The 28 Best Taiwan Gifts & Souvenirs For People Obsessed With The Country

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Welcome to your ultimate destination for extraordinary Taiwanese gifts and souvenirs, each with a unique story steeped in tradition. Our collection ranges from authentic Taiwanese souvenirs, only found in the heart of local markets, to thoughtfully selected items that bring the essence of Taiwan right to your doorstep.

From the soothing aroma of Taiwanese teas to the personal touch of a Chinese name stamp, our curated collection promises more than just gifts that locals, visitors, expats, and international friends will love.

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Snack box

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Ceramic tea set


Ceramic tea set

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Glass sculpture from Taiwan


Glass art from TITTOT

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Green package of a Naruko facemask


Naruko facemasks

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Water bottle with text Taipei


Taipei water bottle

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25 best Taiwan gifts

Best overall Taiwanese gift

Village of Lioufen in Taiwan
Photo by Andy Wang on Unsplash

Best overall Taiwanese gift

Trip to Taiwan

Of course, we cant’s make a list of the best Taiwan gift ideas without including the number one gift.

A trip to Taiwan!

So if you have a large budget, head over to Skyscanner and book a flight to Taiwan straight away.

Another option is to check out Viator for fun tours in Taiwan. This is a good gift for someone in Taiwan. One example is a day trip to Jioufen, a small village up in the mountains.

Food & drink souvenirs from Taiwan

Photo courtesy of ZanZanTea

Best Taiwanese gift for expats

Taiwanese snacks box

This is by far the best gift from Taiwan for someone who misses home or to bring back as a souvenir!

A snack box with no less than 60 Taiwanese snacks!

You might be thinking, “60 snacks?! That’s a lot!” And you’re right, but trust me, your friend (or whoever this gift is for) will thank you. Taiwan is famous for its diverse and delicious street food, and this gift box is a perfect way to sample all the flavors the country has to offer.

Taiwanese oolong tea
Photo courtesy of Bean town Tea & Spices

Best gift for tea lovers

Taiwanese oolong tea

Taiwan is like heaven for tea lovers. You can find tea houses all over the island and they typically have four varieties of tea; green, black, oolong, and white tea.

Though all types of tea are popular, Taiwanese oolong tea received the most attention for being of the highest quality in the world.

So if you are wondering what things to buy in Taiwan as a gift or souvenir; oolong tea is perfect!

And even if you can’t travel to Taiwan, you can simply order authentic Taiwanese tea on Etsy.

Package of Isabell Pineapple Cake from Taiwan
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Best food souvenir

Pineapple cake

Taiwan is a great place for foodies!

You can find all kinds of unique candy, fruits, and other dishes. So if you are looking for souvenirs from Taiwan for people who love Taiwanese food, then you’re in a good place.

The first option is one of Taiwan’s most popular treats; pineapple cake.

I’ll be the first to admit that’s a bit overpriced if you buy it from Amazon. Especially, if you know how cheap a pineapple cake is in Taiwan. But pineapple cakes are incredibly hard to get by outside of Taiwan, which is why this is such an awesome gift, whether you buy it online or in Taiwan.

Kavalan whiskey bottle
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Best Taiwanese souvenir for drinkers

Kavalan whiskey

Are you looking for gifts from Taiwan for people who love alcohol?

And more specifically for people who love whiskey?

Then you just found the perfect souvenir; a bottle of Taiwanese whiskey.

Kavalan was the first whiskey distillery on the island (founded back in 2005) and nowadays it’s one of the most visited distilleries around the world!

They use fresh water from the snow and central mountains which gives their whiskey its soft and creamy taste.

Photo courtesy of ZanZanTea

DIY Bubble Tea Kit

Taiwanese bubble tea lovers unite!

If you’re looking for Taiwanese souvenirs and gifts that’ll make your boba-obsessed friend or family member squeal with excitement, look no further than a DIY bubble tea kit.

They don’t even have to travel to Taiwan to taste their favorite drink!

The food of Taiwan cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Best gift for foodies at home


This cookbook by Cathy Erway is the perfect gift for people who love Taiwanese cuisine, serving up a delectable mix of home-style comfort and the thrill of street food adventure.

From belly-warming Beef Noodle Soup to the daring Stuffed Bitter Melon, it’s a culinary journey with a side of stunning landscapes and vibrant city snaps. Perfect for both kitchen novices and seasoned chefs!

Best Taiwanese souvenirs to buy in Taiwan

Porcelain Chinese Tea Set
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Best traditional Taiwanese SOUVENIR

Traditional tea set

Drinking tea is a big tradition in Taiwan, and having a beautiful tea set is part of that tradition. These sets are made with care and are the perfect souvenir from Taiwan (especially when paired with actual Taiwanese tea #)  

I’ve shown you a tea set from Amazon, but it’s from China, not Taiwan. For the real Taiwanese tea sets, Taipei is the place to go. Check out Lin Mao Sen Tea Company, Wang Tea, or Yingge Ceramics Street. They have lovely tea sets and lots of Taiwanese tea.

Photo courtesy of SayWee

Blue & White slippers

Blue and white Taiwanese slippers are a cool souvenir you can only get in Taiwan. They’re famous for their simple but stylish design and are super comfortable. People in Taiwan love them, and they’re perfect for wearing around the house or for quick trips outside. You can buy them on Say Wee, but the best way to get a pair is to visit the local markets and shops in Taiwan.

Photo courtesy of Racquel’s gems

Best Taiwanese souvenir for her

Jade jewelry

One of the most typical Taiwanese gifts for women is jewelry made from jade. You can find jade jewelry all over the country.

Besides jewelry, you can find jade carvings in all shapes and sizes, from animals to vegetables. (Yep, the Jadeite Cabbage is actually one of the most famous treasures of the National Palace Museum in Taipei.)

Photo courtesy of Incense House


Incense is a big part of Taiwanese culture, often used in temples and homes to create a peaceful atmosphere. Taiwanese incense is known for its high quality and lovely, natural scents, making it a perfect souvenir to bring home. 

You can find it in many places in Taiwan, like local markets or special incense shops. These sticks or cones are not just for smell; they represent the rich traditions of Taiwan. And if you can’t make it to Taiwan, don’t worry! You can also find authentic Taiwanese incense on Etsy, so you can bring a piece of Taiwan’s tranquility into your home, wherever you are.

Babo themed stationary items
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Best Taiwanese gift for kids

Taiwanese stationary store items

Taiwanese stationery stores are a paradise for anyone who loves cute and fun items. Notebooks, pens, and other stationery items come in all sorts of colorful designs and characters, making them super popular Taiwanese gifts and souvenirs for tourists and locals alike. 

You’ll find these adorable stationery items all over Taiwan, in big stores and small street markets. I’ve included an example of similar stationery items from Amazon. These aren’t from Taiwan, but they’ll give you a taste of what you can expect to find in a Taiwanese stationery store.

2 Small Folding Hand Fans for Women
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Traditional hand fan

The Taiwanese/Chinese hand fan is not just a tool to cool off; it’s a piece of art with a rich history. These fans often feature beautiful designs and are part of traditional dances and ceremonies. While I’ve provided an example from Amazon, remember, this one’s from China. 

For an authentic Taiwanese fan, rich in cultural history and craftsmanship, you’ll want to explore the local markets in Taiwan.

Wine cellars

Best drink to buy in Taiwan

Taiwanese wine

Taiwan may not be famous for wine, but its unique vintages like Black Queen and Golden Muscat are treasures waiting to be discovered. These wines, steeped in Taiwan’s innovative winemaking, make perfect, authentic Taiwanese souvenirs (either for yourselves or others) as well as gifts for foreigners.

Unfortunately, they’re not widely available online so your best shot is to try boutique wine shops and local markets in major cities like Taipei and Taichung.

Photo courtesy of Amazing Identity

Best Taiwanese souvenir for spiritual people

Buddha & Tao statues

Buddha and Tao statues are more than just statues in Taiwan. They show the important history of religion and peace on the island. These statues are not just pieces of home decor; they mean a lot to the people there. 

I’ve shared an example of a statue from Etsy, but it’s from the USot Taiwan. If you want a real one, full of Taiwan’s spirit, you’ll find them in local temples or shops.

Custom Chinese Seal Five Dragon stamp
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Best personalized souvenir from Taiwan

Name stamp

A Chinese name stamp is a super cool gift from Taiwan. It turns your name into a Chinese stamp just for you. You can use it to sign letters or just for fun. If you want one quickly, Amazon has them and can send them to you in 4-5 days. It’s a great Taiwanese gift for foreign friends who like unique things.

But getting one made in Taiwan is extra special. There, they carve it for you in just a few hours. Though, if the shop is really busy, it might take a day or two. So, don’t wait until your last day in Taiwan to get one.

Taiwanese gifts for the home

Glass sculpture from Taiwan
Photo courtesy of Lane Crawford

Best home decor gift

Glass art from TITTOT

This is one of the most unique Taiwan gifts for someone’s home; TITTOT glass art.

Taiwanese glassworks are renowned all over the world, and TITTOT is just one of the many great brands.

Check out Lane Crawford’s website for all TITTOT’s glass art or go for this beautiful vase.

One warning before you opt to buy a piece of glass art.

It’s probably one of the most expensive gifts from Taiwan. I picked this togetherness sculpture because it was one of the most affordable items, but other items can cost 10 times as much.

Vintage Taipei poster
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Vintage map of Taipei

Are you looking for gifts for locals who love Taipei?

Then this beautiful vintage-style map of the city is a great idea!

They can add a bit of Taipei to their home with this poster.

Colorful map of Taiwan
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Map of Taiwan

Maps and posters of Taiwan make thoughtful gifts for locals, expats, or anyone with Taiwanese roots. They bring a piece of Taiwan into any home, celebrating its beauty and heritage. They’re a way to keep memories alive, cherish one’s heritage, or inspire future visits.

Perfect for anyone who holds Taiwan close to their heart! Check out Amazon for a colorful map, or head over to Etsy for all sorts of designs.

Puzzle made from the map of Taiwan with streetfood
Photo courtesy of Liv Wan Illustrations

Taiwan street food jigsaw puzzle

Are you looking for gifts and souvenirs from Taiwan for people who love puzzles?

Then this jigsaw puzzle of typical Taiwanese street food is perfect.

When the recipient can’t travel to Taiwan and eat all the delicious food, he or she can take out this puzzle and travel mentally to Taiwan.

Travel poster of Taipei in Taiwan
Photo courtesy of This Art World

Taiwan wall art

Taiwan wall art is a heartfelt gift, ideal for anyone connected to Taiwan. It’s not just decoration; it’s a piece of Taiwan to cherish every day!

You can check out Etsy for all sorts of designs, or go for this travel poster style.

Taiwanese gifts for beauty lovers

Photo courtesy of Big Booty Bargains

Makeup bag with Taiwanese print

For cool gifts and souvenirs from Taiwan for women, this cute makeup bag with typical Taiwanese things is a great idea!

It’s actually handmade in Taiwan, so if you forgot to buy it while you were there, this is a great souvenir to remember your trip!

Naruko face masks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Best gift from Taiwan for beauty lovers

Naruko facemasks

Are you looking for unique Taiwan souvenirs and gifts for women?

Then something from a Taiwanese beauty brand is a great gift idea

Naruko is one the most famous Taiwanese brands, mostly known for having almost no filler compounds. They use one main ingredient and produce a high-quality product from that. For these facemasks, the main product is tea. Plus, all their products are cruelty-free and that the founder actually tests all products on himself before they are launched!

If you’re in Taiwan and looking for souvenirs, simply check Google to find the nearest Watson store (they sell most Naruto products), otherwise head over to Amazon.

Taiwanese-themed products

Water bottle with text Taipei
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Taiwan-themed water bottle

Do you need gifts and souvenirs from Taiwan for an eco-minded person?

Then a water bottle with a Taiwan theme is perfect. They can replace their plastic bottles with these stainless steel ones, and reuse them over and over again.

For someone who loves Taipei, this colorful water bottle is a fun gift idea, but check out Zazzle for all the other options.

Travel mug with Taipei skyline
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Taiwanese-themed travel mug

The 100 different Taiwanese tumblers on Zazzle make awesome gifts for local Taiwanese or expats who love coffee!

They can keep their coffee warm in style. For someone who loves Taipei, this travel mug with the Taipei skyline is perfect!

Phone case with bubble tea print
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Taiwan-themed phone case

The 114 phone cases on Zazzle are great options for people who are addicted to their phones!

Each of these cases has a unique Taiwan theme. For example, this cute one with the text “You give me boba-flies”.

It’s a funny gift for someone who loves Taiwanese bubble tea (or boba tea).

Boba tea is a drink with tea (surprise) and sweet balls at the bottom and it’s immensely popular in Taiwan. Traditional it’s made with tapioca balls (which are called boba, hence the name boba tea). Though you can find them with all sorts of balls nowadays.

Photo courtesy of Bardally

Taiwan-themed shirt

Are you looking for cute Taiwan gifts for women?

Then this shirt with a Taiwan heartbeat is a great idea. Or check out Etsy for more designs.

Luggage tag with map of Taiwan
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Taiwanese-themed luggage tag

The 50+ Taiwanese-themed luggage tags on Zazzle are a great gift for frequent travelers.

I quite liked the luggage tag with the watercolor map of Taiwan and I think it’s one of the great gifts from someone in Taiwan who loves to travel.

Save these Taiwan gift ideas

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24 Taiwan gifts for someone in Taiwan

Final note on gifts and souvenirs from Taiwan

Alright, these were the 25 best gifts from Taiwan! If you haven’t decided which gift you should buy yet, check out the editor’s top pick.

FAQ about Taiwanese gifts

What products is Taiwan famous for?

Taiwan is famous for electronics, computer hardware, machinery, chemicals, textiles, food, and bicycles. Known brands include HTC, Asus, Acer, Foxconn, and high-quality machinery and machine tools. Taiwan is also known for advanced electronics manufacturing.

What to gift Taiwanese people?

Interestingly, when looking for gifts for local Taiwanese people, try to avoid gifts that are made in Taiwan. Instead, go for food gifts or high-quality liquor. For people who love the country, one of these 25 Taiwanese gift ideas is a great option.

What to shop for in Taiwan?

Taiwanese souvenirs include traditional food items like pineapple cake and beef noodles, handicrafts like glass art, bamboo baskets, and pottery, skincare products made with local ingredients, clothing and textiles, electronic accessories, and keychains featuring iconic landmarks and symbols.


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