25 Hot & Spicy Gifts For Chili Lovers

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many red chili peppers

Gifts for chili lovers can never be hot and spicy enough. But if you are struggling to find chili gifts that are not boring, and bland, look no further, because we’ve rounded up a collection of 25 gifts that are sure to bring the heat!

From international hot sauce collections to chili pepper-themed kitchen tools, these gifts will have them sweating with excitement. And don’t worry, we’ve included a few mild options for those who can’t handle the heat. But let’s be real, if they’re truly a chili lover, they’ll want it all. So grab your fire extinguisher and let’s get ready to spice things up!”

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three chili gift ideas by budget.

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Chili gifts for large budgets

#1 Rare international chili collection

7 cans with red chili
Photo courtesy of Not On the High Street

I’m sure most chili or spicy food lovers have tried chipotle or Sriracha hot sauce, but have they ever tried chili from Tunisia or Syria?

I bet not.

So if you are looking for unique chili gift ideas this set of seven rare chilies from across the globe is an even better gift.

The set includes chilies from India, Spain, Syria, Kashmiri, Turkey, and Tunisia!

#2 A year of hot sauce subscription

Chili gift box with hot sauces and more
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This hot sauce subscription gift from Uncommon Goods is the best gift for spicy food lovers.


Because they will receive a unique chili gift set every three months, so the gift just keeps going all year long. Plus they can try all sorts of hot and spicy stuff, from microdose extracts, global seasoning blends, DIY hot sauce kits, and different hot sauces!

#3 The super hot chili gift set

Photo courtesy of CoolGift

This box with six different chilies is perfect for daring chili lovers!

It includes the Carolina Reaper, which is the spiciest chili in the world. Anyone who calls themselves a chili-lover must have tried it at least once. The chilies get spicier as you move up the stack. So the recipient can ease into it and start with the mild sweat Ancho and build up to the spiciest chili in the world!

I actually gave this stack to my dad as well. He is one of those people who literally add chili to any dish. If he takes a bite and he doesn’t feel a tingle, it means the food is not good. He and my mom love adding these chilies to all dishes. They are still learning how to dose the Carolina Reaper appropriately though. The spiciness of this one keeps surprising them and even the tiniest dash of it creates an incredibly spicy dish.

So be warned!

#4 DIY hot sauce kit

Hot sauces with funnel to make your own
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Food can never be hot and spicy enough for chili lovers, so why not let them make their own hot sauce?

With this gift, they can finally make the perfect hot sauce, just for them! Or recreate that one particular spicy sauce they had on their last trip to Costa Rica. They will never have to complain about the sauce being too spicy or not spicy enough anymore because this time they have made it themselves.

#5 Microdose hot sauce

4 bottles of hot chili extract
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Chili lovers’ love for chili goes beyond just spicy dinners.

No, real chili lovers want all food to be spicy. And these extracts allow them to add a bit of chili to everything! From beer, whiskey, and cocktails to cookie dough, salads, and tea. Seriously, they can add these extracts to anything they want to make it hot and spicy.

#6 Spicy nuts from around the world

Chili gifts box of nuts
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is one of the best gifts for spicy food lovers; a box with spicy nuts from around the world!

The five seasonings include:

  • Caribbean jerk
  • Coconut curry Thai
  • Mexican spiced cocoa
  • Moroccan harissa lime
  • African piri-piri.

#7 Hot sauces of America gift box

5 bottles of hot sauces from the US
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Give the gift of American heat with a hot sauce gift box featuring some of the best and most unique hot sauces from across the country. From Georgia and Texas to Virginia, this gift box has something for every chili lover’s taste buds.

And let’s be honest, nothing says patriotism like a good old American hot sauce, am I right?

Plus if they’re feeling adventurous, they can even try to incorporate the sauces into some classic American dishes such as mac and cheese, fried chicken, or even apple pie (hey, I don’t judge). This hot sauce gift box is sure to be a hit with any spicy food lover!

Chili gifts for mid-budgets

#8 DIY chili growing kit

A grow your own pepper set
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Fresh spices from your own garden always taste better than the ones from the shop, so give your friend a chance to make their own delicious chilies with this DIY kit.

The kit includes everything they need to grow ghost pepper and Carolina reaper at home.

#9 Funny chopping board

Chopping board with text etched "there is no such thing as too much chilli in Eddy's cooking"
Photo courtesy of Gifts Ina Jiffy

This chopping board is an awesome chili gift idea for anyone who wants to bring some humor (and more chili) to their kitchen. It’s a unique way for them to show off their love for all things spicy and it will also make food preparation a little more fun.

#10 Chili cookbook

Book titled: The complete hot sauce cookbook
The complete hot sauce cookbook

The complete Hot Sauce cookbook

This is a cool chili gift idea for hot sauce lovers, a cookbook with 60 different hot sauce recipes from around the world.

Book titled: The spicy food lovers' cookbook
The spicy food lovers’ cookbook

The spicy food lovers’ cookbook

Cookbooks are the best gifts for spicy food lovers because when they’re cooking themselves, they can decide how much chili should go into the dish (I mean a recipe is only a suggestion, they can always add more). And this cookbook contains some of the most straightforward recipes to try at home.

Book titled: The world's best spicy food
The world’s best spicy food

The world’s best spicy food

This is another cool book for people who love trying international dishes; spicy recipes from around the world!

#11 Global hot sauce package

A gift set of hot sauces from around the world
Photo courtesy of Walmart

This chili gift set of international hot sauces is the perfect way to take your chili lover on a spicy journey around the world. They’ll get to experience the unique flavors and heat levels of hot sauces from all over the globe, from the classic Mexican hot sauce to the sweet and tangy Thai hot sauce. It’s like a culinary passport in a suitcase!

#12 African hot sauce duo

African hot sauce
African hot sauce

Generally speaking, Africa is not the first destination that comes to mind when you think of spicy food. (Or at least not for me).

Perhaps your chili-loving friend has never even been to Africa. Or perhaps they love Africa and African food. Either way, it makes this African hot sauce duo one of the best chili-themed gifts!

The product is handmade in South Africa and includes two flavors:

  • Lemon-garlic peri-peri
  • Ghost peri-peri

#13 Mexican dried chilies

Sacks of dried chilis
Photo courtesy of South Devon Chili Farm

Mexico is a chili lovers’ heaven and I am sure most of them already know that. So if you get them a gift that includes dried chilies from Mexico, I guarantee they will love you for that!

This set from South Devon Chili Farm includes the following five peppers:

  • Guajillo
  • Ancho Mulato
  • Ancho Poblano
  • Chipotle Morita
  • Pasilla

#14 Hot sauce party game

Hot sauce part game
Hot sauce party game

This is one of the funniest gifts for spicy food lovers; a party game that involves tasting different hot sauces!

You simply roll the dice and you have to try the corresponding hot sauce. The last man standing will win the game!

#15 Funny shirts

Black shirt with "I put hot sauce on my hot sauce"
Photo courtesy of OTZI shirts

The funny chili-themed shirts on Etsy are perfect gifts for chili lovers with a sense of humor. It’s a gift that will make them laugh, and show off their love for all things spicy in a subtle and stylish way.

My favorite is this “I put hot sauce on my hot sauce shirt”, but you can find plenty of options on Etsy.

Chili gifts for small budgets

#16 Pepper core remover tool

Pepper core remover
Pepper core remover

This might actually be one of the most practical chili gift ideas on this list; a tool to make pepper preparation a breeze. They’ll be able to core their peppers in seconds, without having to struggle with a knife or get their hands messy, and accidentally rub their eyes (oh boy the horror).

#17 World’s hottest lollipop

A package of a spicy lolly
Photo courtesy of Walmart

The name of this gift already suggests that it’s not made for everyone. You either have to be a real chili lover or a real daredevil. This death pop includes a very spicy chili extract, so it’s not for the faint-hearted.

It’s also quite a funny gift if you want to tease someone and watch them suffer while trying to finish this spicy lollipop.

#18 Spicy honey

A pot of spicy honey
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This honey is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. It’s an ideal gift for those who love the heat!

Just drizzle it in grilled chicken and they’re in for a tasty kick! Are they hankering for more? Then give them a spoon so they can try a mouthful of it – a great way to spice up their day!

#19 Thai chili snacks

Thai chili snacks
Thai chili snacks

Thai crispy chili snacks are the perfect gift for the chili lover with a serious case of the munchies. They’ll be able to satisfy their cravings for something spicy and crunchy all in one bite.

With a variety of flavors to choose from, like spicy cashew nuts and Tom Yum, there’s something for every heat level.

#20 Chinese chili oil

Chili oil
Chili oil

Are you looking for chili gifts for someone who also loves China? Or at least loves Chinese food and flavors? Then this chili oil is the perfect gift for them.

It’s imported from China and it can be used to bake veggies, meat, and basically anything to which you would like to add a little bit of chili!

#21 Chili-themed socks

Socks with a chili design
Photo courtesy of Doodle Bead

How can I make a list of the best gifts for chili lovers without including chili-themed socks?

Everybody loves socks. And if you need a gift for a traveling chili lover, socks are something they will actually take with them on a trip!

#22 Chili pepper kitchen towel

A tea towel with chilies
Photo courtesy of Zola Pepper

A chili-themed kitchen towel is the perfect blend of practicality and personality for the spice aficionado in your life.

This towel isn’t just about drying dishes – it’s a statement piece in their kitchen and a subtle yet thoughtful way to acknowledge their love for all things spicy. Plus, every time they reach for this towel, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtful gesture.

It’s a simple, affordable, and delightful way to spice up their day!

#23 Chili pepper bracelet

Bracelet with a charm of a chili pepper
Photo courtesy of Dua 770

A bracelet with a chili pepper charm is the perfect way for the chili lover in your life to show off their love for all things spicy. It’s a subtle, yet stylish way for them to represent their passion for heat.

#24 Chili pepper metal wall art

Chili pepper vintage metal tin sign
Chili pepper vintage metal tin sign

Are you looking for housewarming gifts for a chili lover? Then this chili-inspired wall art is an awesome gift idea. It makes the house look colorful and it’s chili, what else could they ask for?

#25 Chili keyring

Chili keychain
Chili keychain

Finding gifts for chili lovers who travel is very hard because you don’t want them to carry around too much weight. In those cases, a keyring such as this “chop it like it’s hot” one is always a good idea.

It’s small, funny, and it reminds them of you each time they see that keyring hanging on their bags.

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Final note on gifts for chili lovers

Alright, I hope you loved these gifts for chili lovers as much as I did!Check out the editor’s personal top 3 gifts for spicy food lovers if you need more inspiration!


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