DIY Money Beach Scene: How To Give A Tropical Oasis To Anyone

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Beach origami money scene

Are you looking for a unique way to give cash to someone who’s been dreaming of sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters? Whether it’s for a graduate who is ready for a well-deserved beach break or a newlywed couple who is going on a honeymoon to a tropical paradise, this is the perfect DIY project for you!

And you know what the best part is?

It’s super easy to make!

So grab your glue gun, and some seashells, and let’s help them save up for an expensive vacation with this beautiful money origami beach scene!

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Creative money gifts for people who love the beach

Materials needed

icons of dollar bills, a decorative bowl, sea shells, cocktail umbrellas and sand
What you need


Step 1: Fold the beach bed origami

Beach bed made from money
Origami beach bed

Alright, let’s start with the first origami part of our project; a beach bed.

I used the YouTube video below that explains how to make an origami beach bed using regular paper, but I tested it with various-sized cash notes, and they all worked fine. So regardless of the instructions, you can use any cash notes; dollars, euros, and other notes (I used Israeli shekels).

The only downside of using money instead of regular paper is that some folds are a bit more difficult to make because bills are thicker and narrower, but I managed just fine and I am 100% sure you will too!

It’s only a 2-minute video (at 2:33 the instruction for the beach umbrella starts which we will skip for now) so it’s relatively easy. Change the speed to 0.5x to make it even easier to follow along with the steps.

Keep in mind that your beach bed will turn out to be narrower and longer than the example. Personally, I quite liked the cash-sized ones.

Obviously, you can make as many beach beds as you want, it just depends on how much cash you’re planning to give and how much time you have for folding.

I went with two.

Step 2: Fold the shell origami

Shell origami made from money
Origami shell

Alright now that we’ve got our beach beds, it’s time for the origami shells.

The video instructions below are super easy, especially if you adjust the speed again. However, I have two important things to share before you start.

The first thing is that I would advise you to only do the instructions of the video until minute 2:05.


Well, that’s related to the second important thing. Which is that technically, you would need squared paper for the clamshell.

Now, obviously, cash is not squared and that’s why I didn’t follow the instructions completely.

I decided to fold my bills in two. If you’re using euros or shekels (like I did), you will have a square shape now. If you are using dollars, you will have to fold it in two and just work with the rectangle (your shell will look a bit different in the end, but it works too).

Shell origami made from dollars
Shell made from dollars

Because our paper is already folded it makes following the instructions a bit harder, but just pause the video a lot and you will be able to follow along.

It doesn’t matter that your shape is slightly different. You will still have an awesome origami shell, just not a clam shell.

And don’t worry about the pointy end, we will use that to stick our shell in the sand

Step 3: Beach umbrellas

Cocktail umbrellas

Now if you’re going the easy way, simply take these cocktail umbrellas and you’re done.

If you’re feeling crafty today, you can also make them yourself. I used the instructions from the beach bed video above for the umbrellas too, it starts at 2:33.

But you can skip the part where they add a foot to the umbrella because you’ll be sticking it in the sand so it will stay up anyways.

Beach scene made from money origami
Self-made umbrellas

Step 4: Create the beach scene

Beach origami made from money
The final beach scene

Alright, it’s finally time to put everything together.

Grab a cute bowl or basket, add sand and some shells to make it look pretty, and then add your origami and umbrellas to finish the scene.

Now, I was staying close to the beach when I was crafting this project so I just took some sand and shells from the beach.

But if you don’t happen to be close to a beach, you can also order artificial sand on Amazon, and decorative beach shells on Etsy.

Save this beach-themed money project

Whether it’s for graduates, newlyweds, friends, family, your kids, this beach-themed money origami scene is perfect for anyone!

DIY money gift idea for graduates who need a beach break

Final note on this beach-themed money project

Alright, I hope that this money beach scene has inspired you to give money in a more fun and unique way. Whether it’s for a graduate, newlyweds who are going on a honeymoon to an island, or a relative saving for a world trip, I guarantee that your beach money gifts will be greatly appreciated.

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