The 25 Best Fijian Gifts For People Obsessed With Fiji

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For the best Fijian gifts for people obsessed with Fiji, head over to Skyscanner now and book a trip to Fiji! Now, I can imagine that a ticket to Fiji is slightly over your budget, so I also added 24 more affordable Fiji gifts in the post.

For those of you who just want a quick recommendation, here are my top 3.

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The 25 best Fijian gifts

Fijian gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to Fiji

As I already said in the introduction. The best gift for someone who loves Fiji is a trip to Fiji.

Obviously, this gift only works if you’ve got a rather large budget, but if you do, head over to Skyscanner and book a flight and hotel.

Or check out Viator for fun tours and activities in Fiji.

If you are not sure what sort of activities the recipient likes or you are not sure when their next trip to Fiji is planned, you can also buy The Global Experiences Card, which is the Viator gift card.

#2 Kava powder

Kava powder

If you are looking for traditional Fiji souvenirs, Kava powder is a great gift.

It’s made from the Kava root (yaqona, in Fijian), a native plant from the Pacific island. And it’s traditionally drunk at Kava ceremonies.

The powder is mixed with water and tastes bitter. But that doesn’t matter that much because Kava is not drunk for its taste, but for its effect. Drinking Kava has a sedative and relaxing effect and that’s the main reason why people drink it.

So if you are looking for Fiji souvenirs for someone who could use some relaxation, this is the perfect gift.

#3 Fijian-themed hoodie

I love Fiji hoodie

This hoodie with “I love Fiji” is the perfect gift for a Fiji-lover who is always cold. Even if they are not in Fiji, they can still feel the warmth of Fiji with this hoodie!

#4 Fiji gifts for Rugby fans

Black rugby jersey
Photo courtesy of Lovell Rugby

Are you looking for Fiji gifts for someone who loves sports? And more specifically, rugby?

Then a jersey from Fiji’s national rugby team is the best gift.

#5 Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for cool personalized Fijian gifts? Then the map of Fiji from Not on the High Street is the perfect gift.

You can personalize the text beneath “Fiji”. For example, by including the date of the recipient’s wedding, if it’s a wedding gift.

Or the date of the honeymoon or vacation to Fiji.

Or maybe you and the recipient have nicknames for each other, and you can add that name.

Or something else.

You know your recipient better than I do, so I am sure you can think of something fun, sweet, or personal to add.

And no worries if the personalized map is over your budget. You can find a cheaper alternative on Amazon. A watercolor print of the map of Fiji. It’s available in different sizes, so you can find one that’s within your budget.

#6 Fiji gifts for scuba divers

Fiji’s wild beauty

Fiji is a world-famous destination for scuba divers and snorkelers. So if you are looking for Fiji gifts for someone who loves scuba diving, Fiji’s wild beauty: a photographic guide to coral reefs of the South Pacific is a great gift.

It includes beautiful photography of the underwater world in Fiji waters.

#7 Fiji-themed phone case

Phone case with flag of Fiji
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need Fijian gifts for people whose hands are glued to their phones?

A Fijian-themed phone case, such as the one with the flag is perfect.

There are nearly 200 different Fijian -themed phone cases on Zazzle, so you should be able to find something to the recipient’s taste.

Unfortunately, Zazzle only offers phone cases for iPhones and Samsungs, so if the recipient uses a different brand, you will need to go for one of the other 24 gift ideas on this list.

#8 Fiji jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle of Fiji beach
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Fijian gifts for people who love jigsaw puzzles?

This 1014-piece puzzle of a Fijian beach is a great gift for them.

For more gift ideas, check out the jigsaw puzzle gift guide.

Fijian gifts for mid budgets

#9 Fiji-themed passport cover

Passport cover with print
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for practical Fijian gifts for travelers, one of the Fiji-themed passport covers on Zazzle is the gift you need.

I quite liked the one with the tapa cloth design. Since tapa cloth is one of the most typical Fijian souvenirs to take home.

Tapa cloths look like woven material, but it’s actually made from softened bark. It’s made in various islands in the Pacific, including Fiji.

#10 Books about Fiji

Sketches of Fiji

Sketches of Fiji

This book is one of the best Fiji gifts for people who are interested in the recent history of Fiji. The book is written by Andrew Drysdale who grew up in Fiji when the colonial era ended.

Kava in the blood

Kava in the blood

This is a memoir of Peter Thomson (Fijian UN secretary), of the times in Fiji around the 1987 coup d’état.

#11 Fijian coin pendant

Fijian coin

Are you looking for cute and small Fijian gifts for her? This pendant of the Fijian one dollar is a great gift idea.

In the photo, the coin is attached to a ball chain, but you can also go for a necklace or a different keychain

#12 Travel poster of Fiji

Travel poster of Malolo island, Fiji
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

If you are looking for Fijian gifts for someone’s home, this poster of Malolo island is a great gift idea.

The poster is available in A1-A4 size and you can order a framed or unframed one.

For more Fijian gifts for the home, check out #22.

#13 Fiji travel guides

The rough guide to Fiji

The rough guide to Fiji

Are you looking for Fiji gifts for someone who will travel to Fiji soon? A travel guide is a great idea for them! The rough guides are great in-depth travel guides for all types of travelers.

Lonely Planet: Fiji

Lonely Planet: Fiji

The Lonely Planet is the best Fiji gift for someone who travels on a budget. Fiji is not really one of the top destinations for backpackers, but with the Lonely Planet, they can definitely find the best budget-friendly places.

Moon: Fiji

Moon: Fiji

The Moon travel guides are great for all types of travelers. Their books contain beautiful images, and detailed maps to help travelers to navigate better.

#14 Fijian gifts for her: beauty products

Fiji gift set

Are you looking for Fijian gifts for women? Perhaps this gift box of Fiji nourishing hand cream, body lotion, and oil is the gift you need.

#15 Fiji cookbook

Annapurna cookbook

Are you looking for Fijian gifts for a foodie? Then a Fijian cookbook is a perfect gift.

This book by Nalini Naidu has won an award for the best cookbook in the South Pacific category. It includes delicious recipes as well as a little bit about the history of the dishes and the changes that the author observed in her country when it comes to food and eating habits.

#16 Fiji-themed water bottle

White water bottle
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Fiji gifts for someone who loves Tavua? Then this stainless steel water bottle is the perfect gift.

For more options, check out the other 50 designs on Zazzle.

Water bottles make great gifts for sustainable travelers because it helps to reduce the use of plastic water bottles. For more sustainable Fijian gifts, check out the next item!

#17 Fijian-themed travel mug

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The 101 different Fiji-themed travel mugs on Zazzle are another example of excellent sustainable Fijian gifts.

Using travel mugs can reduce the number of disposable cups that are used for takeaway coffee for example.

#18 Map of Fiji necklace

Necklace with map of Fiji
Photo courtesy of McLaughlin Creations

Are you looking for more cute Fijian gifts for her? This pendant with the map of Fiji is a beautiful piece of jewelry for women!

#19 Fijian-themed socks

Socks with hearts
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you’ve ever read one of my other destination gift guides, you may have noticed that I pretty much always add socks.

I just think they are just great practical, fun, and personalized gifts.

And these socks with the flag of Fiji in the shape of hearts are no exception to that.

There are two more Fiji-themed socks on Zazzle, but personally, I think the hearts are the cutest ones.

Fijian gifts for small budgets

#20 Fiji word search

Fiji word search

This puzzle book with 40 fun Fiji-themed word searches is one of the best small Fijian gifts for someone who loves brain games and Fiji!

#21 Fiji-themed tote bag

tote bag with phrase "Bula"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With 129 different Fijian-themed tote bags on Zazzle, you should be able to find one that the recipient will love.

My favorite one was the one with the palm trees and the classic Fijian phrase “Bula”.

Bula is a word that’s often used to greet people in Fiji. It literally means life, so instead of just saying “hello”, Fijians say “bula” and wish each other good life, and health. Which I think is quite beautiful.

#22 Vintage Fijian wall art

Vintage Fiji poster

This vintage poster of a lagoon in Fiji is one of the best Fijian gifts for someone who loves vintage items and Fiji. And most importantly, someone who loves to decorate his or her home in Fiji style.

#23 Fijian phrasebook

Fijian phrasebook

Are you looking for Fijian gifts for someone who is traveling to Fiji soon? And does that person love interacting with locals? Then this phrasebook and dictionary is a great gift.

Locals always appreciate it if visitors try to speak their language. Even if it’s just “Hello, thank you, and goodbye”. It shows that you’ve taken the time to learn about their language and culture.

Though English is one of the official languages in Fiji and it’s widely spoken, you may never know when having a Fijian dictionary may come in handy.

#24 Fijian-themed luggage tag

Fiji flag luggage tag
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Luggage tags are also great examples of practical Fijian gifts, assuming you’re buying one of the 46 different Fiji-themed designs on Zazzle, of course.

I quite like the flag design because you can also personalize this luggage tag. But definitely check out Zazzle if you want more options.

#25 Fiji travel journal

Fiji travel journal

If you are looking for practical Fiji gifts for someone who will travel to Fiji soon, this Fiji travel journal is a great gift.

It comes with a packing list, fill-out pages, pages for the highlights of the trip, and blank pages for the recipient to write about their trip.

If you need more inspiration for cool journals, check out these 25 travel journals.

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25 unique Fijian gifts

Final note of Fiji gifts

Alright, since you are still reading this post instead of buying one of the gifts, I’m assuming you haven’t made up your mind yet. So let me share my top 3 Fiji gift ideas to give you some final inspiration.

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