The 33 Funniest Gifts For Travelers (That They Secretly Want)

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Watermelon with a sunhat and sunglasses
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Whether it’s for your bestie, a sibling, a coworker, or your lover, these 33 funny travel gifts will definitely make them smile before they leave for that trip! From funny gag gifts for travelers that are actually completely useless (but funny) to actual useful travel gifts that will make them smile such as a hairy belly fanny pack (#20).

There is a gag gift for every type of traveler, and giving these gifts is a guaranteed laugh for you and the receiver!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three funny gag gifts for travelers by budget.

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30 funny gag gifts for travelers

Funny travel gifts for large budgets

#1 Organizer bags

Bag organizers
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

In the category of funny travel gifts that are still practical: behold these men and women organizing travel packs.

They come in a pack of four and each bag indicates what they should put in it.

#2 Water bottle

Water bottle with: of course I talk to myself. sometimes I need expert advice
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Travelers need to stay hydrated, so if you care about the recipient and you want them to stay healthy, a water bottle is always a good idea.

Check out Zazzle to find funny bottles in all sorts of themes. I thought this one with: “of course, I talk to myself, sometimes I need expert advice ” was quite funny.

#3 Misfortune cookies

Funny misfortune cookies
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If you like the typical fortune cookies then you’d love this one!

“Easy to eat but tough to swallow.”

This misfortune cookie is the perfect gag gift! With notes like, “You have an inferiority complex, and it’s entirely justified” or “There are no certainties in life, except that you will have another terrible day tomorrow.”

They’ll read a fortune so dark, it’ll turn their tongues black. (Just kidding! It’s just temporary. *wink*)

#4 Wine bottle puzzle

A wooden puzzle
A wooden wine bottle puzzle

Looking to tease your friends who are a bit of an alcoholic? Then this would be the best way to go!

This way, they get to receive a bottle of their favorite wine but they’ll have to solve the puzzle before actually pouring themselves a drink.

I can imagine their frustration dissipating after that well-deserved first sip! It’ll certainly add an extra layer of fun to their usual wine enjoyment.

Funny travel gifts for mid budgets

#5 Passport cover

Bingo passport cover
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What’s a traveler without a passport?

Well screwed I would say.

But with a funny passport cover, they might take better care of their passports next time.

Check out Zazzle for a thousand different funny passport covers or go for this hilarious flight bingo one.

How many did you have on your last flight?

#6 Beach towel with photo

Beach towel of a man with a beer belly
Photo courtesy of Firebox

This is a hilarious travel gift for someone who loves the beach; a personalized beach body towel. You can choose from eight different bodies, such as a baby, a six-pack, a beer belly, and more. And you can add the receiver’s photo to finish it off.

#7 Wine bottle glass

A wine glass that fits and entire wine bottle
Wine glass bottle

For those who like to chug wine instead of simply drinking it, this would be great!

It pairs perfectly with the puzzle box, they’d probably need a glass once they’ve solved it (or in this case, a whole bottle)! Isn’t it a delightful reward for their efforts?

It certainly adds a flair to the whole experience!

#8 Flip flops with an imprint

Fliphlip that leaves an imprint
Photo courtesy of Flip Side Flip Flops

Are you looking for funny travel gifts for someone who is going to travel to the beach?

Then these flip-flops are perfect and hilarious. They will leave an imprint wherever they walk. And the best part? You can completely customize the imprint!

So if “Alex Rocks” is a bit too soft for you, you can always change it to “Alex Stinks”, or whatever inside joke the two of you have.

#9 Beer-shaped Bluetooth speaker

Budweiser-shaped speaker
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I always travel with a portable Bluetooth speaker, and I know for a fact that many other travelers do too. So if you are looking for fun travel gifts that will actually go on a trip with the receiver, check out Amazon to find all sorts of funny speakers. And for the drinkers among us, go for this Budweiser speaker.

#10 Carry-on wine glass

Travel-sized wine glass
Photo courtesy of Flaire on the Fly

For wine lovers, this is one of the best fun travel gifts; a carry-on sized wine glass. Because nobody likes wine from a plastic cup!

#11 Passport earrings

Two earrings in the shape of small passports
Photo courtesy of Michigan Mom Shop

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

So if you are looking for funny travel gifts for women, go for these passport-shaped earrings.

Even when she is not on the road, she can still carry her passports around.

#12 Funny sun hat

Pizza-themed sun hat
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Sun hats are the perfect gifts for people who are going to a sunny destination. And you can find plenty of fun designs on Amazon. My personal favorite is this pizza sun hat for people who love Italy or for people who are traveling to Italy.

#13 Handheld fan

A small handheld fan
Handheld fan

If you’re looking for a funny yet practical gift, then check this one out!

It’s great for friends traveling to warm destinations as it’ll keep their heads cool.

The best part is, it’s 3-in-1! It has a fan (of course), and a flashlight, and serves as a backup power bank. All of those AND it fits right in their little pocket. Talk about convenience!

#14 Travel-sized cocktail kit

A cocktail kit from Mai Tai
Mai tai travel-sized kit

Are you looking for funny travel gifts for people who love to drink? And specifically, cocktails? And even more specifically, margaritas?

Then this travel-sized margarita kit is perfect!

The recipient can make a cocktail in a twist. All they need is booze and they make a delicious margarita right where they are.

#15 Swim trunks

Swim trunks with cats and Mexican food
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Swimming trunks for men are the ultimate opportunity to find fun travel gifts. I mean, check out Amazon and you’ll understand what I mean.

I quite liked the taco, burrito, space, and cat one. But I like Mexican food, cats, and the universe, so maybe you should pick something the recipient loves too.

#16 Funny shirt

Funny shirt with the definition of travitude
Photo courtesy of Carpe Diem T-Shirts

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit that shirts may not be the most original gag gifts for travelers. But, they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and themes that they can be bought for anyone.

One of my favorites on Etsy was the one with the Travitude definition. Probably because I could relate to it so well.

Funny travel gifts for small budgets

#17 Sunscreen-shaped flask

Flasks shaped like sunscreen
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best funny travel gifts for people who love to drink.

With these flasks disguised as sunscreen, they can drink all day and no one will judge them!

#18 Mini vacation in a bag

Mini vacation in a bag
Photo courtesy of Custom Sentiments 2020

Alright, this is probably the most useless gag gift for travelers on this list.

Yet, it’s also one of the funniest.

Especially for people who really need a vacation!

You can give them a mini vacation at home. It’s probably not quite the mini vacation they had in mind, but I’m sure they’ll laugh their asses off once they unpack this gift.

#19 A box of “nothing”

A white box with a paper that says "nothing"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

It’s always a challenge to look for a gift for someone who wants nothing, am I right?

Well, worry no further! This gift is the answer!

With this box of nothing, their wish is your command. It’s the perfect gift for those who have it all, or in this case, nothing at all!

#20 Fanny pack

Fanny pack that looks like a hairy belly
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Oh boy, this gag gift for travelers is so wrong but so funny. On the one hand, I hope that nobody actually goes around wearing this fanny pack of a hairy belly, it looks so real, and quite disgusting, really.

But on the other hand, it’s so hilarious that I think it may even be the best funny travel gift on this list. 

#21 Luggage tag

Luggage tag with Calm down Karen, this isn't your bag
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This Karen luggage tag is another one of my favorite funny travel gifts, but I just really love Karen jokes. I guess because they’re so true.

No matter where you go, you will always see a Karen. And to be fair, the airport is the ultimate place to spot a Karen, but at least she won’t steal their bags with this tag!

#22 Emergency underpants

A pack of three emergency underpants
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This pack of emergency underpants comes in 3 pairs of individually packed disposable underwear. It’s made of stretchy polyester so it’ll fit any adult, great for emergencies.

For times when they haven’t done their laundry in days and are in dire need of a clean one! Even more so when we’re talking of a code brown situation (if you know what I mean).

We know it’s a gag gift but it can be a real lifesaver (we’ll never know)!

#23 Travel bidet

Travel-sized bidet
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What is it with peeing that turns it into a funny gag gift for travelers instantly?

Anyways, this portable bidet is perfect for all occasions where toilet paper is not available. And you can trust me as a frequent traveler, that happens frequently!

#24 How to swear around the world cards

Card game of how to f**king swear around the world
Photo courtesy of Firebox

Are you looking for gag gifts for travelers who always swear? Or for people whose first words in a foreign language always turn out to be swear words?

Then this deck of cards with the best swear words from around the world is the ultimate gift for them.

#25 Socks

Socks with someone's face on it
Photo courtesy of Pet Party Co

Okay, I’m not going to lie. I love happy socks. And when I first saw these socks with faces, I was sold. I think they’re hilarious.

Just imagine your bestie, your boyfriend, or your lover walking around with socks with your face on them!

Now, I can imagine that not everyone wants their faces to be worn around the world, so in that case, check out Amazon for other socks, still funny, but not as personal.

#26 Where’s Attenborough book

Book called: Where's Attenborough
Photo courtesy of Firebox

Okay, personally, I think this is one of the funniest travel gifts for people who love nature and David Attenborough. And let’s be real, which travel lover doesn’t love his documentaries?

Instead of Where Is Wally, they can now play Where Is Attenborough.

#27 Poo pourri toilet spray

A poo pouri bottle spray
Poo pourri spray

Know someone who poops like dropping a bomb? Gift them this!

With it, they can finally get rid of their reputation for being a stink bomb (I mean, come on! It’s a good day for everybody)!

Although it’s a great gift for anyone! Especially for those who like to travel. This poo-pourri will get rid of foul smells in common bathrooms.

Holding their breaths while doing their business is no longer a need! It’s handy-dandy!

#28 Croissant neck pillow

Neck pillow shaped like a croissant
Photo courtesy of Amazon

In the category of funny gag gifts for travelers that are actually practical, I present to you:

a croissant neck pillow.

Every traveler needs a neck pillow, and this one just happens to be shaped like a croissant. Not only is it a funny gift, but it’s also great for people who are about to travel to France or for French travelers.

#29 Sleeping mask

Sleeping mask with dog eyes
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I never travel without a sleeping mask and I know most other travelers swear by it too. So if you want to find fun travel gifts that they will actually use, check out Amazon’s funny sleeping masks. Or go for this cute and funny pug mask for people who are obsessed with dogs.

#30 Make-up bag

Funny make-up bag
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Honestly, this makeup bag made me laugh out loud when I found it. And the recipient might get into some trouble at the border security. But who cares, you won’t be there when they do right?

So if you are looking for fun travel gifts for women, I would say go for this makeup bag!

#31 Swear like an Australian coloring book

Australian swear coloring book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of my favorite fun travel gifts for people who are off to travel down under. Or for Aussies, so they won’t forget how to swear in their own language while they’re abroad.

#32 Travel trivia book

Awesome travel trivia book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Everybody loves fun facts, and travel lovers love them even more if they are related to different countries. And that’s what makes this funny trivia book a great small gift to make someone smile.

#33 Travel journal

Wreck this journal everywhere
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Travel journals are practical gifts for travelers and it’s super easy to add a fun element to them. For example by buying the travel edition of the Wreck This Journal. It includes prompts and assignments to ruin the journal (on purpose), but with items you can only find outside of your home.

The second option is for people who actually want to write in their journals. Of course, this wouldn’t be a list of funny travel gifts if we didn’t add a fun element to the journal, such as the “Shit Show Chronicles” journal. Because traveling can sometimes feel like a shit show. A fun one. But a Shit Show. 

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30 funny travel gifts with a photo of eggs with faces

Final note on fun travel gifts

Alright, these were my 33 favorite funny gag gifts for travelers! I really enjoyed putting together this post and if you want my advice, check out the three gifts I thought were the funniest.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!