25 Awesome Phone Cases For Travel Lovers

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Phone case with mountains

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Did you know that people spend about 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones each day? If we’re going to spend that much time staring at one little device, we better make the most of it. And what’s a better way than using the most beautiful travel phone cases and the best phone case for traveling that will make your travel life easier?

So check out these 25 phone travel cases for all types of travelers. From cheap and sturdy cases to stylish ones, there is a perfect phone case for everyone!

Save these phone cases for traveling

25 awesone travel phone cases for traveling

Best phone travel cases

Today, you will find two types of phone travel cases.

The first ones are the best phone cases for traveling. These cases don’t necessarily have a beautiful design, but they are simply the most practical phone cases for travelers. They are either waterproof, extremely sturdy, or come with handy straps and wallets.

The others are beautiful phone cases with a travel theme. They are great for travelers on any occasion, whether they are traveling or at home. You can literally find phone cases in any design, so I tried to select a wide range of options. But if you want more ideas, I’ve listed my favorite websites for travel phone cases below.

Sunhat and floral phone cases
Photo by Sepideh Doost on Unsplash

Best websites for travel phone cases

As I said before, you can find phone cases everywhere. But for the most beautiful travel phone cases, I would stick to these three websites.

  • Zazzle. Zazzle offers the most unique designs. The downside is that they only provide phone cases for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 4.
  • Casetify. This is the best website for both iPhone owners and other brand owners. They provide phone cases for about any brand and model.
  • Society6. Just as Casetify they offer phone cases for many different brands and models.

If you would like more options than the ones I picked for today’s post, head over to one of these sites.

Of course, you can also find plenty of options on Amazon too. But let’s be honest. Is there anything you can’t find on Amazon?

Especially for practical phone cases for travelers, Amazon is a great place to start.

Best phone cases for traveling

#1 Crossbody phone case wallet

Leather phone case wallet
Leather phone case wallet

This is one of the best phone cases for traveling women. It’s a phone case and wallet combined and it comes with straps so you can wear it as a cross-body purse and keep your phone and money safe.

I quite liked the elegant black leather design, but really, you can find wallet phone cases in many different colors and designs, so check out Amazon for that. And for wallet phone cases for traveling men, check out #6.

This case is designed for iPhone 13 (Pro and Pro Max), but you can also find wallet phone cases for other popular models (both Android and iPhones), check out Amazon for that.

#2 Crossbody phone case

Crossbody phone case
Crossbody phone case

A crossbody phone case is very practical for travelers who often drop their phones (that’s me). You can wear your phone around your neck or shoulder, so it doesn’t fall down when it accidentally slips through your fingers.

It’s also useful for people who spend a lot of time around the water, such as boat owners or cruisers. You won’t have to worry about using your phone near the water sides.

Oh, and the rope can also be detached if you just want to use your phone without it.

This example is compatible with iPhone 11 (Pro and Pro Max), for other models, check out Amazon again.

#3 Clear phone case with detachable strap

Clear phone case with straps
Clear phone case with straps

Here is another phone case with straps, but this time it’s a more gender-neutral option. It’s a simple transparent case with black straps that can be attached vertically and horizontally.

This is also one of the cheapest phone cases for traveling, so if you only have a small budget, this would be the best option. It’s designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max, but it’s also available for other models and brands.

#4 Phone case wallet with wrist strap

Glittery phone wallet with wrist strap
Phone wallet with wrist strap

This phone case wallet is another great case for traveling women. The wallet contains 9 card slots, additional side pockets for cash, and a zipper pocket for coins. Another feature that makes it a very practical case for travelers is the detachable wrist strap, so you can use it as a clutch when you’re going out for a party.

This one is designed for the iPhone XR, for other models, check out Amazon.

#5 Waterproof phone pouch

Waterproof phone pouch
Waterproof phone pouch

Technically, this is not really a phone case, because usually, you put the pouch around your phone and its case. But still, I consider it one of the most essential phone cases for traveling.

The waterproof phone case allows you to safely use your phone without worrying about it getting wet. Whether you’re going canoeing, swimming, visiting a waterfall, or simply hiking in the rain, with this pouch you can still take out your phone and take pictures.

The pouch can fit phones that measure up to 7 inches, which includes the most common ones such as iPhone 13/12/11 and Samsung Galaxy S22.

#6 Cool wallet phone case

Wallet phone case
Wallet phone case

This is one of the best phone cases for traveling men. It’s a sturdy case that comes with a card holder which can hold around 3 cards and some cash. But thanks to the thumb slot, the cards and cash won’t wall out of the holder, as often happens with phone card holders of lesser quality.

The edges are also raised which protects your screen in case you drop your phone. This is the iPhone 13 (mini, Pro, and Pro max) design, but they are also available for other iPhone models.

#7 Most sturdy phone case for traveling

LifeProof Fre sturdy phone case
LifeProof Fre sturdy phone case

Are you one of those people whose phone screen is always broken? Then this is the perfect case for you!

It’s probably one of the most expensive phone cases for traveling on this list. But if you often break your screen, you’ll know that fixing your screen is even more expensive (especially if you need it on a regular basis).

It has a built-in screen cover, so even if you drop it and your screen breaks, it’s only the screen of your phone case, not the actual phone’s screen. On top of that, the LifeProof Fre series is waterproof and it’s designed to protect your phone underwater or in snow up to 66 feet (about 2 meters) for an hour!

This is really the best option for clumsy people (that’s me) or for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. But for a cheaper option, check out the next phone case.

LifeProof designs phone cases for about all iPhone models, but not for other phone models, unfortunately.

#8 Most affordable sturdy phone case for travelers

Tech21 phone case
Tech21 phone case

If the previous option is a bit too expensive for you, Tech21’s Evo Max is a good alternative.

It’s also a super sturdy case that has been tested to provide protection for falls up to 20 feet (6.1 meters)! So it’s definitely worth it if you have a reputation for regularly dropping your phone.

Tech21 provides phone cases for all iPhone models, the one in the example is for iPhone 13.

The only downside of these sturdy and practical phone cases for travelers is (in my opinion), that they are not the most elegant. For that, you would need one of the travel-themed phone cases I have shared below.

Best travel-themed phone cases

#9 Travel stamps phone case

Phone case with travel stamps
Phone case with travel stamps

I love this phone case with travel stamps. It has a transparent design, so you can still see the original design of your phone through the case. The edges are curved, to provide better protection when you drop your phone.

This example is made for iPhone 13 Pro Max, for other models check out Amazon or Zazzle (though the one on Zazzle is not transparent).

#10 Phone case with photos

Phone case with photos and "wanderlust"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This is one of the cutest travel phone cases. You can add your four favorite travel photos and your own name to completely personalize this phone case.

The phone cases on Zazzle are available for most iPhone models and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S7.

#11 Most affordable phone case

Wold map phone case
Wold map phone case

If you don’t want to spend a shitload of money on your phone case, and you have an iPhone 13 Pro Max, this would be the best option. It’s the cheapest phone case on this list, but you definitely can’t tell from its design and quality.

Just as most phone cases, the edges are raised to protect against scratches and drops.

#12 Personalized world map case

World map phone case with name
World map phone case with name

If you would like a personalized phone travel case, this one with the world map is an awesome design. The case is clear, so it still shows the design of your iPhone, but it also has a beautiful world map, and you can add your name so people will always know who the phone belongs to.

#13 More world map cases

Wooden phone case with world map
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Alright, this is the last world map phone case, I promise.

But if you’re a travel lover, I am sure you love world maps as much as I do. They just remind you of all the beautiful places you still have to discover.

I think this wooden case is a beautiful unique option. But to check out more world map phone cases, head over to Zazzle and check out the nearly 1800 different options.

Remember, Zazzle provides only cases for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S7, and Note 4.

#14 Phone cases with airplanes

Phone case with airplanes
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Here is another thing we as travelers love, airplanes. Because for us, airplanes mean new adventures and fun (or at least, that’s what they mean to me)!

Check out Zazzle to discover all the cool plane-themed phone cases, or go for the cute blue one I selected for you today.

#15 Phone case of your favorite destination

Phone case with Paris and the Eiffel Tower
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you have a favorite country or city? For example, France or Paris?

Then head over to Zazzle and search for phone cases specific to your favorite country, such as this cute Paris-themed phone case.

#16 Wooden phone cases

Wooden phone case
Wooden phone case

I love anything made out of wood. And if you are like me, you will love the wooden phone cases from CaseYard. They are made out of cherry wood, have raised edges for better protection, and are available in five different travel themes.

CaseYard only provides phone cases for iPhones unfortunately.

#17 “Living my best life” quote case

Phone case with quote "living my best life"
Photo courtesy of Casetify

If you don’t own an iPhone, definitely check out Casetify because they offer phone cases for many different brands and models. One of the cute travel phone cases I found was this one with the quote: “Living my best life”. Which sure is how I feel when I’m traveling.

#18 “Adventure awaits” phone case

Phone case with "adventur awaits"
Photo courtesy of Casetify

Here is another cute phone travel case with a quote. This time it’s a great phone case for adventure travelers who love the mountains. If you are an adventurer and you would like another cool option, check out the next one.

#19 “Say yes to new adventures” phone case

Photo courtesy of Casetify

This phone case is another awesome travel phone case for adventure travelers. It will remind you to never turn down an opportunity to explore.

#20 Abstract designs

Phone case with mountains
Photo courtesy of Society6

If you love abstract art, you will sure love the travel phone cases on Society6. For example, this mountain one. Though they have other cool options too, such as an abstract dessert or beach phone case.

#21 Camera-shaped phone case

Phone case with vintage camera look
Photo courtesy of Society6

Do you love photography? Then this phone case is perfect for you! It’s a vintage camera design, that will protect your phone in style.

#22 Camping-themed phone case

Photo courtesy of Society6

Camping lovers, this is the best phone travel case for you! I don’t think this phone case needs any further explanation.

#23 Vintage poster phone case

Phone case with travel posters
Photo courtesy of Society6

Another cute travel phone case is this one with vintage travel posters from around the world. If you love to travel, you will surely love these posters.

#24 Wild hearts phone case

Phone case with a heart and trees
Photo courtesy of Casetify

Are you an outdoors person? And/or do you love nature?

Then this is the perfect phone case for you.

#25 “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” case

Phone case with heart and a quote
Photo courtesy of Casetify

The last option on this list basically combines everything travelers love.

A map of the world in a heart with the quote “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”. Because we love the world and we love exploring every single part of it.

Save these phone travel cases

25 awesone phone travel cases for traveling

Final note on travel phone cases

Alright, these were my favorite phone cases for travelers! Which one is your favorite? Or do you have another great phone case for travelers? I would love to hear from you!