12 Free Valentine Coloring Pages For DIY Cards To Make At Home

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A selection of Valentine's Day printables

Whether you’re looking for free Valentine’s coloring pages for your kids or a fun DIY craft to give to your partner, these 12 Valentine’s Day free printable cards and pages are exactly what you need! They will add a fun personalized touch to an otherwise very commercial holiday.

And the best part? It’s completely free! For real. No hidden fees, no email sign-up and drama, and no terms and conditions longer than a Shakespearean play.

Because who says expressing your affection should cost a fortune (or your privacy)?

So ditch the premade and overpriced Valentine’s Day cards from the shops, and get crafty (with or without your kids) with these 12 super easy free printable cards!

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Free printable Valentine's Day card with nine examples

Free Valentine Coloring Pages

Below you will find the 12 different free Valentine’s coloring pages that I created for this post.

It’s a mix of funny puns to give to your partner, easy coloring pages for younger kids, and more detailed coloring pages for your older kids.

You can download the PDF file for free here or download the individual ones below!

All Valentine’s Day coloring pages


Coloring page of a slice of pizze and the word : you stole a pizzza my heart"


"i donut know what I would do without you" with a coloring sheet of donuts


"words can't espresso how much I love you" with a colorinng sheet of cats and coffee

Be my Valentine

"be my Valentine" coloring sheet with hearts and romantix icons to color in


C=Valentine's Day coloring of a cute cate with a box of hearts and the words "you are purr-fect!"

Mandala Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day coloring sheet in mandala style

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day coloring page with romantic icons to color in


Cute coloring sheet of a bear holding a heart and the words "i can't bear to be without you"

I love you mandala

A mandala style coloring sheets with hearts and the words "I love you"


Valentine's Day coloring sheet of a heart made from hearts and "Happy Valentine's day"

Mandala heart

A mandala style Valentine's Day coloring sheet with a big heart in the middel and "happy Valentine's Day"


"I love you from my head to-ma-toes" text with coloring sheet of tomatoes

What do you need?

  • Free printables
  • A printer (black and white ink)
  • Crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint, glitter, or whatever you want to use to color the cards and pages in
  • Cardstock paper
  • Glue (if you can’t print straight onto cardstock)

Different card options

3 print options for Valentine's Day printables

I designed these coloring pages in such a way that you can create Valentine’s Day cards or use and print them on plain white paper and use them as simple coloring pages for your kids (or yourself) on Valentine’s Day.

If you just want the free Valentine coloring page, check out the PDF here and click download.

For the cards, I would suggest you choose between these two options

  • Print the foldable card design straight onto cardstock paper
  • Print the foldable card design on simple A4 paper (or US letter size), cut it in half, and stick it onto folded cardstock paper if your printer can’t print on sturdy cardstock paper.

You can find the foldable PDF download here, you can also use the coloring page download and change the printer settings so that it only prints on half of a landscape page. But I always struggle with getting printers to do what I want them to do, so I figured I just make the document and you don’t have to mess with the settings.

But of course, you are more than free to use these free printables in whatever way you see fit. Whether you’re giving them to a loved one or just keeping them for yourself as a soothing way to pass the time, it’s all fine by me.

How to Turn the Color-In Pages into Valentine’s Day Cards

Step 1 Decide on your card style

Start with choosing which design you would like to use. Then decide whether you’re just going for a plain coloring page or a Valentine’s Day card and whether your printer can print straight onto cardstock or not.

A free Valentine's Day printable of a cat and the text "You are purr-fect"

Step 2 Download the printable and print them

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to make for today, you can download the right PDF files.

If you’re only printing one card or coloring page, you can tell your printer to just print one page and you’re set.

Step 3 Start coloring

Gather your pencils, markers, paint, or whatever you decide to decorate these pages and get crafty!

A free Valentine's Day printable with a bear and "I can;t bear to be without you"

Step 4 Make your card

Fold the card in two, and add a personalized message on the inside. If you need inspiration on what to write on the inside, check out my list of 175 hilarious Valentine’s Day card messages that will definitely leave your recipient in stitches.

If you didn’t print straight onto cardstock, you will need to cut the free printable in half, add some glue to the back, and attach it to a piece of cardstock that you folded in two to make a card.

Cut paper and glue onto cardstock

Step 5 Surprise your Valentine with a sweet handmade card

That’s it, you can now give your self-made card to that special person in your life!

example of nine coloring pages

Additional Valentine’s Day Crafting Ideas

Did this DIY Valentine’s card idea taste like more?

Then perhaps you also like this homemade coupon book idea with cute vouchers and favors to give to your lover!

Or check out our personalized lollipop holder with compliments, or our “open when” box!

Homemade coupon ideas for lovers
DIY coupon book

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Printable Valentine's cards and coloring pages with 8 examples

Final notes on free Valentine coloring pages & cards

In the spirit of DIY love, we’ve armed you with free Valentine’s coloring pages and cards to spark creativity and heartfelt connections. So, go ahead, color outside the lines, spread the love, and make this Valentine’s Day truly special


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