Shuffle Up and Deal: The 40 Best Gifts for Card Players

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Are you looking for unique gifts for card players this Christmas or Father’s Day? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got a full house of card player gifts that will have them feeling like they just hit the jackpot. From sleek card shufflers to personalized playing cards, these gifts will be a sure bet for any card player!

Whether your loved one is a bridge master or poker queen, you will find awesome playing card gift ideas for everyone. So shuffle and deal and let’s check out these 40 awesome gift ideas.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three card-playing gifts by budget.

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The 40 best card-playing gifts for card players

Card-playing gifts for large budgets

#1 Wooden party ensemble

Wooden bowls in the shape of the suits of playing cards
Photo courtesy of Peterson Artwares

This is probably one of the cutest card player gifts for people who just bought a new house. Inaugurate their new home and furniture with this awesome wooden set of coasters and bowls with all four card suits.

#2 Super-deluxe card set

Wooden box with luxury card set
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A card player can never have too many decks of cards. And sometimes they just need a deck that comes with a little extra flair, such as this beautiful deluxe card player gift set.

#3 Wooden card suit wall signs

Wooden wall decor of playing card suits
Photo courtesy of Shape Stack

These wooden wall hangers are perfect housewarming gifts for card players. Whether it’s in their living, sleeping, guest, work, or game room, this set of four will add a bit of flair to every room.

#4 Wooden Euchre scoreboard

Euchre wooden scoring board
Photo courtesy of 3 Storms Creations

As one of the most popular card games in the US, an Euchre scoreboard will come in handy for any card player. Because of its simplicity and fast pace, euchre is super easy to teach anyone, and with this wooden scoreboard, it’s even more interesting.

#5 Phone cover

A black phone case with the four suits of cards
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need card-playing gifts for someone who is obsessed with his or her phone?

Then combine their two obsessions in this one gift; a phone cover with a card theme!

Not only will it protect their phone, but it will also remind them that life is about more than their phones every time they waste too much time looking at their phones.

#6 Personalized poker set

A leather case holder for a poker set
Photo courtesy of The Man Registry

If they don’t already own one, a poker set is the ultimate gift for a poker player and card lover.

They can take their personalized set anywhere and always look like a pro.

#7 Card-themed poster

Posters of five playing cards
Photo courtesy of The Dope Artcom

This is another fun playing card gift idea to add a personal and card-themed touch to someone’s home.

You can literally find over a thousand options on Etsy. Or go for these royal flush posters for people who love poker.

#8 Card-themed whiskey decanter

A glass decanter with a card theme
A whiskey decanter

This beautiful card-themed whiskey decanter is an awesome gift for dads (or men in general) who love whiskey and card games.

They can add a bit of class to their classic game nights with this accessory. Trust me, it’s a gift that will make them feel like a high-roller. Especially if you pair it with the cool card-themed glasses (#18).

#9 Engraved playing card holder

Wooden card holder with UNO cards
Photo courtesy of Wood Pro Shop US

When you’re looking for unique gifts for card players, why not give them something that will make their game nights more comfortable and hands-free?

Such as these playing card holders!

It’s the perfect accessory for any card-playing enthusiast looking to add a touch of convenience to their game night. Or for families with young kids or for people who are less mobile. You could even gift it as a cute get-better-soon gift for someone who just broke their arm.

Check out Etsy for a fancy engraved wooden holder, or head over to Amazon for a simpler and more affordable option.

#10 Better Bridge magazine subscription

Magazine page of better bridge
Photo courtesy of Better Bridge

Are you looking for card player gifts for bridge players?

Then this is the perfect gift!

A magazine subscription to the Better Bridge magazine.

It’s a gift that keeps giving because they will receive a magazine full of fun and wisdom every two months!

#11 Magic trick course

Men holding a card in the air
Photo by David Balev on Unsplash

Alright, this is actually a pretty random card player gift. But I am pretty there is a large group of card enthusiasts who would love to be able to surprise and entertain their guests (or opponents) with a set of funny card tricks.

And with this complete online course on Udemy, they can learn how to wow anyone.

Now, before you do buy this gift. Please make sure the recipient will actually enjoy magic tricks because it’s not for everyone.

Card-playing gifts for mid-budget

#12 Personalized card travel bag

A leather case holder for a deck of cards
Photo courtesy of Personalized Gifts USA

This personalized leather holder is an awesome playing card gift idea for people who are always on the go and who always take a deck of cards with them. From now on, they can protect their cards in style. And you can also have the bag engraved with a personalized message to make the gift even better.  

#13 Personalized deck of cards

Personalized deck of cards with photos
Photo courtesy of The Personalised Store

When it comes to the best card player gifts, a personalized deck of cards is a sure bet.

Not only is it a thoughtful and unique gift, but it also adds a touch of personality to their game nights. They’ll never mix up their deck of cards with their opponents anymore. And what I love most about any personalized gift, is that you can get as creative as you want. Whether it’s a loving message, a funny inside joke, or a picture of them, you can design the deck of cards any way you want.

#14 Card player bracelet

Bracelets with charms of all card suits
Photo courtesy of Our Little Charms

Are you looking for playing card gift ideas for women?

Then I’ve got a few awesome pieces of jewelry for you (which also work great for men who love jewelry, by the way).

First is this bridge bracelet, a subtle way for her to look gorgeous and show her love for the game. Or you can check out Etsy for more unique card-themed bracelets.

#15 Gigantic cards

Huge playing cards
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for funny gifts for card players?

Whether it’s for kids, your friend who turned 50, a co-worker who is retiring, or your loved one who now needs glasses to read his card, these enormous cards (10.5 x 14.5 Inches) are a fun way to get the party started.

#16 Hoodies for card players

A grey hoodie with "i don't even fold my laundry"
Photo courtesy of OTZI Shirts

This is the ultimate gift for card lovers who are always cold. Or who always plays poker in cold and dark dungeons? With this hoodie, they can stay warm and focused in style.

Check out Etsy to find all sorts of designs, or go for this cute white one with the four suits of cards.

#17 Funny card player caricature

Photo of two people with a caricature poster of themselves
Photo courtesy of Cartoon Portrait

Are you looking for funny gifts for card players?

Then this is perfect!

A caricature of them doing what they love the most; playing cards.

The first option is great for people who love the Simpsons, and the second one works for just about anyone.

#18 Card-themed glasses

Card-themed glasses
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These beautiful glasses are awesome accessories for any card-playing enthusiast looking to add a touch of class and sophistication to their game night.

It’s the perfect way to show off their love for the game. And let’s be real, what’s a game night without a little bit of whiskey (or whatever they’re drinking from these glasses) to keep things interesting?

For more designs, head over to Etsy.

#19 Books to learn more card games

Ultimate book of card games
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Ultimate book of card games: The complete guide to more than 350 games

Card players can never get enough of card games, but maybe they would like to refresh their game nights a little. With this book of 350 (no that’s not a typo) new games they’ll never have to play Go Fish again (unless they want to, of course). They can even play a new game every day of the year (well almost 😉).  

The ultimate book of family card games
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The ultimate book of family card games

If you are looking for the best card player gifts for families who love games, this might be a better book because it’s focused on card games that are fun for kids and their parents. It includes more than 50 new card games they can try on family game night.

#20 Necklace

Necklace with an ace of heart pendant
Photo courtesy of That Jewelry Place

The second card-themed piece of jewelry is this necklace from Etsy. You can find plenty of different designs, but one of my favorites was this cute one with the ace, for women who are acing it.

#21 Funny mug

A white coffee mug with "I don't even fold my laundry"
Photo courtesy of Pyramid Apparel Design

A coffee mug, such as this hilarious one is one of my favorite gifts for card players. It adds a little fun and a touch of caffeine to their game nights, which will help them to keep going during these (often) long nights.

#22 Books to improve their skills

Essential poker math book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Essential poker math: Fundamental no-limit hold’em mathematics you need to know

True card enthusiasts are always looking for a way to get better, so why not help them out with your gift? This is an awesome and extremely helpful book for people who are looking for a way to step up their poker game. Whether they play for serious cash or not, with these essential math tricks and tips, they will know when to fold, call, or go all in.

Bridge for beginners book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Bridge for beginners: The new complete guide for the novice to start playing bridge the right way.

Are you looking for card-playing gifts for someone who is ready to learn a new and intriguing card game? Then this book that explains everything they need to know about Bridge is perfect! Though make sure the recipient doesn’t already know how to play bridge because chances are that a card enthusiast already knows one of the most famous card games.

#23 Automatic shuffler

An automatic card shufler
Automatic card shuffler

This is one of the best gifts for card players who are a little bit lazy.

Because what’s the worst part of playing cards?

Yep, dealing and shuffling.

Well, their lives just got a whole lot easier with this automatic shuffler who will do the dirty work for them.

Actually, I remember my parents giving this shuffler as a gift to my grandfather many years ago because he would only play card games with the family if he didn’t have the shuffle. So with this machine, he didn’t have an excuse and we no longer had to shuffle all the time, it was a win-win.

#24 Earring studs

Earring studs with ace hearts
Photo courtesy of Lanstone United States

These beautiful ace heart earring buds might just be my favorite jewelry gifts for card lovers.

Though you can check out Etsy to find all sorts of card-themed earrings that card players will absolutely love.

#25 Card player-themed tumbler

Tumbler with "card player sippy cup"
Photo courtesy of Bella Vita Concepts

This is the perfect playing card gift idea for someone who is always in a rush and doesn’t even have time to drink a coffee in the morning.

With this tumbler, they can finally have the joy (and caffeine) of a morning coffee without running late. Plus it’s themed with one of their favorite thing in the world.

#26 Notebook

Notebooks with playing card covers
Photo courtesy of Pinoodles

Whether it’s to keep score during a game, take notes to get even better, or just to jot down their thoughts, a card-themed notebook is a great practical gift idea for card players.

Card-playing gifts for small budgets

#27 Waterproof deck of cards

Waterproof deck of cards
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Now, this gift is a real game-changer for any card player.

Imagine the possibilities; no more ruined games during those crazy (and perhaps drunken) pool parties, no more soggy cards on camping trips, and no more interruptions to their game night because of a spilled drink. These cards are the ultimate wild card, allowing card players to take their game to new heights.

So, whether they’re playing spades on a boat, or Texas Hold’em at the beach, a waterproof deck of cards is the perfect gift for any card-playing enthusiast.

#28 Cosmetic bag

Bridge Queen cosmetic bag
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need card player gifts for women?

Then this cute cosmetic bag with “Bridge Queen” is perfect for any woman who loves bridge.

#29 Simple cardholders

A small tool to easily hold your cards
Photo courtesy of After Dark Fabric Works

Do you need gifts for card players who sometimes struggle to keep their cards in their hands?

Whether it’s because of their old or young age, rheumatism, or just because they’re a bit clumsy, with these cute card holders they can keep their cards in place in style!

#30 Ring

two silver rings with the aces in the four suits
Photo courtesy of One of a Kind Jewel Gifts

The last jewelry gift for card lovers is this ring of aces. A subtle way to express their love for the cards and also a beautiful piece of jewelry. And a thoughtful gift for anyone who is an ace at card games (and more).

#31 Funny shirt

Black t-shirt with "I don't even fold my laundy"
Photo courtesy of oTZIshirts

Are you looking for small, but funny gifts for card players?

Then head over to Etsy and check out all their cool t-shirt designs. For poker players, I think this one with “I don’t even fold my laundry” is quite funny.

#32 Coasters

Coasters made from cork with an image of playing cards king
Photo courtesy of Newts Games

These coasters are not only stylish, but they are also super functional card player gifts. They are a great way to keep their table clean and add a touch of fun and personality to their game night setup.

Because who doesn’t love a clean table during a game night?

#33 Luggage tag

Luggage tag with playing card suits
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Luggage tags are perfect gifts for card players who love to travel. They can easily locate their bags with a fun card-themed luggage tag from Zazzle.

#34 Ace bottle opener

Ace of spades bottle openers
Photo courtesy of Refined Creations CA

Do you need playing cards gift ideas for drinkers?

How about a card-themed bottle opener?

It’s a great way to open a beer and game night in style.

#35 Fun books for card players

The professor, the banker, and the suicide king book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The professor, the banker, and the suicide king: Inside the richest poker game of all time

Is the recipient a big poker fan? Then they will love this book about one of the coolest poker games ever (at least one of the richest games ever played). It’s about the 2001 game between Andy Beal, an outsider of the poker world who challenged some of the greatest poker players of that time (Doyle Brunson, Chip Reese, Howard Lederer, and Jennifer Harman).

Seven games: A human history book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Seven games: A human history

This is a fun card-player gift idea for someone who loves games and history. It covers the story of some of the most historical games ever including bridge and poker. But also backgammon, chess, checkers, and Go.

#36 Chip bag for poker players

Pounch with text "poker money John"
Photo courtesy of Bags by Karen

Are you looking for small gifts for poker players?

Then this funny poker money pouch is perfect. It’s handmade and you can personalize it to add that finishing touch.

#37 Tote bag

Tote bag with text "this is what an awesome euchre player looks like"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Whether the recipient is looking for a way to reduce their plastic waste or not, a cute card-themed tote bag is always a great small gift.

Check out Zazzle to find 143 different designs. Or go for this funny bag with “This is what an awesome Euchre player looks like”.

#38 Wooden trump cube

Cubes with the suits of playing cards
Photo courtesy of Miss Heidi’s House

Using cards to show the suit of trump is so 2022!

Real card enthusiasts use this awesome wooden cube for that.

#39 Wooden chip marker

Wooden chips with "dealer"
Photo courtesy of Miss Heidi’s House

Add a bit of class and style to their traditional poker nights with these wooden dealer chip markers. They can actually also be used as trump markers for other games such as euchre.

#40 Card-themed socks

Poker-themed socks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it in your own life yet, but at some point in time, socks become super fun gifts.

If you’ve reached this point, you will know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, don’t worry it will come to you too.

And if it has come to the recipient already, these colorful socks are the perfect gift.

Save these gifts for card players

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The 40 best gifts for card players

Final note on card player gifts

In the end, it’s all about having fun, and with these awesome card player gifts, fun is guaranteed. Just don’t blame me if they start calling you “ace” after receiving such great gifts from you. Anyway, if you do need a bit more inspiration, have a look at the editor’s top three.


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