian friends? Something that doesn’t scream, “I grabbed this last minute from the airport or convenience store”?

Well, you came to the right place, because today, we’re about to embark on an epic journey through the vibrant and colorful world of gifts and souvenirs from Ecuador!

From thoughtful presents for a homesick Ecuadorian to handmade souvenirs, you will find it all in today’s post. So, grab your passport (just kidding, you won’t need it) and join us on a virtual journey through the land of hidden gems and unique Ecuador presents for any occasion.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Ecuador souvenirs and gifts by budget.

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The best Ecuadorian gifts for people who love Ecuador

Ecuador gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to Ecuador

Alright, let’s begin this list with the number one gift for people who love Ecuador.

And that is a trip to Ecuador, of course!

Now, I understand that you would need a rather large budget for that, but if you do, I am 100% sure that they will love this gift.

You can use Skyscanner to book a flight and hotel for people who don’t have a trip to Ecuador planned yet. And if the recipient already has a ticket to Ecuador, you can check out fun tours in Ecuador on Tinggly (they allow the recipient to pick a date later, making it a great site for gifts!).

And lastly, if you want to go for a safer option. You can also buy the Tinggly Gift card, so the recipient can choose whichever activity they want!

#2 Map of Ecuador

Colorful map of Ecuador
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Ecuador gifts for a friend who moved abroad and misses home?

Then this colorful watercolor print of the map of Ecuador is perfect!

#3 Ecuadorian woven blanket

Woven blanket from Ecuador
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Weaving is one of the most typical handicrafts and things to buy in Ecuador. So if you are looking for authentic Ecuadorian gifts that are handmade, this colorful blanket is another great gift idea.

#4 Panama hat

Panama hat handmade in Ecuador
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I know, the name of this gift might be a bit misleading. But this Panama hat is actually produced in Ecuador. Check out my Panama gift guide if you’re curious how the Ecuadorian-produced hat received this nickname!

The typical straw hat is actually of Ecuadorian origin, and can still be found throughout the country in all price ranges. As often, the more expensive hats (such as this one) come with a better quality.

#5 Ecuadorian hammock

Colorful hammock made in Ecuador
Photo courtesy of EcuaFina

Are you looking for the ultimate chile-xation gift? (Yes pun 100% intented).

Then check out EcuaFina’s complete collection of hammocks. These colorful and comfy slings are a piece of Ecuadorian culture, perfect for snoozing, stargazing, or just pretending you’re on a beach somewhere.

Hammocks are as Ecuadorean as llamas and ceviche, so if you’re wondering what to buy in Ecuador, this is perfect!

#6 Poncho

Colorful poncho handmade in Ecuador
Photo courtesy of EcuaFina

One of the most typical Ecuadorian clothing is the poncho. So if you are looking for traditional Ecuadorian gifts for people who want to stay warm, this colorful poncho is the perfect gift.

EcuaFina sells fair trade and handmade products from Ecuador (just like the hammock). The weavers and artisans receive a fair wage, the products are authentic, and most importantly, they have a secure online shop where you can check out the different designs.

One thing to keep in mind is that the shipping costs to the US are quite expensive for gifts from EcuaFina. For European orders, the shipping costs are more reasonable.

#7 Ecuadorian-themed phone case

Phone case with flag of Ecuador
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for gifts for your Ecuadorian friend who is addicted to his or her phone?

Then this phone case with the flag of Ecuador is perfect! Or check out the other 240 Ecuadorian-themed phone cases on Zazzle.

Oh, one thing to know before you buy a phone case on Zazzle is that they only offer cases for iPhones and Samsung phones.

#8 Ecuador hoodie

Woman wearing a black hoodie in Ecuador theme
Photo courtesy of Little Swan Crafts

Are you looking for a unique gift for your Ecuadorian friend?

Then check out Etsy’s Ecuador-themed hoodies to give them something with a warm and comforting connection to their homeland. It’s especially great for Ecuadorians who moved abroad and who long for that sense of nostalgia and pride!

Ecuador gifts for mid-budgets

#9 Handmade purse

A handmade colorful purse from Ecuador
Photo courtesy of Zosh Stickers

Many of the handmade Ecuador gifts in this list are made from colorful textiles, such as this bright purse. Ecuadorian markets are filled with bright textiles, which is what makes them great souvenirs from Ecuador too!

#10 Tagua nut jewelry

Colorful necklace made from the Tagua nut in Ecuador
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for traditional Ecuadorian gifts for women, then jewelry made from the Tagua nut is the perfect gift.

You will find Tagua jewelry all over Ecuador. And not just jewelry, they make all sorts of decorative items from this nut.

Yeah, you read that right.

Tagua jewelry is made from a nut, the tagua nut to be precise (who would have guessed that). The original color is white, but it’s very easy to dye, which is why you will find tagua jewelry in about any color.

But because of this original white color, it’s sometimes also referred to as vegetable ivory.

#11 Spirits from Ecuador

A bottle of liquor from Ecuador
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Aguardiente is a unique gift from Ecuador and is not for the faint of heart. Roughly translated as “firewater,” and is considered Ecuador’s national drink.

It is unflavored and made from fermented sugar cane, Ecuadorians drink it very cold yet neat, served in a small glass and taken as a shot.

This drink will surely leave a burning sensation all the way down anyone’s throat and chest after just one shot.

This is the best way to experience the strong spirit of Ecuador!

#12 Books about Ecuador

Book cover of 'The Ecuador Reader: history, culture, politics'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Ecuador Reader: history, culture, politics

‘The Ecuador Reader‘ is one of the best Ecuador gifts for people who are interested in history, culture, and politics. It’s part of the larger Latin America Reader Series that published beautiful books about the history of Latin American countries.

Book cover of 'Poso wells' by Gabriala Alemán
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Poso wells by Gabriala Alemán

Gabriela Alemán is an Ecuadorian author whose books have been translated into different languages. ‘Poso Wells’ is one of those books. It’s set in Ecuador and it’s a novel, thriller, and satire all in one.

Book cover of 'essential guide to Ecuador's customs and culture '
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Culture Smart: Ecuador

Are you looking for Ecuadorian gifts for someone who is moving to Ecuador soon? Or for someone who is interested in local cultures and traditions? Then the “essential guide to Ecuador’s customs and culture” is perfect.

#13 Quito wall art

Map of Quito
Photo courtesy of Redbubble

Are you looking for gifts for Ecuadorians who love Quito? (And who doesn’t love this UNESCO-listed city?) Then this poster of Quito’s streets is perfect.

By the way, did you know that Quito is one of the world’s highest capital cities? And depending on how you define a capital city, it’s the world’s highest. La Paz as Bolivia‘s administrative capital is actually higher than Quito.

#14 Water bottle

Water bottle with Ecuador
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for gifts for Ecuadorian friends who care about the environment?

Then an Ecuadorian-themed stainless steel water bottle is perfect. The recipient can greatly reduce his or her plastic footprint, by simply refilling this Ecuador water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles.

#15 Ecuadorian cookbooks

Book cover of 'The ultimate Ecuadorian cookbook: 111 dishes from Ecuador to cook right now'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The ultimate Ecuadorian cookbook: 111 dishes from Ecuador to cook right now

Are you looking for Ecuador gifts for people who love to cook? Or for people who simply love Ecuadorian food? Then a cookbook is the gift you need. For example, this one with 111 delicious recipes to make at home.

Book cover of 'Essential Ecuadorian recipes: an illustrated cookbook of South American dish ideas'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Essential Ecuadorian recipes: an illustrated cookbook of South American dish ideas

This is the best Ecuador gift for foodies with smaller budgets.

Book cover of 'Ecuadorian born: SOMOS restaurant year one'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Ecuadorian born: SOMOS restaurant year one

This is a great cookbook that was independently published by the restaurant SOMOS in Quito. They combine local ingredients and Ecuadorian recipes with new techniques or ingredients from other places in the world. It’s a great cookbook for people who love experimenting with food.

#16 Ecuadorian musical instrument: pan flute

A panflute handmade in Ecuador
Photo courtesy of Chichester Inc

The sisca is a typical Ecuadorian musical instrument. It’s a pan flute that’s made in the Ecuadorian Andes. It’s a fun Ecuadorian gift for people who love music but be aware that the tubes are not actually set to a key. So it’s more of a fun Ecuadorian souvenir than a great musical instrument.

#17 Ecuador travel guides

Book cover of 'Moon Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Moon Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands

Are you looking for Ecuador gifts for people who are traveling to Ecuador soon? Then travel guides are a great gift. Moon is an excellent guide for any type of traveler.

Book cover of 'Lonely Planet: Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet: Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands

If you are looking for Ecuador gifts for budget travelers, the Lonely Planet is by far the best option.

Ecuador gifts for small budgets

#18 Ecuadorian chocolate

A package of chocolate made rrom Ecuadorian cacao
Photo courtesy of Walmart

Are you looking for gifts from Ecuador for people who love chocolate?

Then this chocolate bar is the gift you need. Cacao is one of Ecuador’s main export products, but it’s even better to go for an Ecuadorian chocolate brand, such as Kakao Zon.

#19 Gifts from Ecuador: coffee

A bag of coffee beans from Ecuador
Photo courtesy of Z-Beans

Are you looking for Ecuador gifts for people who love coffee?

Then coffee from Ecuador is clearly the best gift you can get.

Did you know that Ecuador is one of the 15 countries worldwide that produce both robusta and arabica coffee? If you are not familiar with those coffee terms, these are the two main coffee plant species and most countries only produce one of the two.

#20 Ecuador slang book

Ecuador slang book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for Ecuadorian gifts for someone who loves to blend in with the locals, then an Ecuadorian slang language book is perfect. They can learn how to speak Spanish like the locals and finally understand everything that the Ecuadorians are trying to say to them.

Obviously, this book will only help people who already speak Spanish. If the recipient doesn’t speak Spanish yet, a general Spanish course might be more helpful.

Oh, and one more thing about this gift. Unfortunately, it’s currently only available in kindle format. This means that people can only read it on a Kindle or with the free Kindle App on their phone, computer, or tablet.

#21 Ecuadorian-themed luggage tag

Luggage tag with "I love Ecuador"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Luggage tags are great small gifts for Ecuadorians who love to travel!

You can find over 50 different options on Zazzle. Or go for the “I love Ecuador” luggage tag, which is perfect for everyone who loves Ecuador.

#22 Ecuador coloring book for adults

Galápagos coloring book for adults
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need gifts for an Ecuadorian who seems a bit stressed out?

Then this Galápagos coloring book is the perfect gift.

Multiple studies have shown that coloring books for adults help to reduce stress and anxiety. They even improve sleep and memory! And all the recipient has to do to get these benefits, is to color the Galápagos animals.

#23 Tote bags

Tote bag with "smile, you are in Ecuador"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With 122 different Ecuadorian-themed tote bags on Zazzle, I am sure you can find one that the recipient will love.

I quite liked the one with the text “Smile, you are in Ecuador”. Because even if the recipient is not in Ecuador they will be reminded of their favorite country and smile.

#24 Ecuador gifts for her: necklace

Map of Ecuador necklace
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for small Ecuador gifts for her?

How about this cute necklace in the shape of the map of Ecuador?

It even includes a heart to show her love for Ecuador.

#25 Ecuador travel journal

A travel journal with a map of Ecuador
Photo courtesy of Trip Design

Travel journals are one of my favorite gifts for travelers because they always come in handy. Plus it serves as a memory book once they return from their trip. And it’s an even better memory book if the journal is specific to the country they are traveling to, such as this Ecuador travel journal.

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The best Ecuadorian gifts

Final note on Ecuadorian gifts

Alright, since you are still reading this post, I’m assuming you haven’t decided which gift to buy yet. So let me help you out by sharing my top three Ecuadorian souvenirs and gifts by budget:


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