Forget The Brie, These Are 37 Gifts France-Lovers Actually Want

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Are you looking for unique French gifts for French lovers? And did you struggle to think of cool ideas beyond French cheese, wine, and baguettes? Then you came to the right place! I mean, there is nothing wrong with wine or cheese gifts for France lovers. I am pretty sure that a delicious French cheese will satisfy any Francophile. But if you want to find more original French-themed gifts. If you want something beyond brie, check out the next 37 French-inspired gifts!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three France gifts by budget.

Fun fact about France lovers

Did you know that there is actually a word for people who love France?

Yeah, they are called Francophiles!

I had no idea that this was even a word, but apparently, these French-themed gifts are perfect for francophiles.

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25 Awesome French Gifts

The absolute best gift for France lovers

Before we get into the real list (with affordable French-inspired gifts). Let’s start with what’s the actual best gift for people who love France

A trip to France!

If you can afford it, head over to Skyscanner and book a flight and hotel straight away. Or if the recipient already has a flight booked to France, check out Viator and find fun tours in France, for example, a food tour in Paris.

Alternatively, you could also let the recipient decide and go for a Global Experiences gift card which allows them to choose from Viator activities around the world.

Unique French gifts for large budgets

#1 Metal petanque game set

Petanque game set
Petanque game set

Boules or pétanque is one of the most popular games played around France. So I am sure your Francophile has also heard of it, and perhaps even played it him or herself.

How awesome would it be if they can actually start practicing the game at home? So next time when they visit France, they will amaze all the locals with their game skills.

Oh in case you have no ideas what pétanque is, a short explanation. It’s a game with heavy metal balls (see image), and you have to throw them as close as possible to a smaller white ball.

You need two balls per person, so with this boule set, four players can join.

#2 French cheese

A plate filled with different French cheese and pairings
Photo courtesy of iGourmet

I know I said forget the brie. But come on, can you really ever forget cheese?

I guess I’m a bit biased since I am a huge cheese lover, but I’m pretty sure that any French lover, will also love this French cheese assortment (assuming they love cheese).

It includes four different kinds of French cheeses; including goat and camembert. And it’s by far my favorite gift from France.

#3 Macaron subscription box

A box of French macarons
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

If you can’t take them to France, bring France to their doorstep with a monthly macaron subscription box! It’s the perfect gift for Francophiles because they’ll have a mini-French trip every time their box with 12 delicious French macarons arrives at their home!

#4 Piece of land in France

Certificate of landownership in France
Certificate of Landownership in France

This is by far the funniest gift for Francophiles; a (symbolic) piece of land in France. Just imagine the look on their face when they unwrap the gift and realize that they’re now a landowner in the country they love!

And as a landowner, they actually have access to the property, so they can even have a romantic picnic or just bask in the French-inspired ambiance whenever they want.

#5 DIY French Madeleine cookies

Madeleine cookies
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Madeleine cookies are delicious spongy cookies from France. They were especially popular in the royal court back in the 18th century. And with this DIY kit, the recipient can make these historical cookies at home.

The only things they need to add are eggs and butter, the rest is included in this kit.

For more fun DIY food kits, check out these 25 international-themed kits.

#6 French perfume

Dior perfume
Photo courtesy of Dior

I’ll admit, perfume may not be one of the most original French gift ideas, but still, who doesn’t love a good perfume?

And why not pick one of the beautiful French brands for a true Francophile?

Obviously, perfume is usually a bit more of an expensive gift, but it’s one that always works (unless you pick a perfume that they don’t like, but let’s assume you won’t).

Some French brands you can think of are:

#7 French food gifts: a crepe maker

Electric crepe maker
Electric crepe maker

If they can’t travel to France, why not bring France to them?

This is why this crepe maker is such as great French-themed gift for foodies.

This crepe maker even comes with a recipe book, so they can try them all out!

#8 A French language course (or book)

French is the language of love (or so they say), so what a loving gift it is to give someone access to a French language course.

Perhaps online on Udemy, or you could simply get a French-language book from Amazon to get them started.

Or check out these awesome gifts for language learners.

#9 French food basket

French gifts
Photo courtesy of Box Happy Boutique

Are you looking for gifts for French lovers who miss the food?

Then this food basket with typical French items and food is the perfect solution!

#10 French fashion items

A credit card holder in floral print from the French fashion brand Dior
Photo courtesy of Dior

The French know how to look make you look chic and sophisticated, without even trying. Just have a look at all the amazing French fashion brands and you’ll understand what I mean. So if you’re looking for a Francophile gift that adds that special French touch, check out brands such as Dior.

I loved this credit card holder, but if you have a larger budget, you could also opt for one of their handbags.

#11 Paris-skyline LEGO set

Paris skyline made with Lego
Paris skyline made with Lego

Do you need gifts for French people who miss home? Then this LEGO skyline set of Paris is a super fun and unique gift idea.

Not only will they have a one-of-a-kind France-themed display in their home, but they’ll also have something to do to keep them busy and take their mind off home for a while.  

For more cool LEGO sets, check out all LEGO skyline options.

#12 Le Creuset kitchenware

Enameled cast iron Dutch oven from the French brand Le Creuset
Enameled cast iron Dutch oven

Kitchenware from Le Creuset is an awesome gift for Francophiles. Le Creuset is one of the best French kitchen brands, and with a pot, pan, or bowl from Le Creuset, they’ll instantly feel like a French master chef. Even if they haven’t quite mastered French cuisine yet, at least they’ll look like they’re fit for a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Unique French gifts for mid-budget

#13 French champagne glasses

Champagne flutes
Champagne flutes

A true Francophile enjoys his French drinks in a glass that matches the drink. So if you want to get great gifts for French lovers, get them champagne flutes!

However, if you want to give a truly personal touch to this gift, you can also order engraved champagne glasses from Personalization Mall, it’s a great gift for newlyweds too.

And check out the next item for awesome gifts for Francophiles to go with the glasses.

#14 Bottle of champagne

A bottle of champagne from France
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Whether you’re looking for gifts from France for a special celebration or just because a bottle of Champagne is always welcome.

Check out Drizzly for all sorts of delicious bubbles or go for a bottle by Moët, one of the best-rated bottles, to play it safe.

#15 A cheeseboard

A cheeseboard filled with cheese and pairings
A cheeseboard filled with cheese and pairings

This is the second-best French gift idea for cheese lovers (after the cheese plate). But if you want to avoid having smelly cheese at your home, this board is definitely a better alternative.

Imagine wrapping a yummy blue cheese and placing it under the Christmas tree! Now that would be a smelly French Christmas gift.

Anyway, back to the cheeseboard.

You can find simple ones such as the one in the photo or go for a personalized cheese board on Uncommon Goods.

#16 Paris-themed jigsaw puzzle

Paris-themed jigsaw puzzle
Paris-themed jigsaw puzzle

If you are looking for gifts for people who love France and jigsaw puzzles, look no further.

This animated 1000-piece puzzle of Paris is exactly what they need so they can dream of France and stay busy!

#17 French beret

A black french beret
Photo courtesy of Laulhère

Whether all French people actually walk around with a beret or not doesn’t matter for the fact that it is a classic French gift idea. You can find berets on Amazon in all price ranges.

But if you want to go the real French way, you may want to get your friend a more classic (read more expensive) beret, such as the ones from Laulhère.

#18 French-themed passport cover

Passport cover with Paris theme
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This is one of the best gifts for someone going to France; a passport cover in France style.

There are over 500 different designs on Zazzle, or you could go for this vintage one for people who love Paris.

#19 French-themed tumbler

Travel mug with a baguette
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This is one of the best French-themed gifts for coffee lovers; tumblers with a French design.

You can find nearly 3500 different options on Zazzle, or go for this funny one with “Oui, oui, baguette.”

#20 Funny French gifts: shirts with captions

Shirt that says I speak French fries
Photo courtesy of Sunny Ways Apparel

Shirts come in all types, prices, and styles. So I guarantee you will be able to find the perfect gift for French lovers here.

My favorite was the “I speak French fries” shirt, but you can check out Etsy for all sorts of shirts.

#21 Travel guides

Lonely Planet: France
Lonely Planet: France

Lonely Planet: France

This is the best gift for someone going to France soon and who travels on a budget! With this guidebook, they will be able to make the most out of their trip and stay within budget.

Book titled: The most beautiful villages of France
The most beautiful villages of France

The most beautiful villages of France: Discover 159 charming destinations

Of course, any France lover knows their sh*t about France, but perhaps not everything, You could find a guidebook of an area they haven’t covered yet, such as this one with all the cute French villages.

Book titled: Fodor's Essential France
Fodor’s Essential France

Fodor’s Essential France

Fodor’s guidebooks are great for all types of travelers and therefore this would be the safest option if you are not sure what kind of traveler the recipient is.

#22 France-inspired mug

France-themed mug
France-themed mug

This gorgeous mug with a matching gift box is one of my favorite France-themed gifts for coffee and tea lovers. It will let them indulge in their love for all things French, even when they’re just sipping on some tea. It’s like a little piece of France with every sip.

#23 Scratch-off map of France

Map of France
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

A map is always a cool item to hang on the wall. Especially, if it’s a scratch map from your favorite country. So if you are looking for gifts for France lovers or someone going to France soon, this map is a great idea!

#24 French wine map

Wine map of France
Wine map of France

If you are looking for French-themed gifts for a wine lover, a regular map might not be interesting enough.

And well, they probably already tried plenty of French wine. Plus, giving French wine is not really one of the most original ideas.

So a better alternative is this wine map that shows all the wine regions in France.

#25 France-themed socks

Socks with French words
Socks with French words

These cute socks are perfect gifts for French learners! By now, they’ll hopefully know the meaning of these words, and if not, it can serve as a daily practice to improve their French.

Though for more practical ideas that will help them improve their French skills, check out these gifts for language learners.

#26 French city maps

Map of Paris
Map of Paris

Alright, this is the last map on the awesome French gift list. But I just couldn’t resist all these cool maps.

If you are getting a gift for someone who loves a specific French city, then this is the perfect gift.

Obviously, Paris is the most common map you can find, but there are other options too.

For example

#27 French beauty books

French beauty book
French beauty book

Now, this is a great Francophile gift for your beauty-obsessed friend. The French Beauty Solution is a book full of French secrets to looking and feeling beautiful.

#28 French gifts: beauty sets

French insipred gifts set
French-inspired gift set

Another great French gift idea for a beauty lover is this gift set by La Chatelaine.

But you can find gift sets of all kinds and from any French brand.

Famous French beauty brands include the ones I mentioned earlier when we talked about perfume. But here is a list of other French brands you could get cool beauty gifts from.

French gifts for small budgets

#29 French drinking book

Drinking French book
Drinking French book

This book is one of the best French-themed gifts for people who enjoy a drink every once in a while.

This book will teach them how to make delicious French drinks themselves. And if you’re lucky, the recipient might even share these drinks with you.

#30 Chocolate from France

A tin box in the shape of a bear from a French chocolate brand
Photo courtesy of iGourmet

Do you need France gifts for people who love chocolate?

Then this super cute Fauchon bear tin gift is exactly what you need. Fauchon chocolate is a premium chocolate brand based in France, known for its high-quality ingredients, innovative flavor combinations, and beautiful packaging, and thus perfect for Francophiles!

#31 French cookbooks

Book titled: The ultimate French cookbook
The ultimate French cookbook

The ultimate French cookbook: 111 dishes from France to cook right now

Cookbooks make great gifts for French lovers. Plus it will hopefully bring some great French food to you too. Obviously, there are plenty of French cookbooks, so you can find one within any price range. This one, for example, is great for small budgets.

Book titled: My Paris kitchen
My Paris kitchen

My Paris kitchen: recipes and stories

This is the best cookbook for someone who is obsessed with Paris.

Book titled: Mastering the art of French cooking
Mastering the art of French cooking

Mastering the art of French cooking

If you really want to give a gift that helps them master the art of French cooking, then Mastering the Art of French Cooking is a must.

#32 Apron

Apron with a France-themed print
Apron with a France-themed print

For all Francophiles who think they’re a Parisian chef, this apron is a fun French-themed Christmas gift (even if the extent of their cooking skills is microwaving a baguette).

#33 French-themed travel journals

The ultimate France travel journal
The ultimate France travel journal

Diaries, notebooks, and travel journals are great gifts for someone going to France soon, especially if they have a French theme, such as this Ultimate France Travel Planner + Journal.

Check out these 25 travel journals if you are looking for awesome journals which work for any country.

#34 French soap

A bar of purple soap that's made from French lavender
Photo courtesy of Forest Nymphs Bath Body

Are you looking for unique gift ideas from France?

Then a French lavender soap bar is the perfect gift. The smell will transport them right back to the lavender Fields in France.

And for an authentic French soap brand, check out Savon de Marseille.

#35 French picture dictionary coloring book

French coloring book dictionary
French coloring book dictionary

This is one of the best gifts for France lovers who are learning French.

It’s a picture dictionary which is a visual way for them to learn new words. But because they can also color these pictures, they will remember the French words even better.

#36 Crème Brulee burner

A butane burner
A butane burner

I do realize that a lot of the French gifts on this list are related to food, but let’s be honest.

Isn’t that why most people love France in the first place?

Because they have amazing food.

I am just going to assume that the Francophile you are getting this gift for, also loves France for the food and drinks. And if that’s the case, this crème brulee burner is another perfect French-inspired gift!

And they can actually use it for other food too, such as roasting veggies, searing steak, glazing ham, and a lot more.

#37 Funny French book

book titled: Sixty million Frenchmen can't be wrong
Sixty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong

I will finish off this list of French-themed gifts with one last funny book. I guarantee that even if you would buy this gift for someone who doesn’t love France, they will love it. It’s a book called “Sixty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong: why we love France, but not the French”.

Basically, the book answers the question:

Why are the French like that?

And it’s a must for all French lovers.

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The Ultimate French gift ideas

Final note on the French gifts

Alrighty, that was my list of French gift ideas. Let me know which gift you picked and how they liked it!

And remember, do you need help finding the perfect gift, feel free to shoot me a message and we can brainstorm together, as two heads are better than one!

Also, check out the editor’s top three Francophile gifts if you need more inspiration.


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