44 Creative Ways To Give Gift Cards

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Did you know gift cards are actually one of the top gifts people love to get? They’re super practical. But let’s be honest, handing over just a plain card can feel a bit impersonal. That’s about to change! Today I’m sharing 44 creative ways to give gift cards, turning them from last-minute choices to thoughtful surprises. Ready to take your gifting skills to the next level? Let’s check out some of my favorite gift card presentation ideas!

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creative ways to give gift cards

Unique ways to give gift cards for Christmas

#1 Christmas crochet gift card holders

Snowman crochet (not mine, unfortunately)

Even though I’m the worst at crochet, I think these crochet Christmas gift card holders are the cutest!

I selected a tutorial for a cute snowman and one for a Christmas Santa outfit. They’re both awesome and about the same difficulty to make and really want to make me try crochet again.

#2 Wooden holders

Photo courtesy of T&C Creations

If you are looking for an aesthetic and simple gift card holder, these wooden Christmas card holders are perfect!

All you have to do is order them from Etsy and they will shipped right to your door. It’s the perfect no-effort gift card holder for Christmas.

#3 Sewn stocking stuffer gift card holder

Photo courtesy of Flamingo Toes

These adorable stocking stuffers are a fun and (relatively) easy way to make your gift cards stand out this Christmas. Even for those of you like me who can barely sew a button, I would say this project is doable if you set aside some time and if you have patience.

#4 Fill a Christmas ornament

Christmas ornament with angel
Photo by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash

If you are looking for unique gift card presentation ideas for Christmas, this is a cool option.

Simply buy a clear plastic Christmas ornament that you can open in the middle. Make sure the ornament is the right size. Gift cards usually measure around 3.37 (85.6mm) by 2.125 inches (53.98mm), so that’s the bare minimum.

Next, fill the ornament with whatever filler you want; candy, cotton, tinsel, fake pearls, glass sand, or just anything that makes it look cute. Then stick the gift card inside and wrap it up.

#5 Gift card wreath

Photo courtesy of Dollar Store Crafts

If you are planning to give multiple gift cards to one person this Christmas, check out this adorable Christmas wreath from Dollar Store Crafts.

#6 Pop-up gift card holder

Photo courtesy of Pricilla Ivler

I love this adorable DIY pop-up bag for just about any occasion, not just Christmas!

Just pick wrapping paper that matches the occasion, follow the 17-minute tutorial here and you are all set!

This also works great if you’re looking for unique ways to give money!

#7 In a tin box

Christmas-themed tin box

This is another cute way to give a gift card that requires zero effort. Instead of making your own pop-up box, you can use a cute tin box, such as these with a Christmas theme. 

Fun ways to give gift cards for graduation

#8 Graduation wreath

Photo courtesy of Fun Squared

This wreath is quite similar to the Christmas wreath and it’s also a great way to give multiple gift cards for graduation. I would use Fun Squared instructions if it’s for graduation just because it looks less Christmassy compared to the one from Dollar Store Crafts, but with some adjustments, they both work for various occasions.

#9 A graduation banner

Gold glitter graduation party banner with Congrats Grad.
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for a creative way to give gift cards for birthdays or graduations but you’re not feeling crafty, this is the perfect solution for you!

All you need is a banner with “Congratulations Grad” (or other text if it’s for a different occasion), and tie the gift cards to the ends of the banner. Hang the banner and surprise the recipient with a colorful and unique gift.

#10 Use a picture stand

Floral picture stand

A picture stand is a great way to give multiple gift cards (and maybe some cash) for graduation. You can even add some photos of the grad students.

It’s a super easy, yet thoughtful presentation idea!

#11 Put it inside a box of their favorite snack

A box of macarons
Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

A box of the graduate’s favorite food is always a great gift idea, but it’s even better if they find a gift card inside!

Depending on what type of food the grad loves, make sure you wrap the gift card in plastic, so it doesn’t get dirty. Next, open the box or bag, put it inside, close the box again, and wrap it. One example is this box of macarons, which you can easily open and add a gift card.

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Creative ways to give gift cards for birthdays

#12 Printable cassette tape box

Photo courtesy of Simply Everyday Me

These old-school cassettes are the perfect way to wrap gift cards for birthdays (and remind them of the fact that they are old enough to know what a cassette is 😉).

And the best part is that you only have to buy the printable, download and print it at home, cut, fold, and glue, and you’re done!

#13 Attached to a helium balloon in a box

Helium balloons

Who doesn’t love opening a mystery box?

And what’s even cooler is if a helium balloon flies out with a gift card attached to it.

One word of warning though; make sure the balloon doesn’t fly away!

Add a string to the balloon to which you attach the gift card, and to prevent the balloon from flying away, you can attach something heavy to the string as well or tape the end of the thread to the bottom of the box.

You can buy helium balloons at Amazon, a helium tank at most party stores, and you’ve probably got a cardboard box at home. If you don’t, go to a grocery store nearby, they usually have plenty of boxes to spare.

#14 Inside a balloon

Golden party balloons

If you don’t want to buy a helium tank, this is another cool gift card presentation idea.

Simply buy a beautiful balloon, stuff the gift card inside, blow it up, and let the receiver pop the balloon.

It’s a bit of a challenge to stretch the balloon wide enough for the gift card to fit in, but trust me it does fit in any regular-sized balloon.  

#15 Stick it in a flower bouquet

A flower bouquet and a gift card are perfect gifts

This is one of the best gift card presentation ideas for women. If you don’t want to come empty-handed (even though coming with a gift card is not really empty-handed, but for some people, it can feel that way), simply buy a colorful flower bouquet. Next, stick your gift card in the bouquet, and you’ve got both a practical and beautiful gift.

#16 Attach it to a bottle of alcohol

Add it to a bottle of beer

Whether you’re giving a gift card for Amazon, Target, or a local coffee shop, you can always attach it to a bottle of wine, beer, or something else the recipient likes to drink. That way, they’ll have something tangible besides the gift card, and you have a simple creative presentation!

Paper gift card presentation ideas

#17 Suitcase-shaped envelope

Suitcase made of paper
Photo courtesy of Manda Cards

This is one of the best ways to give gift cards to travel lovers; an envelope in the shape of a suitcase.

And all you need to do is order the premade envelope, stick your gift card inside, and wrap it.

#18 Coffee cup

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Maker

Whether you’re giving a coffee gift card to your mom, your teacher, or a friend, with this simple DIY cup holder from Jennifer Maker, your plain gift card is instantly pimped up into a unique gift!

#19 Armchair gift card holder

Photo courtesy of Paper Built Shop

I love this printable home chair gift card set! It’s unique, easy, and fun to give!

You can buy the downloadable file from Etsy and assemble it at home!

Oh, and in case you are wondering where you would leave the gift card, it is hidden in the armchair.

#20 Pop-open box

Photo courtesy of Mo Crea Designs

If the DIY pop-up gift card holder (#6) seemed a little too complicated for you, this pop-open box might be a better alternative. You can order the box from Etsy, and it will be sent in about 3-5 days. Though you still need to assemble the box yourself, it doesn’t take as long as the pop-up holder.

#21 Simple DIY gift card holders

DIY gift card holder
My DIY gift card holder

There are literally a thousand different ways in which you can make a gift card envelope or holder yourself.

But if you are looking for relatively easy gift card presentation ideas, I would recommend going for this one by K Werner Design.

I am not the most creative person out there, but even I managed to follow her steps and create something pretty. I didn’t have wrapping paper at home though, so I just used a page from an old magazine and only did the first part of the video.

#22 Briefcase-shaped holder

Photo courtesy of Maymay Made it Crafts

In this 17-minute video, Maymay takes you through a super easy step-by-step tutorial to make this awesome suitcase cardholder yourself.

It’s perfect for Father’s Day as well as for travel lovers in general (just pick different colors to give it a travel vibe).

Funny ways to give gift cards

#23 In case of emergency

You can use my free printable for this frame

The only thing you’ll need for this idea is a cute photo frame and my free printable from the picture!

It’s a funny way to give gift cards to students or for your friend’s birthday.

#24 Dirty ways to give gift cards

Alright, before you continue. I only recommend this idea if you and the recipient always play pranks on each other. Otherwise, this is an awful idea. Gifting should be fun for the receiver, so if the receiver can’t laugh at this prank, it’s not a good gift.

Now, how do you give gift cards in a dirty way?


You take a box and line it with plastic, or anything that prevents leaking. Then you wrap the gift card in plastic (you don’t want the actual gift to get dirty).

Next, you fill the box (or whatever you’ve decided to use), with something that feels disgusting. Some examples you can think of are cooked spaghetti or gingerbread mixed with water. Then you put the gift inside, make a small hole for the receiver’s arm, so they won’t see what’s inside, and tell them to get their gift out of the box.

Again, this is only funny if you and the receiver know each other well, and playing pranks on each other is how you guys roll. For a less disgusting way to prank the recipient, check out the next idea.

#25 Wrap it in multiple boxes


Do you know the Russian Matryoshka dolls? Where there is a doll inside a doll, inside another doll, and you just keep unwrapping with no end?

Well, you can do the same when giving gift cards!

You simply put the gift card in a box, which you will place in another box, and then you place that box in another box. And well, you get the point. You can continue doing this for as long as you want to prank the receiver.

#26 Brain teasing card holder

Brain teaser gift card holder

This is one of the best ways to give gift cards to puzzle lovers; a brain teaser they need to solve before they can access their gift.

Unique ways to give gift cards to kids

#27 Cupcake holder

Photo courtesy of Novae Makers Mart

Giving a gift card to a kid can seem a bit dull and may not be received as enthusiastically as physical gifts, but if you go for this cute cupcake holder, I am sure they will love your gift!

#28 Pokédex card box

Photo courtesy of 3 Design Prints

For the Pokémon fans, this is by far the best way to give gift cards to kids! A Pokédex card holder.

It can be shipped for free in the US and Canada, for other destinations you need to pay shipping fees too.

#29 Stick it inside a deck of cards

Add it to a deck of cards for kids

For kids as well as adults who love games, this is one of the most unique gift card presentation ideas.

Here’s what you do.

You buy a deck of cards. Preferably a pretty one (such as this deck of cards in a box, not the one I used in the photo) or with a theme that matches the occasion or recipient’s interests. You open the deck, put the gift card at the top, and put the cards back. Wrap it up nicely, and there you have a fun gift for kids and adults!

#30 Hidden inside a foam ball

Foam basketballs

This is a great gift card presentation idea for kids who are into sports.

Find a small foam ball on Amazon, cut it in half, make a cut on the inside of both halves, stick the gift card inside one of the halves, place the other half back on top, and you’ve got a gift card hidden in the ball.

#31 Owl-shaped holder

Photo courtesy of Leyla Torres

In this 13-minute video, you will learn how to make an owl-shaped gift card holder that is perfect for kids, teens, and anyone who loves animals!

All you need is paper and glue, nothing else!

Creative ways to give gift cards to teachers

#32 Apple gift card holder

Photo courtesy of Paper Built Shop

This is the perfect gift card holder for teachers; a pre-cut and pre-creased apple!

However keep in mind that the sheets for assembly ship from the US, so you may have high shipping fees and longer waiting times if you’re outside the States.

#33 Thanks a latte cup holder

Photo courtesy of Gifts & Tags 411

I love this cute printable coffee cup gift card holder from Etsy. It’s the perfect way to give a coffee shop gift card for teachers, though it could also work with other gift cards and for other recipients.

#34 Teacher gift card holder set

Photo courtesy of Fun Filled Printables

Can’t decide on the best gift card holder for teachers?

Then this printable teacher set from Etsy is perfect! It comes with six different designs that you can use for different gift cards and occasions.

Gift card presentation ideas for any occasion

#35 Attached to chopsticks

Gift card attached to chopsticks

This is my favorite way of giving restaurant gift cards in a fun way.

Simply attach it to some sort of kitchen utensils, such as chopsticks as I did. Then add a ribbon and cellophane and your restaurant gift card is ready to go!

#36 With luggage tag or passport cover

Gift card in my passport cover

As a huge travel lover myself, I had to add a few options for those who are looking for a unique way to give gift cards to travelers. And one of the easiest options I found was to add a gift card to a cute luggage tag or passport cover. Make sure the passport cover comes with sleeves for cards, like mine.

#37 Cutting board for housewarmings

Chopping board with gift card

This is one of my favorite ways to give gift cards for housewarming parties (though it also works for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and basically any occasion).

You take some eye-catching kitchen items, such as a wooden serving or cutting tray, add a tea towel and a recipe book, and wrap the gift card inside the cellophane.

It also works with pots, pans, beauty products, and more!

#38 In a gift basket

A basket with cellophane and a card
Add a gift basket to your gift card

Right, so there are about a million different ways to make a gift basket with a gift card, so I am not going to list them all here. (You can check out my guide on how to make gift baskets at home if you need some help and inspiration).

For now, I would advise you to make a gift basket in the theme of your gift card. Such as a food-inspired basket for restaurant or home gift cards, a coffee-inspired basket for coffee shop gift cards, and a beauty-inspired basket for a beauty gift card.

#39 In a keepsake box

Wooden keepsake box

If you don’t want the receiver to know what’s inside the gift straight away, you can put the gift card inside a keepsake box and wrap the box.

When they open the gift, it will still be a surprise what’s inside the box. Plus they have a cute keepsake box they can use to store things.

You can find all sorts of keepsake boxes on Amazon, you can either go for cardboard boxes or this cute one from wood.

Make sure you check the sizes of the boxes so that the gift card fits inside 😉

#40 Inside a small pouch

Give it inside a small pouch

This is another one of the great gift card presentation ideas for women. Simply pick a cute zipper pouch, put the gift card inside, wrap the pouch with beautiful wrapping paper and you’re done.

It’s even better if you pick a pouch that matches the occasion, the recipient’s interest, or the gift card’s shop. Such as this London pouch for someone who is traveling to London soon.

#41 Cute gift bag with candy

Gift bags

Are you not really good with wrapping?

Here is another simple, but creative way to give a gift card, use a cute gift bag, top it up with some treats, and put the gift card at the top. Your gift will still look amazing and it requires almost no effort.

Check out Amazon to find gift bags, or reuse one you received (it’s better for the environment).

#42 Use a mason jar

Jar with jute rope

This is one of my favorite gift card presentation ideas that requires some effort but is still doable if you are not creative at all.

You simply buy a mason jar and fill it with tinsel, cotton, sand, lights, fake crushed ice, candy, or any filling you have at home. I used a jute rope because that was all I had at home, so just be creative. Then you put the gift card inside (if you used candy as a filler, you may want to wrap the gift card in plastic so it doesn’t get dirty). And finally, you wrap it in cellophane and that’s it!

#43 Put it in a glass or mug

Gift card in my Delft Blue mug

Basically, this is the same idea as the previous one. Except, instead of a jar, you now use a cute mug (perhaps in the theme of the gifting occasion, such as this Dutch-themed one) or a glass (for example a martini glass for people who love cocktails).

#44 In a credit card holder

Cute credit card holder

This is one of the easiest, yet unique ways to give a gift card.

All you need to do is buy a cute or cool credit card holder, put the gift card inside, and wrap the credit card holder.

When the receiver unpacks, they may think the credit card holder is the gift, which is a cool gift already, but then you’ve got a fun surprise inside.

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29 creative ways to give gift cards

Final note on gift card presentation ideas

Alright, these were my 44 unique gift card presentation ideas. I hope that these ways have convinced you that giving gift cards does not need to be boring!


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!