The 55 Best Camping Gifts For Camping Lovers

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Are you on the hunt for the best gifts for camping lovers? Whether it’s for a friend or a family member, for Christmas or their birthday, look no further! From gadgets that make cooking outdoors a breeze to cozy gear for chilly nights, we’ve rounded up a list of camping gifts that will take your favorite camper’s next adventure to the next level.

Whether they’re a seasoned adventurer or a beginner, there’s always something that can enhance their camping experience. So, if you want to surprise them with something that they’ll actually use and appreciate, check out these 55 awesome gifts for campers.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three camping-lover gifts by budget.

Save these gifts for camping lovers

Don’t forget to save these unique camping gifts for later when you need to find the best camping gifts for dad, for mom, or for him, or perhaps just for their birthday!

Camping gift ideas for large budgets

#1 Survival camping gifts kit

Lantern with practical camping gear
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Camping is super fun, peaceful, and good for the mind.

Well, it should be and can be, if you are completely prepared when you go camping!

And that is exactly what these cool camping gear gifts are for! This adventure survival kit includes literally everything they need to enjoy their trip! The kit includes:

  • A flashlight
  • Water purification tablets
  • A compass
  • A wire saw
  • Reflective trail markers (so they can find their way back)
  • Waterproof matches

So with this present, you no longer have to worry about your outdoor lover’s safety!

#2 Camping hammock

Lightweight double camping hammock
Lightweight double camping hammock

This lightweight double camping hammock is one of the best camping gift ideas for people who love camping at warm enough temperatures so they can chill in a hammock!

#3 Camping gear gifts: portable gas grill

Portable grill
Portable grill

This portable gas grill is a super useful gift idea for campers who love BBQs. It’s a small and lightweight grill that they can easily take in their camper.

#4 Camping gear gifts for coffee lovers

Camping pour-over coffee maker
Camping pour-over coffee maker

Whoever thought that camping always involved (not-so-tasteful) instant coffee has never camped with a real coffee lover. Because real coffee addicts just take a proper coffee maker with them, so they don’t have to deal with the instant coffee crap.

So if you are looking for cool camping gifts for men or women who love coffee, this pour-over coffee maker is the perfect gift for you!

Or check out these 25 coffee gifts for more unique gifts for coffee lovers.

#5 Navigation flask: more cool camping gifts

Flask with a compass and cups
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If you are looking for the best camping gear gifts for people who love the outdoors, but also a drink, or for people whose first question after having arrived at a beautiful spot is: “where’s the alcohol?”.  This is the perfect gift for you, a navigation flask.

Right, so what is a navigation flask?

Well, it’s a flask in which they can keep their drinks cold (or warm). But what makes this flask special is the fact that it comes with a flashlight, two shot glasses, a bottle opener, and a compass, so they will still find their way back (even after finishing the entire flask).

#6 Coats


Warm, waterproof, wind-resistant, and comfortable coats, such as this one by camel, are the best gifts for camping lovers!

The only disadvantage of coats as gifts is that they are slightly expensive but other than that they are perfect.

#7 unique camping gift box

Basket with outdoor survival items
Photo courtesy of Man Crates

Man Crates offers complete outdoor survival ammo cans that are perfect gifts for camping lovers.

From survival food such as beef jerky and energy bars to a paracord, blanket, and glow stick, this box includes everything campers need to survive a day in the wild!

Oh and in case you are looking for cool camping gifts for beginner campers, this is still a great gift idea. because on top of all the essential tools, it also comes with an army survival field manual, so they can learn how to survive!

#8 Puff jacket

The North Face puff jacket
The North Face puff jacket

Though puff jackets are not my first choice when it comes to fashionable jackets, they are my first choice when it comes to gift ideas for campers.

Puff jackets are lightweight, easy to take (you can cram and stuff it anywhere because it will go back to its original shape after unpacking anyway), and incredibly warm! And that’s exactly the reason why they’re great for campers.

#9 Complete camping cooking set

Camping cooking set
Camping cooking set

Make sure your friends or relatives can camp without worries with this outdoor cooking set! It includes everything they need to prepare a delicious meal outdoors (except for the actual ingredients and fuel to heat it up).

#10 Camping gear gifts: portable fire

A campfire with mashmellows
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Campfires are the best part of camping. I mean what is camping without making s’mores and chilling by warm and cozy fire?

But the downside of making a fire is that you need dry wood (which you probably need to find yourself), it’s smelly and leaves ashes. But not anymore!

Because you just found the best gift for camping lovers that will take away this burden!

With this portable fire set, you can give them the opportunity to start a fire anywhere without the trouble of finding wood.

#11 Camping chair for two

Camping chair for two
Camping chair for two

Do you need cool camping gear gifts for couples?

Then this lover seat camping chair for two is perfect!

It allows them to get cozy with their favorite person while enjoying the great outdoors.

#12 Satellite GPS and communicator

Garmin satellite communicator handheld device
Garmin satellite communicator

Do you need gifts for campers and hikers who love off-grid destinations?

Then I’ve got a gift that you and the recipient will love!

A handheld GPS navigator with satellite communication. What that means is that even when they’re at a location without service or phone reception, they can still communicate with their Garmin device to let you know they’re okay, or to send out an S.O.S. message when they’re in need.

#13 Bear-proof container

Container for food
Container for food

This bear-proof container is a fantastic gift for campers because it’s like a safe for their snacks! Alright, and it’s also a safe way to make sure they won’t have any unwanted encounters with curious or hungry bears who were attracted by the smell of their food.

#14 Cooler on wheels

Cooler with wheels
Cooler with wheels

Every serious camper needs a cooler to keep their beers fresh while enjoying their time in the outdoors. And this one on wheels is the ultimate one for all types of camping lovers.

Thanks to the oversized wheels, they can tackle even the trickiest camping grounds without breaking a sweat. But that’s not all – this cooler comes with a butler tray, so they can enjoy their snacks and drinks in style without worrying about dirt in their sandwich. Plus, there’s even dry storage and a storage pocket for all their other camping essentials, making it the perfect camper gift for anyone.

#15 US National Park pass

Annual pass of US national parks
Photo courtesy of US Park Pass

The US National Parks pass is the ultimate gift for campers and nature lovers. It’s like giving them a one-way ticket to paradise!

The pass allows them to enter many national parks around the States with a car, four adults (and as many kids as they want) for free!

#16 Portable charger

Portable charger
Photo courtesy of Anker

Sure, camping is about getting back to basics and communing with nature, but let’s face it, they still need to charge their phones so they can take pictures of their s’mores.

With a portable charger, they can have all the electricity they need without having to build a hydroelectric dam like a wilderness engineer. Because roughing it is great, but charging your phone is better

#17 Personalized national park scratch poster

Scratch map of national parks
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

There is something so satisfying about scratching off places. And what’s even better, is scratching off places that you love to visit, such as this poster of all US national parks!

And the best part? You can personalize it with their family name too, which makes it a great gift for camping lovers who just got married.

#18 Wearable sleeping bag

A sleeping baf that you can wear like an overall
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This wearable sleeping bag is probably one of the funniest and most practical camping gifts for men and women alike.

I’ll admit, they’ll make them look funny when they wear it. But at least they’ll be super warm. And, unlike a regular sleeping bag, they’ll be able to move around freely and do all sorts of fun activities like roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories, and even doing the hokey pokey without ever leaving the cozy confines of their sleeping bags.

#19 Outdoor shower

Portable shower
Portable shower

Camping is all fun and games until you start smelling like sasquatch after a few days in the woods and you need to wash yourself in an icy cold river or a questionable campground bathroom.

But that’s all in the past, now that you’ve got them an outdoor shower. They can get fresh and clean with a view of nature, almost like having their own spa in the wilderness.

#20 Subscription box for campers

Outdoor gear such as sunglasses, hammock, knife, water bottle and head torch
Photo courtesy of Nomadik

I love gifting subscription boxes because it’s something they can enjoy each month again when a new box with goodies arrives. And if you go for the Nomadik outdoor subscription boxes, I guarantee that camping lovers will have an awesome surprise of practical and cool camping gear gifts each and every month!

#21 Family campfire wall art

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Do you need cute camping gifts for families?

Then this personalized family around the campfire poster is exactly what you need!

You can completely customize all members around the fire, and you can even add two pets.

#22 National Parks bucket list bottle

A water bottle with stickers for different US national parks
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Do you know a camper who loves visiting US national parks?

Then this water bottle with stickers of all the parks is perfect! They can stay hydrated, and collect the stickers of the places they have been.

#23 Camping gear gifts set

Emergency survival kit
Emergency survival kit

Instead of giving one type of camping tool, why not go for a complete camping gear gift set?

With a survival set like this one, you can be sure that your camping lover friend will have all the tools to stay safe out there. (Whether they also have the knowledge is a second thing, but for that, I would recommend giving them a survival book).

These sets are perfect camping gifts for dads or men in general. It comes with:

  • Wire saw
  • Firestarter
  • Survival bracelet (like the next gift on this list)
  • Tactical pen
  • Saber car
  • Emergency blanket
  • Whistle
  • Flashlight
  • Clip
  • Umbrella rope
  • Carabiner
  • Screwdriver
  • First aid kit

Camping gift ideas for mid budgets

#24 Beer sleeping bag koozie

Two beer koozier in the shape of sleeping bags
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

I love funny gag gifts. And if you love those too, these beer koozies sleeping bags are by far the best camping-themed gifts on this list!

They can keep their beers cool and hands warm in complete camping style.

#25 Camping books

A girls guide to the wild
A girls guide to the wild

Books about camping and survival are always great gifts for camping lovers and there are quite a few to choose from.

For example, A Girl’s Guide to the Wild is a great empowering book for younger girls who love the outdoors or who would like to learn more about it. It’s filled with tips, facts, camping recipes, and inspiration for their next outdoor adventure!

#26 Water filters

Water filters
Water filters

People who go out camping anywhere in the wild need a safe source of water, but water from lakes or streams is not always safe to drink. And they can’t possibly take enough water for an entire week, which is why water filters are one of the best gifts for camping lovers!

It allows them to drink water anywhere without getting sick!

#27 Gift card

A gift card of the camping store Sea to Summit
Photo courtesy of Sea to Summit

I know, I know.

Gift cards have a reputation for being boring gifts. But honestly, sometimes it’s better to let the recipient choose something for themselves than to pick something random by yourself. I actually think it’s one of the best gifts for campers who have everything, or who you don’t know very well, or who are just very picky when it comes to gifts.

In those cases, a gift card from a popular camping gear brand such as Sea to Summit is actually the best gift you can get. And if you go for one of these 29 unique ways to wrap a gift card, it will be anything but boring.

#28 Dry bag

A dry back from Sea to Summit
Sea to Summit dry bag

No camper wants to deal with wet gear, especially when it comes to their precious electronics. With a dry bag, they can kayak through rapids, hike in the rain, or even take an unexpected dip in the lake, all without the fear of ruining their gadgets.

I personally use Sea To Summit’s dry bag, and it has never disappointed me.

#29 Collapsing dishwashing bucket

Two collapsing buckets
Two collapsing buckets

If you’re looking for practical gifts for the camper in your life, look no further! This collapsible sink is perfect for those who want to keep their dishes and hands clean in the great outdoors. It’s BPA-free, dishwasher-safe (great for cleaning it after their camping trip), and it collapses down to just 2 inches high!

#30 Foraging tool kit

Foraging bag
Foraging bag

A foraging bag is a must-have for any camping enthusiast who loves to gather wild edibles. And if you go for this cute leather it’s not only a practical but also a fun gift for camping lovers.

Not only does it make foraging easier and more efficient, but it also lets your friend or family member live out their dream of being a modern-day hunter-gatherer.

#31 Toasted or roasted card game

Toasted or roasted game in a bag
Toasted or roasted

Toasted or roasted is a funny card game with a campfire theme and thus a great camping-themed gift for families. The aim of the game is to start a fire and toast marshmallows, but other players can rain on your fire and hinder all your progress!

Check out these 40 travel-sized games for more campfire inspiration!

#32 Outdoor string lights

LED lights with battery and controller
LED lights

Turn their campsite into a fairy wonderland with these battery string lights!

Not only will it make their campsite look cute, but it’s also super practical for trying to find their way around at night, that way camping stays fun and doesn’t turn into a trip of burst knees.

#33 Pocket blanket

Pocket blanket
Pocket blanket

Camping can get pretty cold and of course, your camping lover is completely prepared with a super warm sleeping bag, but sometimes they need even more! And that is when the blanket comes in!

This pocket blanket is super small and light which makes it easy to be taken on a camping trip. Yet, it offers sufficient warmth during a cold dark night. So which outdoor person wouldn’t want that?

#34 Camper-shaped piggy bank

Trailer-shaped piggy bank
Trailer piggy bank

What better way to save for their next camping trip than with a piggy bank shaped like a trailer? It will certainly keep them motivated to save every penny and travel more.

Or check out these travel-inspired piggy banks for more inspiration.

#35 Unique camping gear: LED Speakers

Lantern speaker
Lantern speaker

I know, I know, many campers actually go camping for peace, quietness, and the beauty of the sound of nature, and that makes 100% sense.

But in some cases, campers also enjoy a bit of background music. And no one enjoys crappy-quality phone sounds. So speakers are great camping gift ideas. Especially if you get a LED speaker that not only provides sound but also light!

#36 LED light Beanie

Man wearing a beanie with a light
Photo courtesy of Prezzybox

All gifts that help campers light up their campsite can be considered useful gifts for camping lovers, but what makes this LED beanie an even better gift, is the fact that it also keeps their head warm. And well, we all know how cold it can get during the night. But with this beanie hat, you save them from the cold and the dark!

#37 Camping mugs

Camping mug
Camping mug

Mugs are super useful gift ideas for camping lovers because when you are out and about in the middle of nowhere, you do need a glass or a cup to drink from. But you also have to carry everything around, so it can’t be too big, heavy, and impractical. That’s why this stainless steel cup is perfect! It’s designed to survive hard conditions but doesn’t weigh much.

#38 Wine cup holders

Wine cup holders
Wine cup holders

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find a flat surface to put your wine glass on? Me too!

And that’s why these wine glass holders are the perfect gift for campers and wine lovers!

It’s the ultimate camping gift for moms who love to relax outdoors with a glass of their favorite vino. They can finally put their glasses down safely when they need to help out the kids.

#39 Cooking pots

Cooking pots
Cooking pots

Let’s assume they already have a small stove or portable fire on which they can cook. Now they need pots and pans to actually cook. But campers who also love to hike a lot don’t want to carry around heavy and impractical pots and pans, they want something small and light.

And that’s exactly what this collapsible pot is. If needed it can be opened for cooking, but after that, it can be folded into a small package that is easily stored in a backpack!

#40 Rechargeable pocket warmers

Rechargeable pocket warmer
Rechargeable pocket warmer

These gloves are the best gifts for camping lovers who get cold quite easily. With these rechargeable pocket warmers, their hands will never be cold again. And the best thing is that they can recharge their gloves when they get back from their trip and use them again the next time.

 #41 Tent fan

Portable camping fan
Portable camping fan

So far I have only talked about how cold it can get at night when camping. But the opposite can be true as well! And for those occasions, tent fans are the best camping lover gifts.

#42 Thermal socks

Heat holders socks
Super warm socks

Even though socks aren’t exactly the most unique camping gifts, they are super practical. Especially if you go for these super warm socks. Because of the special knitting pattern, brushing technique, and material used, they can keep a camper’s feet warm even during the coldest nights! And that’s something that’s way more valuable for a camper than getting a unique gift.

Camping gift ideas for small budgets

#43 Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow game

Game called the werewolves of Miller's Hollow
Travel game

The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is probably the most classic campfire game you can think of. In case you’ve never heard of it. It’s a role-playing game, where the players are divided into two teams; the werewolves and civilians. Each round, the civilians close their eyes and the werewolves kill someone. After that, everyone opens their eyes and needs to discover who the werewolves are and who’s lying.

The best part is that you can play the game with a large group, making it ideal for campfires. And what’s better than talking about werewolves when you’re sleeping under the sky?

#44 Firestarter bracelet

Survival bracelet
Survival bracelet

If you are looking for camping gifts for men then this fire starter bracelet with fishing lines and a hook might be the perfect gift!

It’s a pretty tough-looking accessory which makes it a good gift for men, but it is also practical. As they can use it to start a fire and go fishing, which makes it perfect for fishing trips as well.

#45 US camping guidebook

A book titled: Where should we camp next?
Where should we camp next?

The “where should we camp next” guide includes over 300 amazing places to camp in the US. It’s the ultimate gift for campers who have everything because one can never have too many inspirational books.

#46 Fireside story dice

A tin with colorful dice
Fireside story dice

If you’re unfamiliar with the Story Dice concept, it’s a simple way to spark your kids’ creativity and get them talking around the campfire. Each turn, they get to throw the dice (all twelve of them) and then come up with a story that includes all of the symbols they see!

It’s one of my favorite camping lover gifts for kids because it stimulates them to think out of the box and it’s hilarious because kids come up with the funniest stories.

#47 Inflatable pillow

Inflatable pillow
Inflatable pillow

An inflatable pillow is a great gift for camping lovers because it’s small enough to fit in their pockets, inflates in a few seconds, and it’s big on comfort! Plus it’s durable, water-resistant, and comes with anti-slip dots to keep it in place while they snooze under the stars.

#48 Reusable cutlery set

Cutlery set
Cutlery set

Reusable cutlery is the perfect gift for campers who care about the environment. Say goodbye to single-use plastic cutlery and the days of eating with sticks or your hands like a caveman. This high-quality stainless steel utensil set comes with a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, straws, and even a cleaning brush, all in a stylish and portable case.

#49 Card-sized multitool

Nijnja wallet tool shaped like a credit card
Nijnja wallet tool

Are you looking for the best camping gifts for men? Then the Ninja Multitool card is the perfect gift!

It will make him feel like the next Bear Grylls and with 18 tools in one, he can use this credit card-sized tool for everything he needs when camping; opening bottles of beer, peeling fruit, and even fixing his glasses when he inevitably breaks them.

#50 Fast-drying towels

Microfiber camping towel
Microfiber camping towel

Microfiber towels are super practical camping-themed gifts. These towels are specifically designed to be super lightweight and to dry incredibly fast, so camping lovers don’t have to wait for hours before they can pack their towels after showering for example.

#51 Camping-themed shirts

A green t-shirts with a heart and camping icons
Photo courtesy of Purple Rush Clothing

The camping-themed shirts on Etsy are great gifts for campers who want to show their love for the outdoors wherever and whenever.

#52 Waterproof notebooks

Waterproof notebook
Waterproof notebook

Camping outdoors is not always fun and sunshine, sometimes you get rainy and shitty weather. And for those circumstances, it would be nice if they could still get their notebooks out and write down whichever thought they have, or the score of the game they are playing. And that is where these waterproof notebooks come in!

Or check out my other 25 travel journals for more cute journals.

#53 Camp talk cards

Camp talk game
Camp talk

Are you looking for small and simple gift ideas for camping families? Then Camp Talk is perfect.

It’s a keychain with funny and provoking questions that are perfect to start a conversation around the campfire. What I love most about it, is that the questions were actually created by kids, making them perfect for families.

#54 Camping socks

Funny socks about camping
Funny socks about camping

Okay, these may not be the warmest socks for camping lovers out there, but the funny design makes them one of the best camping-themed gifts, so that’s why I chose to include those.

#55 Jewelry for campers

Necklace of a compass
Necklace of a compass

If you are looking for cute camping gifts for her, this necklace with a compass pendant is perfect. It’s small, subtly, and it reminds her of the amazing places she’ll go.

Save these gifts for campers

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25 best camping gifts ideas

Final notes on the camping lover gifts

Alright, these were my 55 awesome gifts for camping lovers! I hope you found the best camping gifts for dad, mom, or whoever this gift is for! Let me know in the comments which gift you decided to buy or check out my personal top 3 if you haven’t made a decision yet.


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