The 25 Best Taiwan Gifts For People Obsessed With The Country

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Taipei 101 building

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Are you looking for the best Taiwan gifts for someone in Taiwan? Or do you need unique Christmas gifts from Taiwan? Whatever your case, you will find the 25 best gift ideas in today’s post! From traditional souvenirs to funny Taiwan gift ideas for phone addicts. There is something for everyone.

Do you just want a quick tip? Skip the rest of this post and check out the editor’s top three Taiwan gifts by budget.

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25 best Taiwan gifts

Taiwan gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to Taiwan

Village of Lioufen in Taiwan
Photo by Andy Wang on Unsplash

Let’s start this list with the number one Taiwan gift idea.

A trip to Taiwan!

So if you have a large budget, head over to Skyscanner and book a flight to Taiwan straight away.

Another option is to check out Viator and see if they have any cool tours in Taiwan. This is a good gift for someone in Taiwan. One example of a fun tour you can do in Taiwan is a day trip to Jioufen, a small village up in the mountains.

And lastly, if you are not sure when the recipient will be in Taiwan, you can also go for a Viator gift card (The Global Experiences Card), so they can pick a tour and date themselves.

For more practical gift cards for travelers, check out these 25 travel gift cards.

#2 Food souvenirs from Taiwan

Box of pineapple cake
Box of pineapple cake

Taiwan is a great place for foodies!

You can find all kinds of unique candy, fruits, and other dishes. So if you are looking for gifts from Taiwan for people who love Taiwanese food, then this is the gift you need.

It’s a box of one of Taiwan’s most popular treats; pineapple cake.

It’s also quite an expensive gift, I’ll admit. Especially, if you know how cheap a pineapple cake actually is in Taiwan. But pineapple cakes are incredibly hard to get by outside of Taiwan, which is why this is such an awesome gift.

And if you ever happen to be in Taiwan and you are looking for unique souvenirs from Taiwan; pineapple cakes are the way to go.

#3 Kavalan whiskey

Kavalan whiskey bottle
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

Are you looking for gifts from Taiwan for people who love alcohol?

And more specifically for people who love whiskey?

Then you just found the perfect gift; a bottle of Taiwanese whiskey.

Kavalan was the first whiskey distillery on the island (founded back in 2005) and nowadays it’s one of the most visited distilleries around the world!

They use fresh water from the snow and central mountains which gives their whiskey its soft and creamy taste.

#4 Taiwan-themed phone case

Phone case with bubble tea print
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The 114 phone cases on Zazzle are great Taiwan gifts for people who are addicted to their phones!

Each of these cases has a unique Taiwan theme. For example, this cute one with the text “You give me boba-flies”.

It’s a funny gift for someone who loves Taiwanese bubble tea (or boba tea).

Boba tea is a drink with tea (surprise) and sweet balls at the bottom and it’s immensely popular in Taiwan. Traditional it’s made with tapioca balls (which are called boba, hence the name boba tea). Though you can find them with all sorts of balls nowadays.

For more gifts from Taiwan for phone addicts, check out #25.

#5 Glass art

Sculpture made from glass
Photo courtesy of Lane Crawford

This is one of the most unique Taiwan gifts for someone’s home; TITTOT glass art.

Taiwanese glassworks are renowned all over the world, and TITTOT is just one of the many great brands.

Check out Lane Crawford’s website for all TITTOT’s glass art or go for this beautiful vase.

One warning before you opt for buying a piece of glass art.

It’s probably one of the most expensive gifts from Taiwan. I picked this togetherness sculpture because it was one of the most affordable items, but other items can cost 10 times as much.

#6 Map of Taipei

Vintage Taipei poster
Vintage Taipei poster

Are you looking for gifts for someone in Taiwan who loves Taipei?

Then this beautiful vintage-style map of the city is a great idea!

They can add a bit of Taipei to their home with this poster.

For more gift ideas for someone’s home, check out #9 and #20.

#7 Taiwan-themed water bottle

Water bottle with text Taipei
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need gifts and souvenirs from Taiwan for an eco-minded person?

Then a water bottle with a Taiwan theme is perfect. They can replace their plastic bottles with these stainless steel ones, and reuse them over and over again.

For someone who loves Taipei, this colorful water bottle is a fun gift idea, but check out Zazzle for all the other options.

#8 DIY bubble tea

Set of DIY bubble ta
Photo courtesy of Bobalife Shop

Taiwanese bubble tea lovers unite! If you’re looking for Taiwanese gifts that’ll make your boba-obsessed friend or family member squeal with excitement, look no further than a DIY bubble tea kit.

They don’t even have to travel to Taiwan to taste their favorite drink.

With a DIY kit, your loved one can experiment and create their own unique flavors. Maybe they’ll discover a new favorite combination of tea, milk, and toppings that they never even knew existed. Who knows, they may even become the next bubble tea master and start their own business (hey, it could happen).

Not only is a DIY kit practical and fun, but it also shows that you care enough to get them something that aligns with two of their interests. They’ll be so touched that you took the time to think of their Taiwan and bubble tea obsession and found a creative way to indulge in it.

So, don’t wait, get your bubble tea lover a DIY kit today! And who knows, maybe they’ll even invite you over for a sip of their latest creation. Cheers to bubble tea love!

#9 Taiwanese snacks box

Typical Taiwanese snacks
Photo courtesy of Taiwan can help

This is by far the best gift from Taiwan for someone who misses home!

A snack box with no less than 60 Taiwanese snacks!

You might be thinking, “60 snacks?! That’s a lot!” And you’re right, but trust me, your friend (or whoever this gift is for) will thank you. Taiwan is famous for its diverse and delicious street food, and this gift box is a perfect way to sample all the flavors the country has to offer. From savory to sweet, crunchy to chewy, and everything in between, this Taiwanese gift box has got you covered.

Taiwan gifts for mid budgets

#10 Taiwan travel guide

Lonely Planet: Taiwan guide
Lonely Planet: Taiwan

Lonely Planet: Taiwan

Are you looking for Taiwan gifts for someone who will travel to Taiwan soon? And is that person a backpacker? Then the Lonely Planet is the guidebook you need. For people who don’t travel on a budget, check out the next travel guide.

Bradt Guide Taiwan travel guide
Bradt Guide Taiwan

Bradt Guide Taiwan

The Bradt Guide is a travel guide for all types of travelers, which makes it a great Taiwanese gift for anyone who is traveling to Taiwan.

#11 Makeup bag with Taiwanese print

Make up bag with Taiwan print
Photo courtesy of Big Booty Bargains

For cool gifts and souvenirs from Taiwan for women, this cute makeup bag with typical Taiwanese things is a great idea!

#12 Taiwanese beauty products

Naruko face masks
Naruko face masks

Are you looking for more unique Taiwan gifts for women?

Then something from a Taiwanese beauty brand is a great gift idea.

One example of a famous Taiwanese beauty brand is Naruko. Naruko is most famous for being a brand with very few filler compounds. They use one ingredient as the main one and produce a high-quality product from that. For these facemasks, the main product is tea.

What’s also cool about Naruko is that all their products are cruelty-free and that the founder actually tests all products on himself before they are launched!

#13 Taiwan street food jigsaw puzzle

Puzzle made from the map of Taiwan with streetfood
Photo courtesy of Liv Wan Illustrations

Are you looking for gifts and souvenirs from Taiwan for people who love puzzles?

Then this jigsaw puzzle of typical Taiwanese street food is perfect.

When the recipient can’t travel to Taiwan and eat all the delicious food, he or she can take out this puzzle and travel mentally to Taiwan.

And if you need more inspiration for puzzle lovers, check out these 25 puzzle gifts.

#14 Taiwanese-themed travel mug

Travel mug with Taipei skyline
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The 100 different Taiwanese travel mugs on Zazzle make awesome Taiwanese gifts for people who love coffee!

They can keep their coffee warm in style. For someone who loves Taipei, this travel mug with the Taipei skyline is perfect!

#15 Taiwanese cookbook

The food of Taiwan cookbook
The food of Taiwan

Are you looking for Taiwanese gifts for people who love Taiwanese food? Then this cookbook with nearly 100 different traditional recipes is the gift you need.

#9 Map of Taiwan

Colorful map of Taiwan
Colorful map of Taiwan

Do you need more Taiwan gifts for people’s homes?

Then this colorful map of Taiwan is perfect. There is something about maps that makes them great pieces of wall art, especially if it’s a map of the country you love.

You can customize the map with different prints, four different sizes, and with or without the text Taiwan at the bottom. For more designs, check out all Taiwan maps on Etsy.

Taiwan gifts for small budgets

#17 Taiwanese oolong tea

Taiwanese oolong tea
Photo courtesy of Bean town Tea & Spices

Taiwan is like heaven for tea lovers. You can find tea houses all over the island and they typically have four varieties of teas; green, black, oolong, and white tea.

Though all types of tea are popular, Taiwanese oolong tea received the most attention for being of the highest quality in the world.

So if you are wondering what things to buy in Taiwan as a gift; oolong tea is perfect!

And even if you can’t travel to Taiwan, you can simply order authentic Taiwanese tea on Etsy.

#18 Coloring book for adults

The Taiwan coloring book
The Taiwan coloring book

This is one of the best Taiwan gifts for someone who seems a bit stressed out; a coloring book for adults with a Taiwan theme. Because research has shown that it reduces stress and anxiety.

For more stress-reducing gifts, check out the meditation gift guide.

#19 Taiwan-themed shirt

t-shirt with Taiwan is calling and I must go
Photo courtesy of Legacy World Design

Are you looking for cute Taiwan gifts for women?

Then this shirt with the text “Taiwan is calling and I must go” is a great idea. Or check out Etsy for more designs.

#20 Taiwan wall art

Travel poster of Taipei in Taiwan
Photo courtesy of This Art World

Are you looking for cheaper Taiwan gifts for someone’s home?

Then this vintage travel poster of Taipei is a great gift idea.

For more wall art items, check out Amazon.

#21 Taiwanese-themed luggage tag

Luggage tag with map of Taiwan
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The 50+ Taiwanese-themed luggage tags on Zazzle are a great gift to pair with the Taiwan-themed passport covers.

I quite liked the luggage tag with the watercolor map of Taiwan and I think it’s one of the great gifts from someone in Taiwan who loves to travel.

#22 Jade Jewelry

Hand with a ring of jade
Photo courtesy of Sparkly Shiz By Ahly

One of the most typical Taiwanese gifts for women is jewelry made from jade. You can find jade jewelry all over the country.

Besides jewelry, you can find jade carvings in all shapes and sizes, from animals to vegetables. (Yep, the Jadeite Cabbage is actually one of the most famous treasures of the National Palace Museum in Taipei.)

#23 Taiwanese-themed tote bag

Tote bag with heart in color of Taiwanese flag
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need gifts and souvenirs from Taiwan for sustainable people?

Then a tote bag with a Taiwan theme is a cool gift idea. The recipient can replace their plastic bags with a beautiful and eco-friendly tote bag.

You can find 160 different options of Zazzle, or go for the cute tote bag with a heart.

#24 Taiwan-themed travel journal

Travel journal Taiwan
Travel journal Taiwan

This is one of the best Taiwan gifts for people who are going on a trip to Taiwan soon.

A travel journal in which they can keep track of all their memories. And the cool thing about this journal is that it’s specifically designed for people traveling to Taiwan.

Another option is to go for one of the neutral travel journals that can be used for any trip.

#25 Fulong beach phone ring

Phone ring with Fulong beach, Taiwan
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need more affordable gifts from Taiwan for a phone addict?

And does he or she also love Fulong Beach or surfing?

Then this phone ring is a great gift idea. It makes it easier for the recipient to hold the phone in their hands, plus it’s a very practical accessory that keeps their phone standing when watching a video.

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24 Taiwan gifts for someone in Taiwan

Final note on gifts and souvenirs from Taiwan

Alright, these were the 25 best gifts from Taiwan! If you haven’t decided which gift you should buy yet, check out the editor’s top pick.

FAQ about Taiwanese gifts

What products is Taiwan famous for?

Taiwan is famous for electronics, computer hardware, machinery, chemicals, textiles, food, and bicycles. Known brands include HTC, Asus, Acer, Foxconn, and high-quality machinery and machine tools. Taiwan is also known for advanced electronics manufacturing.

What to gift Taiwanese people?

Interestingly, when looking for gifts for local Taiwanese people, try to avoid gifts that are made in Taiwan. Instead, go for food gifts or high-quality liquor. For people who love the country, one of these 25 Taiwanese gift ideas is a great option.

What to shop for in Taiwan?

Taiwanese souvenirs include traditional food items like pineapple cake and beef noodles, handicrafts like glass art, bamboo baskets, and pottery, skincare products made with local ingredients, clothing and textiles, electronic accessories, and keychains featuring iconic landmarks and symbols.


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