Forget The Pyramids, These Are 25 Egyptian Gifts Egyptophiles Want

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Egyptian pyramids

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If you are looking for the best Egyptian gifts my advice is to take the recipient on a trip to Egypt. Now, I can imagine that’s slightly over your budget. And that’s is why I spent hours searching the web to find 25 more awesome Egyptian-themed gifts for an Egyptophile (someone who loves Egypt).

For smaller budgets, my favorite gift is the Egyptian-themed pendant (#9), but let’s have a look at the other options too!

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25 unique Egyptian gifts

Egyptian gifts for large budget

#1 Personalized hieroglyphics ring

Ring with hieroglyphs
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

If you are looking for ancient Egyptian gifts for her, this ring with personalized hieroglyphics is the perfect gift.

But first, for everyone who’s thinking what I was thinking when I saw this gift.

What are hieroglyphics exactly?

So apparently, hieroglyphics is a writing script that uses hieroglyphs (signs or symbols).

The ancient Egyptians used Egyptian hieroglyphs as their formal writing script.

For this ring, the recipient’s name will be translated into Egyptian hieroglyphics and carved in the ring, making it a pretty unique gift!

#2 Ancient Egyptian game: senet

Senet game

If you are looking for ancient Egyptian gifts for someone who loves board games, senet is the perfect gift!

Senet is a two-player strategy game, where both players aim to get their pions from one side of the board to the other. Since the ancient Egyptians didn’t leave an official description of the rules of senet, there are various interpretations of the rules. But check out the explanation of the Otago Museum, for a pretty easy and straightforward explanation.

For more recent Egyptian games, check out the next gift.

#3 Modern Egyptian-themed board games

Imhotep game

If you prefer to give an Egyptian-themed board game with clear rules, then one of the following board games is a great gift idea.

  • Imhotep: Builder of Egypt. This is a strategy game where each player represents a famous master builder of Egypt and needs to build monuments to earn points.
  • Exit: The Pharaoh’s Tomb. Exit is a kind of escape room board game.
  • Ankh: Gods of Egypt. Ankh is another strategy game where players have to try and gain as many followers to their Egyptian god.

#4 Egyptian-themed wall art

Canvas of pyramids

If there is one thing everyone knows about Egypt, it’s that they have some cool pyramids there. So if you are looking for Egyptian gifts for someone who loves to decorate his or her home in Egyptian style, this canvas is the perfect gift.

It comes in 5 panels that are all ready to hang instantly.

If you are looking for wall art for smaller budgets, check out #24.

#5 Egyptian-themed gifts: travel mug

Travel mug with the flag of Egypt
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for Egyptian-themed gifts for someone who loves Egypt, coffee, ánd soccer, I found the perfect gift for you!

A travel mug with the flag of Egypt in the shape of a ball. For more gift ideas for coffee lovers, check out the coffee gift guide.

And if you are looking for gifts for someone who does not like soccer, check out the other cool Egyptian-themed options on Zazzle.

#6 Langauge courses

Beginner Egyptian Arabic

Language courses are the best gifts for people who want to interact with locals during their trip. So for those, an Egyptian Arabic course is the best gift.

If you are looking for ancient Egyptian gifts, a hieroglyphs course might be a better alternative, so they can learn how to decipher ancient Egyptian texts.

#7 Ancient map of Egypt

1851 map of Egypt

Are you looking for Egyptian-themed gifts for someone who is fascinated by history? Then this 1851 map of Egypt is the perfect gift!

Oh and if you are looking for a gift for someone who is not necessarily a history buff, I’m pretty sure they will still like this gift. For some reason, travel lovers and maps always work great.

For more cool ideas check out these 25 gifts for history buffs.

#8 Egyptian musical instruments


A darbuka is a traditional type of drum that is often used in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Balkans. So if you are looking for traditional gifts from Egypt for someone who is into music, this is the perfect gift.

#9 Ancient Egyptian gifts: cartouche

Cartouche pendant

If you are looking for ancient Egyptian gifts for women, this handmade love pendant is the gift you need.

But first. What is a cartouche?

Well, Google tells me that it’s an oval with an extra line at one of the smaller sides of the oval. Inside the oval, you’ll find hieroglyphs. For the ancient Egyptians, the cartouche signaled that the name inside was a royal name.

However, nowadays cartouches can be found all over Egypt and no longer represent royal names.

Egyptian gifts for mid-budgets

#10 Egypt travel guides

Lonely Planet: Egypt

Lonely Planet: Egypt

The Lonely Planet is my favorite gift for budget travelers. It includes super practical tips on how to travel countries on a few bucks a day.

National Geographic: Egypt

National Geographic Traveler: Egypt

Guidebooks by National Geographic Traveler are excellent in-depth books for all types of travelers. But mostly for those who also love learning more about the history behind the places they visit.

The Nile

The Nile: traveling downriver through Egypt’s past and present

This is the perfect Egyptian gift for people who are interested in The Nile. It’s a combination between a guidebook, a history book, and an interesting novel.

#11 Gifts from Egypt: papyrus paintings

Papyrus paintings

Papyrus is an ancient type of paper that is made from the papyrus plant. This plant grows around the Nile and has been used for writing in Egypt since 1100.

This is also where the word “paper” which we still use today, comes from.

Papyrus is hardly used as writing material nowadays. However, they do make cool traditional Egyptian gifts, such as these handmade paintings.

#12 Egyptian decorative box

Decorative box

If you are looking for traditional gifts from Egypt, decorative boxes with ancient Egyptian gods are a great idea. You will find souvenirs like this one of a guardian Sphinx all over Egypt.

For cheaper alternatives for traditional gifts from Egypt, check out #18.

#13 Books about Egypt

Egypt culture smart

Egypt culture smart: the essential guide to customs and culture

If you are looking for Egyptian gifts for culture lovers or for people who are about to move to Egypt, this is the perfect gift to help them settle.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

If you are looking for Ancient Egyptian gifts, this book is what you need. It covers everything the recipient wants to know about the time of the pharaohs.

Cleopatra book

Cleopatra: last queen of Egypt

This is another one of the best ancient Egyptian gifts. Specifically, for people who are interested in the time of Cleopatra.

#14 Eye of Horus necklace

Eye of Horus necklace

If you are looking for unique Egyptian gifts for her, this necklace with the Eye of Horus is the perfect gift.

The Eye of Horus is a very popular symbol in Egypt and represents protection, healing, rebirth, and rejuvenation.

If you are like me and you would like to know where the symbol came from, here is a short explanation. If you are not interested, please continue to the next gift.

The eye of Horus originated from the Egyptian myth of Horus. Horus was an Egyptian god, represented by a falcon who stands for power and healing. He got into a fight with another god (Seth) and lost one eye. Luckily for Horus, another great god (Hathor) was able to restore his eye. And so his eye became the symbol of healing.

#15 Egyptian-themed passport cover

Passport cover with Cairo
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Passport covers are super practical gift ideas for travelers. And if you buy one of the 82 Egyptian designs on Zazzle, it’s also a great Egyptian gift.

I picked a passport cover for people who love Cairo, but if the recipient is not very fond of big cities, you will have plenty of choices on Zazzle

#16 Egyptian cookbooks

My Egyptian Grandmother’s kitchen

My Egyptian grandmother’s kitchen: Traditional dishes sweet and savory

If you are looking for Egyptian gifts for foodies, cookbooks are the best gifts. This is the best overall cookbook with delicious Egyptian recipes from all over the country, as grandma would make them.

The ultimate Egyptian cookbook

The ultimate Egyptian cookbook

Another great general cookbook with 111 traditional Egyptian recipes to try right now.

The Sultan’s Feast

The Sultan’s feast: A Fifteenth Century Egyptian cookbook

If you are looking for unique Egyptian gifts for foodies this book is it. It is the translation of an actual 15th-century cookbook! It includes 15th-century cooking tips and recipes. It may not be very practical to use in the present time, but it does provide a unique inside into the culinary world in Egypt back in the day.

#17 Egyptian-themed gifts: socks

Egyptian-themed socks

If you are looking for small, yet practical Egyptian-themed gifts for travelers, these socks with Egyptian hieroglyphs are perfect!

Egyptian gifts for small budgets

#18 Egyptian handicrafts

Decorative hippo

If you are looking for smaller gifts from Egypt, this hippo might be the gift you are looking for.

It is handmade by Egyptian artisans and represents the Egyptian goddess Tawaret. Tawaret is known as the protector of childbirth and fertility, making this a great gift for someone who is expecting a baby.

#19 Egyptian tea

Chamomile tea

If you are looking for gifts from Egypt for tea lovers, this Egyptian chamomile tea is a great gift idea!

Now, I do have to add a side note here. Tea is not actually produced in Egypt (the climate is anything but ideal there). But the Chamomile flowers that are used in this tea are from Egypt.

If you need more inspiration for gifts for tea lovers, check out the tea gift guide.

#20 Egyptian-themed coloring book

Egypt-themed coloring book

In case you are not familiar with coloring books for adults, this is actually a thing. Coloring books are no longer limited to children. Multiple studies have shown that coloring books for adults reduce stress and help adults relax.

So what is a better gift for an Egyptophile than a coloring book filled with 20 different Egypt-themed designs?

#21 Egypt-themed travel journal

Egypt travel journal

If you are looking for Egyptian gifts for someone who is going to travel to Egypt soon, this travel journal is the perfect gift.

The journal is specifically for people who travel to Egypt, so they can keep notes of everything they see and do in Egypt. And when they return home, they’ll have a beautiful memory book of their trip to Egypt.

For more inspiration, check out these 25 travel journals.

#22 Egypt-themed tote bag

Tote bag with pyramids
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags are another example of great small, sustainable, and practical Egyptian gifts for travelers. Check out Zazzle to find a design that’s perfect for the recipient. Or go for the one I liked best, with pyramids and a camel.

#23 Egyptian-themed keyring

Eye of Horus key ring

If you are looking for small, good-luck Egyptian gifts for travelers, this keyring is the perfect gift!

It contains three classic Egyptian symbols that represent protection or luck in some way.

  1. The Eye of Horus represents protection, healing, rebirth, and rejuvenation. I already talked about this symbol before (#14)
  2. The ankh. This is the cross with loop and it stands for life in general.
  3. Anubis. The mythological figure for death. However, the symbol is also given to protect and safeguard the receiver.

#24 Egyptian-themed travel poster

Vintage travel poster

If you are looking for Egyptian-themed gifts for someone’s home, but the canvas panels were above your budget, this vintage travel poster of Egypt is perfect. The poster dates back to somewhere between 1958 and 1971 when Egypt was known as the United Arab Republic.

#25 Egypt-themed luggage tag

Ancient Egypt luggage tag
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for small practical Egyptian-themed gifts, luggage tags are the perfect gift!

I quite liked the one with the Eye of Horus, but you can find 226 different Egyptian-themed luggage tags on Zazzle.

Final note on Egyptian-themed gifts

If you made it all the way to the bottom of this post and you still haven’t decided which gift you need, my advice would be to go for the cartouche pendant if it’s for a woman and the vintage map for a man.

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The 25 best Egyptian gifts

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