25 Irresistible Costa Rica Gifts That Capture The Pura Vida Spirit

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A waterfall in the jungle in Costa Rica

If you’re on the hunt for the best Costa Rica gifts that embody the essence of Pura Vida, look no further. In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of 25 irresistible gifts from Costa Rica that are sure to captivate your loved ones and transport them to the sun-kissed shores of this tropical paradise. From handmade treasures to mouthwatering delights and eco-friendly finds, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to discover a world of vibrant colors, exotic flavors, and the laid-back lifestyle that defines Costa Rica. Let’s dive into the realm of Pura Vida gifting!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Costa Rica-themed gifts by budget.

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25 Costa Rican souvenirs with photos of souvenirs and from nature in Costa Rica

Costa Rica gifts for large budgets

#1 Traditional coffee maker

A Costa Rican coffee maker from wood
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

This handmade Costa Rican chorreador (a typical coffee maker) from NOVICA is probably one of my favorite gifts from Costa Rica on this list.

Firstly, it allows the recipient to experience the authentic coffee culture of Costa Rica right in their home (especially if you combine it with the delicious Costa Rican coffee beans from gift #9). Secondly, by purchasing from NOVICA, you support the hardworking artisans and farmers who craft these beautiful chorreadores, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their skills!

#2 Handmade wooden mask

A wooden mask with one side of a jaguar and one side of a butterfly
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

Handcrafted woodworks are a typical gift from Costa Rica due to the country’s rich tradition of woodworking craftsmanship. Skilled artisans use locally sourced wood to create intricate and beautiful pieces, such as this traditional Dance of the Devils wood mask. And because they’re sold on NOVICA, you can be certain of the fact that your money will go straight to the artisan.

#3 Handmade coasters

Set of two handmade coaster with prints from Costa Rica wildlife
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

These handmade coasters are beautiful Costa Rica souvenirs for a housewarming party. They perfectly capture the essence of Costa Rica’s vibrant biodiversity, showcasing the country’s famous rainforests and adorable frog species. Who wouldn’t want to sip their beverage while being reminded of these playful jungle dwellers?

Secondly, by purchasing a handmade coaster, you support local artisans and their craftsmanship, ensuring a unique and eco-friendly gift that’s both practical, durable, and aesthetic.

#4 Adopt a sloth

A gift set of sloth items
Photo courtesy of Sloth Conservation

Are you looking for another Costa Rica gift that gives back?

Then symbolically adopt a sloth from the Sloth Conservation!

Not only will you have a cute, fluffy mascot and interesting information about sloths to give to the recipient, but your money will actually go toward protecting sloths in Costa Rica!

For more adorable gifts for sloth lovers, check out these sloth gifts.

#5 Ocean-inspired flower pots

Set of three plant pots with a blue and white design. Handmade in Costa Rica
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

Are you looking for more handmade and traditional Costa Rica gifts for someone’s home?

Then these gorgeous ocean wave-inspired plant pots are perfect! Again, they’re sold on NOVICA, so you’ll not only be giving an awesome gift, but you’ll also be supporting a great cause.

#6 Leather crafts

A leather wallet with a print of butterflies handmade in Costa Rica
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

With this handcrafted leather wallet, you not only get a beautiful and long-lasting item but also a piece of the country’s artisanal heritage and a touch of Pura Vida flair.

Costa Rican craftsmanship shines through this gorgeous wallet and the cute pattern makes it a  stylish Costa Rican Christmas gift for the fashionista in your life.

#7 Scarf

A handmade scarf
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

For more Costa Rica souvenirs for that fashionista in your life, this handmade cotton scarf is perfect!

It features a hand-painted watercolor sunflower design and it’s made from recycled and locally sourced material with all-natural pigments, making it an awesome gift for environmentalists too.

By gifting this scarf, you’re not just trendy, you’re also supporting the local artisan and her mission to preserve Costa Rica’s natural wonders. Now that’s what I call style with a green twist!

#8 Handmade necklace

A necklace with a frog pendant
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

This gorgeous handmade glass necklace of a frog is a unique gift that captures the vibrant fauna of Costa Rica in a whimsical and fashionable way.

Costa Rica gifts for mid budgets

#9 Coffee from Costa Rica

Costa Rican coffee beans bag
Photo courtesy of Volcanica

Costa Rican coffee makes a fantastic gift from Costa Rica for the coffee snob in your life. Due to its exceptional quality and unique flavor characteristics, every coffee connoisseur will love a bag of Costa Rican beans (or ground coffee, you can pick either at Volcanica Coffee).

The coffee’s distinct taste, derived from the country’s volcanic soil and favorable climate, sets it apart from other varieties. And by buying from Volcanica, you’re supporting the local communities and eco-friendly farming initiatives, making it a win-win!

#10 Travel guides

Book cover of a Costa Rican travel guide
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Costa Rica Travel Guide

Do you need gifts for someone traveling to Costa Rica soon? Then a travel guide to help them make the best of their trip is the perfect gift! For the general public, Mike J Darcey’s 2023 updated guide is perfect!

Book cover of "Lonely Planet Costa Rica"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet Costa Rica

For budget travelers and backpackers who will be exploring Costa Rica soon, the Lonely Planet is the ultimate guide. I’ve often referred to it as the backpacker’s bible, and still think that’s the best description of this guide.

The wildlife of Costa Rica : A field guide book cover
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The wildlife of Costa Rica: A field guide

The last guidebook is a must-have Costa Rica travel gift for anyone venturing into the wilds of the country. Packed with more than 600 illustrations and witty species accounts, it’s the ultimate cheat sheet for identifying and understanding Costa Rica’s diverse wildlife.

#11 Ceramic crafts

A handmade ceramic frog from Costa Rica
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

This adorable handmade ceramic gecko is the perfect Costa Rica gift for everyone who loves Costa Rica, its vibrant colors, and its diverse wildlife.

I mean who wouldn’t want a charming gecko buddy to adorn their home?

#12 Costa Rican-themed shirts

A shirt with a print of a sloth and "Pura Vida"
Photo courtesy of Srta Spanish

Costa Rica-themed shirts are the perfect gift for those who want to wear their love for Costa Rica on their sleeves, quite literally!

My favorite is this one with the iconic phrase “Pura Vida” accompanied by a sloth, the unofficial mascot of chill and Costa Rica. Though you can find plenty of other designs on Etsy.

#13 Lizano salsa

A bottle of Salsa Lizano from Costa Rica
Photo courtesy of Walmart

Are you looking for traditional Cost Rica gifts for foodies? Then Salsa Lizano is exactly what you are looking for!

Salsa Lizano is a beloved condiment from Costa Rica that can be found in practically every kitchen and restaurant. It is a unique sauce known for its tangy, slightly sweet, and mildly spicy flavor. Made with a blend of vegetables, herbs, spices, and a touch of Worcestershire sauce.

And if you want to go all the way with Costa Rican food gifts, add a bit of #18 to your gift too!

#14 Passport covers

A leather passport cover in Costa Rica style
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

Passport covers are perfect Costa Rica gifts for frequent travelers. They can protect their valuable travel document in Pura Vida style.

You can either go for the handmade cover from NOVICA or for cheaper alternatives on Zazzle.

#15 Books about Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Reader book cover
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Costa Rica Reader

Do you need Costa Rica gifts for history buffs? Then the Costa Rica Reader, part of the Latin American reader series, is the perfect gift! Covering everything from pre-colonial times to recent history, this book is exactly what history lovers need.

Culture Smart: The essential guide to customs and culture in Costa Rica book cover
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Culture Smart: The essential guide to customs and culture in Costa Rica

This is another great gift for someone traveling or moving to Costa Rica soon. With Culture Smart, they will learn everything there is to know about Costa Rican culture, local life, and traditions.

Costa Rica: A journey through nature book cover
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Costa Rica: A journey through nature

The last book is a gorgeous coffee table book filled with stunning photography from every part of the country. Making it a great Costa Rica gift for anyone who just loves some inspiration from their favorite country.

#16 Handmade glass earrings

Handmade glass earings from Costa Rica
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

Do you need Costa Rica gifts for her?

Then check out NOVICA for their complete handmade jewelry collection, such as these beautiful art glass earrings. They’re made from rescued stained glass scrap, so not only will you be gifting someone with stunning, one-of-a-kind jewelry, but you’ll also be supporting an eco-friendly cause.

#17 Keychain

A keychain of a frog
Photo courtesy of NOVICA

Looking for a ribbeting Costa Rica souvenir? Look no further than this handmade frog keychain! This little hopper is the perfect companion for the recipient’s keys, ensuring they’ll never misplace them in the wild jungle of their bag. Plus, it adds a touch of Costa Rican charm to their daily adventures.

Costa Rica gifts for small budgets

#18 Hot sauce from Costa Rica

A bottle of hot sauce from Costa Rica
Photo courtesy of Walmart

Costa Ricans have embraced spicy cuisine, incorporating hot sauces into their dishes to add an extra kick. The tropical climate allows for the cultivation of various chili pepper varieties, resulting in a wide range of hot sauces with different heat levels and flavor profiles. From fruity and tangy to intensely fiery, Costa Rican hot sauces showcase the nation’s vibrant gastronomy and offer an exciting Costa Rican Christmas gift for your spicy friends!

#19 Tote bags

A tote bag with "Pura Vida"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags are the ultimate gift for those who want to carry a piece of Costa Rica wherever they go. Whether they’re hitting the beach or grocery shopping, they’ll be the envy of everyone with this Pura Vida tote, spreading tropical vibes and making mundane tasks feel like an exotic adventure. Though head over to Zazzle for more Costa Rican-themed totes.

#20 Map of Costa Rica

Colorful poster with the map of Costa Rica
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Costa Rica gifts for someone’s home?

Then a map of their favorite country is always a good idea. Check out Amazon to find maps in all shapes and sizes. Or go for one of my personal favorites; a colorful watercolor map.

#21 Costa Rican cookbook

The Amazing Costa Rican cookbook cover
Photo courtesy of Amazon

“Costa Rican Cuisine: 104 Tasty Adventures” is the ultimate Costa Rica gift for those who miss Gallo Pinto and other traditional Costa Rican food.  

Packed with authentic recipes curated by top chefs, this book will take them on a flavorful journey through the country’s traditional dishes. It’s perfect for both experienced cooks and beginners, and with 104 recipes to choose from, they’ll have endless opportunities to unleash their inner chef and satisfy their craving for Costa Rican cuisine.

#22 Costa Rican Language book

Cosat Rican Spanish book: Speak like a native book cover
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet’s Costa Rican Spanish phrasebook is the go-to Costa Rica travel gift for anyone about to embark on a Pura Vida adventure.

This pocket-sized dictionary is packed with all the native Costa Rican phrases and vocabulary they’ll need to navigate the wild wonders of the country with confidence. They can impress the locals with their local slang and communication like a true Costa Rican insider.

#23 Chocolate

A chocolate bar from Costa Rica
Photo courtesy of World Wide Chocolate

Do you need a gift from Costa Rica from a true chocolate lover? Then you’ve got an easy job because Costa Rican chocolate is known for its exceptional quality and unique flavors!

The country’s ideal climate and fertile soil provide optimal conditions for growing high-quality cacao beans, creating a perfect balance between sweetness and rich cocoa flavor, with hints of tropical fruit, nuts, and floral notes!

#24 Luggage tag

A Costa Rica-themed luggage tag with "Pura Vida"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Zazzle’s Costa Rica-themed luggage tags are perfect for your favorite wanderluster!

These tags not only add a touch of Costa Rican flair to their travel gear but also serve as reminders to embrace the laid-back, “pura vida” attitude.

#25 Travel journal

Costa Rica travel journal with an image of a sloth
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This travel journal is an awesome practical Costa Rica themed gift for someone traveling to Costa Rica. They can keep track of all their adventures in a journal that’s dedicated to their destination, making it a beautiful memoir when they return.

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Final notes on gifts from Costa Rica

As we wrap up our journey through 25 irresistible Costa Rica-themed gifts, we hope you’ve found inspiration and excitement for spreading the Pura Vida spirit. Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion or simply want to surprise a Costa Rica lover, these handpicked gifts capture the essence of this enchanting country!


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