The Ultimate European Gift Guide: From Paris To Prague!

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Map of Europe

Are you in search of the perfect European gift for someone traveling to Europe soon or who’s just a gigantic Europe enthusiast? Look no further! Whether they adore all things European or have an upcoming trip across the Atlantic, our Europe gift guide is here to make your gift-giving mission a breeze.

We’ve handpicked a collection of gifts from Europe that will transport them to the enchanting streets of Europe without needing to board a plane. So, let’s dive right in and explore these unforgettable gift ideas that’ll have them saying, “Merci!” or “Grazie!” or maybe even a “Dank je wel” (just to stay close to my Dutch roots).

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Europe gift ideas by budget.

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15 unique European gifts for European travelers

European gifts for large budgets

#1 European-themed board game

Ticket to Ride
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best European gifts for people who love board games.

Ticket to Ride is my favorite overall travel-themed board game. The aim of the game is to build railways between European cities. The board is a beautiful 19th-century map of Europe which is what makes it such a fun gift for people who are obsessed with Europe.

#2 European wine box

Photo courtesy of Vinebox

Do you need European gifts for someone who loves wine?

Then I’ve got two awesome gift ideas for you.

The first one is a box from Vinebox that includes nine different wines from Europe for the recipient to try at home. It’s a tasting box, meaning that it only includes a single glass serving, not an entire bottle.

For more fun wine gifts, check out #20.

#3 Eurail pass

This is one of the best gifts for travelers to Europe who want to travel sustainably around Europe.

Europe has quite an extensive railway network and The Eurail pass gives the recipient access to trains in 33 different European countries.

There are different passes you can go for, depending on how long the recipient will be in Europe or whether they’ll stay in just one country

Eurail is a very easy and popular way to travel around Europe, especially for train lovers!

#4 Europe-themed wall art

Europe wall art
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Europe travel gifts for someone who isn’t traveling right now?

Then a gift that will transport them to Europe is perfect.

You can find plenty of beautiful Europe-themed wall art ideas on Amazon. Or go for the panel of 4 famous European landmarks.

#5 European cheese

A cheese platter with different kinds of cheeses from Europe
Photo courtesy of iGourmet

Are you looking for European gift ideas for people who love cheese? Then this is the gift you need.

This package of cheese includes four different European kinds of cheeses.

French camembert, English cheddar, Italian montasio, and Spanish goat’s cheese. Plus some delicious crackers and a classic cheese knife.

#6 Piece of land in Europe

A certificate gift with a piece of land in Germany
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Want a truly unique gift from Europe for someone who loves the continent?

Then go for this original piece of Europe gift!

It’s a fun, symbolic piece of land that comes with a title deed in their name. Plus, they get access to an enormous area of land – perfect for picnics or just enjoying nature. And the best part? No strings attached; they will handle taxes and regulations for life! To top it off, it comes with an informative brochure with photos, a map, and GPS info.

It’s available in Germany, Spain, England, Bavaria, France, Ireland, Italy, and Tuscany.

#7 European-themed phone case

Phone case with painting
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Europe travel gifts for people who are addicted to their phones?

Then one of the nearly 10,000 different Europe-themed phone cases on Zazzle is perfect.

And for people who are into European artists, this phone case of Van Gogh’s Starry Night is perfect.

#8 A gift from their favorite European country

Bialetti coffee maker
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you know which European country is the recipient’s favorite? Then gifts from that specific country are the best option!

For example, for Italy lovers a Bialetti coffee maker is perfect!

(If they love coffee, of course! Otherwise, check out the other 75 Italian gifts.)

Or head over to the destinations page and find the gift guide for your recipient’s favorite European country.

#9 European snack boxes

Photo courtesy of Granda Inc

This is one of the best gifts from Europe for people with a sweet tooth! A box with cookies, candy, and other delicious sweets from different European countries, such as this one from Poland!

Or check out Etsy for snack boxes from more European countries.

#10 New York Times European cities in 36 hours

New York Times 36 hours travel guide
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for gifts for someone going to Europe who only has a short time?

Then the 36 Hours Europe guidebook is perfect. It includes short itineraries for Europe’s most amazing cities.

#11 Europe-themed sweatshirts

Grey sweatshirt with "Paris, France" and the Eiffel Tower
Photo courtesy of Kozy Vibes

Whether you’re looking for gifts for people going to Europe soon or someone who just returned, with this cute Paris sweater they pretend to be in the chic Paris street sipping champagne and eating croissant in style (even if it’s just in their home apartment).

Or check out these awesome Paris-inspired gifts for more ideas!

#12 Sweets from Europe

A Belgina chocolate gift box
Photo courtesy of iGourmet

Do you need more European gift ideas for someone with a sweet tooth?

Then check out iGourmet’s collection of all European sweets, from Belgian chocolate to Scandinavian candy and Dutch licorice candy.

They say love goes through the stomach, making this the perfect thoughtful gift for a loved one who is obsessed with Europe.

European gifts for mid-budgets

#13 Europe scratch map

Scratch-of map of Europe
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for Europe gift ideas for travel lovers? Then scratch maps are always a good idea.

Travelers love tracking all the places they have visited and they love adding undiscovered destinations to their bucket lists. And that’s why scratch maps are so popular among travelers.

I found two awesome options for European travelers here.

The first one is a regular scratch map that includes all European countries. The second option is perfect for people who love city trips. Because this map includes 75 popular European cities.

#14 Europe experience gifts

Woman walking in front of the colloseum in Rome
Me on a walking tour in Rome

There is no better European gift idea than the experience of Europe itself!

And for that, Tinggly is the place to be.

On Tinggly, you can book fun tours and activities around the globe (including Europe), without setting a date yet.

That way, you can gift a unique European experience, but allow the recipient to pick a date that suits them.

#15 European beer scratch-off poster

Poster with 89 European beers
Photo courtesy of Fix Idea Shop

If you are looking for European gift ideas for people who love beer, look no further!

This poster includes 89 different European beers that beer lovers have to try before they die.

#16 European-themed passport cover

A leather passport cover with the map of Europe and the option to sticht it
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

The awesome different European-themed passport covers on Etsy are the best gifts for Europe travel! They can protect their passports in Europe style.

But if you want to go for a unique gift for someone traveling to Europe, then Not on the High Street’s stitch passport cover is the perfect gift!

#17 Europe travel guide

Book cover of DK Eyewitness Europe travel guide
Photo courtesy of Amazon

DK Eyewitness Europe

Do you need gifts for travelers to Europe who are leaving for a trip soon? In that case, travel guides are great gifts. DK Eyewitness publishes awesome guides that work for all types of travelers.

Lonely Planet: Europe travel guide
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet: Europe

Are you looking for European travel gifts for budget travelers? Then the Lonely Planet is the guidebook you need.

Lonely Planet: Where to go when Europe book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet: Where to go when in Europe

This is one of the best gifts for people going to Europe at different times of the year. This guidebook will tell them exactly when to be where.

#18 Language gift

italki gift card
Photo courtesy of italki

Did you know that there are 24 official languages in the EU?

And that with 140 million native speakers, Russian is the most common native language?

Though English, French, and German are the most widely spoken as a second language.

So whether the recipient simply has an obsession with languages, or wants to learn a new language for their Europe trip, a language-learning gift is an awesome idea, such as private online teaching through Italki. Where they can book a private teacher in 150+ different languages!

#19 Book about the history of Europe

Book cover of 'The Greek Revolution: 1821 and the making of modern Europe'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need Europe gift ideas for history buffs?

Then this is the book you need. It’s about how modern-day Europe was shaped by the somewhat lesser-known Greek revolution of 1821.

#20 European wine scratch map

Map with European wine regions
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for the best European gift ideas for wine lovers? Look no further!

This scratch-off map of European wine regions is the gift you need.

It includes 112 different wine regions in Europe which the recipient has to visit. And as I said before, travelers love maps and scratching off places they’ve visited, so this adds an extra dimension for wine lovers.

#21 Europe jigsaw puzzle

Europe jigsaw puzzle
Photo courtesy of Amazon

For puzzle lovers, this 1000-piece puzzle of the map of Europe is one of the best Europe gift ideas.

But if you need more inspiration, check out the puzzle lovers’ gift guide!

#22 Europe map color-in mug

Mug with map of Europe
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

This is one of the best European gift ideas for people who love to paint! They can paint their own mug in Europe style.

The mug comes with one green pen, but you can add extra options to make it more colorful. And what’s cool about this mug, is that the color actually stays! (If they follow the instruction, of course).

#23 Gin and tonic tasting gift

A gift set of gin and tonics from different European countries
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

If you’re looking for gifts from Europe for your gin-loving friend that are as classy as they are, this Gin and Tonic gift set is perfect!.

Four diverse European gins, two mixers, and four recipe cards guarantee an unforgettable tasting experience. It’s like a European tasting tour in a box, perfect for birthdays or anniversaries.

#24 European bread-making book

Bread on the table cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

As a Dutchie myself, I must say I love bread. And I don’t know what it is, but European bread is (in my humble opinion) the best of all continents. So if you are looking for Europe gifts for someone who loves baking, this is an awesome gift.

#25 European football scratch-off map

European map with football stadiums
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for European gift ideas for people who love soccer (or football)? Then this is the gift you need!

It’s a scratch map of Europe’s most famous football stadiums!

I know, it’s another scratch map, but I can’t help it that travelers just love scratch maps. But I promise. This is the last scratch map on this list.

#26 European cake cookbook

Book cover of 'The European Cake Cookbook'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The European Cake Cookbook is an awesome Europe gift for someone who loves baking. It’s practically a journey through Europe via cake, offering 65 mouthwatering recipes inspired by different countries.

#27 Travel poster-inspired coasters

A set of coasters with a print of vintage travel posters from European cities
Photo courtesy of Ruby Too Shuz Designs

Help your friend travel through time and space without leaving their living room with these gorgeous coasters.

They’re a quirky, charming gift for your Europe-loving buddy as each coaster showcases a European city’s old-school allure.

Just make sure to tell your friend that the coasters need a gentle hand wash (if they want them to last, at least).

#28 Travel adapter

Travel adapter
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best gifts for someone going to Europe. This universal adapter will allow them to use plugs in every country.

#29 Food experience gift

Logo of the company "Eatwith"
Photo courtesy of Eatwith

A gift card from Eatwith is an awesome gift idea for your foodie friends who are traveling to Europe soon!

But first things first.

What is Eatwith?

A company that offers dining experiences with local hosts in various locations around the world (including Europe). Such as a food tour in Barcelona, or a cooking class in Athens with locals.

EatWith’s experiences allow travelers and food enthusiasts to enjoy authentic meals in the homes of locals for a unique night out.

European gifts for small budgets

#30 Europe phrasebook

Europe phrasebook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the most practical gifts for Europe travel. A phrasebook that includes the most common phrases in fifteen different European languages! So they can get around in multiple European countries!

#31 Europe coloring book for adults

Europe coloring book
Europe coloring book

Are you looking for European gifts for someone who could lose some tension? Then this coloring book is perfect.

I already explained this in my meditation gift guide, but coloring books for adults have many health benefits. One of those benefits is that they help reduce anxiety and stress.

#32 Collectible keychain tokens

A leather keychain with metal rings from different countries
Photo courtesy of Qrafted World

This travel keychain is the ultimate pre or after-trip gift!

It’s a tangible reminder of the upcoming journey, where each ring symbolizes a country they will or have conquered. And when they return, it becomes a souvenir of their epic voyage. Practical, sentimental, and just plain cool!

#33 Europe-themed candles

A candle with a lable from "heart of Italia"
Photo courtesy of Dio Candle Company

Who needs a plane ticket when you’ve got a European-scented candle?

You can send Europe in a jar to your Europhile friend, check out Etsy to find a candle that resembles your friend’s favorite European destination.

For Italy lovers, this is the perfect candle! It’s a delicious slice of Italy without the carbs.

#34 Hitchhiking through Europe travel memoir

Book cover of 'A hitchhiking adventure: lost in Europe'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Chris Pountney’s memoir takes readers along with his hilarious, smartphone-free European adventure. With just his thumb and boundless optimism, he explores the continent, getting lost in misadventures and the thrill of the unknown.

#35 Europe travel journal

Europe travel journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for gifts for someone traveling to Europe soon? Then this is the best small gift you can find.

They can keep track of all their travel plans and memories in this Europe travel journal. So when they return home, they will have a beautiful memoir of their epic trip.

#36 European-themed luggage tag

Luggage tag with map of Europe
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for practical European travel gifts? Then a luggage tag in Europe style is perfect.

For travelers who love maps, the luggage tag with the vintage map of Europe is perfect. And for others, check out the 2018 different European-themed luggage tags on Zazzle.

#37 People of Europe book

Book cover of 'People of the Book"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is a great novel that’s easy to read but based on a true story that will take the reader across Europe’s history.

#38 European-themed tote bag

bag with European cities
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This is one of the best European travel gifts for sustainable travelers. A Europe-themed tote bag.

Tote bags are made from recyclable material and last longer than plastic bags. So by using tote bags, travelers can reduce their plastic waste without any effort.

#39 Small European cookbook

Book cover of 'The new European cookbook"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best European gifts for people who love cooking and European food. The book includes recipes from different European countries to try at home.

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Final note on Europe gifts

Alright, if you need some more help with picking the right gift. Here are my favorite European travel gifts by budget.


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