The 25 Best Florida Gifts For Residents And Out-of-Towners: The Best Of The Sunshine State

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Skyscrapers at the beach in Miami, Florida

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From Miami to Disney World, you will find awesome Florida gifts from across the state in this gift guide. Whether you are looking for unique gifts for Florida residents, for someone who recently moved out of state, or for someone who is simply obsessed with the Sunshine State, you came to the right place! For this post, we scoured the state to find the best Florida-themed gifts that both locals and visitors will love.

From beautiful home decor gifts for new Florida residents to practical travel gifts for someone going to Florida soon. And all of them are perfect for a Florida fan!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Florida gift ideas by budget.

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Florida gifts for large budgets

#1 Florida-themed gifts: wine cork map

Florida wine cork map
Florida wine cork map

Are you looking for unique Florida gifts for people who are also vivid wine lovers?

Then this is the perfect gift for you.

It’s a wooden map of Florida. Except, this map has special holes for wine corks. So they can decorate their own map with wine corks of their favorite wines. Besides giving a beautiful wall decoration, you are also giving them another reason to open up a wine.

I don’t think a gift for Florida and wine lovers can get any better than that.

#2 Florida map gifts: beer cap map

Florida beer cap map

Did you really like the idea of combining someone’s love for Florida with their love for their favorite drink? But are you looking for Florida gift ideas for someone who is more into beer instead of wine?

You just found yourself the perfect gift too!

A map in the shape of Florida, except this time the holes are not perfect to fit a wine cork but to fit beer caps!

By the time the map is filled with beer caps, it’s a beautiful and colorful wall decorative item!

#3 “Smells like home” candle

Florida candle
Florida candle

Are you looking for Florida gifts for someone who recently moved out of state and misses home?

This candle might cure their homesickness with the true smell of Florida. It’s also available on Uncommon Goods.

#4 Florida flower paint kit

Color in picture of the map of Florida
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is one of the best gifts for creative Florida lovers. A map of Florida with Florida wildflowers to be painted!

#5 Florida watercolor map

Florida map
Florida map

This handmade watercolor map of Florida is another one of the best gifts for Florida lovers who would love to decorate their entire home with Florida stuff!

For more unique map designs, head over to Etsy.

#6 Florida-themed doormat

Photo courtesy of Shades of Pink Boutique

What better way to welcome guests into a Florida home than with a doormat that screams “Hey y’all, this is where the sunshine and good times live!” Plus, adding their family name just lets everyone know who’s in charge of the sun-soaked paradise.

It’s one of the best gifts for Florida residents who love to share their state’s pride with everyone.

#7 Florida gifts ideas: local liquor

Bottle of gin
Photo courtesy of Drizly

If you are looking for Florida gift ideas for people who love a drink or two, local Florida liquor is the best thing you can get them.

Some of the most popular liquors you can think of are Florida-produced gins and bourbons.

Or check out my gin-lover gift guide or whiskey lovers gift guide for more inspiration.

Florida gifts for mid budgets

#8 Florida gifts for travelers: guidebooks

Lonely Planet Florida

Lonely Planet Florida

The best gifts for travelers who love to explore Florida are of course guidebooks to help them explore all the state’s highlights! Such as the Lonely Planet, which is one of the most popular guidebooks among budget travelers.

Florida Day trips

Florida Day trips

This is one of the best gifts for Florida residents and travelers who will stay long-term. They can explore the state through unique day trips.

Florida backroads travel

Florida backroads travel

The perfect guidebook for people who love doing off-beat road trips.

The couple’s Adventure

The couple’s Adventure:85 ideas to see, hear, taste, and try in Florida

This is probably one of the best gifts for couples who live in Florida or who love traveling around Florida.

#9 Florida photo album

Miami beach photo album
Miami beach photo album

This Miami Beach photo album is one of the best gifts for someone going to Florida or for someone who just returned from an awesome Florida trip.

They can select their favorite picture of their trip and place them in this photo album that is designed for Miami Beach vacations.

#10 Wine glasses

Two glasses with city skylines
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Florida-themed wine glasses are awesome gifts for Florida residents because they allow them to show off their love for their state while enjoying their favorite beverage.

Plus, what better way to cope with Florida’s unpredictable weather than with a glass of wine in a matching glass?

#11 Florida-themed gifts: books

Oh, Florida!

Oh, Florida! How America’s weirdest state influences the rest of the country

A New York Times bestseller about the funny and weird state of Florida, it’s a funny book for locals and visitors alike.

The great book of Florida

The great book of Florida: The crazy history of Florida with amazing random facts and trivia

Are you looking for gifts for new Florida residents? Or just for someone who is into Florida and history? Then this book with funny facts and the history of the Sunshine State is perfect.

Weir Florida

Weir Florida: Your travel guide to Florida’s local legends and best-kept secrets

This is actually a travel guide and book. It includes hidden stories and treasures of Florida which makes it a great gift for both locals and visitors!

#12 Sports gifts from Florida

Florida Gators beanie hat
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for gift ideas from Florida for someone who is into sports, you’re in good luck because Floridians love their sports, and they have quite a few great teams to support.

  • For baseball fans, check out Miami Marlin’s merch on Amazon
  • For American football lovers, the Miami Dolphins are a popular team
  • And even though Florida is called the Sunshine State, they do have an ice hockey team called the Florida Panthers
  • And lastly, if you know someone who went to the University of Florida, or simply supports the Gators, anything related to their team will be a great gift, such as the beanie hat.

#13 Florida cookbooks

Best of the best from Florida cookbook

Best of the best from Florida cookbook

A selection of some of the best Florida recipes bundled in a small cookbook. Perfect for people who would like to try a bit of everything

A culinary history of Florida

A culinary history of Florida: Prickly pears, datil peppers and key limes

A book that covers 12.000 years of cooking in Florida. From the first pears by the Paleo-Indians to all the later influences from the French, Spanish, Cubans, and more. This book covers everything you always wanted to know about Florida’s culinary history.

Good catch

Good catch: Recipes & Stories Celebrating The Best Of Florida’s Waters.

This is the best Florida cookbook for people who love seafood.

#14 Florida jigsaw puzzles

Florida themed puzzle
Florida themed puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are great gifts to keep travelers occupied when they can’t travel, especially if it’s a puzzle of the place they love the most, such as this Florida puzzle!

#15 Florida seed gift box

Photo courtesy of Abundant Harvest Seeds

This gift box with spring seeds is the perfect present for Florida residents who love gardening!

Not only will they have the joy of watching their seeds grow, but they’ll also have a great excuse to get outside and soak up some of that Florida sunshine. It includes seeds of native flowers and veggies that are known to do great in the Sunshine State.

#16 Florida-themed gifts: cutting board

Cutting board in the shape of the map of Florida
Cutting board

Are you looking for Florida-inspired gifts for someone who also enjoys cooking?

Another cool gift, besides the Florida cookbooks, is this wooden cutting board in the shape of Florida.  

#17 Food gifts from Florida

Box of chocolate
Photo courtesy of Norman Love Confections

If you say Florida sweets, Norman chocolate is one of the first things people will think about.

So if you want to treat someone with Florida food gifts, a chocolate box from the local Florida Norman is the best gift.

And for true chocolate lovers, check out this chocolate gift guide.

#18 State parks scratch poster

Photo courtesy of Unfinished Art Studio

Are you looking for unique Florida gift ideas for someone who loves the outdoors and nature?

Then this scratch-off poster with all of Florida’s National Parks is perfect!

They can keep track of all the places they’ve visited and add the other ones to their bucket list of things to do in their favorite state.

#19 Florida shirts

Shirt with the map of Florida
Florida shirts

Another practical travel gift for Florida lovers is a t-shirt they can easily pack, such as this funny y’all shirt on Amazon. Or head over to Etsy for many more designs.

#20 Florida-themed gifts: board games

Florida-themed monopoly
Florida-themed monopoly

My favorite Florida-themed gifts are Florida board games.

I selected two really great options for you to choose from.

The first one is the Florida version of Monopoly that’s available on Amazon. They can compete to own all their favorite places and streets in Florida.

But my real favorite is the “Florida man board game”. A game where you have to decide whether the story is true or made up. And trust me, you will come across some worrisome stories that you wished were not true.

Florida gifts for small budgets

#21 Florida gifts for her: jewelry

Florida map necklace
Florida map necklace

Which Florida lover doesn’t want to show their love for Florida to the world?

However, some may want a more subtle way of showing it. And for those people, this cute necklace in the shape of Florida is the best gift.

It also works great for Florida natives who are going on a long-term trip, since a necklace is small and light enough for them to take!

#22 Funny coloring book for adults

Funny Florida coloring book for adults

This funny Florida-themed adult coloring book is a fantastic gift for Floridians who love to relax and unwind and have a little laugh.

I mean, who needs therapy when you can color in some of the weirdest Florida Man stories of all time instead? It’s a great way to relieve stress and escape the Florida heat. So gift this coloring book and let your Florida friends color their way to tranquility.

#23 Florida gifts for travelers: journals

Florida travel journal
Florida travel journal

A travel journal specifically for Florida is a great gift for someone going to Florida. They can keep track of their experiences, and make packing lists, and travel plans. And when they return home, they will have a great memory book of their trip.

#24 Florida wall art

Florida wall art
Florida wall art

This retro print wall art on Amazon is a cool gift for Florida lovers who would love to decorate their homes with Florida-related items.

If you prefer other prints, check out Etsy for more wall art ideas.

#25 Florida-themed tote bags

Tote bag with flamingo and text: I'd rather be in Florida
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for practical Florida gifts for travelers, tote bags are a good idea. They are small, light, and very useful for travelers on a trip!

I quite like the one with the flamingo, but check out Zazzle for more inspiration.

Save these Florida gifts for later

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25 Florida gifts for travelers

FAQ about Florida gift ideas

What to buy for someone who lives in Florida?

You can consider Florida-themed home decor gifts, local experience gifts, interesting books about Florida, or anything that shows their Florida pride. From alligators and flamingos to the ocean and Disney World.

What are some special products in Florida?

Florida is known for its oranges, Key West limes, and famous Key West cigars. In addition, Disney World merchandise is a favorite among tourists and locals alike, from Mickey Mouse ears to collectible pins. These are just a few of the unique products that make Florida special.

Final note on these gifts for Florida lovers

Alright, I hope that you found the perfect Florida gift ideas for the Sunshine State lover in your life. If you need a bit more help. Check out the editor’s top 3 again.

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