30 Free Birthday Coloring Pages  For Kids & Adults (Happy B-day printables)

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Nine images of different birthday coloring pages

Celebrate each birthday in color and style with our exclusive collection of 30 free printable birthday coloring pages! Whether it’s for a cozy family gathering, a classroom activity, or your kid’s birthday party, these PDFs are perfect for adding a splash of joy to any birthday occasion.

Designed for party-goers of all ages – yes, that includes you and perhaps even your teens – these birthday coloring sheets offer everything from adorable cupcakes and playful cats to challenging mandalas. And for those of you who are looking for unique birthday card ideas too, we’ve added a short section on how to turn these coloring sheets into cute DIY birthday cards!

And the best part?

They’re absolutely free! No hidden costs, and no need for email subscriptions – just a simple click, print, and color away! So, grab your favorite coloring tools, and let’s get coloring.

Save these birthday coloring pages

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Materials needed

Before I share the links to the free birthday coloring PDFs, let’s make sure you have all the essentials to bring these birthday scenes to life:

And for the coloring:

A package with 20 different Crayola Washable Super Tips Markers
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All free printable birthday coloring pages

Below you can find our fun mix of 30 birthday coloring sheets. From sweet birthday cakes and cupcakes to cute kittens, we offer designs for every birthday mood and theme.

Simply click “download” or click on the image to access the high-quality PDF file (don’t download the images because their quality is not as good as the PDFs).

Do you need a whole batch of birthday coloring sheets? We’ve got you covered too! You can grab the entire collection in a single download here, so you only have to click print once.

Dinosaur birthday

Fossil birthday

Teddy’s birthday

Birthday cake

Princess birthday

Cat birthday cake

Happy birthday mandala

Happy birthday cupcake


Happy birthday hearts (1)

Happy birthday hearts (2)

Happy birthday (1)

Happy birthday (2)

Happy birthday (3)

Happy birthday cake

Birthday hot air balloon

Happy birthday (4)

A toast on your B-day

Happy birthday cake (2)

Birthday pinata

Birthday cake & gifts

Happy birthday unicorn

Happy birthday kitten

Happy birthday hats

Birthday dog


Happy birthday (5)

Happy birthday cake (3)

3rd birthday

Happy birthday princess

How to make DIY birthday cards

Do you want to share your (or your kid’s) creations with other birthday peeps? Then we’ve got four fun ways to turn your coloring sheets into cards, we’ve explained how to go about each one below.

  1. Print four per page and cut them into A6-size cards
  2. Print foldable design on A4 cardstock and fold in two
  3. Print them on regular paper, cut and glue on cardstock paper
  4. Print the foldable design on regular A4 paper and fold in two
A schematic picture of four different ways to print a coloring sheet to make cards
4 Options to create birthday cards

1. Print four per page and cut them into A6-size cards

Choose your preferred coloring page (or perhaps all of them!) and set your printer to print four per page (under Page Sizing & Handling, or something similar). Next stock your printer’s drawer with cardstock for a sturdier, more elegant card feel. Cut the pages and color them in!

This is one of my favorite methods because of the sturdy feel of cardstock.

If you’re not sure about the settings, do a small test print before printing the whole batch.

2. Print the foldable design on A4 cardstock and fold in two

Download the foldable birthday coloring pages designed for landscape A4 size.

This format ensures that when you fold the paper in two, you’ll have a stunning birthday card. Check your printer’s compatibility with cardstock paper to make sure the printing runs smoothly.

And if you just want to print one card, simply select the page in your Printer Settings Window.

Our foldable PDFs contain the coloring sheet on the right

3. Print them on regular paper, cut and glue on cardstock paper

If handling cardstock paper is tricky for your printer, opt for this hassle-free method. Print the foldable coloring pages on regular A4 paper, cut them to size, and glue them onto folded cardstock for a robust and polished card.

4. Print the foldable design on regular A4 paper and fold in two

For a quick, effortless DIY card, this method is ideal.

Simply print the foldable coloring pages on A4 paper, color to your heart’s content, fold them in two, and voila – a lovely, homemade birthday card is ready!

Funny birthday messages

Add a personal touch and a bit of humor to your cards or coloring pages with our witty birthday messages. Perfect for both DIY cards and colored pages!

Some of my favorites include

  • “You know you’re old when “happy hour” is a nap.”
  • “Fifty, the ultimate F word.”
  • “Young at heart (slightly older in other places).”
  • “You might be prehistoric, but at least you’re not extinct!”
  • “I hope your birthday is better than this card.”

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Birthday card with "you don't look a day over 21. From a distance without my glasses
Funny birthday card message

More free printables

Feel inspired by our birthday coloring pages?

We have a range of other themed coloring pages and DIY craft ideas waiting for you. Check out our collection and keep the creative vibes flowing!

Save these printable birthday coloring sheets

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Final notes on our birthday coloring pages

We hope these birthday coloring sheets add a burst of color and joy to your birthday celebrations. If you have any feedback, ideas for new coloring pages, or craft suggestions, we’re all ears! Get in touch and share your thoughts. Happy coloring and the happiest of birthdays!


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