How To Surprise A Tea-Lover? 25 Unique Tea Gift Ideas

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Gifts for tea lovers can be super easy. Just get them awesome tea set gifts or a tea gift basket and they will thank you forever. But what if you want to find something unique? Or what if the tea lover you are getting this gift for also has a love for traveling? In those cases, check out the awesome international gifts for tea drinkers on this list!

From international tea gifts to tea-inspired gifts that they will actually take and use on the road, you can find it all in this list of 25 awesome tea lover gifts!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts by budget.

Save these gifts for tea lovers for later

Do have more tea-drinking friends who you need to get a gift for later this year or next year? Then save these 25 tea gifts for later or share them with other tea lovers!

25 unique gifts for tea lovers

Tea lover gifts for large budgets

#1 Tea maker on the go

Travel mug
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is one of the best gifts for tea lovers who travel; a tea mug they can take with them to make tea on the go! They can put tea leaves in a mug and make tea through controlled and continuous infusion. Obviously, the mug is also from steel and double-walled, so their tea stays warm while their hands stay at normal temperature.

Besides being great gifts for tea drinkers, travel mugs also make good gifts for sustainable travelers, check out my sustainable travel gifts guide for more gift ideas for eco-travelers.

#2 Monthly tea subscription

Various tea gift sets
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

For those tea drinkers who live and breathe a warm cup of tea, this is the ultimate gift: a monthly tea subscription.

Now, you may be thinking, ‘But wait, they can just go to the store and buy their own tea.’ And to that, we say, sure, you could do that. But where’s the fun in that?

A monthly tea subscription is like having a surprise party for their taste buds every single month. They’ll not know what delicious blends they’re going to get, and that’s half the excitement.

Plus, think of all the money they’ll save on therapy sessions from not having to deal with the stress of picking out the perfect tea bag. With a monthly tea subscription, the hard work is already done for them. All they have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your gift.

#3 International tea set gifts

Teas of the world

For travelers, the best tea sets gifts of course include tea from across the world. And as it happens, Amazon offers exactly that!

An exotic tea gift set!

The tea set includes ten different types of tea for your tea-loving friend to try. For example, tea leaves from India, Jamaica, and Japan. And no worries if you thought it was only one cup. There are ten bags from each destination.

So enough to host an international tea-tasting party!

#4 Turkish tea cups

Turkish tea cups
Turkish tea cups

Are you looking for the best gifts for tea drinkers who really love Turkish-style tea?

Then this set of six traditional Turkish tea cups is perfect. They can sip their Turkish tea completely in style!

#5 The best British tea gift box

A tea gifts set of Brittish tea
Photo courtesy of Whittard

If you are looking for gifts for tea drinkers of British tea, this gift box may be your best shot. It does not only include British tea but everything they need to host a classic tea party, from four different types of English teas to the classic chocolate chip shortbread to go with it!

#6 DIY boba tea

Boba tea DIY kit
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Does the recipient really love boba tea?

Then this DIY bubble tea is exactly what they need! They can make black and rooibos chai bubble tea right at home.

#7 The Boston tea party set

Tubes of tea leafs
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for tea gift ideas for someone who loves the US (even better if they love Boston) or someone who is interested in history? Or do you just want a unique gift for your tea-drinking friend?

Then this set of the Boston Tea Party is perfect!

It takes you back to the colonial time of the 18th century with tea from the chests that were thrown out during the protest. What’s cool about this gift set is that it also comes with information about the Boston Tea Party, the protests, the chests, tea in the US during colonial times, and not unimportant, how to prepare the tea perfectly!

#8 Organic chai tea set gifts

Chai tea gift set
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for the best chai tea lover gifts? Perhaps this chai tea gift set is the perfect one for you?

The set includes a chai blend, a spoon, and a handmade bag which makes it a very cute gift. Oh, and of course, it also includes instructions on how to brew the chai tea perfectly!

#9 American indigenous tea

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This tea set consists of three different teas that are all made from the yaupon holly plant. It’s the only caffeinated plant that is indigenous to the Americans and it has been used by native Americans for centuries. And the cool thing about the brand behind this tea set is that they use part of the profit to support native American organizations.

#10 Green herbal tea kit

Tin box with herbs and spices
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you getting a gift for someone who loves green tea?

Then this set of ten different green teas is perfect.

They can try teas with all sorts of herbs. For example, jasmine flowers, rose petals, calendula (marigold), blue mallow, and hibiscus flowers.

#11 Alcohol-infused tea bags

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is one of the best gifts for people who love tea and booze. They no longer have to choose between the two. They can simply have a booze-infused tea!

There are two options on Uncommon Goods.

The first one is perfect for wine lovers as it’s a merlot-infused tea bag.

And the second one is designed for whiskey lovers because it’s infused with bourbon.

Tea lover gifts for the mid-budget

#12 Tea gifts set

Box with tea gifts
Photo courtesy of Whittard

A cheaper tea gifts set is this tea discovery set by Whittard. It includes eight different types of tea, such as Marrakech Mint and the classic English breakfast, with 5 bags of each tea.

#13 Tea tote bag

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

For long-term travelers, tea gift sets are not the most practical gifts, since they can’t take too much stuff with them. For those tea lovers, it’s best to give something tea-related which will also come in handy when traveling. And tote bags are the perfect solution for that.

They are small, handy, and reduce the amount of plastic used by travelers, so also perfect as sustainable travel gifts!

Check out Zazzle to find many different designs.

Or go for this funny design with “Tea is always a good idea”.

#14 The best of British tea gifts set

Photo courtesy of Whittard

For British tea lover gifts, this tea gifts set filled with British classic teas is perfect.

The six teas included are:

  • English Breakfast
  • Earl Grey
  • Piccadilly Blend
  • English Rose
  • Mango & Bergamot
  • Chelsea Garden

#15 Downton Abbey tea cookbook

Downton Abbey Tea Cookbook
Downton Abbey Tea Cookbook

Gifts for tea lovers who also love England, cooking, and Downton Abbey do not get any better than this official Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea cookbook!

The book covers classic Downton Abbey recipes and British tea etiquette, and instructions on how to properly serve tea!

#16 Tea-inspired iPhone cover

Iphone cover with tea cups
Photo courtesy of Red Bubble

Gifts for tea lovers don’t have to be edible or drinkable, they can also be very practical. For example, this tea-inspired iPhone case.

The only thing you need to be sure of is that they actually have an iPhone, otherwise this would be a rather useless gift!

#17 Homemade Thai iced tea gift set

A set of thai iced tea
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for tea lover gifts for someone who loves Thailand, or perhaps someone who is from Thailand? Or maybe they just love Thai iced tea?

Well, either way, this homemade Thai iced tea set is the perfect gift from them!

The set includes everything you need to make your own Thai iced tea as good as it would be in Thailand, such as Thai tea drops and condensed milk. All they need to do is add water and ice and of course, follow the instructions and enjoy!

#18 Turkish tea

Turkish apple tea

The tea culture is big in Turkey, and if you know a tea lover then I’m sure they’ll love the Turkish tea culture!

You can find all sorts of Turkish teas, I quite like the apple tea, but head over to Amazon to find all flavors.

Tea lover gifts for small budgets

#19 Awesome tea shirts

T-shirt with pun
T-shirt with pun

The best tea lover gifts do not all involve giving actual tea. This gift involves giving an awesome TEA shirt (pun intended).

The shirt comes in a few different colors. And no worries if you or the tea drinker you are getting this gift for are not that much into puns. On Etsy you can find a great selection of tea-related t-shirts, so you can find gifts for tea lovers of all kinds! And it’s not just t-shirts, they have tank tops, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, baseball shirts, and masks too.

#20 Funny tea notebooks

Tea notebook
Photo courtesy of Red Bubble

Some of the gifts for tea drinkers on this list might not be the most useful gifts for tea lovers who are traveling. So for those you need to find something they will actually use on the road. And notebooks are the perfect items for that.

I personally liked this funny cat one!

But, there are plenty of different options on Red Bubble and Amazon, so check them out for ideas.

#21 Spicy tea gift set

Tea gifts for chili lovers
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Who knew that you could combine gifts for tea lovers with chili lover gifts?

I certainly didn’t but I have found the perfect gift for those who are looking for such a combination!

The around-the-fire oolong tea from Not on the High Street.

The what?

So it’s a tea gift set that includes Taiwanese oolong and other ingredients to make tea. But to spice this gift up, they added some chili!

#22 Cute travel-inspired tea infusers

Cactus tea infuser
Cactus tea infuser

Every tea lover will surely love to make tea from fresh leaves and for that, they need a tea infuser. So get your travel and tea lover a fun or cute tea infuser such as this one with a cactus which is perfect for Mexican lovers.

Or this starfish one for people who love the underwater world!

#23 Wall art gifts for tea lovers

Metal tea cups art

For people who love tea so much they would love to decorate their homes with it too, this metal sign of tea cups is perfect.

Oh and don’t worry if this wall art is not really your cup of tea, Amazon offers a lot more cool gifts for tea lovers they can put on their walls.

#24 A personalized tea mug

Wild & free mug
Wild & free mug

Every tea lover needs a mug to drink their favorite drink. So if you are looking for relatively cheap and easy gifts for tea lovers, then mugs are always a safe choice. This wild & free mug is perfect for outdoor and camping lovers.

But definitely check out Amazon for more options.

#25 Tea-tasting journal

Tea tasting journal
Tea tasting journal

Are you looking for tea lover gifts for someone who loves trying lots of different teas? Then this tea-tasting journal is the best gift for them.

It helps them to keep track of all the teas they have tried, write their comments about what they thought of it, where they tried, and other interesting details, so they never forget a thing!

If they are going across the world to try teas, they will surely bring this journal with them!

Save these tea lover gifts for later

These were all my tea gift ideas, don’t forget to pin and share this post with all your tea lovers!

Tea lovers gift guide with photos of typical gifts for tea drinkers

Final note on gifts for tea drinkers

Alright, I hope you found the perfect gifts for the tea lover in your life. But if not, have a look at the editor’s top three for more inspiration.