35 Awesome Gifts For Pool Players: The Ultimate Game-Changing Guide

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A pool table with a close-up of ball number 8

Gifts for pool players have never been more exciting! Get ready to break into a world where cue balls and camaraderie collide.

If you’ve got a pool or billiards shark or a casual cue enthusiast in your life, you know they’re all about the game – those trick shots, strategic bank shots, and the occasional dramatic cue twirl. But when it comes to finding the perfect gift, it can be a tricky shot (yes, pun intended).  

That’s where our billiards gift guide steps onto the green-felted scene.

From practical gloves and cue tip tools to witty shot glasses and mini tabletop pool tables to make them smile, we’ve got some awesome ideas in store for you. So let’s explore how to find the perfect gifts for those who eat, sleep, and dream about billiards!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three billiards gift ideas by budget.

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35 Billiard gift ideas with a photo of billiard balls in the background

Billiards gift ideas for large budgets

#1 Pool cue and ball stand

A pool balls and cue holder made from an old whiskey barrel
Photo courtesy of Cre8tive Woodcarfts

If you’ve got a large budget to spare, and you’re looking for pool table gifts for someone with a table at home, then this whiskey barrel cue stand is the ultimate gift!

It will add that rusty vintage look to their game room as if they’re playing in their favorite pub.

Though don’t worry if it is over your budget, you can find cue stands within all budgets and in all shapes and sizes on Etsy. But this was definitely my favorite, especially for those pool-loving whiskey drinkers.

#2 Magnetic chalk holder

Magnetic chalk holder for pool players
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for practical gifts for pool players? Items that they will actually use during their games?

Check out the magnetic chalk holder from Kamui– a game-changer they’ll love.

This nifty tool boasts a two-magnet system for a strong grip, ensuring chalk stays put and hands stay clean. No more chalky mess! And its compact size makes it easy for players to clip onto their pants and won’t cramp their style on the table!

 Chalk isn’t included, but the gratitude and smooth shots will be (and you can always check out #16 if you do want add chalk).

#3 Personalized pool triangle

A stack of pool triangles with personalized messages
Photo courtesy of Engraved Elegance by G

Now I’m sure that most pool players already have triangles at home, which is why I wouldn’t recommend buying a regular triangle as a gift.

Instead, go for that personal touch and buy a triangle with their name or a witty cue-related phrase etched right on!

#4 Gloves

Glove for pool players
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Alright, now this is a great gift for the pool player who wants to step up their game; a billiard glove!

It’s the perfect tool to help them perform just as great in humid and hot environments. Without it, their hands will be sweaty and sticky, making it hard for them to move their cues on their resting hands. Which is why these gloves are perfect.

Plus, if you pick Kamui gloves, you’re not just picking the first glove out there, you’re actually giving high-quality stuff that pros and beginners will love.

Do keep in mind that there’s a left and right glove, depending on which hand they use  for the bridge (typically this is the recessive hand).

#5 Professional clothing

A black polo shirt for pool players from Predator
Photo courtesy of Predator

Want to dial up the cool factor for your pool-playing pal?

Wrap ’em in Predator’s professional pool clothing. Predator is actually the number one sponsor for pros. Which is why it’s not just attire; it’s a confidence booster. They’ll feel like the kingpin of the cue with each shot. Whether they’re dominating the table or taking a chill break, they’ll rock that effortless, suave look.

#6 Personalized ball set

A set of pool balls with a custimized name
Photo courtesy of Cue Sight

Just like the triangle, I love this personalized ball set because I guarantee that real pros already have a high-quality set of balls. But you can add a fun and personalized touch with these custom-made balls.

Though, admittedly, they’re not as high-quality as the ones they already have. But they make up for in originality. And they can simply use these balls for display or for casual games with friends.

#7 Cue cases

A hard case to carry pool cues in
Photo courtesy of JB Cases

Now, this is another one of the pricy pool player gift ideas, but if you have the budget it will be an awesome gift; a cue case to protect their precious cue. (Seriously, the professional cues are expensive, so pool players want to protect them).

And one of the best cases is from JB cases. The only downside is that the hard case (which is what I would recommend if you’re looking for a case that actually protects their cue) takes 6-8 weeks to be made. Because they’re only made to order, that’s how specific and good they are.

So if you don’t have 6-8 weeks, check out Amazon for another alternative that will still protect their cue effortlessly, it just doesn’t have the same status as a JB case.

#8 Pool ball wall clock

Pool ball wall clock
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need unique pool player gifts for new homeowners?

Then this fun pool-themed clock is perfect!

Whether they’re practicing shots or chilling out, this clock is a subtle nod to their favorite pastime. A thoughtful touch that keeps them on schedule and in the zone for their next victory shot!

#9 Training cue ball

Training cue ball for pool and billiard players
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is the ultimate billiards gift idea for aspiring pros!

A training ball that marked with rings and targets by pro Jim Rempe, as a guide to mastering spin and control. From beginners to advanced players, this ball is a game-changer. Plus, it comes with a handy manual packed with training patterns and tips.

Though if it’s over your budget, you can also find a cheaper variant (that’s not designed by Jim Rempe) on Amazon too.

#10 Mini tabletop pool

Mini tabletop pool table
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for funny gifts for pool players?

For those fanatics who could play pool wherever and whenever?

Then this mini tabletop pool table is perfect!

It’s a hilarious twist on the real deal, and promises endless fun and friendly competition anywhere.

#11 Personalized cue

personalized cue for pool players
Photo courtesy of Lasting Impressions

While pros will likely have high-quality cues already (which is why I wouldn’t recommend buying one of those) this personalized one adds a unique twist!

And though they’ll probably not use it for a serious game, they can always use it for fun games with friends and family (who are still beginners).

Billiards gift ideas for mid budgets

#12 Tip tool

Tip tool for billiards players
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Whether you’re looking for gifts for pool players who are just starting out or who’ve been in the game for years, they will appreciate this professional tip tool that can be used go keep their tips in perfect condition. Especially because the Last4Ever tool is actually one of the most popular among pros.

#13 Personalized whiskey decanter

A whiskey decanter with glasses with pool balls etched and a name
Photo courtesy of DM Home Company

Are you looking for gifts for the pool player who loves whiskey and pool?

Then check out this billiard-themed whiskey decanter that perfectly blends their passions in a stylish touch for their home bar.

#14 Cue rest

Cue rest for pool sticks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you’re favorite pool player often plays in crowded pubs and brings their own cue, they will need this cue rest (whether they know it or not).

It’s a super simple gift, yet indispensable when you’re trying to protect your cues from being tipped over by others (or themselves, let’s not leave out the clumsy pool players here).

#15 Funny cue ball

A white cue ball with a skeleton hand thats holding it's middle finger
Photo courtesy of D & L Billiards

Add a touch of humor to their next game, with Etsy’s funny and personalized cue balls!

I thought this ball with “the finger” was quite a fun option, but you can find all sorts of designs on Etsy.

#16 High-quality chalk

Blue chalk for billiards players from the rband Pyro Taom
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Alright, so chalk is not the most exciting gift for pool players on this list. But, before you scroll on, hear me out.

Yes, it’s not the most exciting, but it’s the most practical. And it’s something literally every pool player uses.

And if you pick a high-quality chalk brand such as TAOM Pyro, I guarantee that all pool players will be delighted with it, because it’s not often that they’ll spend a whopping $20 on just 100 grams of chalk. Though once they’ve noticed the difference, they don’t want to go back to cheap Master Chalk.

#17 Christmas billiard balls

A triangle filled with Christmas ornament shapes like pool balls
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is are probably the funniest and the best Christmas gift for pool players; a set of pool-themed Christmas balls.

Even if they can’t be at the pool table over Christmas, at least they’ll have their pool balls close!

#18 Ball care set

Two bottles of billiards ball cleaning liquid
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Serious pool and billiard players know that good maintenance will keep their balls rolling for years to come. So to help them take proper care of their balls, these ball cleaners and restorers are great billiards and pool player gift ideas.

Though I’ll admit, they’re not the most exciting on this list, real pros will prefer a practical and high-quality gift over a unique one.

#19 Funny shirts

A funny black shirt for billiard players with "i'd hit that"
Photo courtesy of Designs by Nikki Co

Are you looking for funny pool player gift ideas?

Perhaps you need a white elephant gift idea, or you just want to make your dad laugh.

Either way, you can find a ton of funny billiards-themed shirts on Etsy. I though this “I’d hit that” shirt was quite hilarious, but there is a shirt for any type of humor.

#20 Books about pool and billiard

Book cover of "The Hustler by Walter Tevis"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Hustler by Walter Tevis

Do you want to get your pool-obsessed friend to do something other than play pool? Then a book such as ‘The Hustler’ will surely get their asses away from the pool table. This novel delves into the high-stakes world of pool hustling, following “Fast” Eddie Felson’s journey from amateur to hustler-extraordinaire.

Book cover of 'The Eight Ball Bible: The Secrets of Topflight 8-Ball'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Eight Ball Bible: The Secrets of Topflight 8-Ball

‘The eight ball bible’ is the perfect gift for pool players who want to ace the game. This acclaimed book is a treasure trove of wisdom, covering everything from safety play to championship-ready mental skills in high-speed 8-ball. Trust me, they’ll thank you when they’re sinking shots like a true champ!

Book cover of 'The 99 Critical Shots in Pool: Everything You Need to Know to Learn and Master the Game'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The 99 Critical Shots in Pool: Everything You Need to Know to Learn and Master the Game

Written by World Champion Ray “Cool Cat” Martin, this classic guide spills the secrets to mastering the game. With over 200 illustrations, it breaks down winning techniques like the Hook Shot, Jump Shot, and more,  that’ll make them the envy of the table!

#21 Customized billiard led light

Wall art made from metal in the shape of billiard balls and cue and a custom name plus led light in the background
Photo courtesy of Craft Name Sign

Illuminate their passion with this personalized pool-themed LED light wall art. It’s a thoughtful touch that combines their love for the game with stylish home decor, making their pool haven shine like never before.

#22 Cuetec

Cuetec tip tool for billiards players
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Looking to “cue” up the perfect gift for the pool player in your life? (Yes, pun absolutely intended).

Look no further than the Swiss Army knife for cues aka Cuete’s cue tip tool!

It shapes, scuffs, pokes, and even whispers sweet words (if you’ve had enough drinks) to those cue tips, turning them into the perfect tip for every shot.

#23 Billiard ball shot glasses

Tray of shot glasses shaped like pool balls
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Whether you need gifts for the pool player with a home bar, a man cave, or just a kitchen, this shot set adds a playful touch to any space.

It’s a winning choice for fans of the game, and works well for birthday parties or Dirty Santa party games!

#24 Personalized billiard polo

Pool player shirt with a cutumized name
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Did you know that personalized gifts are cherished keepsakes that stand the test of time? Yep, that’s right, people actually keep their personalized gifts a lot longer than regular ones.

So if you want to go for gift ideas for pool players that last, go for this personalized polo shirt!

#25 Necklace

A silver necklace with a pendant of two cues and a pool ball
Photo courtesy of Kim’s Jewelry

Are you looking for cute pool player gifts for her?

Then this necklace is perfect!

It adds that touch of personal flair to their style and makes a statement of her love for the game. Whether she’s sinking shots or strolling around town, this necklace is a subtle nod to her passion and a thoughtful keepsake.

#26 Funny tumbler

A white tumbler for pool players with "aim, shoot, swear, repeat"
Photo courtesy of 3C Etching

Are you looking for a lighthearted pool player gift that adds a twist of fun to their favorite pastime?

Then check out this funny tumbler!

It’s a witty nod and to their (occasional) misses and unleashing of colorful commentary.

#27 Billiard towel

A hand and cue towel from Predator for pool players
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Score some serious points with a top-notch billiard towel from Predator!

A quality towel is a pool player’s best buddy, keeping cues clean and hands dry for those game-winning shots. Practical and thoughtful, this gift shows you’ve got their game in mind.

#28 Billiard ball bottle opener

A wall mounted bottle opener shaped like a billiards ball
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Elevate their leisure time and billiard room with this billiard ball bottle opener!

They’ll be cracking bottles in style!

It’s a unique way to add both utility and personality to their space. Whether they’re celebrating victories or simply relaxing, this bottle opener becomes a tangible reminder of your thoughtful gesture

Billiarsd gift ideas for small budgets

#29 Pool-themed wall art

A vintage poster with "how to play pool"
Photo courtesy of Leaf & Love Design

Whether they have their own pool table or game room, with this fun “How to play pool” poster, they can create their own pool-themed room anywhere in the house.

Though for more cool posters and wall art ideas, check out Etsy.

#30 Bridges

A billiard bridge in the shape of Kraken
Photo courtesy of Average Pool Guy

Now, if you’re looking for gifts for pool players who’ve been playing the game for years and who even have a table at home, I bet they already have any kind of bridge you can think of. This is why, I recommend you buy the Kraken Bridge, just as a funny gift for them to add a bit of humor and diversity to their games.

For beginners though, you can check out Amazon to find more high-quality bridges that they will be using for years to come.

(Oh and in case you’re not really into pool or billiard yourself, a bridge is a tool that players can use to access difficult or far-away balls).

#31 Pool-themed socks

A pair of colorful socks with pool balls on it
Photo courtesy of Amazon

With these funny pool-themed socks you can cover your favorite pool player from head to toe (literally) in their beloved hobby!

#32 Keychain

A keychain with billiard balls and cues
Photo courtesy of That Jewelry Place

These billiards-themed keychains are great gifts for pool players who often forget their keys!

Whether they’re heading to the table or out and about, this keychain keeps their love for the game close at hand (as well as their keys, hopefully)!

#33 Metal sign

A metal sign of "Billards"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

For more unique touches to their home and game room, this vintage metal sign is another fun gift for billiards players that will add a bit of nostalgia and café atmosphere to any room.  

#34 Funny mug

A funny mug for pool players with "it worked in my head"
Photo courtesy of Strictly Business Mugs

For those of you who love to add a touch of humor to their gifts, check out Etsy for all sorts of funny pool player mug. Whether they’re strategizing shots or taking a break, this mug adds a playful touch to their routine. A thoughtful way to keep their spirits high and their game on point.

I thought this “it worked in my head” mug was quite funny, but there is something for everyone.

#35 Vintage billiard posters

A set of six vintage posters in which billard tools are explained
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Inject some vintage charm into their game haven with this set of billiards patent prints – an exceptional gift for billiards players.

These vintage-style posters showcase the intricate details of billiards equipment, adding a touch of nostalgia (and nerdiness) to any room. It’s perfect for game rooms, bars, or even offices, they transform spaces into unique, pool-themed retreats.

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35 Amazing gifts for pool playerds with a photo of a red pool table in the background

Final notes on gifts for pool players

Whether it’s a quirky tumbler, a personalized cue, or a tabletop pool table that brings the competition right to their living room, these billiards player and pool table gifts are a winning shot in the game of gift-giving. But if you need more inspiration, check out our personal top 3.


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