40 Gifts For Boaters That’ll Keep The Fun Afloat All Year Round

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Boat on the ocean

If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head while trying to find the best gifts for boaters, you’re not alone. With so many types of maritime enthusiasts out there, it can be harder to pick the perfect boating gift than to navigate through a maze of underwater sea caves blindfolded. But luckily we’re here to help you out, with the ultimate guide to the perfect boat gifts!

As a boater’s girlfriend, I had the help of a very knowledgeable man to gather 40 phenomenal gift ideas that’ll suit every kind of boater under the sun. From funny to practical, you can find it all in here!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts for boat lovers by budget.

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30 boating gifts for boaters

Large budget gifts for boaters

#1 Floating sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses from the brand Rheos
Rheos floating sunglasses

These floating sunglasses are super practical gifts for boaters. Boaters no longer have to worry about dropping their sunglasses in the water, because they will simply stay afloat. Okay, yeah they would still need to get into the water or use a net to pick them up, but at least they don’t need to deep dive to find their sunglasses!

These sunglasses are also very useful for surfers or people who love the beach and the ocean.

#2 Boat table

Boat table
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the most practical gifts for boat owners; a boat utility table. They can finally keep their food and drinks on a (relatively) stable table!

It’s quite an expensive gift, so before you buy this table, make sure you’ve checked whether their boat already has a table or not.

#3 Grill for boats

Boating grill
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best gifts for boaters who love barbecuing! The grill is specifically designed to be used on a boat. It can be mounted in different ways, it’s stable, easy to clean, minimizes blowouts, and the lid can be rotated to function as a windshield.

#4 Airhead hot dog

Airhead hot dog
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for gift ideas for boat owners with kids? Then is by far the best gift you can get.

It’s actually my favorite boating gift on this list, and I do not have children (I guess I am just a big child myself).

I mean, what’s funnier than trying to hang on to this hot dog with your friends (or kids), while a boat is pulling you forward and making turns?

For more fun water-related boat gifts, check out #12 and #13.

#5 Personalized painting of the boat

A handmade painting of someone's boat
Photo courtesy of Boat Scapes

A painting of their own boat is one of the most unique and heartfelt gifts for new boat owners (and old ones if they don’t have one yet).

This way, they’ll still get to enjoy the view of their precious boat baby even when they’re not out on the water.

We’re sure they’d be delighted just by gazing at the beautiful painting, reminding them of the many adventures they’ve had and those that await them on the open water.

#6 Cooler box

Igloo cooler
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This giant cool box is one of the best gift ideas for boaters who love staying on the water for hours. With this cooler, they can keep their refreshments cold all day! It’s also a great gift idea for boat owners who love hosting parties on their boats.

#7 Ship whiskey decanter

Ship-shaped whiskey decanter
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is a fun gift for boat lovers who also love whiskey.

The intricate ship design in the decanter adds a touch of maritime charm that’ll definitely give off that nautical theme and class to their drinking, making each sip a voyage of taste and sophistication.

It’s perfect for blending their passion for boating with their love of fine spirits.

#8 Portable waterproof speakers

A bluetooth speaker from JBL
JBL speakers

What’s a boat party without music?

That’s right, a sad party!

So this portable waterproof speaker by JBL is one of the best gifts for boat owners who love throwing parties. Though, it’s also a great gift for boaters who simply enjoy some background music. For small boats, the JBL Go is perfect (see image), but for larger boats, I would recommend the JBL flip because it’s a bit bigger and can blast music for the entire boat.

All JBL speakers are waterproof making them ideal for use on a boat.

#9 All-in-one boat accessories organizer 

All-in-one boat accessories organizer 
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What more practical gift idea for boat owners than this boat tote?

It’s an all-in-one boat accessories organizer, with multiple places for all their stuff!

With this, their fishing trips will be much more fun as it is convenient – providing fast access to their things and fishing gear.

#10 Waterproof shoes

Waterproof shoes for boaters
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Things can get wet on a boat, so anything that’s waterproof is a great gift.

One example of that is these DYKHMILY sneakers. They are lightweight and waterproof. Plus the sole is slip-resistant which makes them very useful on a boat. And last but not least, they are actually stylish.

#11 Sonar fish finder

Sonar fish finder
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A boating trip is never complete without fishing!

Your boater friends probably enjoy the occasional fishing as a hobby as well so why not gift them this sonar fish finder?

It’s a fun gift that’ll help them get a guaranteed catch no matter where they cast their line, something that’ll enhance their experience!

#12 Inflatable paddleboard

Inflatable paddleboard
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Usually, boat owners are quite active people who love water and being outdoors.

So any gift that involves water and activities is a great gift, such as this inflatable paddleboard!

It’s a great way for boaters to do something active once they’ve dropped their anchor.

So if you are looking for gift ideas for boaters who love sports, this is the gift you need.

#13 Personalized boat name shirt

Man wearing a white shirt
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

For boat owners, their boat is almost like their second home (and in some cases like their child), they love it and they are proud of it.

So they’ll appreciate anything with the boat’s name on it, such as this shirt with the captain and the boat’s name.

It’s one of the best personalized gifts for boat owners who love being the captain of their boat.

#14 World Cruising Route Guide

Book cover of 'World cruising routes"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The books by Jimmy Cornell are sometimes also referred to as the bible of cruising sailors and thus a great gift idea for boaters!

#15 Water floating mat

Water floating mat
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Gifting this floating mat is ideal for summer fun!

It’s great for kids and adults alike, for spending time with friends and families, whether they’d like to play or simply soak the sun’s rays, it’s good for both activities.

#16 Bookends

A set of bookends with boat ropes
Photo courtesy of Shop Teli

These handmade boat rope hook bookends would be a fun housewarming gift for a boater. It’ll bring some nautical vibes into their new homes.

With its timeless design, it does indeed have a certain touch of maritime charm. It’s a piece that truly captures the spirit of the open sea.

Mid-budget gifts for boaters

#17 Boat LED lights

Boat LED lights
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for fun gifts for boat owners that will light up their boats (literally)?

Then this set of eight LED lights is perfect.

It will make their boat look amazing at night! And it’s not only beautiful but also very practical for boaters who love driving at night.

#18 Earth Pak dry bag

A dry back from Sea to Summit
Sea to Summit dry bag

Quite a few of the great gifts for boaters on this list are things that protect against water. And that makes sense, because being on the water all the time, doesn’t come without risks. And this dry bag is a great way to prevent things such as their phones, wallets, iPads, and whatnot from water.

#19 Book for sailors

Book cover of 'Fifty places to sail before you die'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for gifts for boaters who love sailing? Then this book with experts’ top 50 places to sail around the world is the book you need!

#20 Boat gifts for couples

A set of coozies, and hats for a boating couple
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for boating gifts for a couple who does everything together? Or for a couple who loves matching outfits?

Or perhaps you are looking for funny gifts for boat owners.

Either way, this set with Captain and First Mate matching hats and bottle and can coolers is perfect.

#21 Boaters cookbook

book cover of 'The boaters cookbook'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Cooking on a small boat can be quite a challenge and I am sure that many boaters already know about this. They’ve probably always stuck to the same small and simple meals, but not anymore.

This cookbook contains 450 super easy and quick gallery-tested recipes that can be made on a boat.

#22 Boat dashboard compass

Compass for boaters
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for practical gifts for boaters?

Then this compass for their boat’s dashboard is a great idea. It will help them to navigate the old-fashioned way (in case they ever run out of batteries). The compass is waterproof and lights up at night, so it can also be used for navigation when it’s dark.

#23 Flag poles

Flag poles
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These flag poles make great gifts for new boat owners, especially if they are paired with a personalized boat flag (check out gift #30 for that!).

#24 Interesting books for boaters

Book cover of '500 days around the world on a 12-foot yacht'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for gifts for boat lovers Then this book is a must! It’s about the Guinness world record breaker Sege Testa who sailed around the world on his yacht.

#25 Boat scuff erasers

Package of Boat scuff erasers
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This might not be the most exciting gift but it sure is a great idea for that friend who’s kind of a clean freak.

It removes marks, dirt, and whatnot on the boat, all they have to do is get it wet, squeeze the eraser then use it to wipe the boat clean, quickly removing grime, grease, mud, scruffs, you name it!

#26 Clip-on mini fan

Clip-on mini fan
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This mini fan is a great gift for boaters who enjoy sailing during summer. 

It’s small and easy to use, they can clip it anywhere on their boat to stay cool during hot days. 

It adds a refreshing breeze, making their summer sailing adventure even more fun and enjoyable.

#27 Practical book for boat owners

Book cover of 'The new get rid of boat odors: A boat owner's guide to marine sanitation systems and other sources of aggravation and odor'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best gifts for someone who owns a boat! A guide to keeping their boat smelling fresh and clean.

#28 Boat-themed glasses

Set of four drinking glasses with a nautical theme
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These glasses with a nautical theme are great boat gifts for people who love the ocean, sailing, ships, and anything related to boating.

Even when they’re not on a boat, these glasses will bring the boats into their homes.

#29 Boat-themed beer cooler

Life vest beer coolers
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

In case you are looking for funny boat gifts, these life vest beer coolers are the gift you need!

They are great for a white elephant gift exchange or a Secret Santa evening; practical, but still in boating-theme.

#30 Personalized boat name flag

Design your own flag logo
Photo courtesy of Uplifting Artware

If you are looking for personalized gifts for boat owners, this flag is the perfect gift.

You can personalize it in whatever way you want. You can go for a fun photo, a self-designed logo, the boat’s name, or just a sweet message.

#31 Funny boating shirt

Funny shirt with text "the dockfather'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Father’s Day gifts for boat lovers? Or are you looking for funny boat gifts for your boyfriend?

This shirt is a great gift. It’s a funny pun for people who love The Godfather.

Small budget gifts for boaters

#32 Boat logbook

Book cover of "captains logbook"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A boating logbook is one of the best gifts for boaters who love keeping track of all their tours.

This logbook will help them to organize their notes in a structured way. They can keep track of the destinations, speed, water, course, other navigation notes, boat maintenance, crew, guests, and a lot more!

#33 Waterproof deck of cards

Waterproof deck of cards
Photo courtesy of Amazon

One of the risks of a boating lifestyle is that everything can get wet. So as I explained before, all gifts that prevent things from getting wet, or that are waterproof are great gifts for boat owners. And one example is this waterproof deck of cards. So they can still play card games on board and not worry about a bit of water.

#34 Personalized corkscrew

Corkscrew with boat name
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for small, practical, and personalized gifts for boat owners?

Then this corkscrew with the boat’s name is perfect!

It’s cute, thoughtful, and very practical for people who love drinking and boating.

#35 Waterproof knot book

Waterproof knot book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Your boater friend surely loves to invite their family and friends to go on a boating trip, and having this rope knot guide would be perfect in case the guests would like to help onboard.

Of course, the receiver may not actually need the guide for himself but gifting this guide would be of great help when they try teaching anyone, especially beginners, essential knots.

#36 Boat-themed tote bag

Bag with text "weekend forcast boating with a chance of wine"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need small boat gifts for sustainable travelers?

Then a tote bag with a boating theme is a great gift idea. These bags last longer than plastic bags and are made from recyclable material.

You can find nearly 7,000 different options on Zazzle, or simply go for the funny weekend forecast bag with “Boating and a chance of wine”.

#37 Funny book for boaters

Book cover of 'Hard Aground, Again: The Incomplete Idiot's Guide to Doing Stupid Stuff With Boats (Boating Humor) (Doing Stupid Stuff on Boats)'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are just looking for funny gifts for boaters, this book is perfect. It’s a collection of the funniest boating-themed columns.

#38 Floating cooler

Floating cooler
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This inflatable floating cooler is the perfect gift for your boater friends to keep their drinks cool and close while they take a dip.

It has enough space for their favorite drinks, ensuring that they never have to leave the water to enjoy a refreshing beverage on a hot day.

#39 Boat-themed socks

My boat, my rules socks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Socks are always good gifts. They are small, practical, and can be found in literally any color, print, or theme. Such as these boat-themed ones. They are great gifts for boat owners who love being the captain of their boat (and beyond).

#40 Boat inspired jewelry

Golden necklace with a pendant in the shape of an anchor
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for cute boating gifts for women?

Then this necklace in the shape of an anchor is a great idea. It’s not only related to boating but anchors also symbolize hope, safety, and confidence.

Though check out Amazon for more options.

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The 30 best boating gifts for boaters

Final note on gifts for boat owners

Alright, these were the 40 best boating gifts. Are you still not sure which gift to buy? Check out the editor’s top three gifts by budget.


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