St Patrick’s Day Crafts: Lucky Dollar Bill Shamrock Card

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St. Patrick's Day crafts with a photo of a card
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Are you looking for fun St Patrick’s Day crafts which you can turn into a gift? Then you will love this dollar bill shamrock! It’s the perfect way to add a pinch of green to someone’s wallet this St. Patrick’s Day.

Forget searching for that lucky four-leaf clover, we’ve got a surefire way to bring a little Irish luck to your friends and relatives. Introducing the art of folding a shamrock from a dollar bill. It’s like origami for the financially savvy and festive. So, grab a green beer, and let’s get creative with our cash!

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Save this dollar bill shamrock St Patrick’s Day craft

How to make a dollar bill shamrock

The final dollar bill shamrock

I don’t know about you, but I always like to see the end result before I get started, to get a better understanding of what I’m making.

So here is the final St Patrick’s Day craft card with a dollar bill shamrock inside!

St Patrick's day craft card
St Patrick’s day craft card

How long does it take to fold a dollar bill shamrock?

Here is something that will probably cheer you up.

This dollar bill shamrock St Patrick’s day craft is actually super easy to make!

You only have to fold four-dollar bills (or other currencies) and tape them all together. It will take you about 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how fast you fold and how often you need to pause the video to get the instructions right.

The whole card took me about an hour and a half, but that’s because I also made the St Patrick’s Day card (the one you can simply print).

shamrock made from cash notes
Shamrock made from cash

Materials for dollar bill shamrock

  • 4 Dollar bills (or other currency)
  • (Double-sided) adhesive tape
  • Free printable St Patrick’s Day card (or buy a premade card)
  • Green cardstock paper (if you are not using a premade card)
  • Glue
Tools needed to make St. Patrick's Day crafts
Materials for today’s craft

Can I fold a shamrock from other currencies?

The short answer is yes.

In fact, I used Israeli shekels for my shamrock because that’s where I was when I made this craft.

But before you go off and use any currency, there are two things to know.

1.  You need a square shape to fold the three leaves of the shamrock. The video below explains how you can turn a dollar bill into a square and work from there.

If you’re using a different currency, make sure you can turn it into a square.

Either by following the same instructions as for the dollars. Or by simply folding it in two if the long side of the bill is twice the size of the short side. This is the case for euros (apart from the 5 euro bills) and Shekels. And probably for more, but I haven’t tested more currencies.

2. Since St Patrick’s Day is all about green, the shamrock looks best if you actually use green notes (which is why dollars are the best). Unfortunately, I didn’t have green 50 Shekel notes when I made this shamrock, so I used the yellow 100 instead.

It still looks nice, but to get the full experience, I would advise going for green bills.

100 shekels bill folded in half
Folded Shekel note to get a square shape

Step 1: How to fold a dollar bill into a shamrock

Alright, now that you’ve got all your materials ready, it’s time to start folding our dollar bills into shamrocks and the stem.

For my shamrock, I used the instructions in the video below. They’re super easy to follow and only take a few minutes. But before you go, I have four tips.

  1. Change the speed to 0.5x so it’s easier to tag along
  2. In case you are using Euros (or other bills that have a square shape when folded into two), you can skip the beginning and start the video at 0:34
  3. If you want the leaves to look the same, make sure you start each dollar bill with the same side facing up. Personally, I didn’t mind that much, which is why I have a shamrock with a different colored leaf in the middle. But it’s up to you, you just need to think of it before you start.
  4. I didn’t follow the instructions for the stem and just folded my note a few times until I was happy with the thickness of the stem, but that’s all up to you.

Step 2: How to make a St Patrick’s Day card

Well done, you’ve got the first (and most challenging and time-consuming) part done!

Now, all there is left to do is make a card in which you can stick your dollar bill shamrock.

Card with happy Saint Patrick's Day: look inside for some luck
Print this card below

There are two options; the easy one and the crafty one.

For the easy one just buy a premade St Patrick’s day card, such as this one, and tape the shamrock inside.

Premade St Patrick's Day greeting cards
Order premade card for the easy option

For the craft options, get green cardstock paper and fold it in two.

Next, print my free card example, cut it out, and glue it to your cardstock card. If you don’t have cardstock paper, you can also simply fold the free printable in two and tape the shamrock inside.

White card with Happy Saint patrick's Day: Look in side for some luck
Free printable

That’s why I placed the design on the right side of the paper, that way you don’t even have to cut and glue anything.

And that’s it! That’s how to fold a dollar bill into a shamrock and make a beautiful St Patrick’s Day craft card for anyone.

St. Patrick's Day craft card
The final result

Save this dollar bill shamrock St Patrick’s Day craft

Money St. Patrick's Day craft with a photo of a card

A final note on St Patrick’s Day craft with money

And there you have it, folks, a dollar bill shamrock-shaped addition to anyone’s wallet that’s sure to bring a smile to their face (and maybe even some extra luck). And while you can show off your mad folding skills and keep yourself busy in St Paddy style, they can use your gift to buy a round of green beers. And that’s why this St. Patrick’s Day craft is a win-win.

So go ahead, try it out, and share your creations with us! And remember, always fold responsibly.

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