35 Free Christmas Coloring Pages For All Ages

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Nine Christmas coloring pages

Are you looking for a fun activity with kids this Christmas? Whether you’re a teacher looking for a classroom activity or a parent needing something to keep your kids busy over the holidays, we’ve got you covered with our 35 free Christmas coloring pages!

Yep, you read that right. Our Christmas coloring sheets are completely free. Not even an email required! All you need to do is scroll down below, hit download, and print your favorite coloring sheets right at home.

And the best part?

We’ve also included instructions on how to turn them into cute DIY Christmas greeting cards. That way, you can send your friends and family warm seasonal greetings with a handmade card from your kids!

Save these Christmas coloring sheets

Make sure to save these Christmas coloring sheets on Pinterest, so you’ll know where to go for free printables next year. Or to share them with friends and family.

Materials needed

Alright, let’s have a look at what you will need to get the best Christmas coloring sheets for your kids (and yourself).

And, of course, your coloring tools of choice:

A package with 20 different Crayola Washable Super Tips Markers
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35 Free Christmas coloring pages

Our 35 Christmas coloring sheets are perfect for any age. From simple Christmas trees for the young ones to challenging mandalas for the older kids (or even yourself, if you’re ready to get into some creative fun with your kids). We’ve also got a wide selection of scenes ranging from religious nativity scenes to Santa on a sleigh. No matter how you celebrate Christmas, we’ve got the right coloring page for you.

If you just want one specific coloring page, you can click on the image or the “download” button and it will take you right to our printable PDFs. Make sure to use the PDFs and not the images themselves because the printing quality will be better for the PDFs.

For those of you who can’t decide on one coloring sheet, or who need more options, you can also download all of our Christmas coloring pages in one PDF.

Merry Christmas (1)

Jesus in crib

Nativity scene (1)

Merry Christmas (2)

Gingerbread Man


Christmas tree family

Christmas tree elf

Gingerbread cookies

Mandala ball

Nativity scene (2)

Christmas tree

Merry Christmas (3)

Merry Christmas (4)

Unicorn (1)

Candy cane

Merry Christmas (5)


Unicorn (2)

Santa Claus



Stocking with candy

Santa penguin

Cute penguins

Christmas tree

Merry Christmas (6)

Santa on a sleigh


Hot chocolate


Christmas tree simple




How to make Christmas coloring cards

Alright, so now that you’ve seen the Christmas coloring pages we shared, let’s find out how you can turn them into your very own, homemade greeting cards.

It’s easier than you think and super fun to do, either by yourself or with the fam. Here are our four recommended methods which we’ve explained in more detail below.

  1. Print 4 sheets per page on cardstock paper and cut them into A6-size greeting cards.
  2. Print foldable coloring pages on A4 cardstock and fold them in two.
  3. Print foldable coloring pages on regular A4, cut them in half, and glue them onto cardstock.
  4. Print foldable coloring pages on regular A4 and fold them in two.
A schematic picture of four different ways to print a coloring sheet to make cards
Four options to print Christmas cards

If you’re after that authentic Christmas card feel, cardstock paper is your friend. But hey, if you’re more about having a good time with your kids and making something cute, regular paper works just fine.

Before we break down these options, make sure to keep these things in mind when printing.

  • Sneak a peek before you print. Always good to check!
  • Maybe do a test run with just one page to avoid any “oops” moments.
  • Trying out special paper? Test it out with a regular sheet first.
  • If things look weird, a quick online search can save the day.

#1 Print four coloring sheets per page and cut into A6-size cards

Pick your favorite design (or, hey, grab ’em all), and before you hit that print button, make sure to set your printer settings to get 4 images on one page. This is usually under “multiple” and “Pages per Sheet” or something similar, see our screenshot below.

screenshot of printer settings for printer 4 pager per sheet
Four per page looks something like this

Then cut ’em out, and you’ve got yourself some cute little cards!

For this card method, you will need our regular coloring pages

#2 Print the foldable design onto cardstock and fold it in two

If you like the idea of a larger card that feels a bit more like the ones in stores, this is the option for you.

Print our foldable design on some A4 thick paper (like cardstock) and fold it down the middle. Just make sure your printer can handle the thicker paper. With this method, you end up with a neat, foldable card that looks pretty awesome.

A coloring page of Christmas trees
Our foldable designs

#3 Print foldable design on regular paper, cut and glue onto folded cardstock

Not sure if your printer is ready for cardstock?

No worries. Print your favorite design on regular paper, trim it to the right size, and glue it onto a piece of cardstock paper you’ve folded into a card.

It’s a bit more hands-on but adds that personal touch.

For this method, you can either use our foldable design, which already covers half an A4. Or use our regular design, and set your printer to print two coloring sheets per page (like described in method 1).

#4 Print the foldable design on regular paper and fold it in two

For the easiest path to a card, just print our foldable designs on regular paper, fold them in half, and start coloring.

It may not have that sturdy greeting card feel, but it’s straightforward, fun, and perfect for a chill crafting session.

Funny & heartfelt Christmas quotes

Stuck on what to say inside your awesome cards?

No stress. Whether you want to make someone smile or just send some good ol’ holiday vibes, we’ve got you covered. Check out our 101 funny Christmas wishes if you want to make them LOL.

Are you more into heartfelt messages? Have a look at these 125 sweet Christmas quotes.

Funny Christmas card: 'With the inflation at an all-time high, this card is all you're getting."
Photo courtesy of Trap Card Studio

More DIY craft ideas

If you’re digging these Christmas coloring pages and are on the hunt for more fun activities, you’re in luck. We’ve got tons more where that came from. For example

Save these Christmas coloring sheets

Before you leave us, make sure to pin these Christmas coloring pages on Pinterest. It’s a great way to keep track of all your holiday crafting plans and share them with friends. Plus, it’s always nice to have a go-to spot for when you’re in need of some quick holiday inspiration.

35 Free Printable coloring sheets for Christmas with eight examples of coloring sheets

Final notes on Christmas coloring pages

Alrighty, that’s a wrap on our Holiday card-making adventure. I hope you found the perfect Christmas coloring page to spark your holiday spirit and maybe even got a little crafty along the way. If you have any cool ideas, feedback, or just wanna share how your cards turned out, I’m all ears. Always here to chat about crafts or whatever else you’re into.

Happy coloring, and more importantly, happy holidays!


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