The 25 Best Cypriot Gifts For People Obsessed With Cyprus

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Blue sea and rocks in Cyprus

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Are you looking for unique Cypriot gifts for people who are obsessed with the island? Or do you need traditional gifts from Cyprus for Christmas?

Whatever your case, you will find 25 awesome Cyprus gifts in today’s post. From funny shirts to practical Cyprus-themed gifts for frequent travelers. There is something for everyone!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Cypriot gifts by budget.

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25 Cypriot gifts from Cyprus

Cypriot gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to Cyprus

If you are looking for the best Cypriot gifts for people who are obsessed with Cyprus, then a trip to their beloved island is by far your best option!

There are different ways in which you can gift a trip.

First, you can simply buy a plane ticket through Skyscanner.

Second, you could opt for a fun tour in Cyprus, such as boat tours or visits to ancient ruins. For that, head over to Viator and find the best tours they offer.

And lastly, if you are not quite sure what type of activities the recipient is interested in. Or if you are not sure when he or she will be in Cyprus again, you can also go for a Viator gift card. It’s called the Global Experiences Card and gives the recipient the opportunity to choose from all Viator tours around the world (including Cyprus).

For more gift cards for travelers, check out the travel gift cards.

#2 Cyprus-themed phone case

Phone case with text: every season is Cyprus season
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The 190 different Cyprus-themed phone cases are perfect gift ideas for the Cyprus-loving phone addict in your life.

You can go for this fun one with the text “every season is Cyprus season”. Or pick a design yourself.

#3 Cypriot olive oil

Cypriot olive oil

One of the most popular gifts from Cyprus is olive oil. The island is filled with olive trees, which is why you can easily find high-quality olive oil in Cyprus.

#4 Map of Cyprus

Geometric map of Cyprus
Photo courtesy of Etsy

Maps are travelers’ favorite types of wall decoration. Especially if it’s a map of their favorite country.

I love geometrically shaped maps, which is why I included this particular map. But of course, you can find plenty of other style maps of Cyprus on Etsy.

#5 Cyprus-themed jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle of Nicosia

Do you need Cypriot gifts for puzzle lovers?

Look no further!

This is the gift you need; a jigsaw puzzle of Nicosia.

It’s a 1000-piece puzzle of one of the beautiful old cobbled streets in Cyprus’ capital city.

#6 Water bottle with Cypriot theme

Water bottle with heart and Nicosia
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This water bottle is another cool gift for people who love Nicosia; a stainless steel bottle with “I love Nicosia”.

And no worries if you are looking for Cyprus gifts for people who do not like the capital city, there are plenty more designs on Zazzle.

#7 Language courses

Complete Greek course

A language course is one of my favorite gift ideas for people who love traveling as it allows them to interact with locals in their native language. And that makes these Turkish and Greek language courses awesome Cyprus gifts.

Now, they actually speak a Cypriot dialect, both on the Turkish side and the Greek side. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find any Cypriot Greek or Turkish course online. So I picked standard Greek and Turkish courses instead.

And luckily, the standard languages are also understood on the island. In fact, the standard languages are the official languages (both Turkish and Greek), rather than the Cypriot dialect.

#8 Jewelry from Cyprus

Necklace in shape of lemon
Photo courtesy of Sister

Necklaces by Sister are the perfect gifts from Cyprus for women.

Sister is a Cyprus local brand that sells handmade and unique jewelry, such as this cute lemon-shaped pendant.

#9 Locally-made belt

crochet belt
Photo courtesy of Tradition Now

For more beautiful and authentic gifts from Cyprus, you should definitely check out the brand Tradition Now.

They produce beautiful and traditional products, such as this crochet belt.

Cypriot gifts for mid budgets

#10 Cyprus-themed passport cover

passport cover with flag of Cyprus
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need practical Cyprus gifts for travelers?

How about this beautiful passport cover with the flag of Cyprus?

It’s a useful and cool item for anyone who loves the island!

#11 Books about Cyprus

A brief history of Cyprus

A brief history of Cyprus: The story of a divided land

Is the recipient an avid history lover? Then this book about the history of the island is one of the best Cyprus gifts!

The island of missing trees

The island of missing trees by Elis Shafak

This beautiful novel about the love between a Turkish and Greek Cypriot in times of war is a great gift for someone who loves historical romances.

Bitter lemons of Cyprus

Bitter lemons of Cyprus

This is another book set during one of the wars that shaped Cyprus. This time it’s in the 1950s and it is about the author’s experiences settling in Cyprus. It’s actually a travel memoir written in a very poetic style.

#12 Candle that smells like Cyprus

Dive into Cyprus candle

For the best nostalgic Cypriot gifts, this is what you need.

A candle with the smell of Cyprus to take the recipient back to their beloved country, even when they’re far away.

#13 Traditional Cyprus cheese

Halloumi cheese

If you are looking for Cyprus gifts for someone who loves cheese, I’ve got great news for you.

Cyprus produces delicious cheese, particularly, halloumi cheese. Which makes this the perfect gift for your cheese-loving friend.

Oh, and in case you need more cheesy gift inspiration, check out the cheese gift guide too!

#14 Cypriot-themed socks

Socks with hearts
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you have followed this site for a little longer, you probably already know how much I love gifting happy socks. And if you haven’t.

Well, I love gifting happy and colorful socks ;).

So if you are looking for happy Cyprus gifts, these socks with the flag of Cyprus are my best suggestion.

#15 Cyprus travel guides

DK Eyewitness Cyprus

DK Eyewitness Cyprus

One of the best Cyprus gifts for people who are leaving for a trip to Cyprus is a travel guide. (But always double-check if they have one already). DK Eyewitness publishes beautiful guides that are suitable for all types of travelers. Though if the recipient is more of an adventurous traveler, the next two guides might be better.

The rough guide to Cyprus

The rough guide to Cyprus

The Rough Guide is one of my favorite guidebooks for travelers who love the off-beaten track. So this is a perfect gift if your recipient is someone like that.

Bradt Guide of North Cyprus

Bradt Guide of North Cyprus

The last guidebook on this list is one of the best Cyprus gifts for adventurous travelers who want to explore the Northern part of the island.

#16 Cypriot-themed travel mug

Travel mug with Northern Cyprus
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Cypriot gifts for someone who loves coffee and Northern Cyprus? Then this travel mug with a North Cyprus theme is perfect.

And if your recipient loves a different part of the island, check out the other 77 travel mugs on Zazzle.

And for more coffee-related gifts for Cyprus lovers, check out the next item!

#17 Traditional coffee maker

Briki coffee maker

This is one of my favorite traditional gifts from Cyprus; a briki. A briki is a coffee maker that is often used in Turkey, Cyprus, and Greece to make a traditional cup of coffee.

I highly recommend it for coffee lovers.

I am currently pet sitting in Turkey, and I absolutely love the Turkish (which is basically the same as Cypriot) briki coffee!

And if you are looking for a way to make this gift even better, check out #22.

#18 Cypriot dessert wine

Bottle of dessert wine
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

Are you looking for gifts from Cyprus for someone who loves a good drink?

Then you’re in good luck again because there are many delicious wines from Cyprus. Cypriot wines may not be as famous as their Italian cousins, but they are not any less delicious.

The KEO Commandaria St. John wine is a red blend dessert wine and great for people who have a sweet tooth.

#19 Cypriot cookbooks

Cyprus cuisine

Cyprus cuisine

Do you need Cypriot gifts for a foodie? Then cookbooks are the gifts you need! Cyprus Cuisine is a great overall cookbook with recipes from all sides of the island.


Taverna: recipes from a Cypriot kitchen

The second cookbook on this list includes delicious recipes from the Greek part of the island. And that’s why this is one of the best Cyprus gifts for people who love Cypriot Mediterranean food.


Oklava: Recipes from a Turkish-Cypriot kitchen

Where the previous cookbook was great for people who love Greek Cypriot food, this is the best gift for people who love middle eastern and Turkish Cypriot food.

#20 Fun shirt

T-shirt with text: Cyprus is calling and I must go
Photo courtesy of Etsy

This funny shirt is the perfect gift for someone who never stops talking about how much they love Cyprus.

They will finally have a shirt that reflects their thoughts (And perhaps they will finally shut up about their favorite place in the world).

Cypriot gifts for small budgets

#21 Tote bag with Cyprus-theme

Bag with text: Smile you are in Cyprus
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

There are over 100 different Cypriot-themed tote bags on Zazzle, so you should have no trouble finding one that the recipient will love.

I quite liked this one that says “Smile, you are in Cyprus”. Because even if the recipient is not in Cyprus, this bag will remind them of their favorite island and make them smile.

#22 Cypriot coffee

Cypriot coffee

Do you want to create one of the best traditional gifts for Cyprus for coffee lovers?

Then adding a bag of Cypriot coffee to the briki is the way to go.

Coffee beans are not grown in Cyprus but are usually imported from Brasil.

However, Laiko coffee is a Cyprus-based brand that makes fine ground coffee which is perfect for Cypriot coffee made with a briki. It’s one of the most popular coffee brands on the island, which is why it’s perfect for people who love Cyprus!

#23 Cyprus travel journal

Cyprus travel journal

For anyone who needs Cyprus gifts for a recipient who will travel to Cyprus soon, this is a great idea; a travel journal.

Except, this is not your regular travel journal. It’s a journal that is specific for travelers to Cyprus!

#24 Cypriot-themed luggage tag

Luggage tag with Cyprus
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Luggage tags are another example of fun and practical Cypriot gifts.

You can find 33 different designs on Zazzle. And if you don’t feel like browsing through all these options, simply go for the one with the Kyrenia castle.

#25 Cyprus travel poster

Travel poster

To finish this list of Cypriot gifts, I’ve got a cute and very affordable item for you; a Cyprus-themed travel poster!

It’s a fun gift to decorate the recipient’s home with something that will remind them of their favorite island.

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25 Cypriot gifts from Cyprus

Final note on these Cyprus gifts

Alright, since you are still reading this post, I’m assuming you haven’t decided which gift to buy yet. So let me help you out by sharing my personal top three gifts.