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Straat in London with British flags

Are you looking for very British gifts for American friends to take abroad? Or do you need gifts for Anglophiles who simply can’t stop talking about how much they love the UK, Britain, or England? Or perhaps you want to find British gift ideas for someone who moved abroad and misses a bit of home?

Whatever the occasion, I selected the 35 best gifts for British lovers to help you make a decision. From unique British-themed gifts such as fun games to classic British food baskets, you will find something for any type of Anglophile!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three British gift ideas by budget.

Save these British gifts for anglophiles

Make sure you save these Anglophile gifts for the next time you need British gifts for friends or family.

25 British gifts for the Anglophiles in your life

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#1 Knight or damehood

Gifting knight or damehood
Gifting knight or damehood

I don’t think it’s possible to find gifts for England lovers that get more British than this!

You can seriously give your friend or relative an official registration to become a knight or dame in the manor of Alconbury UK.

Yes, I am not kidding. They can officially call themselves the knight or the dame of Alconbury!

#2 British gifts baskets: tea

Photo courtesy of The Tea Crew

Of course, I could not make a list of British gifts for Anglophiles without including the most British drinks;


Obviously, there are plenty of English teas to choose from, just have a look at the extensive list on Amazon and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

But I quite like this tea crew gift basket from Etsy. It includes five samples of typical English tea as well as a perfect measurement spoon.

#3 British Isles beer cap map

Map of the UK with holes for beer caps
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

This map is one of the best British gift ideas for people who love beer and the UK (and Ireland, since that’s also included on the map). It’s available on Not on the High Street and Etsy.

They can fill up the map of places they love the most with a cap of the drink they love the most!

Can it get any better than that?

Well, if you are looking for gifts for England lovers who drink wine, it can actually get better than that, check out #16 on this list.

#4 British gift baskets: food

Photo courtesy of Scrummy Box

If you are looking for English gifts for foreign friends or for Brits who someone who moved abroad, this British chocolate food basket will surely cheer them up.

#5 London chess set

Chess set with pieces that represent the London and New York CIty skyline
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need gifts for chess players?

Then give them this unique chess board with London vs New York City! Each with iconic landmarks from the two cities. Watch them capture the Empire State Building while protecting the British buildings.

#6 Experience gifts

A photo of Westminster Palace in London, UK
Westminster Palace in London

No gift can beat the actual experience of being in England.

So if you’ve got a large budget and you’re looking for something unique, and something that can create an even better bond between you and the recipient, then an England experience gift is exactly what you need! Whether you’re talking them to the countryside, the wild beaches, or the bustling streets of London, on Tiggly you can find awesome experiences across the country and for any type of recipient.

And the best part?

Buying from Tinggly means that you can pay for the gift, but set the data after you’ve given it to the recipient, so you can find a date the both of you are available.

#7 A piece of England

A certificate with a piece of landownership in England
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Alright, I know I say this with every gift on this list, but this is seriously one of the best for Anglophiles! An actual piece of England.

They may not be able to afford a house or land in England (and you probably can’t give that as a gift either), but this Happy Land Gift comes pretty damn close!

It’s a funny gag gift that comes with a certificate and actually gives the recipient access to a large property in Chilsworthy in the south of the country. They can spend the night there, have a picnic, come stroll on the land, or just enjoy the scenery.

However don’t get them too excited, because it’s a shared land access and they don’t actually have the right to live on the property. But it is still one of the funniest and most unique gifts on this list.

#8 Cheese basket

A cheese gift basket with different cheeses from the UK
Photo courtesy of iGourmet

Do you need English gifts for true cheeseheads, but can’t decide what cheese to give?

You no longer have to choose, you can simply go for iGourmet’s gift basket with four different British cheeses for them to try at home. It includes the four most classic English kinds of cheese; cheddar, blue stilton, sage derby, and Cotswold (or Pub cheese).

#9 Hunter rainboots

A pair of black rain boots from the UK brand Hunter
Hunter rainboots

With the unpredictable (or predictable, but just rainy) English weather, a good pair of rainboots is not an unnecessary luxury.

And there is nothing more British than the iconic Hunter rainboots. Not only are they practical, they are stylish (well, as stylish as rainboots can be), and the most typical English footwear during rain (so that’s all the time).

#10 British tweed

A pair of gloves made from tweed from the UK
Photo courtesy of Amazon

British tweed is a sturdy woolen fabric, famous for its intricate patterns, durability, and warmth. It’s another iconic British item that originated in Scotland and England and is still made here to this date.

For Anglophiles, a tweed gift, such as these gloves, is like wrapping them in a cozy slice of British history, blending tradition with timeless style.

#11 British baking subscription box

An british gift basket with baking goodies
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

Do you know someone who has watched all seasons of the great British Bake Off and who loves to try these recipes at home?

Then surprise them with a monthly baking kit. Each month they’ll receive a new recipe and ingredients to try a new traditional British recipe!

British gifts for Anglophiles for mid-budget

#12 British-themed games

British royals murder mystery
British royals murder mystery

What’s a better gift for someone who is obsessed with The UK than games that remind them of their favorite part of the world?

The number one British-themed game is British Royals Murder Mystery. A super random game where you have to find out who murdered the royal family. It includes various characters from the actual family.

Check out these travel-themed board games for more fun games.

#13 British-themed gifts: tote bags

A tote bag with typical British things

Tote bags are always fun and practical gifts, especially if they have a cute English design such as this one.

If you prefer other British designs, check out Zazzle.  

#14 Book and tea subscription box

An English gift basket with a book an tea
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

Can a gift get any more English than this?  I mean, what’s more British than drinking a hot cup of tea by the fireside with a new book?

With a subscription by Cratejoy, the recipient will receive a new book and a luxury tea set every month! The books are mostly classic English novels but with an exclusive and new cover. So even if the recipient already has most of those books, it’s a fun gift to add to their bookshelves (and give them a cup of tea every month).

#15 British-style travel mug

Travel mug with the skyline of London
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

For Anglophiles who also love coffee and London, this travel mug is a great gift!

If they don’t like London, check out Zazzle for other designs too.

And for more gift ideas for coffee lovers, check out my coffee guide!

#16 British Isles cork map

Map of the UK with holes for wine corks
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

This map of the British Isles (it includes Ireland too) is not just a regular map, it includes holes that they can fill with wine corks!

I am pretty sure that this is one of the best British gifts for Anglophiles who love wine. Each time they finish a wine bottle, they also get to decorate their map.

#17 British books

Book cover of 'Understanding The British: A hilarious guide from Apologising to Wimbledon '
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Understanding The British: A Hilarious Guide from Apologising to Wimbledon 

Are you looking for British gifts for Anglophiles who still need a bit of clarification about the British? This is the perfect book for them. Or to prepare people who are about to move to the UK.

Book cover of '52 Times Britain Was a Bellend: The History You Didn't Get Taught at School'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

52 Times Britain Was a Bellend: The History You Didn’t Get Taught at School

A funny, yet interesting and educational book about Britain’s not-so-glamourous roles of the past.

Book cover of 'How to Be a Victorian: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Victorian Life'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

How to Be a Victorian: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Victorian Life

If you are looking for a book for a history-lover that’s not just dry information about history, this funny manual is the perfect alternative.

Book cover of 'Girl Gone London: An American's Guide to Surviving Life in the UK'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Girl Gone London: An American’s Guide to Surviving Life in the UK

This is probably one of the best British gifts for American friends; a book about an American girl trying to settle in England. Filled with hilarious moments that many American expats will recognize.

#18 Cookbooks as UK gifts

The best British cookbooks

I know that it’s often joked that British food is terrible (do you know the joke about heaven and hell?), but there are actually quite a number of delicious foods from the UK.

Say hello to scones, pies, and fish and chips!

Oh in case you have no idea what joke I was referring to:

Heaven is where the police are British, the lovers French, the mechanics German, the chefs Italian, and it is all organized by the Swiss.

Hell is where the police are German, the lovers Swiss, the mechanics French, the chefs British, and it is all organized by the Italians.

Anyways, back to the British gifts for Anglophiles, let’s have a look at a few great UK cookbooks:

#19 Anglophile gifts for gin lovers

Scratch map of the UK with gin distilleries
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

If you are looking for the best British gift ideas for gin lovers, this scratch map of the UK’s greatest gin distilleries is exactly what you need.

For more ginspiration for gin drinkers, check out my gin gift guide!

#20 UK scratch map

UK scratch map
UK scratch map

If you are looking for a cool gift for Anglophiles to decorate their homes, a scratch map of the British Isles is a pretty cool gift.

They can keep track of all the places they have seen so far and which ones are still on the list.

#21 Funny British shirt

A black t-shirt with the Union jack falg and "Knackered"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

British English is filled with beautiful words (that are even better when pronounced by the Brits), and one of my personal favorites is “knackered”.

So if you’re looking for typical British gifts, this shirt (or any of the other funny British shirts on Amazon), is a great idea.

#22 Travel guides

Book cover of 'London Like a Local: By the People Who Call It Home (Local Travel Guide)'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

London Like a Local: By the People Who Call It Home

Whether you’re looking for gifts for someone traveling to London soon, for an expat living there, or a local Londoner, this travel guide will show a side of the city they’ve never seen, making a great gift for all!

Book cover of Hidden Villages of Britain'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Hidden Villages of Britain

One thing that makes Britain such a great place to travel is the tiny and cute villages spread across the country. And with this guidebook, the recipient will be able to discover the cutest of them all.

Book cover of 'Lonely Planet Best Day Hikes Great Britain'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet Best Day Hikes Great Britain 

Do you need unique gifts for Brits who love to hike? Or expats who would love to discover more of the country than just the cities? Then Lonely Planet’s best day hikes is the perfect guidebook for them.

#23 Apron

A white apron with different iconic British items printed
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Whether they’re big fans of the great British Bake Off or just love to spend time in the kitchen, with this iconic British apron they can be the British master in the kitchen (even if their cooking skills are not quite at the master level yet).

#24 British mugs

A white mug with an image of a crown and "her ladyship"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What’s a cup of tea without a matching cup to drink from?

And for your British friend who is a bit of a (drama) queen, this “her Ladyship” mug is a funny gift idea. She can drink her British cup of tea in style.

Though check out Amazon for more designs.

British gifts for Anglophiles for small budgets

#25 Phone booth bookends

Red phone booth bookends

Do you need typical British gifts for bookworms?

Then check out these English phone booth bookends to keep their books organized in UK-style!

#26 British swear word coloring book

British swear word coloring book
Coloring book

One of the funniest British gifts for Anglophiles is this coloring book for adults with British swear words!

#27 British home decoration

British wall art
British wall art

For Anglophiles who love London, this beautiful set of three prints of London is a great gift!

Alternatively, check Amazon for more general British wall art ideas.

#28 Slang lingo playing cards

Lingo Slang Playing Cards
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Whether you’re looking for gifts for American friends who are trying to survive in the UK, or for someone who wants to blend in with the locals, these funny slang cards will help them to do just that!

#29 Keep Calm and Carry On items

A sign with the British flag and "keep calm and carry on"
Keep Calm and Carry On sign

Unless you’ve been off the internet for the last 30 years, I’m sure you’ve seen some variation of the “Keep calm and carry on” joke, meme, or just any picture. Today, they’re used in any way, for any occasion, and basically lost their original purpose.

Though to be fair, it never actually served their original purpose.

Originally, the “Keep Calm and Carry On” quote was printed on a British wartime poster in 1939. And was designed to boost morale during World War II.

The poster was never widely used at the time, but it resurfaced decades later when the Brits realized it actually summarized their composure and resilience perfectly, and it became the iconic symbol for the British. And that’s why it’s a great gift for anglophiles. Whether you’re going for a mug, a notebook, or wall art, anything with the “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan is perfect.

#30 British pub quiz book

Book cover of 'Biggest British Pub Quiz Book: More than 10,000 Questions'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Another iconic English pastime is the good ol’ pub quiz. And with this funny book, you can test the recipient’s knowledge about all things British. And who knows, perhaps they can finally win an actual pub quiz once they’ve studied all the questions from this book!

#31 British Wildlife Calendar

Wildlife calandar
Photo courtesy of Ethical Superstore

This calendar of British wildlife is the perfect gift for the animal lovers and nature lovers on your shopping list!

Besides giving them an awesome gift, you are also supporting British wildlife, as part of the profit is donated to charity. And that makes this a great gift for environmentalists too.

#32 British gifts to help with the language

Book cover of 'The UK to USA Dictionary - British English vs. American English'

These are the funniest British gifts for American friends because even though you both speak English, that doesn’t mean you’ll understand each other. And that’s why this dictionary is such a fun gift.

Other fun books about the British language include Knickers in a Twist: A Dictionary of British Slang.

And How To Speak Brit: The Quintessential Guide to the King’s English, Cockney Slang, and Other Flummoxing British Phrases.

#33 Union Jack pillow

A pillow with the design of the Union Jack flag
Union jack pillow

Looking for a gift to add some British pride to a home?

Then spread the love by spreading the colors of the Union Jack with this pillowcase.

#34 British travel journal

Journal with a cover of London

What’s a better travel gift for Anglophiles than a travel journal with a London design?

#35 A very British activity book

This British history puzzle book is probably the funniest and most random book for history lovers who love England. who moved abroad and would like to do some activities to rediscover their inner brit. Or for people who would just like to feel what it’s like to be British.

The book includes 500 questions about the most random things in British history.

Save these British gifts for Anglophiles

Make sure you save these British-themed gifts for the next time you need to find the perfect present for an Anglophile!

British gifts for anglophiles

Final note on the English gift ideas

Alright, I hope that you found the perfect gift for the Anglophile in your life. If you’re not sure what to buy yet, check out the editor’s top 3.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!