15 Cute & Free Printable New Year’s Coloring Pages for All Ages

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A selection of 8 different coloring sheets for New Year's Eve

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to keep the kids busy this New Year while you can enjoy your glass of champagne, or you want a fun activity or unique DIY New Year’s cards for yourself, we’ve got you covered! With 15 awesome printable New Year’s coloring pages you’re all set for the holidays!

And the best part? They’re completely free!

Yep, that’s right, no costs, no e-mail sign-up, and no selling your privacy just to get access to some free printable New Year’s Eve coloring pages. Just continue down this post where you will find the free pdf downloads, as well as a short step-by-step guide on how to turn these coloring sheets into epic and free printable New Year’s cards to send to your loved ones.

So whether you’re printing these sheets for the little ones who are still coloring outside the lines or for yourself while desperately trying to find a pen that isn’t chewed at the end, these New Year coloring pages are great for all ages! So grab your coloring tools, and get creative!

Save these happy New Year’s coloring pages

Don’t forget to save these coloring sheets on Pinterest so you can share the free downloads with friends, and know where to look for awesome free printables next year!

Free Printable New year's eve coloring pages with 8 sample sheets

Download New Year’s coloring pages

A collection of 12 different printable new year coloring pages
Download all New Year’s coloring pages

In total, you will find no less than 15 different printable New Year’s coloring pages, with varying difficulty. From large and simple designs for the little ones to more detailed and smaller cartoons for older kids and adults. That way, coloring will be fun for everyone.

If you just want to print all 15, you can simply download the PDF file of all sheets here. There’s nothing else you need to do, no sign-up, no e-mail, just a download and you can get to coloring.

Alternatively, you can click on the links for each individual coloring sheet below, and download the separate page, if you just want one.

And if you are eager to find out how to turn these coloring pages into fun DIY cards, keep reading!

Happy Moo Year!


Count-down clock


Happy new Year coloring sheet

What happens in 2023…

Funny printable New Year coloring page with "what happens in 2023, stays in 2023"

Frappe New Year!

Frappe New Year printable coloring sheet

New year? Yes, please!

Free New year coloring page with "New year, yes please!"

New Year icons

New Year coloring pages with typical New Year icons

Happy meow year!

Cut New Year Coloring sheet with a cat and "Happy Meow Year"

Happy 2024

Cute new Year's Coloring page with "Happy 2024"


Happy New Year's coloring sheet with fireworks


A coloring page for New year's day


Happy new year 2024 with images of cats


Images of lamas and 2024 coloring sheet for new year's

Homes & fireworks

Happy New Year coloring sheet of houses with fireworks

How to make New Year’s Cards

If you’re looking for a fun way to send your holiday and New Year’s greetings to friends and family this year, I’ve got a fun idea for you! Print these coloring sheets on cardstock, color them in, add personalized messages and you will have an awesome DIY New Year’s card.

You could even let your kids do the coloring, while you add the messages, stamps, addresses, and envelopes, and make it a fun holiday activity to do together.

Materials needed for the cards

  • Free printables
    • These are in landscape orientation with the coloring sheet only covering half the page, so you can easily fold them into a card
  • Printer
    • With black and white ink
  • Crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint, glitter, or whatever you want to use to color the cards and pages in

If you decide to go for card option 2 (more about the different options below) you will also need

If you decide to go for card option 3 you will also need

3 options to make a card from printable coloring pages
Three different card options

Different card options

Now, there are three different ways to turn these coloring sheets into cards. I have explained each of them below. They all come with their own benefits and cons, so I’ll leave it up to you to pick whichever suits you best.

Option 1: Print the foldable sheets on regular paper

Print the foldable coloring sheets if you want to turn them into cards

This is the easiest way to make your own color-in New Year’s card.

All you need are the free foldable printables, and a printer with black and white ink. Once you’ve finished coloring the sheets, you simply fold them in half, write a message on the inside and you’re done.

  • Super easy to make
  • You don’t need any additional material or a special printer
  • Doesn’t feel like a real card
  • Doesn’t stand up
  • Doesn’t look as pretty as cardstock

Option 2: Print foldable sheets on cardstock paper

Example of a coloring page that can be folded into a card
Print directly on white cardstock and fold it in half

If you already have white cardstock paper (slightly thicker and sturdier than regular paper, making it perfect for greeting cards), and your printer can handle this sturdy paper, I would highly recommend you print the foldable design directly onto the cardstock.

In my opinion, this is the prettiest option of all three.

  • Looks like a real greeting card
  • Feels like a real card
  • It can stand up straight
  • Not every printer can print on cardstock
  • You need to have white cardstock
  • Coloring on cardstock is slightly different from coloring on regular paper

Option 3: Print foldable sheets on regular paper and glue onto cardstock

Glue the printable on coloring pages
Glue onto cardstock

Personally, I think this is the second to the best option. First, you print the foldable pages on regular paper, then you color them in, cut them in half, and stick them onto a piece of cardstock that you have folded into half.

This way you still have the sturdiness of cardstock and the touch and look of a real greeting card, but you don’t need to print and draw straight onto it.

  • No special printer is needed
  • Feels like a real card
  • It can stand up straight
  • Coloring on regular paper
  • You still need to have cardstock
  • Cutting and gluing will make it look slightly less pretty

Step-by-step guide for free printable New Year’s cards

1. Decide which cards

Decide which coloring sheets you would like to print, and decide which card style you will be using.

Free New year coloring page with "New year, yes please!"
Decide which design and card style you will use

2. Download and print

Download the free foldable printables here.

If you just want one of the pages, simply adjust the pages in the printer settings right before printing.

3. Start coloring

Grab your pencils, markers, crayons, and whatnot, and get creative (or let your kids get creative).

A new year printable coloring sheet with cats
Start coloring

4. Make your card

Next, fold the card in half, or stick it onto a folded cardstock paper and you’re all set!

Now the last thing you need is to add a sweet, fun, or heartfelt message to the recipients.

And for that, you can check out this list of 137 funny New Year’s Eve jokes and quotes to send them into the new year with a smile!

5. Send them

Lastly, put them in an envelope, add the address and stamp, and send your love and wishes into the world!

More free coloring pages & crafts

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We’ve got some more fun DIY and craft ideas for you and your kids! Check out the list below to find the perfect craft for the next occasion.

Christmas DIY coupons
A DIY Christmas voucher book

Save these cute New Year’s coloring pages

Did you save these New Year’s Eve coloring pages on Pinterest yet?

Printable New year's color-in cards and pages with an image of New year icons on the background

Final notes on New Year’s Eve coloring pages

With these 15 printable New Year’s coloring pages, we’ve turned resolutions into a canvas of creativity. Whether you’re a coloring pro or just looking for an activity for your kids, let the vibrant hues inspire joy in every stroke. Cheers to a colorful and imaginative year ahead!


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