The 25 Best Slovene Gifts For Slovenia Lovers

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Lake Bled in Slovenia

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Are you looking for Slovene gifts for Christmas? Or do you need authentic gifts from Slovenia for a friend who is from there? Or perhaps for one of your relatives simply never stops talking about how much they love Slovenia?

Whatever your reason, you will find 25 awesome Slovenia gifts in today’s post. From authentic gifts to funny ones, there is something for everyone.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts from Slovenia by budget.

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25 awesome Slovenia gifts

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#1 A trip to Slovenia

As usual, I will start this list with a gift that I consider to be the very best gift for Slovenia lovers.

And of course, that’s a trip to Slovenia!

For a true Slovenia-obsessed person, it doesn’t even matter when and where exactly you’ll take them. But to give you some inspiration, Ljubljana and Lake Bled are two popular destinations in Slovenia (though there are a lot more beautiful places to visit).

So head over to Skyscanner if you want to book a flight straight away.

Alternatively, you could check out Viator to book a tour, such as a walking tour around Ljubljana. This works best if you know when the recipient will be in Slovenia.

If you don’t know the exact dates or if you are not sure which type of tour you should book, you can also go for a safer gift option; the Viator gift card. It’s called the Global Experiences Card and allows the recipient to choose from Viator tours around the world.

#2 Puzzle of Lake Bled

Puzzle of Lake Bled

If you are looking for unique Slovene gifts for someone who loves puzzles, look no further!

This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of Lake Bled during wintertime is perfect.

Though, if you do want to look further, have a look at these 25 awesome gifts for puzzle lovers.

#3 Rogaska crystal glasses

Rogaska martini glasses

Rogaska crystal is known around the world for its high quality. So if you are looking for unique souvenirs from Slovenia for a housewarming these crystal martini glasses are perfect!

#4 Map of Slovenia

Map of Slovenia
Photo courtesy of Anny Prints

This watercolor map of Slovenia is another awesome housewarming gift idea for someone who loves Slovenia!

I have said it oftentimes before, but I will just repeat myself, travelers love maps, especially those of the places they love.

#5 Idrija lace book

Idrija lace book

Other popular souvenirs from Slovenia are laceworks from the town of Idrija. However, instead of gifting a premade lacework, you can also gift this book that will show the recipient how to make some of the most beautiful patterns from the Idrija school of lace.

I realize that it’s quite an expensive book, but if you think about the fact that this book contains the theory and patterns from centuries of practicing lacemaking in Idrija, it makes sense.

#6 Traditional beehive front boards

painting of people working at a mill
Photo courtesy of Woodterra

For more traditional Slovenian souvenirs, these beehive front board panels are exactly what you need.

Beekeeping is big in Slovenia, and originally these hives were painted for bees and their keepers to distinguish between different beehives. Though, nowadays it’s a popular souvenir people take home from Slovenia.

#7 Slovenian-themed phone case

Phone case with map of Slovenia
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for Slovenia gifts for people who love their phones as much as they love Slovenia, this is the gift for you.

A phone case with a Slovenian theme.

There are over 200 different options on Zazzle. But if you don’t want to go through all the designs, go for this black phone case with the map and flag of Slovenia. Because as I said before, travelers love maps.

#8 Slovenia soccer jersey

Nike Slovenia soccer jersey

Do you need unique gifts from Slovenia for men who love soccer?

Then check out this 2020-2021 national soccer jersey.

Slovene gifts for mid budgets

#9 Map of Slovenia necklace

Map of Slovenia

Are you looking for cute Slovene gifts for women?

Then this necklace in the shape of the map of their favorite country is perfect!

As I said before, travelers love maps, so you can never go wrong with a map-inspired gift.

#10 Slovenian wine

Slovenian wine
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Slovenia may not be the first country you’ll think off when you think of wine. But with over 28,000 wineries that produce over 80 million liters of wine annually and a history of winemaking that dates back to before the Roman empire, Slovenian wine deserves a lot more attention than it does currently.

The majority of Slovene wines are white premium wines (such as the one I selected), but you can also find red wines and simple table wines.

So if you are looking for unique Slovenia souvenirs for wine lovers, this is the gift you need. And for Slovene gifts for people who love other alcoholic drinks, check out #15.

#11 Slovene cookbooks

The food and cooking of Slovenia

The food and cooking of Slovenia: Traditions, ingredients, tastes & techniques in over 60 classic recipes

Cookbooks are the best Slovene gifts for people who love Slovenian food and who want to learn how to make it at home. This book contains 60 recipes that will help the recipient to recreate delicious Slovene meals at home.

Slovenian Cuisine

Slovenian Cuisine: From the Alps to the Adriatic in 20 ingredients

The second cookbook on this list is written by a Masterchef and is perfect for people who love using fresh ingredients and creating unique and beautifully plated dishes. For your regular home cook who is not into all this fancy stuff, the previous book is definitely a better gift idea.


Istria: recipes and stories from the hidden heart of Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia

The last cookbook on this list is also the best Slovenian gift for people who love the Istria area. Or for people who love Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy, because this book combines recipes from all three countries.

#12 Slovenian salt

Slovenian salt

Another example of authentic Slovenian souvenirs is salt from the Secovije Salina Nature Park in Piran.

Harvesting salt has a long history in the town (at least 700 years) and its know for its high quality and unique flavor.

Now, this jar has an even more unique taste because it’s mixed with thyme, rosemary, oregano, majaram, and fennel. A mixture that’s especially great for meat, though you can use it to add flavor to any dish you wish.

#13 Slovenia travel guides

DK Eyewitness Slovenia

DK Eyewitness Slovenia

Are you looking for Slovene gifts for someone who will travel to Slovenia soon? In that case, a travel guide is always a great idea. DK Eyewitness is a great guidebook for most types of travelers. For backpackers and budget travelers, check out the next book.

Lonely Planet Slovenia

Lonely Planet Slovenia

This is the best gift for Slovenia lovers who usually travel on a tight budget. The Lonely Planet will help them to find the best and most affordable spots in Slovenia!

Wild swimming Croatia and Slovenia

Wild swimming Croatia and Slovenia

There are thousands of beautiful and hidden lakes, rivers, creeks, and other places to swim in Slovenia, which is why this book is a great gift for people who would love to find those places. And if the recipient also loves Croatia, this gift is even better.

#14 Slovenian-themed travel mug

Travel mug with text
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Slovenia gifts for coffee lovers?

Then a travel mug in Slovenia style is a fun and unique gift idea.

I quite liked the one that said “Slovenia is calling and I must go”, but there are over 80 different designs on Zazzle.

#15 Slovene vodka

Slovenia vodka
Photo courtesy of Drizly

If you are looking for Slovene gifts for people who love alcohol, and specifically vodka, then this is the gift you need!

Just like the wine, Slovenian vodka is not very well-known around the world. Or at least, not like Polish or Russian vodka. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying.

Slovenian vodka (the brand) was actually created by a chef, whose aim was to produce a culinary vodka, one that can be paired with high-class dishes.

And the general consensus is that he and his team quite succeeded at it too. Which makes Slovenian vodka a great gift for both a vodka lover and food lover.

#16 Slovenian-themed socks

Socks with mountain range
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Socks are my go-to happy gifts, especially if I can find them in a specific theme, such as these Slovenian-themed socks!

There are 9 different options on Zazzle, though my favorites are the ones with mountain Storzic.

#17 Books about Slovenia


Slovenology: living and traveling in the world’s best country

A beautiful travel memoir as well as a fun book to learn more about Slovenia. Oh, and it also includes some great tips for anyone who wants to travel to Slovenia too. The only thing to keep in mind is that the book is only available as an e-book.

The land between: A history of Slovenia

The land between: A history of Slovenia

If you are looking for Slovenia gifts for history lovers, this is the book you need. It covers the complete history of Slovenia from the early Celtic-Roman times to the twentieth century.

Minuet for guitar

Minuet for guitar by Vitomil Zupan

The last book is a beautiful novel about the second world war in Slovenia. It’s a fictional story, though the author got his inspiration from real-life examples. The story covers a man’s experiences during the annexation of Ljubljana and his encounter with an enemy during a holiday decades later.

#18 Slovenian-themed passport cover

Passport cover with mountain range
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The Slovenian-themed passport covers on Zazzle are great Slovenia gift ideas for frequent travelers. It will allow the traveler to keep his or her passport safe in style.

Slovene gifts for small budgets

#19 Slovenia travel journal

Slovenia travel journal

Do you need Slovene gifts for someone who will travel to Slovenia soon?

Then this travel journal is an awesome gift idea!

It’s a great way to keep track of their travel memories. And if you would rather gift a journal that’s not specific to Slovenia, check out these 25 travel journals.

#20 Slovenian coloring book for adults

Slovenia coloring book

Do you need Slovenian gifts for someone who seems a bit stressed out?

Then this coloring book is the gift you need!

Coloring books for adults help them to relax.

And what’s a better way to relax than with a coloring book of your favorite country?

#21 Slovenian-themed luggage tags

Luggage tag with Slovenia theme
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The Slovenia-themed luggage tags on Zazzle are another example of practical Slovene gifts for people who travel a lot.

They can find their luggage easily with a cool Slovene tag!

#22 Slovenia keychain

Keychain with Slovenian flag

If you are looking for small gifts and souvenirs from Slovenia, this keychain is a great idea. It contains the flag of Slovenia and it’s a bottle opener, something that always comes in handy.

#23 Slovenia travel poster

Slovenia travel poster

Travel posters are great Slovenia gifts for people who want to bring a bit of Slovenia into their homes!

You can find various designs on Amazon, or go for this one of Lake Bled.

#24 Tote bag in Slovenian style

Tote bag with skyline of Ljubljana
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

For all sustainable travelers and eco-minded people out there, these are the Slovene gifts you need!

Tote bags with a Slovenian theme.

It’s a great and stylish way to reduce the amount of plastic bags you use.

There are nearly 90 different options on Zazzle or go for the skyline of Ljubljana for people who love the capital city.

#25 Shirt with the flag of Slovenia

Shirt with the flag of Slovenia

Do you need Slovenia gifts for women who just can’t get enough of this country?

Then this shirt with the flag of Slovenia is a cute gift idea.

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25 best Slovene gifts

Final note on Slovenia gifts

Alright, since you are still reading this post all the way at the bottom, I am assuming you need a bit more help to find the perfect gift. So check out the editor’s top three Slovene gifts by budget.

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