37 Free Printable Travel Coloring Pages For Kids and Adults

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A set of nine different travel coloring pages

Whether it’s for kids or grown-ups, our 37 free travel coloring pages & postcards are the perfect way to get in the vacation vibes! If you’re about to go on vacation and looking for something to keep your little ones entertained. Or if you’re a teacher planning the final days of school and searching for engaging travel-themed activities, this is what you need!

Our 37 travel-themed coloring sheets & postcards are designed for travelers of all ages (yep, also for you and your teenage kids!).

And the best part?

They’re completely free! No hidden fees, and no email sign-ups – just click, print, and start coloring.

So, grab your crayons and markers, and get ready to color your way around the globe (literally).

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37 Free coloring pages for travelers with four sample coloring sheets

Materials Needed

Before you set off, let’s make sure you have all the essentials. Here’s what you’ll need to bring these travel coloring pages to life:

And for the coloring itself, feel free to use whatever materials you love best or have on hand, some ideas:

A package with 20 different Crayola Washable Super Tips Markers
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37 Free printable travel coloring pages

Below, you’ll find our collection of 37 travel coloring sheets. From architectural marvels to natural wonders, we’ve got a little something for every type of traveler.

If you see a coloring page you like, simply click “download” or tap on the image, and you’ll be directed to the downloadable PDF file.

Can’t choose just one? No problem!

Download the entire collection in a single, convenient PDF file here.

Are you looking for a way to make your own postcards? Click here or scroll down below to find out how to set your printer to make your coloring postcards!

Make sure to use our PDF files and not our images because they’re not as high quality.

Europe map

An empty map of Europe and the text 'Color Europe'

Africa map

An empty map of Africa and the text 'Color Africa'

Asia map

An emptymap of Asia and the text 'color Asia'

North America map

An empty map of North America and the text ; Color North America'

South America map

An empty map of South America and the text 'Color South America'

Oceania map

An empty map of Oceania and the text 'Color Oceania'

Cute travel unicorn

A travel coloring page with 8 different small images of a fat cat in different travel situations

Globe unicorn

Time to travel and an image of a fat cat laying on the globe

Happy travel

happy travel travel coloring page with travel icons

Trust your journey

Travel icons color-in images with the text 'trust your journey'

Country stamps

travel coloring page with different country stamps

Travel quote (1)

A coloring page with a black backhground and the text to color in 'every journey needs a first step'


Travel icons to color in and the text'wanderlust'


A travel coloring page of a boy sunbating at the beach


Taste of the tropics and a coconut with a straw to color in

Travel quote (2)

Several travel icons to color in with the text "step our of your comfort zone"


travel coloring images of a boy camping


A travel coloring image of a boy surfing

Country flags

travel coloring pages with "flags of my favorite countries" and eight empty rectangles


A turtle in mandala style with the text "believe"

Planning map

A map with a hand point on it and travel icons laying around the map


Paris street coloring page

Van life

A coloring page of a van

World map

"color the world' and an empty world map

New York City

"New York" and the skyline of New York to color in

Hot air balloons

travel coloring page of hot air balloons


A coloring shete of a sandcastle


A coloring sheet of different animals


The colloseum in Rome


Ancient Greece coloring scene


Coloring sheet of the pyramids in Egypt


A coloring page of the Taj Mahal in India


A coloring sheet of the Sydney Opera House


A coloring sheet of the Cristo statue in Rio De Janeiro


A coloring sheet of different iconic buildings from Europe


A coloring page of a mosque in Istanbul


A coloring sheet of an airplane

Free printable postcards

Do you want your kids to send a cute and handmade postcard to Nan and Pop? Then turn these coloring pages into postcards!

The two best methods (in my opinion) are to print four coloring sheets per page and then cut them into A6-size postcards. You can either do this on cardstock paper or on regular paper and then glue them onto cardstock. Because cardstock will give your postcards the perfect thickness and durability to travel through the mail.

I give more details on how to print these postcards, but keep these tips in mind too!

  • Check the preview before you print
  • Start with just one page before doing the whole batch
  • When printing on cardstock, do a test print on normal paper to check the alignment
  • If things don’t look right, the manual for your printer or a quick online search might help

1. Print four per page on cardstock

You will need cardstock paper and a printer that can handle the sturdiness of cardstock.

If you’ve got all the materials, download your favorite design above, or simply download them all, and once you click print, make sure to set your printer to print 4 per page. You can usually find this under the setting “Pages per Sheet” or “Multiple Pages”. From there, select “4” from the dropdown menu.

Then trim your postcards and you’ve cut awesome A6 size coloring postcards!

screenshot of printer settings for printer 4 pager per sheet
Most printer settings look somewhat like this

2. Print them on regular paper, cut, and glue on cardstock paper

If your printer isn’t cardstock-friendly, no worries!

 Print the travel coloring pages on regular paper, cut them out, and glue them onto cardstock paper. This way, you’ll create sturdy and heartfelt postcards ready to send to friends and family.

The backside of a postcard with stars
Turn these travel coloring sheets into postcards

Bon voyage & postcard messages

Sending your colored postcards to loved ones?

Add a personal touch with a funny postcard message. Whether it’s a simple “Wish you were here” or a fun travel quote, your words will make the postcard all the more special. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • “Wish you were here, so I wouldn’t have to pretend to like these weird-looking local dishes alone!”
  • “Tried a local dessert that was so sweet it will make my dentist cry. I’ll be bringing back a few cavities as souvenirs!”
  • “Sending you greetings from the land of [grandparent’s favorite fruit]. I’ve tasted the most succulent, juicy [fruit] that rivals anything we’ve ever had, you would love it here!”

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A collage of nine different travel coloring sheets

More Free Printables

Got inspired after these travel coloring pages?

We’ve got more free printables to fuel your (or your kids) creativity! Check out our other collections and DIY ideas:

The complete set of free printable question pages for a travel journal
Question-a-day journal

Final notes

We hope these travel-themed coloring pages will keep you and your kids entertained during your well-deserved break!

Whether you’re coloring with the little ones, enjoying a peaceful moment alone, or sending a handmade postcard to a friend, these pages are your ticket to a world of imagination.


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