25 Creative And Funny Ways To Wrap Gifts That Will Make Them LOL

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Funny way to wrap gifts with wrapping paper that says dildo inside

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering over how to make your gift stand out from the crowd, look no further. We’ve gathered a collection of 25 creative and downright funny ways to wrap gifts that are guaranteed to make your recipients LOL (and maybe even ROFL if you’re lucky!).

From pun-tastic wordplay to whimsical designs, we’ve scoured the realms of humor to bring you the ultimate list of hilarious and cool ways to wrap a gift Whether you’re looking for funny Christmas wrapping ideas to surprise your best friend, impress your quirky aunt, or simply make your loved ones burst into fits of laughter, we’ve got you covered.

Grab your tape, scissors, and a hefty dose of wit as we embark on a journey through 25 creative and fun ways to wrap a gift.

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25 Unique and funny wyas to wrap a gift with a photo of colorful wrapping paper

Funny ways to wrap gifts in less than 5 minutes

#1 Personalized gift wrap photo

Funny way to wrap gifts with wrapping paper of someone's face
Photo courtesy of Pyramid Design Studio

This is a hilarious and cool way to wrap a gift and make them stand out. Simply pick a funny or awkward photo of your friend’s face, order a customized roll of gift paper, and use it to cover their gift in their own funny face. It’s guaranteed success and very little effort!

#2 Other funny wrapping paper

Stack of gifts wrapped in funny wrapping paper that says "dildo inside"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you don’t have time to look for a funny picture, simply check out Amazon to find hilarious types of wrapping paper for any occasion. It can be delivered the next day and just adds that extra burst of laughter to the whole gift-giving experience.

I thought this ‘massive d*ldo inside’ wrapping paper, was quite funny for Bachelor(ette) parties, or for your best friends, but you can find dozens of options.

#3 Wrong wrapping paper

Gift wrapped in children's wrapping paper
Gift for dad with pink ribbon and children’s paper

I’ll be honest. I’ve actually used this idea for my gifts too. Though for me, it was out of necessity rather than trying to create a fun way to wrap a gift.

I just didn’t have any normal wrapping paper at home, and as usual, I left it to the last moment. So I had to use Christmas paper for birthday gifts, and children-themed wrapping paper for my dad’s gifts. Though, then I decided to go all the way, and add a pink ribbon as a finishing touch for my dad.

But it actually worked really well because it makes people laugh, and it’s something unusual and unexpected.

#4 Heavy-duty tape

A rubber duck wrapped in duct tape
Duck wrapped in tape

Pranking the receiver is my favorite type of funny way to wrap gifts. And using heavy-duty tape is an excellent strategy to add a bit of exercise in strength and determination!

By wrapping your gifts in this industrial-grade adhesive, you’re testing their patience, as they struggle to unravel the layers of sticky chaos. And don’t worry if you don’t like the look of using heavy-duty tape, you could also add a final layer of decorative tape to make it look pretty (and add another layer of stickiness).

#5 Use a box of a luxurious item

A luxury box of Gucci
Use a box of Gucci to create a deception

This is a super fun way to wrap a gift and create a deception. And it’s super easy. All you need is an old box of some luxury or expensive product and put your not-so-expensive gift inside.

Examples of boxes you could use are iPhones, televisions, shoe boxes, PlayStations, or luxurious jewelry brands.

#6 Use the box of an awkward item

A box of 36 ultra sport tampons
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is basically the opposite of the previous prank. Where using a luxurious box sets the expectations really high (only to lead to disappointment). This funny idea sets the bar so incredibly low, they’ll love just about any gift you’ve put inside.

To give you some ideas of boxes you can use

  • Large tampons
  • Adult diapers
  • Adult toys
  • Pregnancy test

The only challenge for you is to actually find these boxes somewhere, or buy the products yourself, but I can imagine not everyone wants to be seen buying adult diapers.  But luckily for you, there is actually a less awkward way to do that, so check out the next idea.

#7 Mail prank

Funny way to wrap a gift in a prank mail
Photo courtesy of What Prank

Buying an awkward box yourself can be quite embarrassing, so luckily there is also a completely anonymous way to order those boxes (or have them delivered to the recipient directly) through Etsy.

One hilarious example is this male breast enhancement clinic. It’s the epitome of comedic mischief.

Just imagine the initial confusion and bewildered expressions when the mailman comes to deliver their gift. And as they unwrap the box, their perplexed faces transform into uncontrollable laughter, appreciating the clever twist and your mischievous sense of humor.

#8 Brain-teaser box

Wooden brainteaser box in which you can put money or a gift
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is a cool way to wrap a gift for a brainy one or someone who loves puzzles; using a puzzle box.

By encasing your gift in an enigma box, you’re challenging your recipient’s wit and problem-solving skills. Each box can be opened through a secret code and watching them struggle, their brows furrowed in concentration, creates a funny spectacle.

Though don’t worry, the puzzle box comes with the code for you, so you don’t need to struggle when you’re placing your gift in the box. Though, if you want to test your own problem-solving skills, you can always try it yourself first of course.

#9 Spider prank box

Box with a fake spider that pops out when you open it
Photo courtesy of CZGrain

Are you looking for a funny way to wrap gifts and give the recipient a little scare?

Then this hilarious fake spider box is perfect. Hide your gift inside and watch the recipient jump up two feet as they slide the box open and a spider jumps out!

#10 Inside food

Mega box of Lucky Charms cereal
Photo courtesy of Walmart

Can you imagine the look on your friend’s face when they unwrap your gift only to find a loaf of bread, a bag of chips, or a box of cereals?

Luckily for them, you just added another layer of fun, and hid their gift inside!

#11 Wrap it in cling foil

A roll of cling foil against a blue background
Wrap you gifts in cling foil

Wrapping your gifts in many layers of cling foil and watching them wrestle with the stubborn wrap, is a laugh-inducing spectacle.

It’s a prank that tests their patience as they can see the gift already, but still need to find a way to access it.

#12 Lock it up

Two chains
Photo courtesy of Amazon

They say better safe than sorry right?

So make sure your gift is extra safe by wrapping and locking it with chains and a lock, and hide the key. Or use a number key and give them a riddle in order to crack the code!

#13 Use old cloth

Pile of old clothes that can be reused as sustainable gift wrap
Use the recipient’s old clothes as gift wrap

This is not just a fun way to wrap gifts, it’s also a sustainable way!

Instead of using wrapping paper or plastic items the recipient will throw away right after opening, you can use an old cloth, such as one of their own ugly old sweaters (which they should have thrown away, anyways). That way, you extend the lifetime of the cloth, they will finally stop wearing that torn-down sweater, and it will create a funny moment when they realize it’s their own sweater when they open your gift.

#14 Funny gift bags

Five gift bags with funny texts such as 'definitely not regifts' and 'this is exactly what you did not ask for'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for super easy and fun ways to wrap a gift, this one is for you!

Just head over to Amazon and buy some of their super funny gift bag designs, such as these ones with witty quotes such as “’ Definitely not regifted” or “This is exactly what you not asked for”.

And watch their face as they receive your witty gift.

#15 Decorate with googly eyes

A box with different sizes of googly eyes
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Googly eyes always add a hilarious look to anything. So sticking a bunch of googly eyes on top of your wrapped gift is like giving it a lively, mischievous personality. Those wiggling, googly eyes instantly create a playful and amusing vibe, and it’s super easy to create.

Funny ways to wrap gifts in less than 15 minutes

#16 Zip ties

Three bundles of tie wraps
Use zip ties for your wrapping

Wrapping your gifts with zip ties is the ultimate mean (but funny) gift prank. It’s the epitome of a “secure” gift as if saying, “I want to make sure your excitement lasts just a little bit longer!”

Watching your loved ones struggle with the zip ties is just hilarious, especially if you give your gift to them at a location where there are no scissors.

#17 Use a giant box

A man carrying a large box
Wrap a small gift in a large box

I love this grand illusion prank of putting a small gift in a gigantic box. It’s a comedic deception, where expectations are shattered like a piñata at a wild party. Imagine the anticipation on their faces as they eye the colossal box, but alas, when they tear into the wrapping, they’re met with a tiny gift hidden within the box.

It’s a prank that plays with their hopes and dreams, reminding them that size doesn’t matter when it comes to surprises. The laughter it generates is as big as the box itself!

It’s actually super easy to do yourself, but because you will also need to wrap the giant box, it will probably take you about 10 minutes before you’re finished wrapping.

#18 Matryoshka doll wrapping

A collection of small Matryoshka dolls wrapped inside one another
Matryoshka dolls

This is what you would call the Matryoshka doll gift prank!

Almost like using a large box for a small gift, this prank takes it a step further. And lets the recipient unpack box after box until they start to lose faith in ever reaching the real gift. The look of bewilderment on their face, the laughter that ensues—it’s pure comedic gold and a cool way to wrap a gift that keeps on teasing, ensuring laughter at every layer.

#19 Inside a balloon

Pink, golden, and confetti balloons
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need fun ways to wrap a gift for a birthday party? Then using a balloon is a great idea.

By hiding your gift inside a balloon, you’re adding an element of surprise and playful absurdity. To make it even better you could also add some confetti inside, so when they pop the balloon, they will be sprayed with confetti!

Or fill it up with helium and attach it to the bottom of a box, so the balloon and your gift will rise as they open the box. Though this only works with rather small and light gifts (such as cash, gift cards, and small jewelry).

#20 Use a gooey or slime mix

A bucket with slimy mix with glitters
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Yes, it’s the classic gooey prank of the slime-filled gift box!

It’s a hilariously messy twist that takes gift-giving to a whole new level. By placing your gift in a box with slime or other dirty-feeling stuff, you’re adding a touch of playful mischief. Imagine the moment their fingers sink into the goo, their faces contort in surprise and laughter. Just make sure you protect the actual gift from the dirt by wrapping it in plastic.

#21 Ribbon and bow over-kill

Bag of used ribbons and strings to reuse as a sustainable gift wrap
Using an outrageous amount of ribbons and bows

Whoever said less is more, sure didn’t understand the humor of this funny way to wrap gifts.

By turning your gift into an overkill of ribbons and bows, you’re making it really difficult for the recipient to unpack to while making your gift look like a very festive item.

#22 Make the gift ‘wear’ underwear

Funny man thong underwear
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is a hilarious way to wrap gifts for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Simply wrap your gift in normal wrapping paper first, and then make your gift wear a thong, bra, man thong, or candy underwear to add a fun and sexy vibe to your gift.

#23 Make it stick

A hand holding a roll of double sided adhesive tape
Double-sided sticky tape

The sticky surprise gift is a sneaky and fun way to wrap gifts for friends. All you need is double-sided tape and wrap it around your gift so that it will cling to their hands and finger as you present your gift.

It’s a gift wrap that will surely stick with them (literally).

Funny ways to wrap gifts for the crafty ones

#24 Shape it like something else

This is the ultimate funny way to wrap a gift for people who want to let their inner creativity out.

Shape your gift like something else, and trick them into thinking they’ve received a ball, a chair, a drilling machine, a d*ck (we don’t judge), or a hammer.

All you need are additional boxes and other crafts to get the right shape and then wrap the whole assembly together.

#25 Inside cement

Cement with "Smash Open"
Photo courtesy of 5-Minute Repair

Are you feeling creative and a little devilish about this gift?

Then using actual cement to hide your gift is the ultimate prank!

The recipient will need to smash it to access your gift. So make sure you don’t put in anything fragile. This is actually a funny idea if you’re giving cash and tickets. Check out the full instructions here (they start at 2:05).

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Final notes on fun ways to wrap a gift

I absolutely loved exploring these funny ways to wrap gifts and I hope that they inspired you to bring laughter and joy to any occasion.

From humorous designs and pranks to unexpected twists and challenges, there is something for everyone, so ‘Happy gift-giving’!


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