30 Free Easter Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults (No Email Sign Up)

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Nine different Easter coloring pages

Hippity-hoppity, Easter’s on its way! And what better way to hop into the fun (yes pun intended) than with some creative Easter coloring pages! Whether you’re a parent looking for a cozy afternoon activity with the kiddos, a teacher searching for a classroom hit, or simply a fan of all things Easter, you’ve landed in the perfect spot!

Today, you’ll find 30 cute Easter coloring sheets that cater to every bunny’s style, from the youngest chick in the nest to the wisest old owl in the tree. For real, even you as an adult will love our mandala-style pages.

And the best part?

It is totally free! Yep, that’s right. No hidden cost, not even an email sign-up! No need to leave your personal details, and no worry about me spamming you with mail! Just hit download and you can print your favorite (or all) Easter coloring pages right away!

Save these Easter coloring sheets

Do you like these Easter coloring pages and do you want to share and spread the love? Or do you just want to remember them for next year’s Easter? Then make sure to save it on Pinterest.

Materials needed

Luckily you don’t need much to get started with these Easter coloring sheets, I’ve listed the essential and suggested supplies below.

These are just some suggested materials you can use for coloring, but honestly, you can just use whatever you have available at home! As long as it’s fun (and safe) for your kids, it doesn’t matter what material you use.

  • Markers: Overall best, easy to use, and perfect for coloring mandala pages.
  • Colored pencils: Another favorite choice for all, not messy at all, and easy to use for everyone.
  • Crayons: Best for older kids who can press down a little harder.
  • Paints: The most fun, but also the most messy.
Crayola washable paint pots for kids
Photo courtesy of Amazon

30 Free printable Easter coloring pages

Alright, below you will find all of my 30 Easter coloring sheets. From Christian-themed to cute bunny and egg pages, there is something for everyone!

If you find an Easter coloring page you like, simply hit “download” or click on the image and it will take you to the downloadable PDF file.

Can’t decide which one to start with or just want them all? (I can’t blame you). In that case, download all coloring pages here and you will have them in one neat PDF file.  

Are you looking for DIY Easter cards? Scroll down past the coloring pages and you will find my instructions, or click here.

The images themselves are not printable quality, so make sure you download the PDF files instead.

Happy Easter (1)

Happy Easter (2)

Happy Easter (3)

Happy Easter (4)

Happy Easter Egg

Easter Bunny & Egg

Happy Easter Eggs & Buny

Happy Easter Egg & Bunny Wreath

Sending You Bunny Kisses & Easter Wishes

Happy Easter (5)

Easter Gnome

Mandala Easter Egg

Egg Coloring

Easter Chick

Happy Easter (6)

Happy Easter (7)

Happy Easter Wreath

Bunny Easter Basket

Christian Coloring Page (1)

Christian Coloring Page (2)

Christian Coloring Page (3)

Happy Easter (8)

Happy Easter (9)

Easter Bunny & Basket

Happy Easter Eggs & Ribbons

Christian Coloring Page (4)

Easter Bunny With Wheelbarrow

Happy Easter With Decorated Eggs

Easter Bunny Sleeping On Egg

Christian Coloring Page (5)

Printable Easter Coloring Cards

Now that you’ve seen all the Easter coloring pages we’ve got to offer, let’s check out how to turn them into Easter greeting cards.

There are a few different ways to go about it.

  1. Print 4 sheets per page on cardstock paper and cut them into A6-size greeting cards
  2. Print foldable coloring pages on A4 cardstock and fold in two
  3. Print foldable coloring pages on regular A4 cut them in half, and glue them onto cardstock
  4. Print foldable coloring pages on regular A4 and fold them in two
A schematic picture of four different ways to print a coloring sheet to make cards
Four options for making Easter cards

Personally, I think the first two options are the prettiest, just, because cardstock makes them feel like real greeting cards. But if you’re just looking for a fun and cute activity and can’t be bothered too much by the aesthetic appeal, I would suggest just printing these foldable pages on regular A4 paper.

Below, I’ve explained in short how you can make Easter cards following the different methods. But before you continue, make sure to check out our tips.

  • Always look at the preview before you print
  • Start with printing just one page before doing the whole batch
  • If you can, do a test print on a normal paper before using special paper.
  • If things don’t look right, the manual for your printer or a quick online search might help.

1. Print four per page

First, you need to pick your favorite coloring page or download them all.

Except this time, before you hit print, make sure you set your printer to print 4 per page. For most printers this is a setting called “Pages per Sheet” or “Multiple Pages”, where you can choose “4” from the dropdown menu.

If this is not the case for yours, run a quick Google search for your printer to find the exact settings.

Next you trim the Easter cards, and voila, you’re all set!

screenshot of printer settings for printer 4 pager per sheet
Your settings will look something like this

2. Print foldable coloring pages on A4 cardstock and fold in two

Foldable coloring pages

Alternatively, download these foldable coloring pages. It’s landscape A4 size with the coloring page on the right side of the paper so that when you fold it in two you have a nice greeting card (see example above).

Make sure your printer can handle the sturdier cardstock paper, otherwise the next option is probably a better alternative.

The PDF file above includes 21 coloring pages, but if you only want to use one, you can change that in your printer settings under “pages to print” (or something similar).

3. Print on regular A4, cut them in half, and glue them onto cardstock

If your printer can’t handle cardstock, this is probably the better alternative.

Simply print the foldable coloring pages on regular A4 paper, cut them in half, and glue them onto folded cardstock paper to make a nice and sturdy greeting card.

4. Print foldable coloring pages on regular A4 and fold in two

Lastly, if you’re just looking for a quick and simple DIY easter card, this is probably the best option for you.

No need to buy cardstock, mess with your printer settings, or cut and glue, just download these foldable coloring pages, print them, get coloring, fold them in two, and you’re all set.

They may not look as pretty as cardstock cards would, but if it’s just for a fun afternoon, I think it’s totally fine to go this way.

Happy Easter wishes for Easter Cards

Whether you’ve decided to go for the DIY cards or just printed the Easter coloring pages our funny Easter wishes are a fun addition to your designs!

Even if you just intend to color these pages with your kids or in school, adding a bit of humor is a great way to spread the Easter cheer.

For kids, some of my favorite quotes to add to the cards or coloring sheets are

  • “Follow the Easter bunny, he has all the chocolate”
  • “Happy Stuff-your-face-with-chocolate Day!”
  • “Hopping by to wish you an egg-cellent Easter!”
  • “May your Easter be as fluffy and happy as the Easter Bunny’s tail!”
Funny Easter messages for cards with an image of colorful flowers and eggs
Add some funny quotes to your designs!

More Free Printables

Did these Easter coloring pages inspire you to get crafty?

Then you’re in good luck because we’ve got some more fun coloring pages, and DIY craft ideas you can check out!

Save these Easter coloring pages

Did you save these Easter coloring sheets on Pinterest yet?

Final notes

Alright, I hope that you found the perfect coloring page to make your Easter a fun and creative celebration! And if you have any feedback, ideas for more coloring pages, or DIY crafts, feel free to get in touch!

Happy coloring, everyone!


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