25 Must-Have Boxing Gifts For Boxing Enthusiasts That Will Knock Them Out

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Two boxing gloves

Whether you’re looking for the perfect boxing gift for a fan of the sport, a frequent practicer, or for yourself (don’t worry, we won’t judge), we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’re putting on our gloves and diving into the ring of gifts for boxers that will make them jump with joy (and maybe even throw a few jabs of excitement).

So, prepare to bob, weave, and laugh as we explore 25 perfect presents that will have you feeling like a champ in the world of boxing gift-giving!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts for boxing lovers by budget.

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25 bexing gift ideas with an image of a man boxing

Boxing gifts for large budgets

#1 Ticket to boxing matches

Ticketmaster website
Photo courtesy of Ticketmaster

Alright, let’s start this list with the number one gift for boxing lovers (especially lovers of watching the sport 😉);

A ticket to a boxing match!

I’m a huge fan of experience gifts over physical ones, so whether it’s a local competition or a ticket to the World Boxing Championships, check out Ticketmaster to find the best seats!

It’s a gift that’s sure to pack a punch of excitement and create memories they’ll be bragging about for years!

#2 Punch tracker

A man boxing on a punch bag with a tracker at the bottom
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need gifts for boxers who love to go the extra mile?

Look no further than the boxing punch tracker!

This little marvel is like having a personal coach right in their gloves. They can place the device at the bottom of their boxing bag and it measures their punching power as well as endurance and ranks their score so they can track their progress!

And the best part?

It’s completely wireless, and since it’s attached to the boxing bag instead of their body, it frees their hands from the tangled mess of cables.

#3 Mouthguard cleaner

A mouth guard cleaner with UV light
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for boxing gift ideas that will keep the recipient safe and sound (as far as that’s possible with boxers)?

Then this UV mouthguard cleaner is perfect!

It’s like a secret weapon against the stinky gunk that likes to hide in their mouth guard. With ultraviolet lights, this case disinfects their gear in just 2.5 minutes—no soap needed! Just one press of a button, and voila! Their dental devices are cleaner than a dentist’s room.

It’s the perfect gift to show them you care about their health and keep their gear protected. Plus it’s a great gift for people who practice other contact sports too, such as wrestlers.

#4 Foam roller massage tool

Foam roller massage tool
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This lightweight and rugged roller mimics the hands of a therapist – minus the awkward small talk.  It’s the perfect tool for rolling out tired muscles, increasing flexibility, and flushing away lactic acid like a mini-masseuse.

Whether they’re treating a lower back injury, sore legs, or just in need of a good stretch, this foam roller is one of the best gifts for boxers.

#5 Boxing-themed clock

A boxing-themed clock made from an old vinyl record
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for unique gifts for boxers?

Then this old vinyl record clock is an awesome gift idea!

Not only does it give a nostalgic nod to the past, but it also showcases their love for the sport in a unique and stylish way. With its sleek design and unmistakable boxing motifs, this clock will have them throwing jabs at the minute hand, counting down the rounds until their next training session.

#6 Punchbag laundry basket

Laundy basket shaped like punch bag for boxers
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Tired of your boyfriend’s, husband’s, or son’s never-ending laundry pile?

Enter the laundry bag shaped like a boxing bag that will have them doing laundry like it’s a training session (hopefully)!

Say goodbye to fights about who does the laundry and hello to a stylish solution that will have him knock out that dirty clothes pile in the corner.

From college dorms to boys’ bedrooms, this spacious and foldable laundry organizer is the perfect gift for boxing legends.

#7 US-themed boxing robe costume

A man wearing boxing gloves and a robe in the colors of the US flag
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for funny boxing gifts for him that will leave him in stitches?

Then go for this American flag robe and shorts costume!

It’s the perfect attire for Halloween or 4th of July parties, guaranteeing laughs, double-takes, and an opportunity for them to show off their fit boxing body with Halloween!

#8 Boxing-themed water bottle

Water bottle with a boxing theme
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Staying hydrated is essential for boxers, and with this funny boxing-themed water bottle, they can do that in style.

Whether they’re in the ring or hitting the heavy bag, this water bottle is their trusty cornerman, keeping them refreshed and fueled for victory.

#9 Wall art

Two boxing gloves shaped led lights
Photo courtesy of Light of Sign

Do you need boxing fan gifts for someone’s home?

Then check out Etsy to find all sorts of unique boxing-inspired wall art ideas. From iconic fight posters to clocks and neon lights, there is a gift for every type of boxer or fan!

Boxing gifts for mid budgets

#10 Reflex ball training set

A man with a reflex ball training set
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for boxing gifts for him that will help him dodge punches like a ninja?

Then check out this reflex ball set that will train them to get reflexes faster than a caffeinated cheetah!

It will help them to get faster reflexes and improved hand-eye coordination while sparing them the hassle of guards or gloves. It comes with an adjustable headband which makes it a great gift for both kids and adults.

#11 Boxing gift card

Short funny gift card message "Time to say buy-buy!"

Do you want to avoid throwing a wild haymaker with your gift choice?

Give the gift of choice itself with a gift card from a boxing shop like Everlast or a general sports shop like Nike!

Let your boxing fan pick their own gloves, gear, or stylish sportswear. Because let’s be honest, they’ll probably know better what training equipment and gear they’ll need than you.

And don’t worry if you think gift cards are boring gifts, with these 29 creative ways to give gift cards you can turn them into a true masterpiece!

#12 Cookbook for boxers

Cookbook with the title "fighter's kitchen"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is the ultimate gift for boxing lovers who take their practice seriously.

The Fighter’s Kitchen is packed with 100 muscle-building, fat-burning recipes that will have them punching and cooking their way to victory.

From easily-accessible ingredients to tailored meal plans, this book has it all. It’s like having a certified sports nutritionist in their kitchen, guiding them on the path to a sculpted physique.

And hey, if it’s good enough for professional MMA fighters in the UFC, it’s definitely good enough for anyone looking to unleash their inner warrior in the kitchen!

#13 Boxing-themed hoodie

Hoodie with boxing and an icon of a boxer
Photo courtesy of Orange Design TX

This is a great boxing fan gift to keep the recipient warm and stylish; boxing-themed hoodies!

With their fun designs and boxing-inspired graphics, Etsy’s hoodies make them the reigning fashion champion. Whether they’re hitting the gym or just chilling like a heavyweight champ, these hoodies will have them looking cool and ready to throw down.

#14 Glove necklace

A silver necklace with a pendant of boxing gloves
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Make your favorite boxer feel like a champion both in and out of the ring with this gorgeous necklace! Whether you need boxing gifts for him or her, this accessory lets them show off their love for the sport while looking stylish.

Not only will they have gloves on their hands, but they’ll also have them dangling from their neck like a knockout fashion statement.

#15 Books about boxing

Book cover of "Footwork Wins Fights: The Footwork of Boxing, Kickboxing, Martial Arts & MMA"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Footwork Wins Fights: The Footwork of Boxing, Kickboxing, Martial Arts & MMA

This is the ultimate gift for boxers who are ready to step up their game. It covers everything from body mechanics to advanced footwork techniques used by legends like Dominick Cruz, Willie Pep, and even Mike Tyson

Book cover of "Greatest Boxing Stories Ever Told: Thirty-Six Incredible Tales From The Ring"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Greatest Boxing Stories Ever Told: Thirty-Six Incredible Tales From The Ring

This book is a heavyweight champion, delivering a collection of incredible tales that will hook the reader from the first bell. From heroic champions to tragic deaths in the ring, shady fight promoters to victories against impossible odds, it covers the craziest stories in the world of boxing.

Book cover of "Four Kings: Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran and the Last Great Era of Boxing"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Four Kings: Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran, and the Last Great Era of Boxing

Do you need boxing gift ideas for someone who loves to know everything there is to know in the history of boxing? Look no further than “Four Kings”! This book takes them back to the epic battles between Roberto Duran, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns. Packed with inside stories, this book is a treasure trove of boxing tales that will keep them hooked from training camps to locker rooms.

#16 Boxing-themed travel mug

A travel mug with the evolution of men towards a boxer
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Looking for knockout boxing gift ideas that keep their drinks hot on the go?

Look no further than a boxing-themed travel mug from Zazzle!

It’s the perfect companion for their busy training schedule and ensures they stay hydrated while delivering power punches. Whether they’re sipping their pre-workout or enjoying a post-fight victory coffee, this travel mug is the ultimate accessory for fighters and boxing fans on the move.

#17 Recovery bath soak

A package of recovery bath soak
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Give your favorite boxer some well-deserved rest and recovery with this recovery bath soak.

This ain’t your grandma’s Epsom salt bath, oh no!

Packed with fast-absorbing magnesium flakes, mineral-rich dead sea salts, and revitalizing essential oils, this soak is like a spa treatment for champions. They can soak their worries away for 20 minutes and emerge feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world!

Boxing gifts for small budgets

#18 Glove deodorizers

Glove deodorizers
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Glove deodorizers are the ultimate gift for boxers (and those who live with them). Because let’s face it, sweaty gloves are not a pleasant sight or smell. But with these little wonders, their gloves will be as hygienic as a surgeon’s operating room (or at least not as moist and smelly as they were before).

They absorb moisture and eliminate odor while leaving behind a delightful scent like a fancy cologne or a field of lavender (depending on which fragrance you pick). But what’s even better about this gift (from the eyes of the boxer) is that these deodorizers actually extend the life of their gloves by preventing moisture breakdown.

#19 Personalized message from their favorite boxer

A boxer in the ring
Photo by Chris Kendall on Unsplash

Cameo is a platform that allows you to order personalized video messages from your favorite celebrities, athletes, influencers, and public figures.

With Cameo, you can request custom greetings, birthday messages, shoutouts, or words of encouragement directly from your chosen personality, including famous boxers, making it the ultimate boxing fan gift for someone who is obsessed with the pros.

It’s like having their own personal pep talk from a legendary fighter. So, skip the cliché gifts and give them a cameo that will make them feel like a champion in and out of the ring!

#20 Desktop boxing ball

A mini desktop boxing ball package
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is another one of my favorite funny boxing gifts for him and her.

A mini desktop boxing ball to tackle their stress in style.

Say goodbye to taking out stress on their coworkers and hello to taking it out on this pint-sized punching bag. Complete with tiny boxing gloves for their pointer fingers, they’ll be the champion of office stress relief.

#21 Funny mug

A mug with big muscles as handles and "welcome to the gun show" text
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Give your favorite boxer a laugh with their morning coffee with this funny mug!

It’s the perfect way for them to flex their muscles and show off their boxing progress even during their caffeine fix. Every sip will feel like a power punch, and they’ll start their day with a smile.

#22 Boxing-themed shirt

A shirt with "I'd hit that"
Photo courtesy of The Print Shop Here

With clever designs and witty boxing puns, the boxing-themed shirts on Etsy are awesome gift ideas.

They’ll make the recipient feel like a champ with every step, turning heads and inspiring wherever they go. From witty quotes to quirky illustrations, these shirts are the perfect blend of fashion and boxing fandom.

#23 Personalized keychain

A keychain with a boxing glove and a personalized text
Photo courtesy of Customized by Claire

Do you need small boxing gifts for her or him?

Then this cute personalized keychain with a boxing glove is perfect!  It’s the ideal gift to make sure their keys pack a punch of style. With their name or initials engraved (or quotes such as “I’ll always stand in your corner”), they’ll feel like the champion of keyholders.

#24 Funny Tyson socks

Socks with a funny print of tyson
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These funny Tyson socks are the ultimate boxing Christmas gift!

These socks feature the face of the boxing legend, Mike Tyson, with a humorous twist. With every step they take, they’ll feel like they have the knockout power of Iron Mike on their feet. It’s the perfect way to show off their love for the sport while adding a hilarious touch to their outfit.

#25 Training log book

Boxing training log book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A boxing training log book is the ultimate boxing Christmas gift for frequent practitioners! It’s like their personal diary of jabs, hooks, and anecdotes from training sessions.

They can record their victories, defeats, and even the times they tripped over their own feet. With sections for workouts, sparring sessions, and personal goals, this log book keeps them motivated!

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Final notes on gifts for boxing lovers

From hilarious Tyson socks to boxing-themed hoodies and shirts, these boxing gifts add an extra punch of laughter and style to their boxing journey. Whether it’s wearing their love for boxing on their sleeve or tracking their progress in a log book, these gifts are sure to delight and entertain!


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