35 Delicious Gifts For Ice Cream Lovers That Will Melt Them Away

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Are you looking for unique gifts for ice cream lovers that go beyond a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? Then you came to the right place! In today’s post, you will find no less than 35 awesome ice cream gift ideas for any type of budget and for any type of recipient. From funny shirts and mugs to the ultimate ice cream lover gifts, such as home ice cream makers.

There is a gift for any type of ice lover!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts by budget.

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35 best gifts for ice cream lovers

Ice cream gift ideas for large budgets

#1 Ice cream machine

An electronic ice cream maker
Fancy ice cream maker

Alright, let’s start this list with what’s probably one of the best gifts for ice cream lovers; an actual ice cream maker!

They can finally make their favorite snack at home. And the great part is that they can make any flavor they want and that you get to taste all these flavors too! (Assuming there are some leftovers for you, of course.)

#2 Monthly ice cream subscription

ice cream subscription with a photo of a woman eating ice cream
Photo courtesy of Goldbelly

The best gifts for ice cream lovers are, of course, real ice creams. But I can imagine you don’t just want to wrap a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Apart from the fact that it will get pretty messy as the ice cream melts, it’s also a bit of a dull gift.

But here is the solution; a monthly ice cream subscription from Gold Belly!

They will receive a new box of ice cream on their doorstep every month, so they can enjoy your gift every month again!

#3 Unique ice cream scoops

Old baseball bat ice cream scoops
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

An ice cream scoop is probably one of the most essential kitchen tools for ice cream lovers. And I am pretty sure that they will have at least one at home. But trust me, they will love these unique ice cream scoops even more!

The first option is great for baseball fans because it’s made from used MLB baseball bats!

For people who are not into sports, the personalized scoop from Etsy is a better alternative.

#4 Cool phone cover

Phone cover with ice cream icons
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you know someone who is addicted to ice cream and his or her phone?

Then the ice cream-themed phone cases on Zazzle are exactly what you need!

#5 Wall art

Poster of a woman licking ice cream
Photo courtesy of Canvas art perfect

Are you looking for gifts for ice cream lovers who recently bought a house or who recently moved? Then something for their new home is perfect, such as this beautiful ice cream-themed wall art!

Or check out Etsy for more designs.

#6 Beach towel

Beach towel with ice cream icons
Photo courtesy of Little Peony Co

Do you need gifts for ice cream lovers who also love the beach?

Then you can combine their two loves in one gift; a beach towel with an ice cream theme!

And you can personalize the towel too, so they can easily find their towel on a crowded beach.

#7 DIY mochi ice cream kit

DIY mochi ice cream kit
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Does the recipient love Japan and ice cream?

Then you can’t go wrong with this DIY mochi ice cream kit.

And even if they don’t love Japan, I’m pretty sure true ice cream lovers will absolutely love this DIY Japanese ice cream kit.

#8 Rolled ice cream maker

Rolled ice cream maker
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for unique gifts for ice cream lovers? Then this ice cream maker for rolled ice cream is perfect!

I’m pretty sure that every ice cream lover has already tried the rolled ice cream and they probably fell in love with it. So how cool is it if they can make them at home!?

#9 Ice cream gift basket

An ice cream gift basket
Photo courtesy of Sunflower Care packages

Gift baskets are really cute gifts for just about anyone, all you have to do is find (or compose) a gift basket with items the recipient loves. Luckily for ice cream lovers, you can find plenty of ice cream gift baskets on Etsy!

For example, this cool one with typical ice cream products from Michigan. It’s perfect for locals or for someone who is moving in or out of state!

#10 Portable ice cream freezer

Container with ice cream
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is one of the best gifts for ice cream lovers who are always on the move. For the busy moms and dads, the hardworking men and women, and all others who don’t even have time to sit down and enjoy an ice cream.

With this canteen, they can take their ice cream on the go, and eat it whenever they’ve got a minute and the ice cream will still be as nice and cold as if it just came from the freezer!

#11 Scoop bath bombs

Four scoops of ice cream
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Ice cream is perfect for hot summer days, but in winter even ice cream lovers need to stay warm. And that makes these bath bombs one of the best ice cream gift ideas for the winter! Because they can take a warm bath in ice cream style!

#12 Ice cream gift card

Gift card from cold stone creamery
Cold Stone Creamery gift card

Alright, I know that gift cards have the false reputation of being bad gifts. And I would like to take this opportunity to tell you otherwise. Gift cards are perfect gifts because they allow the recipient to use them for something they actually want and need.

Now, there are two things to keep in mind when buying gift cards.

First, make sure you buy a gift card that’s easy to use for the recipient. If you know there’s a Cold Stone Creamery shop near their home, then that’s a perfect gift card. But if there is not, don’t buy this gift card. Simply buy one from a local ice cream shop near them, because they will be much more likely to actually use it.

Second, don’t just give a gift card like that, make sure you wrap it nicely (check out these 29 ideas if you need inspiration), because presentation matters!

#13 Unique ice cream flavors

A bucket of ice cream that looks like a bucket of fried chicken
Photo courtesy of Goldbelly

This is one of the funniest and most unique gifts for ice cream lovers.

I mean, we all know the classic vanilla or fruit flavors, but who can say they’ve tried fried chicken ice cream? Only a true ice cream lover can!

But don’t worry, luckily it only looks like a bucket of fried chicken, it actually chocolate-covered cookies with delicious (and normally flavored) ice cream!

#14 Ice cream factory tour

A sign of the Ben & Jerry ice cream factory tour
Ben & Jerry’s factory tour sign

Nothing beats ice cream except maybe an experience gift related to it. Check these out!

The famous Ben & Jerry’s factory in Vermont has been around since 1985 and their tours offer a glimpse of how it all began. Plus, they get to indulge in their old ice cream flavors and even the new!

And for those in New York, check the New York’s Ice Cream Museum! They have 13 multi-sensory installations for them to experience ice cream. They even offer a “Pinkmas” ticket for their annual holiday celebration, which is nothing short of magical!

Ice cream gift ideas for mid-budget

#15 Ice cream pint koozie

ice cream pint
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

As much as I (and other ice cream lovers) love ice cream, I hate it when my hands freeze and I have to put my bowl down and stop eating because it’s too cold. And that’s exactly what makes this koozie one of the best ice cream lovers gifts. They can simply enjoy their ice cream without getting cold hands. 

#16 Ice cream pool float

Ice cream float
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Ice cream is the ultimate summer snack, and what’s better than having ice cream at the pool or on the beach while chilling in your ice cream floatie!

 It’s one of the best ice cream gift ideas that both kids and adults will love.

#17 Ice cream-shaped candles

A candle in the shape of an ice cream sundae
Photo courtesy of Carhart Heritage Farm

I am a huge fan of these candles that look and smell like real ice cream. They’re so good, I honestly have to control myself and remind myself they’re fake, so I don’t take a bite.

So if you want to find gifts for ice cream lovers that are not actual ice cream, these candles are a pretty damn good imitation.

#18 Personalized bowl

Two ice cream bowls
Photo courtesy of Let’s Make Memories US

Ice cream bowls may not sound like the most exciting gifts for ice cream lovers, but I guarantee that they will absolutely love these personalized bowls!

Random side note: Did you know that people keep personalized gifts longer than regular gifts? Some people even keep personalized gifts forever!

#19 Necktie

Necktie with ice cream cones
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need ice cream lover gifts for men? Perhaps for your boyfriend, brother, or your dad?

Then this necktie with small ice cream icons is perfect.

It’s a fun way to cheer up his outfit in the office!

#20 Ice cream earring studs

Earring studs in the shape of ice cream cones
Photo courtesy of Old Farmhouse Jewelry

Diamonds and ice creams are a girl’s best friend, and now you can combine these two into one awesome gift!

Okay, they may not be real diamonds, but these popsicle earring studs are certainly an ice cream-loving girl’s best friend!

#21 Sandwich scoop

An ice cream scoop
Thrifty ice cream scoop

Who doesn’t love a delicious cookie ice cream sandwich? I know for sure that the recipient of this gift loves it. And with this cool scoop, they can easily make a perfect ice cream sandwich at home, which makes it one of my favorite ice cream gift ideas.

#22 Personalized spoon

Dad's ice cream shovel spoon
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for ice cream gift ideas for Father’s Day? Then this super cute engraved spoon for Dad is perfect!

And if it’s not a gift for your dad, head over to Etsy where you can completely customize an ice cream spoon and gift it to anyone.

#23 Travel mug

Travel mug with ice creams
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Ice cream pairs really well with coffee, just like these ice cream-themed travel mugs pair really well with ice cream lovers who always go for takeaway coffee.

#24 Funny shirt

T-shirt with: I'me into fitness. fit'ness ice cream in my mouth
Photo courtesy of Crazy Dog T-shirts

Check out Etsy to find ice cream-themed shirts in all shapes and sizes. You can find funny shirts for men and women or cute shirts for teens. My favorite is this men’s shirt with: I’m into fitness. Fit’ness ice cream in my mouth.

Ice cream gift ideas for small budgets

#25 Ice cream tasting journal

Ice cream journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Now, this is the ultimate gift for ice cream lovers; a tasting journal.

It’s a journal that will help them to take structured notes and stay organized around all the delicious ice creams they’ve tasted. And it will ultimately help them to find their favorite ice cream!

#26 Popsicle-shaped water bottle

Popsicle water bottle
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This popsicle water bottle is one of the funniest ice cream lover gifts for kids (and adults). It’s also a great way to stimulate them to drink more water. Because who wouldn’t want to drink from this delicious popsicle bottle?

#27 Make-up bag

A make up bag with a print of ice creams
Photo courtesy of Knotties Bachelorette

This makeup bag is one of the cutest ice cream gift ideas for women. They can collect their make-up in ice cream style.

#28 Notebook

Notebook with funny text
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A notebook always comes in handy. And let’s be honest, the best ideas come to us when we’re happy and relaxed, and how could you not be happy and relaxed whilst eating ice cream?

#29 Funny mug

A black coffee mug with the funnt test "ice cream is cheaper than therapy"
Photo courtesy of Abby’s Design Factory

Even if they’re not eating ice cream, I am sure they are still thinking about ice cream. And that’s what makes this mug a great gift for an ice cream lover. They can sip their morning coffee and dream about their favorite sweet.

#30 Tote bag

Tote bag with: Life is short, have an extra scoop
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags are great gifts for people who care about the environment and who would love to cut on their plastic waste. So if you are looking for gifts for ice cream lovers who also love Mother Earth, then one of the ice cream-themed tote bags on Zazzle is a great gift idea.

They can save the environment in ice cream style!

#31 Cookbook

Salt & Straw cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Together with the ice cream maker (#1), this Salt & Straw recipe book is the best gift for ice cream lovers who can’t get enough ice cream and who would love to make their favorite dessert at home.

The cookbook includes the most unique ice cream recipes that can all be made from a simple 5-minute base ice cream recipe!

#32 Ice cream neon light

Ice cream-shaped neon light
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If they’re not eating ice cream, they’re certainly thinking about ice cream, and when they’re sleeping, they’re certainly dreaming about ice cream. And to give them even sweeter dreams, this neon light nightstand is a great ice cream lover gift.

#33 Necklace

Ice cream cone necklace
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for ice cream gift ideas for women who are obsessed with ice cream?

Then jewelry is always a good option, such as this super cute ice cream necklace. For more jewelry gifts for ice cream lovers, check out #20.

#34 Socks

Socks in an ice cream pint
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I always love socks as gifts, and I know that many people enjoy socks with prints too.

So if the recipient loves colorful socks, this super cute ice cream-shaped socks gift box is an awesome gift.

#35 Ice cream-themed luggage tags

Lugagge tag with ice cream icons
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need ice gift ideas for people who travel a lot?

Then a luggage tag in ice cream style is perfect.

It’s a cute and practical gift idea, and you can find 100+ designs on Zazzle!

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Final note on gifts for ice cream lovers

Alright, these were my 35 ice cream lover gifts, if you can’t decide which one to buy for the recipient, check out the editor’s top 3.


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