25 Unmissable Ice Skating Gifts They’ll Adore!

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A pair of figure skates with Christmas ornaments and gifts

Whether you’ve got a friend pirouetting into your gift list or a family member who’s skating through life like a champion, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate ice skating gift guide. From cozy accessories to practical gear that’ll keep their blades laser-sharp, we’ve found the gold-medal picks that ice skaters of all levels, ages, and sorts will love.

So, grab your cocoa, lace up your boots, and get ready to find the best figure skating gifts that will make Santa jealous.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts for ice skaters by budget.

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The 25 best ice skating gifts with an image of small skate ornaments hanging on a wall

Ice skating gifts for large budgets

#1 Ticket to an ice skating event

An image of a figure skater in front of the Disney castle
Disney on Ice

Let’s start this list with the number one ice skating gift; tickets to an ice skating event!

Whether it’s to the national figure skating championships, a local ice skating race, or Disney’s on Ice, taking the recipient to anything skating-related is the best gift your can give.

I’ve said it numerous times before, and I will repeat myself until everyone is sick of me.

But, experience gifts are simply the best gift out there!

#2 Skate bags

A colorful ice skate bag
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Now before you head off and buy this cute and colorful skate bag. There is one thing I want you to keep in mind.

Most ice skaters will likely already have a skate bag. I mean, it’s their passion, their skates are their lives, so surely they will already have a practical bag to carry their life around.

So make sure you only buy this colorful bag for people who are new to ice skating, for people whose current skate bags are falling apart, or for those who love colors and happy prints. So they will actually use your gift.

#3 Tumbler

A tumbler with the text "eat, sleep, skate, repeat"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

An ice skating-themed tumbler is the coolest gift for ice skaters! Not only does it let them flaunt their passion with every sip, but it’s also a practical gift. After pirouettes and twirls in the rink, they’ve earned the right to warm up with a hot drink which their tumbler kept nice and warm for them!

#4 Personalized medal display

A wooden medal display with a name for figure skaters
Photo courtesy of Pinecone Home

After all those spins, jumps, and maybe a graceful fall or two (we won’t tell), your favorite figure skater deserves to showcase those hard-earned medals with more pride than a peacock in a parade.

This is why a personalized medal display is a perfect figure skating gift idea!

This display isn’t just a hanger; it’s a reminder of their dedication, turning their collection of triumphs into a work of art.

#5 Ice skating training pants

A black ice skating pants
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Figure skaters can never have too many pants, especially not if they’re from the popular ice skating brand Chloe Noel!

So whether you’re looking for ice skating gifts for those who are new to the sport or those who have practiced for years, these pants are perfect.

#6 Spinning trainer

A small black device that spins
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need figure skating gifts for someone who loves to practice and improve their skills as much as they can?

Then they will absolutely love this figure skating spinner. Or as I like to call it “the Twirlinator.”

This small mat helps skaters nail those spins with grace, balance, and pizzazz, all from the comfort of their homes and without the risk of falling on the cold hard ice. Then once they mastered the skill, they can comfortably start practicing in the rink.

#7 Training jacket

Woman wearing an ice skating jacket
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for practice figure skating gifts, this training jacket from Chloe Noel is perfect and great to pair with the pants (#5).

It’s lined with fleece to keep them warm inside the rink when they’re not busy spinning and jumping, making it a great practical gift for figure skaters of any level.

#8 Water bottle

A black water bottles with an heartbeat and an figure skater
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

All ice skaters know that hydration is key for good performance, so why not help them hydrate in style with one of the ice skating-themed water bottles from Zazzle?

Whether you’re looking for ice skating gifts for racers or for figure skaters, you will find a unique design on Zazzle.

Ice skating gifts for mid budgets

#9 Cute skate soaker

Skate soaker in the shape of a bunny
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A soaker is literally, a piece of cloth that “soaks” the moisture for ice skates, and it’s an essential item for ice skaters because moisture is the enemy that can lead to rusting of their blades.

Ice skaters use two items for this, a drying towel for a quick dry-up (see gift #16) and soakers that are meant to stay on the blades until they’ve reached home where ice skaters can take further care of their skates.

So now that you know about the background of the soaker, you probably also realize it’s a great ice skating gift!

But it’s even better if you go for a fun, cute, or unique soaker, such as these adorable ones on Amazon.

#10 Wall art

A wall print of an ice skater made with words
Photo courtesy of Word Art Portrait

Do you need ice or figure skating gifts for someone’s home?

Then head over to Etsy and check out all their amazing options of figure skating home decor and wall art. From lamps to posters and personalized prints, there is something for everyone.

Whether it’s a piece for a young figure skater’s bedroom or for an adult’s living room, you will find a unique ice skating-themed gift for everyone’s home.

#11 Skating competition gloves

Three pairs of gloves for ice skating performances
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Whether they’re actually performing or not, with these adorable gloves they will feel like the star of the ice (even if it’s just for practice).

They’re perfect figure skating gift ideas for girls and women, they’re lined with fleece on the inside, so even though they look cute, they will actually keep their hands warm.

#12 Candle for ice skating coach

A candle with the label "figue skating coach" and a funny definition
Photo courtesy of Blissful Gift Shop

Are you looking for unique ice skating gift ideas for your coach?

Then this heartfelt candle is the perfect keepsake to thank them at the end of the season.

#13 Books for ice skaters

Book cover of 'skating shoes'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Skating Shoes by Noel Streatfeild

Are you looking for figure skating gifts for young girls? Then this is the perfect book! It follows Harriet and Lalla, who bond over ice skating despite their differences. With humor, heart, and a twist on ice, the book shows how friendships can twirl through changes.

Book cover of 'One Jump at a Time: My Story by Nathan Chen'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

One Jump at a Time: My Story by Nathan Chen

“One Jump at a Time” is Nathan Chen’s memoir, chronicling his journey from a Chinese American figure skating enthusiast to an Olympic gold medalist. This inspiring tale of perseverance is a perfect gift for ice skaters.

Book cover of 'Finding the Edge: My Life on the Ice by Karen Chen'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Finding the Edge: My Life on the Ice by Karen Chen

The last book is another great gift for figure skaters who dream about taking the next step in their skating career. “Finding the Edge” is Karen Chen’s inspiring tale of rising from a young figure skater to becoming a U.S. National Champion.

#14 Ice skating-themed shirts

A t-shirt with "today's good mood is sponsored by ice skating"
Photo courtesy of My Graphic Tees

With Etsy’s wide collection of ice skating-themed shirts, you can give a gift that allows them to wear their passion right on their sleeves (or well, chest).

Whether they’re pirouetting on ice or just pirouetting through life’s challenges, these shirts basically say, “I skate, therefore I’m awesome.”

Though check out Etsy to find all sorts of designs.

#15 Ear warmer

Woman wearing a headband and earwarmer
Photo courtesy of Amazon

For small and practical ice skating gifts, check out this sports headband and ear warmer.

While they twirl and twist like a tornado on ice, chilly winds try to turn their ears into icicles, but with these ear warmers, their ears will be as toasty as a marshmallow by the campfire. It is not just comfortable, it also prevents frostbite, making it a very practical gift.

#16 Personalized skate drying towel

Two skate towels with a personalized name and a pari fo skates
Photo courtesy of Linda Kay’s Creations

Are you looking for personalized and practical ice skating gifts?

Then this skate-drying towel is exactly what you need.

As I said with the soakers, ice skaters will need to dry their skates after practice to prevent their blades from getting rusty and damaged. With this towel, they can get rid of moisture faster than a cat dodging a bath, keeping their skates steady and blades sharp.

Ice skating gifts for small budgets

#17 Necklace

A necklace with a pendant of the letter E and an ice skate
Photo courtesy of Charm Philosophy Pewter

Are you looking for cute figure skating gift ideas for girls or women?

Then head over to Etsy and check out their (large) collection of skating-inspired necklaces! From personalized to diamond, there is a style for nearly every figure skater.

#18 Tote bag

A tote bag with a print of figure skates
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Zazzle’s ice skating-themed tote bags are the perfect sidekicks for skaters! It’s like a trusty Zamboni for their stuff – keeping their essentials in tow while they glide on ice.

From costumes to extra gloves (because losing one is basically a sport), this bag’s got their back. And let’s face it, after a session of triple axles and spins, they need something stylish to toss their gear into.

#19 Jewelry tray

Two jewelwry trays with figure skaters
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Craft Corner

This is a great figure skating gift for girls and women who breathe the sport.

Even when they’re not on the ice they will still think, talk, and dream about it. So why not add even more figure skating into their lives with this cute jewelry tray?

Besides being a cute décor item for her room, it might actually help her to keep all her jewelry in one place. (And not leave them hanging everywhere in the house and always losing at least one of her earrings. Okay maybe I’m speaking from experience here, but I’m sure I’m not the only one).

#20 Book for young athletes and parents

Book cover of 'mental toughness for young athletes'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for ice skating gifts for young talents who want to play in the harsh world of competitive figure skating, this book is the guide they will need.

Written by a young athlete and his parents this is a gift that equips both skaters and their parents with the tools to conquer in-game stress and build unshakable mental fortitude. There is a version written for the young athlete and one for the parent. Make sure to gift both of them for the best impact.

#21 Bookmark

An ice skating-themed bookmark
Photo courtesy of Charm Philosophy

Do you need ice skating gift ideas for someone who loves to read?

Whether it’s books about ice skating (check out #13) or just about any book, with this cute bookmark they can combine their two favorite hobbies and still think about ice skating even when they’re not on the ice.

#22 Personalized pouch

A personalized pouch with a name and an icon of a figure skater
Photo courtesy of Be Niralu

This is the perfect ice skating gift for young girls. Now she has a cute personalized pouch for her small essentials.

#23 Ice skating-themed notebook

A notebook with a cover of someone on figure skates
Photo courtesy of Fox Chapel Pub

This ice skating-themed notebook is the perfect small gift for ice skaters. It’s where they can jot down their skating dreams, choreography ideas, and random thoughts that pop up like surprise jumps. (Or simply take school notes in a notebook that matches their passion).

#24 Keychain

A keychain with a message for an ice skating coach
Photo courtesy of Sporty Bellas

Is it the end of the season and are you looking for a unique figure skating gift to thank your coach for always supporting and pushing you?

Then this keychain is a perfect token of your appreciation.

And if you’re looking for small ice skating gifts for skaters themselves, check out Etsy to find all sorts of keychain designs.

#25 Mug

A black mug with a pair of skates and the text "go figure"
Photo courtesy of Strictly Business Mugs

What better way to sip their morning coffee than with a mug that perfectly shows what’s on their minds; ice skating?

If you’re looking for ice skating gifts for someone who can’t talk before they had their first cup, this mug is perfect! It will tell others everything they need to know about the recipient, without the need to talk.

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25 Awesome christmas figue skating gifts with an image of small figure skates ornaments hanging in a Christmas tree

Final notes on figure skating gifts

Alright, so these were our 25 ice skating gift ideas! From twirl-worthy accessories to gear that’ll have them feeling like a skating superstar. Whether you’re looking warm their hearts, or simply help them rock that triple axel with flair, these gifts are exactly what you need.

Though if you haven’t made up your mind yet. Check out our editor’s top 3.


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