Need some Ginspiration? The 27 Best Gifts For Gin Lovers

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Bottle of gin with a glass of gin tonic

If you’re looking for unique gifts for gin lovers, you’ve landed in the right spot! While a classic bottle of gin is always appreciated, why not surprise your gin-loving friends with something extraordinary?

In today’s post, I’ve curated a list of the 27 best gifts for gin drinkers with an international twist. From practical accessories for gin aficionados to gin scratch maps and international gin recipes, you’re sure to find the perfect gin gift to delight any globetrotting gin enthusiast!

Save these gifts for gin lovers

Make sure you save this list of gin lovers gifts for the next birthday, holiday, or whatever occasion you need a gift for! So you will save some time searching for the perfect gift!

25 awesome gifts for gin lovers

DIY gin gifts for mixing and tasting

A set with gin herbs and a bottle
My DIY gin set

Best overall gift for gin drinkers

DIY Gin-Making Infusion Kit

This is by far one of the best gifts for your gin-loving friend; the DIY Gin Making Infusions Kit! It’s packed with everything they need to create their own signature gin flavors, using natural, eco-friendly botanicals, such as lavender, juniper berries, pink pepper and cardamom.

Perfect for the friend who loves a unique, hands-on gin and gift.

A gin gift basket
Photo courtesy of I Love

Gin subscription

If you’re aiming to delight the gin lover in your life, I highly recommend a monthly gin subscription! UK readers, check out I Love Gin, and my US audience have a look at Tasters Club for the best subscription gift.

Every month, they deliver different small bottles of premium artisanal gin, ensuring a fresh and exciting tasting experience with each shipment.

Set of spices that are used to infuse gin
Photo courtesy of Green Heart Store UK

DIY gin spice mix

This is another one of the best gifts for gin and tonic lovers, a spice mix set! The botanical set includes 12 spices:

  • Juniper berries (perfect to make the Dutch jenever)
  • Orange peel
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Coffee beans
  • Anise star
  • Apple
  • Rose petals
  • Lemongrass
  • Cardamom
  • Pink peppercorns
  • Hibiscus flowers
  • Cloves

And if you want to add a personal touch to the gift, you can also customize a message for the box.

A gardening gift set for gin spices
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Best gift for gardeners

Gin gardening gift crate

For the gin and tonic lovers, I’ve found the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

A beautiful wooden crate filled with everything needed to grow their own gin botanicals: from a juniper bush to Angelica and Coriander seeds. The set comes with detailed instructions, so it’s also doable for those who can’t even keep a cactus alive.

Box with bottles of gin
Photo courtesy of Tasting Collection

Best gin-tasting gift

Gin-tasting gift set

Obviously, a bottle of gin is the best gift for gin drinkers. However, I can imagine you want to add a bit of originality to it. And for that this tasting set of 12 gins is perfect!

It includes gin from the UK, The Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Scotland, Italy, and France. Quite an international collection!

A gift basket with a personalized gin bottle
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Best personalized gift

Personalized gin spa box

I love this personalized gin and spa gift box, it’s a thoughtful way to treat someone special. The basket comes with different types of gin liqueur, like Raspberry or Rhubarb and Ginger, and relaxing items like bath bombs and candles. You can also customize almost everything to make it really special. Plus, there’s a Spotify playlist linked to the gin bottle, which adds a fun touch.

Packages of gin marshmellows
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Best gift for foodies

Gin-infused marshmallows

I’ve found a fantastic treat for gin lovers—gin-infused marshmallows! This set includes Vanilla Bean and Elderflower & Gin flavors, plus a smokeless, odorless marshmallow toaster for easy toasting. It also comes with a gin and tonic caramel dipping sauce and is all presented in a stylish gift box. Perfect for any gin enthusiast looking to try something sweet and unique!

Home-inspired gifts for gin lovers

The gin game
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Best gift for game lovers

Gin game

Gin drinker gifts don’t get any more interactive than this original gin board game.

It’s a gin trivia game to find out who is the real gin-ocologists among you and your friends!

A framed poset with the text "let the evening be gin"
Funny gin poster

Wall art

Which gin drinker wouldn’t want to decorate their entire house with gin? Check out Amazon to find some fun gin-inspired poster ideas, such as a “let the evening be gin” poster!

Scottish gin scratch map
Photo courtesy of Scot Bucket List

Best international gin gift

Gin country scratch maps

Are you looking for gin-themed gifts for people who also love Scotland?

Then thescratch map of 50 different Scottish combines their two favorite things!

And no worries if you were looking for gifts for gin drinkers who prefer the UK in general, there is also a UK gin distilleries scratch map on Amazon.

Gin bucket list poster
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Best gift for bucket listers

Gin bucket list scratch map

Are you looking for the best gifts for gin drinkers who also love to try different gins from across the globe?

This scratch map includes 100 different international gins for them to try! From English to Australian, to Portuguese gins, the scratch map includes many different flavors.

The box of a gin-inspired puzzle
Fun gin-inspired puzzle

Gin-inspired puzzles

Looking for a gift to keep a gin lover busy at home?

I recommend this 500-piece gin jigsaw puzzle. It features gins from all over the world, so they might learn something new as they put it together. And who says they can’t enjoy a gin while they’re at it? It’s a fun way to pass the time and maybe take a little break from drinking gin. However, no one said they can’t drink gin while finishing this gin puzzle.

Gin accessories

A gift set with glasses and cooling stones
Cooling stones gift set

Cooling stones gift set

I love recommending cooling stones for gin enthusiasts who enjoy their drink perfectly chilled without any dilution. These stones maintain the ideal temperature, ensuring pure, undiluted flavor.

I know the description says they’re whiskey cooling stones, but trust me, they work just as well for gin. Keep in mind that this is a brilliant gift for purists, but for those who actually like (or need) a watered down gin, it’s not the best option.

However, they might not suit those who prefer their gin slightly watered down by melting ice. For purists, cooling stones are a brilliant choice!

two colorul gin glasses
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Unique gin glasses

I’ve found some amazing hand-painted gin glasses that are perfect for any gin enthusiast. These ones from Not on the High Street are decorated with bright, colorful flowers, covering both the bowl and the base, adding a lovely touch of detail.

Whether you’re buying for a friend’s birthday or just because, these glasses add some color to any party table.

Flask with text
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Gin-inspired flask

Flasks are perfect gifts for gin drinkers wh would love to take their gin with them.

Instead of having to walk around with a big bottle of gin, they can easily disguise it with this small flask.

Keychain of gin and vodka
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

best long-distance gin gift

Gin-inspired keychain

If you are looking for sweet and small gifts for gin drinkers, this cute keychain from Not on the High Street is my favorite suggestion.

It’s perfect for two friends or lovers who are separated by distance, because they will always be together in spirit(s).

Though for more keychain designs, check out Etsy.

Wearable gin gifts

Earring studs that are made from an old bottle of gin
Photo courtesy of Lois Gunn

Best gin gift for her

Recycled gin bottle earring studs

Are you looking for unique gin gifts for her?

Then these unique earring studs made from Bombay Sapphire gin bottle glass are what you need.

Each stud is made from a recycled bottle by hand and as a result, each has a unique crackle effect. They only measure around 9mm in diameter, making them the perfect fit for everyday wear.

Two people wearing shirt with "let the evening be gin"
Photo courtesy of Redbubble

Gin-themed shirts

I find that funny gin-themed shirts are a hit with any gin enthusiast—they combine humor with style! Whether it’s a witty pun or a clever graphic, these shirts are great conversation starters at parties or casual meet-ups.

They’re perfect for friends who not only love their gin but also have a great sense of humor.

Tote with text about gin
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Gin-inspired tote bags

Tote bags are super handy gin lovers gifts for any occasion, whether they are traveling or staying at home, tote bags always come in handy!

Personally, I really liked this: “Gym? I thought you said Gin!” tote bag, but check out Zazzle for other designs!

Gin and tonic oil on perfume
Gin and tonic roll-on perfume oil

Gin perfume roll

Are you looking for small gifts for gin and tonic lovers?

Then this gin and tonic roll-on perfume oil is the perfect gift!

They can actually smell like their favorite drink.

'If You Can Read This Pour Me A Gin' Funny Socks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Gin-themed socks

These super cute gin-themed socks are the best gifts for gin drinkers who want to cheer up their days with happy socks!

gin gifts: Gin coaster
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Best housewarming gift

Gin-inspired coasters

These gin coasters are great gin gifts for gin lovers at home. So even if they’re drinking water, at least they can place their glasses on a gin coaster.

Travel gifts for gin drinkers

Gin & Tonic travel kit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Best gin gift for travelers

Gin & Tonic travel kit

This gin and tonic travel kit is probably one of the gin and tonic gift ideas for travel lovers.

They could take this kit with them on the road and make a gin and tonic on the plane!

Luggage tag with gin shopping list
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Gin-themed luggage tag

Do you need gifts for anyone who loves to travel as much as they enjoy a good G&T?

Then I’ve got a nice surprise for you; a gift that combines both; gin-inspired luggage tags.

They’re not only practical for identifying your bags but also add a fun, personal touch to their luggage with their quirky gin-themed designs.

Best books for gin drinkers

International books for gin lovers
Books for gin drinkers

Fun gin-drinking books

Books about gin make fantastic gifts for gin lovers, especially if they dive deep into the spirit’s intriguing world. I’ve handpicked a few of my favorite titles:

  • The Gin Manual is perfect for those who want a comprehensive guide on how gin is made, its global variations, and the best ways to enjoy it.
  • The Gin Dictionary is ideal for enthusiasts eager to master the lingo and finer details of gin.
  • The World Atlas of Gin offers an extensive look at gin’s history and production worldwide, making it a fun read for gin fans who love to travel.

Choose the one that best suits your gin lover’s interests!

The best gin recipe
Recipe books for gin lovers

Best gift for mixologists

Gin recipe books

If you’re looking for gifts that will spice up a gin lover’s cocktail game, gin recipe books are my top pick!

I couldn’t settle on just one, so here are some of the best:

  • Gone With The Gin: Cocktails With A Hollywood Twist is perfect for people who love both gin and Hollywood. It’s filled with fun, movie-inspired cocktails.
  • Gin Made Me Do It caught my eye with its cheeky title alone! It includes 60 creative gin recipes that are sure to delight.
  • Gin, How To Drink It offers a list of 125 international gins, making it a gem for those curious about global gin flavors.

Gin tasting journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Gin tasting journal

Gin-tasting journals are my go-to gift for gin lovers! They’re perfect for gin lovers who like to try different gins and want to remember each one. These journals let them note down everything about each gin—where they tried it, what it tasted like, and more. It’s a great way for them to keep track of all their gin experiences!

Save these gifts for gin lovers

Did you save these gin-related gifts on Pinterest yet?

the 25 best gifts for gin lovers

FAQ about gin-related gifts

What to get for someone who loves gin?

For someone who loves gin, a monthly gin subscription box or gin-tasting gift box is a great gift idea. Other cool options include gin-related gifts such as recipe books, home decor, puzzles, games, shirts, a DIY infusion kit, or jewelry.

Final note on the gifts for gin lovers

I hope these 27 gin-themed gifts helped you to choose the best gift for the gin lover in your life! Tell me, which gift did you pick? Or were you not able to pick a gift at all?

If you need more help finding the best gin gift ideas, my mailbox door is always open for you or check out the editor’s top three.


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