25 Free Mother’s Day Coloring Sheets For All Ages

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Nine different coloring pages for mother's day
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Celebrate Mother’s Day with some creativity and love! Our collection of 25 free printable Mother’s Day coloring pages is designed to bring joy to both kids and adults alike. (For real, you will love our gorgeous mandala designs while your youngsters are coloring our easier design!). Whether you’re a parent looking for a heartwarming activity to share with your children, or a teacher searching for a classroom-friendly craft, these Mother’s Day coloring sheets are perfect for anyone.

And the cherry on top?

You can transform these coloring pages into beautiful Mother’s Day greeting cards. Completely free, with no strings attached, not even an email sign-up – just download, print, and start coloring.

So, gather your coloring supplies, and let’s make this Mother’s Day unforgettable.

Save these Mother’s Day coloring pages

Save our collection of Mother’s Day coloring pages on Pinterest now, so you’re all set for a fun activity next year.

Materials needed

Before we get started with our Mother’s Day coloring sheets, let’s have a look at what you’ll need:

And for the coloring itself, choose your favorite tools:

Crayola washable paint pots for kids
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25 Free printable Mother’s Day coloring pages

Our lovingly curated selection includes everything from adorable animals and heartwarming mother and child scenes to intricate mandalas for those seeking a challenge.

To download, simply click on the image or click “download” below each sheet.

Do you want all 25 coloring sheest? Grab the whole collection in one go here.

Make sure to use our PDFs and not the images themselves for the best quality!

Mother & Baby (1)

Mother & Baby (2)



Mom in garden

Best mom trophy

Mom and two kids

Mother’s Day mandala

Mother’s Day Basket




Happy Mother’s Day with baby

Happy Mother’s Day mandala

Giving flowers for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day



Happy Mother’s Day mandala (2)

Happy Mother’s Day Elephants

Mom and child reading in the park




Best mom basket

How to make Mother’s Day greeting cards

If you’re looking for cute Mother’s Day gifts, you can easily turn these coloring sheets into cards.

There are four main methods we recommend.

  1. Print four pages per sheet (on cardstock) and cut into A6-size greeting cards
  2. Print foldable design (download below) on cardstock and fold in two
  3. Print foldable design on regular paper, cut and glue onto folded cardstock
  4. Print on regular paper and fold in two

I’ve explained how to go about each step below. They all come with their ups and downs, but if you have cardstock and a printer that can handle the sturdy paper, the first two options are my favorite.

Our four recommended options

#1 Print four pages per sheet cut into A6-size cards

Choose your favorite designs and let your printer do the magic by setting it to print four images on one sheet of cardstock.

Don’t worry, setting your printer to print four images per page is simpler than you might think!

Most printers have an option in the print settings that says something like “Multiple” or “Page Sizing & Handling.” When you find that, select “Multiple pages per sheet” (the exact wording may vary depending on your printer model). In the dropdown or field that lets you choose how many pages you want per sheet, select “4.” This tells your printer to scale down each image so that all four fit onto a single sheet of paper.

Before you hit ‘print,’ make sure to load your printer with cardstock. If you’ve never used cardstock in your printer before, give it a test run with just one sheet to make sure everything looks good. Cardstock is thicker than regular paper, so it gives your cards a more durable, high-quality feel—just what you want for a special Mother’s Day card.

screenshot of printer settings for printer 4 pager per sheet
This is an example of what the settings look like

#2 Print foldable design on cardstock and fold it in two

For a larger card, print our foldable card designs on an A4 piece of cardstock, then simply fold it in two. This method gives your card a robust feel and plenty of space for a heartfelt message inside (for inspiration, check out our funny Mother’s Day card messages).

It’s a wonderful way to make your card feel as special as a store-bought one, with the added personal touch of your coloring.

Example of our foldable cards

#3 Print foldable design on regular paper, cut and glue onto folded cardstock

If you’re not sure if your printer can handle cardstock, no worries!

Print your chosen design on regular paper (use our folded design for that), then cut it out and glue it onto a piece of folded cardstock. This gives you the best of both worlds: the ease of printing on regular paper with the polished finish of a cardstock base.

#4 Print on regular paper and fold in two

Looking for the simplest route to a heartfelt card? Print our foldable design on standard A4 paper and fold it in half. It’s quick, easy, and still leaves room for a lovely message inside. This method is ideal for a last-minute touch of thoughtfulness or a fun crafting session with the kids.

Funny Mother’s Day messages

Add a bit of humor to your cards or coloring pages with our collection of funny Mother’s Day messages. Whether it’s a cheeky joke or a sweet pun, a little laughter makes your gift even more memorable.

Some of our favorites include

  • Happy Mother’s Day from your favorite child!
  • Mum, my love for you is bigger than the pile of clothes on my floor.
  • Instead of grandbabies. May I interest you in a card?

More free printables

Inspired to do more?

Check out our other free printables and DIY crafts. From seasonal activities to everyday coloring joys, we’ve got something for everyone.

Three homemade coupon templates
Mother’s Day coupons

Save these coloring sheets on Pinterest

Don’t forget to save these Mother’s Day coloring sheets on Pinterest for easy access and to share them with friends and family. Let’s spread the love and creativity this Mother’s Day!

Final notes on Mother’s Day coloring sheets

We hope these Mother’s Day coloring pages and card-making tips help you create something truly special for your mom. Your feedback and ideas are always welcome, so feel free to reach out with suggestions for more coloring pages or crafts!


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