The 25 Best Dutch Gifts For People Obsessed With The Netherlands

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Windmills in The Netherlands

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If you are looking for the best Dutch gifts for people obsessed with the Netherlands, head over to Skyscanner or Viator now and book a trip to the Netherlands!

However, for more affordable Netherlands gifts, check out the other 24 gift ideas on this list.

As a Dutch person myself, I can say that this list with Netherland gift ideas is pretty awesome for any traveler who loves the Netherlands as well as for local Dutchies when you are looking for Dutch Christmas gifts for example!

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25 unique Dutch gifts

Dutch gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to the Netherlands

Woman standing in wooden shoes
Me and my most Dutch picture ever

If you are looking for the number one Dutch gift for someone who loves the Netherlands, a trip to the Netherlands is clearly the best gift idea.

You can either book a flight and hotel on Skyscanner or check out Viator for some cool tours in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam would be the most obvious location in The Netherlands.

But if you’re looking for flights within Europe, you can also check for flights to The Hague airport or Eindhoven.

And some tours in The Netherlands beyond Amsterdam include Keukenhof (the tulip fields), Giethoorn (Venice of the north), or de Zaanse Schans and Volendam (two typical old Dutch villages).

#2 Dutch gifts for foodies: poffertjes pan

Cast iron pan

If you are looking for Dutch gifts for people who love cooking, this is the perfect gift!

It’s a traditional Dutch poffertjes pan.

But first. What are poffertjes?

Poffertjes are delicious small Dutch pancakes that are topped with butter and powdered sugar. And they are definitly one of my favorite Dutch dishes!

This traditional poffertjes pan comes with instructions and you can find plenty of poffertjes recipes online.

#3 Van Gogh imitation wall art

Van Gogh’s starry night imitation

If you are looking for Netherlands gifts for someone who loves art and Dutch painters, this imitation of Vincent van Gogh’s starry night is the perfect gift.

Of course, you can also check out paintings by other famous Dutch painters such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, or Frans Hals, or Piet Mondriaan.

And for cheaper Netherlands gift ideas for art lovers, check out #22.

#4 Dutch language course

Complete Dutch course

Dutch language courses are the best Dutch gifts for people who live in the Netherlands or for people who are planning to move there.

Even though English is spoken widely in the Netherlands, if you want to truly connect with the Dutch, speaking their language helps a lot. Especially once you move further from big cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

So there are two options for this gift.

You could either go for a self-taught course on Amazon, for people who learn best by reading and exercises.

Or you can go for the online course on Udemy, which works best for people who are more visual learners.

#5 Dutch cheese

Dutch cheese

This Dutch cheese assortment is one of the best Dutch gifts for Dutchies who moved abroad. Or for people who love Dutch cheese.

I could literally write an entire post about how much I love Dutch cheese, but for the sake of your precious time, I will just explain what types of cheese the gift includes:

  • Traditional Dutch Gouda cheese
  • Cumin seed cheese
  • Extra aged cheese (old cheese)
  • Goat’s cheese

It also includes a typical Dutch cheese slicer. Dutch people use a slicer like that to get those thin cheese slices they put on their bread.

However, if they’re just having cheese as a snack, they simply cut the cheese with a knife.

#6 Dutch jenever

Dutch jenever

If you are looking for gifts from the Netherlands for people who love gin (or booze in general) this bottle of traditional Dutch jenever is the perfect gift.

Jenever is a very strong liquor made from the juniper berry. It’s slightly comparable to gin. In fact, gin actually evolved from jenever.

For more gifts for gin lovers, check out the gin gift guide.

#7 Dutch gifts for him: soccer jersey

Dutch national team jersey

If you are looking for Dutch gifts for men who love soccer (or football), a jersey is always a good idea.

You can go for the orange one from the Dutch national team. Or if you know which team they support you can buy a jersey of their team such as the Ajax jersey.

Just a small warning here. Some Dutch supporters can be quite competitive when it comes to soccer, so make sure you know which team they support before you buy a specific team’s jersey.

I can assure you that many Dutchies from Rotterdam will NOT appreciate an Ajax jersey. You should buy a Sparta or Feyenoord one for them.

Me and my orange shirt

Dutch gifts for mid-budgets

#8 Dutch travel guides

The Netherlands Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet: The Netherlands

If you are looking for Netherlands gifts for someone who will travel to the Netherlands and who travels on a budget, this is the perfect gift. The Netherlands is definitely not the cheapest country to visit, so a Lonely Planet to guide travelers to the most affordable places is a must for budget travelers.

The Netherlands culture smart

Culture Smart: the essential guide to customs and culture The Netherlands

If you need Dutch gifts for someone who will move to the Netherlands, this guide to some of the weird Dutch customs is perfect for them.

DK Eyewitness The Netherlands

DK Eyewitness The Netherlands

If you are looking for Dutch gifts for someone who will travel to the Netherlands soon, but who’s not a budget traveler. The DK Eyewitness is the perfect guidebook for them.

#9 Dutch-themed passport cover

Netherlands-themed passport cover
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With 93 different Dutch-themed passport covers on Zazzle, you will surely find one for your recipient.

I quite liked the one with the bike, tulips, and flags.

#10 Dutch cookies

Dutch stroopwafels

If you are looking for gifts from the Netherlands for people who love cookies, stroopwafels are the perfect gift!

Stroopwafels are by far the most famous Dutch cookies. In case you are not familiar with the cookie, a stroopwafel consists of two thin waffles, with caramel in between.

The best stroopwafels are those that are freshly made on Dutch markets when the caramel and waffles are still hot from the plate.

But the stroopwafels by Kanjers are a good alternative if you don’t have access to the fresh ones.

For more gifts from the Netherlands for people who love sweets, check out #20.

#11 Netherlands-themed board game

Ticket to ride the Netherlands

Are you looking for Dutch gifts for board game lovers?

Look no further!

Ticket to Ride The Netherlands edition is the gift you need. Or if the recipient loves Amsterdam, the Amsterdam edition is what you need.

Ticket to Ride is one of my favorite board games, and I love that they have a Dutch version of the game. The aim is to build railway connections.

But whenever I try to explain ticket to ride, it always sounds a bit boring. But trust me that it’s a super fun game, especially if the railway connections are all Dutch cities.

#12 Dutch cookbooks

Dutch feast

Dutch Feast by Emily Wight

If you are looking for Dutch gifts for foodies, a Dutch cookbook is a perfect gift. I am not going to lie to you. Traditional Dutch dinner recipes are not worth a cookbook. But, Dutch sweets and snacks, on the other hand, are definitely worth a try. And Dutch Feast includes some of these delicious Dutch sweets.

Dutch recipes that are worth a try

Dutch recipes that are worth a try

This is one of the great smaller Netherlands gifts for people who are curious about Dutch food and want to give it a try. And I must say, they did pick the few Dutch recipes that are in fact worth trying for foreigners.

Indo-Dutch kitchen secrets

Indo Dutch kitchen secrets: stories and favorite family recipes

So the Dutch kitchen is generally not very rich in flavor (except for the sweets and snacks), but the Indonesian is. Indonesia is a former Dutch colony and the two kitchens have merged into a unique and delicious Indo-Dutch fusion style, which is taught in this book.

Stuff Dutch people bake

Stuff Dutch people bake

As I said, the only good thing about the Dutch kitchen are the sweets and snacks. So if you are looking for Dutch gifts for someone who loves baking, this is the perfect gift!

#13 Jigsaw puzzle of the Netherlands

Jigsaw puzzle of bikes on a canal

Are you looking for Dutch gifts for jigsaw puzzle lovers? Then this puzzle of one of the canals in Amsterdam is the perfect gift.

For more inspiration, check out the jigsaw puzzle gift guide.

#14 Dutch bike gifts

Map of the Netherlands bike routes
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Did you know that there are more bikes than people in The Netherlands? The bicycle is by far the most popular mode of transport in the Netherlands. So if you are looking for fun Netherlands gifts, anything related to a bike will work.

And this scratch-off map of cycling routes in The Netherlands is perfect for people who would love to bike through the entire country!

If you want, you can also personalize the map with a sweet message for the recipient.

For more inspiration, check out these 25 bicycle gifts.

This is me being very Dutch

#15 Fun books about the Netherlands

The UnDutchables

The UnDutchables. An observation of the Netherlands: its culture and its inhabitants

This is a funny book for people who love to understand more about weird Dutch culture and how to blend in with the Dutch.

A concise history of The Netherlands

A concise history of the Netherlands

This book by the concise series is one of the best Dutch gifts for people who love history.

Why the Dutch are different

Why the Dutch are different: a journey into the heart of the Netherlands

This is another one of the funny Netherlands gifts for people who want to know more about Dutch habits and culture. It’s written by an English man who moved to the Netherlands for love.

#16 Dutch-themed socks

Socks with hoi
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

if you are looking for Netherlands gifts for someone who is learning to speak Dutch, these “hoi” socks are perfect. Oh and just so you know, “hoi” just means hello.

You can also check out Zazzle for more Dutch-themed socks.

#17 Dutch porcelain

Delft blue windmills

Are you looking for gifts from the Netherlands for people who love Delft Blue pottery? This set of three windmills is the perfect Dutch home decor gift for them.

I’ve mentioned this before in my Chinese gift guide.

But did you know that Delft Blue (what Dutch people consider typical Dutch), is actually a cheap imitation of the original China blue porcelain?

#18 Dutch gifts for her: jewelry

Map of the Netherlands necklace

Are you looking for cute Dutch gifts for her? Perhaps this necklace in the shape of the Netherlands is the perfect gift for you!

Or if she likes Delft Blue, you can go for the cute earrings.

#19 Dutch-themed tote bag

Tote bag with wooden shoe
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for typical Netherlands gift ideas, something related to the wooden shoe (clogs) is perfect.

But before you do. Let me make one thing clear.

You will not see anyone walking around in clogs anymore.

So even though they’re still typically associated with the Netherlands. You will be disappointed if you expect everyone to walk around in wooden shoes when you get here.

Anyways, for more Dutch-themed tote bags, check out Zazzle.

Dutch gifts for small budgets

#20 Gifts from the Netherlands: bread toppings

Dutch chocolate sprinkles

Dutch people love bread. And not those fancy types such as baguettes, but just simple slices of bread with typical Dutch toppings such as cheese or chocolate sprinkles.

And if I’m being honest, I love it too!

I know foreigners often think it’s interesting that Dutch people eat bread for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even for dinner. But well, we do.

And if you’ve ever tried the delicious Dutch toppings, I think you may understand why we love them so much.

So if you are looking for gifts from the Netherlands for someone who loves their bread too, these are some of the best toppings you can get.

Bread with “vlokken”

#21 Map of the Netherlands

Watercolor map of the Netherlands

If you are looking for cool Dutch gifts for people’s homes, these maps of the Netherlands are great gift ideas.

You can either go for the watercolor one which is available in many different sizes. Or go for the one with the tourist attractions across the Netherlands.

For more Netherlands gift ideas for the home, check out #24.

#22 Dutch-themed luggage tag

Luggage tag of Amsterdam canals
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The Dutch-themed luggage tags on Zazzle are perfect practical Dutch gifts for travelers.

If you were looking for more Netherlands gifts for people who love arts, the luggage tag with Van Gogh’s starry night over Amsterdam is perfect!

#23 Netherlands travel journal

Netherlands travel journal

Are you looking for Netherlands gifts for someone who is going on a trip to The Netherlands soon? This is the perfect gift for them!

#24 Vintage travel poster of Amsterdam

Amsterdam travel poster

The vintage travel poster of Amsterdam is another one of the great Netherlands gift ideas for the home.

#25 Amsterdam coloring book

Amsterdam coloring book for adults

I love coloring books for adults. They are the perfect gift to help them relax.

So if you are looking for Dutch gifts for someone who loves Amsterdam and who could use some peace of mind, this is the perfect gift.

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25 unique Dutch gifts

Final note on the Netherlands gift ideas

If you still haven’t made up your mind about which Netherlands gifts to buy, here are my top three as a local Dutchie

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