80 Funny Good Luck Quotes That Bring Success And A Smile!

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Whether you’re looking for inspiration to set yourself up for success or you’re looking for funny messages to wish your friends some good vibes, we’ve got the ultimate arsenal of funny good luck quotes for you!

We’ve rounded up 80 funny ways to wish someone luck for any of life’s challenges. Whether it’s for a job interview, an exam, a first date, a first day at uni, or just trying to survive another Monday, these quotes will help anyone turn things around with a snicker and a grin.

Forget about “break a leg”, break a laughing bone with these quotes!

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Funny good luck lucks for friends

Funny good luck quotes for exams and finals

1. Good luck! (Because you are going to need it to pass😉).

2. Hope you put on your lucky socks, shoes, shirts, pants, and everything else to help you get through this alive.

3. Break a leg! (So you can skip your exams and actually study next time).

4. I hope your exams go better than [that time they did something really bad].

5. You will smash it (and then we will get smashed off our t*ts).

6. I will still love you if you fail. BUT TRY AND PASS!

7. You can do it! I mean… most people pass anyway, and if they can do it, I’m sure you can do it too.

8. It’s not rocket surgery, you’ll figure it out!

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9. Good luck on your exams. And don’t worry, in real life you get to use a calculator.

10. I hope you perform well on this moderately insignificant test.

11. According to my calculations, you are going to nail these exams!

12. You are way smarter than you look, you’ll be fine.

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A funny good luck in you exams card checklist
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Sweet and funny good luck messages

14. Good luck! Not that you need it, but I thought it would be a nice thing to say anyway.

15. You are more magical than a unicorn, more awe-spiring than a dragon, more unbelievable than Bigfoot, you’ve got this!

16. Just a small reminder before you do the thing that you are the bomb!

17. It’s bloody ridiculous how amazing you actually are. You will totally nail this!

18. You’ve totally got this.
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A card with "you've totally got this"
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19. You’ve most definitely absolutely positively, certainly, really truly, wholeheartedly, actually, got this! (And believe me, because I only speak the truth).

20. I just wanted to say good luck! You’re amazing, you’re capable and you have totally got this! Finger, eyes, toes, legs, arms, and everything crossed for you. Good luck!

21. Wishing you good luck, good vibes, and all that good sh*t.
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A funny good luck quote card "wishing you good luck good vibes and aal that sh*t)
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Funny ways to wish someone luck with their driving test

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22. Knock ‘em dead! Okay, this may not have been the best good luck quote for your driving test…but best of luck.

23. Sending you good vibes! Remember, driving is just like riding a bike—except the bike is a car, and there’s more paperwork involved, and it goes a lot faster than a bike, and you know what, forget what I said, it is nothing like a bike. Good luck!

24. Good luck with your driving test! Treat it like a regular trip to the store—except with a bit more paperwork afterward.

A funny good luck with your driving test quote
Funny good luck quote for driving tests

Funny good luck at uni messages

25. Congratulations on securing 40 years of student debt! I mean… have fun at uni.

26. Can’t wait to have your bedroom! I mean… bye good luck at uni!

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A funny good luck at university card checklist
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Funny good luck with your new job quotes

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28. Good luck with your new job, traitor.

29. Good luck! Remember not to be yourself until you’ve passed probation…

30. Good luck finding better co-workers than us.

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A funny good luck on your new job card checklist
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Funny ways to wish someone luck with their new home

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32. Good luck convincing your new neighbors you’re normal!

33. Good luck in your stupid new town with your stupid new friends.

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A funny good luck with your new home card checklist
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Funny good luck quotes for friends

35. Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called a trash can, not a trash cannot. You’ve got this!

36. YOU ARE GOLD! SOLID GOLD! (Well… maybe not solid gold, but more of a nice gold plate. Looks good, kinda fake, a little cheap).

37. Chin up, t*ts out, you’ve got this!

38. Time to put your big girl pants on and rock this sh*t!

39. Time to put your big boy pants on and smash it!

40. Your mama didn’t raise no punk *ss b*tch. You’ve got this!

41. You are an above-average human, so you will rock this!

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Funny "you've got this" card
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General funny good luck messages

43. Best of luck! I put on my lucky socks just for you because you can never have too much luck.

44. May the odds be ever in your favor.

45. Punch today in the face! You’ve got this.

46. I got this, stop worrying. – God.
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Funn card with "I got this, by God" card
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47. If today had balls, you would kick it in the balls today!

48. Break a leg! Not actually though. That would be quite unfortunate. But who am I kidding? You don’t need legs… I mean luck, you’ve got this!

49. You are the ass-kicking-est ass-kicker I know so get out there and do you do best… KICK SOME ASS!
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Funny "kick some *ss" card
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50. Good lick… LUCK, I mean LUCK, damn autocorrect.

51. Good luck! I’ll cross my t*ts for you.

52. With your skills, brains, and charm, wishing you good luck seems a bit pointless really.

53. I hope a pigeon poos on your shoulder, not just because I think it’s funny, but also because they say it’s good luck and that’s all I wish for you, of course. (Okay, and maybe a little laugh for myself).

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A foldable good luck card
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55. I’m pretty sure you’ve got this (but don’t blame me if it goes wrong).

56. If cauliflower can become pizza, you, my friend, can do anything!

57. Good luck! If at first you don’t succeed, try doing what your mentor told you to do the first time!

58. Good luck! For whatever it is that you’re doing.

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A funny good luck card with fingers crossed many times
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60. Best of luck, and remember: if you can’t be a good example, you can always serve as a horrible warning.

61. May the force be with you.

62. If luck was a food, I hope you’re about to have an all-you-can-eat buffet!

63. Break a leg… not literally, though. We’re aiming for good luck, not a hospital visit.

64. May your luck be as unstoppable as my toddler on a sugar high.

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A funny good luck message card checklist
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Funny good luck messages for races and games

66. Have a great race (try not to poo yourself).

67. Break a leg! Or better, break the leg of your competitor (just saying).

68. Good luck with your marathon! It will just be a walk in the park for you.

69. Pain is temporary, but the pride of finishing is forever!

70. Pain is temporary but a Personal Best is forever. Well…until you run another one.

71. Did you think they said rum when you signed up? Oh well, good luck anyway!

72. Enjoy the pain, sweat, chaffing, loss of toenails, blood, bruises, blisters, and tears. It will be worth it for the free water and banana at the finish. Good luck!

73. A marathon is just a 10k with a 20-mile warm-up, you’ve got this!

74. Less than 1% of the population has run a marathon. Good luck with joining that minority!

75. Good luck with the marathon! I’m right behind you! Although… not literally.
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A funny good luck card
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Funny good luck puns

76. Gouda Luck. You’re going to brie great!
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A funny good luck pun card
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77. I BEE-lieve in you!

78. Be-LEAF in yourself!

79. I am ROOTing for you

80. Here is a little encourage-mint!
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A funny pun card to encourage someone
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80 Hilarious good luck messages with an image of "good luck" in wooden letters

Final notes on funny good luck messages

Armed with 80 funny good luck messages, may your journeys be paved with joy and triumph. Whether you’re sending good vibes or embracing them yourself, remember, a smile can be your greatest lucky charm.


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